October 23rd, 2018
Best places to pickup in Budapest
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This thread should be dedicated to discuss about where to meet beautiful girls in this city (quantity and quality as well).
Based on my experience, I would recommend the followings.

For daygame and cold approach in the streets of Budapest:
- West End commercial center around 5pm during the week, or Saturday afternoon: a daygame training place, the best commercial center of the city in my opinion.
- Deák Ferenc square and Erzsébet square around Aquarium bar, during the summer at the evening (until 1am): full of young people partying in the square and walking from a place to an other.
- Szent István square and Zrínyi street, at the evening when people move to clubs and until 4am: groups of gorgeous girls walking by, generally going to Ötkert club, Kraft or Bad Girlz.
- Váci street and Vörösmarty square: always an important flow of tourists and some locals. Ideal on a Sunday afternoon.

About clubs and bars, these places are generally pleasant and populated from 1 to 5am. The type of customers may vary:
- Ötkert, Bad Girlz, Hello baby, Peaches and Cream: generally at least a lot of 7s, a respectable amount of 8s and sometimes more. These seem to be the places to go to find some hot posh (and snobish) girls.
- Instant, Szimpla, Doboz, Morrisson 2: mainly 6s and 7s maximum. The ambience is more relax (including the "dress code"). These places are full of foreigners, especially Szimpla (which makes it a good spot for sunday to wednesday evenings).
- Romkert: outdoor disco so only in summer. Good spot.
- others clubs: I have heard praises about the club Play (on the Buda side) or Morrison Liget. According to me these places are not so pleasant (extremely loud music, snobish mentality, long queues at the cloakroom, etc...). It is some kind of big "supermarkets" of the night.

About the famous "bath parties":
It's full of horny men in front of few half naked women in the water, the competition is huge. Forget about selecting, first come first served. A woman can not stand alone 30 secondes in the pool without being approached which can be a bit harassing, therefore some girls are not relax. You should prefer to play super direct and fast, you won't exchange numbers with this tourist in the water anyway... Also very expensive in comparison to the cost of life in Budapest, so almost only foreigners go there.
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That is some thorough research right there , appreciate it.
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