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So what exactly are your chances of getting back with your ex? Do you even stand a chance? Fortunately for you, about 90% of relationships can be restored. You just need to take the right steps, and you'll be back together before you know it. What you do from the moment of break up on can be vitally important to determining whether you get back together or not.

First, you need to cease contact with your ex. One of the biggest mistakes people make in trying to get back together is begging or pleading with their ex to take them back. This rarely works. Instead, it usually hurts your chances of getting back together.

If you have been begging your ex to give you another chance, calling him all the time, or even stalking him, you need to stop. Give him a few weeks without letting him see you. Chances are good that he'll start to miss you, and then he will be the one contacting you.

If you haven't contacted your ex for a few weeks, you can begin the process of getting back together. You want to plant reminders of your relationship in your ex's mind. Maybe have one of your friends mention you to him, or show up at a place you know he likes to hang out. Your first goal should always be to get him to start missing you and make the first move towards getting back together. That way, you'll have a relationship that will last.

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Breaking up is a very common phenomenon in most relationships today especially if each person feels that investing time, effort and feelings into the relationship is useless. Many often suffer through the pains and heartbreaks of endings to a relationship and don't have any inkling that it is possible to rekindle good great love if you only know the right buttons to turn. Just seriously give it a try.

There are many reasons why two persons in an otherwise loving relationship drift apart and go separate ways. Oftentimes, the two persons involved in the relationship have high expectations of each other and do not make the extra effort to understand why the other acts and feels that way. A bigger problem usually starts when one partner begins to question the affection and loyalty of the other. A loss of trust will slowly but surely erode the bond that keeps the two together thus resulting in a relationship breakup. But when two people are really in love with each other and are willing to make the relationship work, despite of all the problems which might be plaguing it, then it is possible to rekindle the dying embers of a love gone sour.

Below are some tips to keep in mind when you really want to get back with your ex after just suffering a major breakup:

1. Be mentally and emotionally prepared to work and exert effort to pave the way for a possible reunion with your ex. Try to sit down with your ex and talk past your differences. Take the first step by giving your ex a call and arrange to meet at a quiet and neutral territory so you can talk things over amicably and try to talk things over. When you get the chance to talk, never take an offensive stand. Deal with your problems in a mature and diplomatic manner. Remember you are trying to sort things out. Lay down all the issues that have been plaguing your relationship and try to work through them. Disregard the petty ones and focus on the issues that really matter. Let your ex see that you are a strong person and that you are mature enough to handle whatever relationship problems that might come your way. And that you are a strong pillar to lean on.

2. Give your Ex Something Special. You already know your ex's likes and dislikes and you might have remember something that your ex really liked and you were not able to give when you two were still together. Your ex will really be touched because you still remember what your ex really wanted and giving him/her that present will show that your ex is still one important aspect of your life.

3. Go on a Holiday with your ex. Spending quality time away from the hustle and bustle will give you time to focus on each other and your relationship.

When partners are able to look toward one direction, then they are able to work together to achieve what and where they want their relationship to go. Planning for the future and giving importance to each other's perspective will go a long way for a long and brighter future in your relationship.

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So, you broke up with your boyfriend not all that long ago (though it seems like forever), and now you want to know what you can do to win back an ex boyfriend. What follows is controversial, and a lot of the so called relationship experts will tell you not to do it. But if you have tried other things, and are willing to do whatever it takes, then it may be time to consider taking drastic measures. So, what are we talking about? We are talking about dating somebody else.

Okay, okay! Your first thought is probably that it sounds counterproductive, distasteful, and there is no way whatsoever that you would ever do such a thing. Those thoughts and feelings are perfectly natural, but what if you were able to win back your ex boyfriend by doing so? Would that change your mind?

Allow me to explain. After breaking up with somebody you still care about, your thoughts are going to be focused on them. You are going to be preoccupied with how you can get them back. And you also know that the longer you wait to patch things up, the better the chances that he will have found somebody new. But what's really going on?

You need to understand that even though you are apart right now, the chances are very high that your ex boyfriend is still thinking about you. After all, you were a part of his life, and it's not possible for him to completely remove you from his memory. Furthermore, even if he is dating somebody else, that doesn't mean his feelings for you are gone. This possibility opens the door to getting back together, so there is no reason for you to panic.

What if your lover already left you? Here's how to get them back.

So, before you start trying to track him down to plead your case, take a break and ease off. The best thing you can do is to give him some space and time. He needs some time to sort things out, and you also need to give him some time to start missing you. That will never happen if you keep pestering him.

What I want to do here is take you inside the mind of your guy after the breakup. Understanding what runs through his mind will help you with your next moves and help shift the balance of power and give you more control of the situation.

"After a breakup I really don't want to hear about getting back together. There's a reason we broke up in the first place, so if a girl keeps bugging me to get back together it has the opposite effect.

I don't want to focus on her considering that I'm sure I can have her back when ever I want, so I might as well have fun playing the field a little and have a good time while I can since I can always fall back on her if things go south with the other girls.

However, when I begin to hear from others that she's out spending time with other guys and having a great time, then I start pay attention. I start to question the breakup and I ask myself if I actually did what's right. It's possible that I was wrong for terminating the relationship with her? My interest is peaked and out of the blue I'm thinking about her again."

As soon as you realize that you won't be contacting your ex right away, it's time for you to start having a social life again. Go ahead! Get dressed up and go out and have some fun with your friends. This will serve two purposes. One, it will help you keep your mind off your ex. Two, it will give your self-esteem a much needed boost.

When you are going out with friends, stay open to the idea of meeting somebody new. In other words, don't let the thought of getting your ex boyfriend back prevent you from being happy. Feel free to start dating somebody else.

However, the key here, is not to use somebody else to make your ex boyfriend jealous. That wouldn't be cool. Instead, strive to be a happy, well-adjusted person. And over time, your ex boyfriend is sure to take notice. Then, if the opportunity should come up, then you can always get back together.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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Getting an ex back is possible even in the most hopeless situation. However, you have to do the right things and avoid all the most common mistakes. Making those mistakes can push your ex further and further away without you knowing it.

Look at it this way. There are couples who do get back together even in the most ridiculous situation. Even some cheaters can get their ex back. Therefore, there is no hopeless situation. A lot of times, it really depend on what you say and what you do that make the difference. In this article, we will just look at the first step you need to take.

First, do you think your situation is hopeless? Why do you think so. Is it because your ex is avoiding you? Is it because he/she is not returning your phone call? Well, here is your first step,

First, if you have been calling your ex over and over again, it is time to stop immediately. You cannot call an ex too many times a day. This will only make your ex feel more irritated. In fact, he/she will see you as someone who is desperate. Desperation is definitely not attractive.

Next, you need to start cutting off contact with your ex. Don't worry, it is just temporary. Only for a period of about one month. This is really the first step you need to take if he/she has been avoiding you and you have been contacting him/her all this while.

There are some very good reasons why you should cut off all contact.

First, if you have been pestering him/her, the fact that you suddenly stop calling will make him/her curious. He/she may start wondering about you. In a sense, you now become more mysterious to them, which is a good thing.

Second, by cutting all contact, you have the time to settle down. You are probably quite emotional now. You won't be able to win back your ex if you can't handle your own emotion. So, take this break as a good opportunity for you to recover from your break up pain.

Third, you are also showing that you respect your ex and that he/she also deserve to have his time and space.

Fourth, by cutting off contact with your ex, you are giving him/her the opportunity to start missing you. You cannot miss someone if he/she keeps on calling you everyday. Therefore, you need to do the opposite of calling everyday, which is not to call at all.

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