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 How To Build a Naturally Attractive Lifestyle


Lifestyle design is a big topic these days. 

Whereas 50 years ago guys wanted to get a respectable job, get a house and start a family, these days it's far more common for guys to quite literally "want it all". We want to be able to travel freely, do exciting things, work doing something wel love -- or not work at all -- and we want to fuck hot women while we're at it.

I'm not going to bore you with some rant about how we should want something else, because you don't and I don't either. I'm building that lifestyle right now.

5 Tips to Create a Naturally Attractive Lifestyle

1. Do things you enjoy, not things you think you should enjoy or that you think girls will find attractive

Far too many guys spend their lives doing things they think are part of a "naturally attractive lifestyle" but somehow end up not drawing in the women they way, or even enjoying what they're doing in the first place. Rule number one in a naturally attractive lifestyle is you have to enjoy what you're doing. One of the most attractive qualities a guy can have is loving the hell out of his own life. When you're having a blast in life, girls want in on that. 

2. Chase Freedom, Not Money

I promise that heading isn't product placement for Chase bank's credit card (seriously). Far too many guys spend their time chasing money without thinking about the lifestyle it wil actually bring. I'm sorry, but if you make half a million a year and work 90 hours a week doing something that bores you, your life still sucks. Whether or not you make a lot of money is up to you, but the end goal should always be a certain lifestyle, not a number. 

3. Do It Now

Most of the things you dream of doing if you end up with $10 million in the bank and a beach house can actually be done much more easily whan you think. Want to go skydiving? Go do it now. Want to quit your job some day and start a business? Go do it now. Want to hook up with stunning women? Get off your ass and go hit on a few dozen of them.


4. Plan It Out

This might seem obvious, but most guys don't even know what they want. You need to plan out the things you want and a time frame in which you're going to go get them. Everything else is just a fantasy. Do you want to fantasize about climbing mountains and owning a sailboat, or do you have a plan?

5. Execute

Everyone wants something, but very few people are actually willing to go get it. At least 95% of people who read this won't ever create the kind of lifestyle they want, or attract the kind of women they really want. (Don't worry, I'm talking about all those OTHER people. You, dear reader, are clearly the exception. Both you and I know that -- so don't worry, it's only those other people who won't succeed.) Having the right blueprint is only the first step. After that, execution is everything. Nothing worth having comes easily. You have togo out and get it.

In Closing

One final thought. Althought building an attractive lifestyle is great for your own enjoyment of life, and bringing gorgeous women into your life, don't get caught on the idea that you need that kind of lifestyle to attract the kind of women you want, or that having that kind of lifestyle will draw them in automatically. This mindset is akin to the bodybuilding enthusiast who thinks that if he could just get a little more ripped, every girl would throw herself at him. Never mind his lackluster personality and deep-seated insecurities -- it's getting from 10 to 8 percent body fat that will make all the difference.

It's easy to see how absurd that example is, but equally as easy to make the same mistake with your motives for designing a naturally attractive lifestyle. It's awesome to chase freedom, cars, money or even great physique -- but don't confuse a naturally attractive lifestyle with a naturally attractive person. Who you are will always have a bigger impact than how you live.

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