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About Me: 
I'm Swiss and born in 1990, made it through over a decade of a worsening, horrible depression from which I finally managed to break free. I'm having an active life now and chase not only girls but also my inner demons who haunted me for so long. I want to discover as much of what is out there for me to see as possible.

To cite my wise, old, italian barber: "The purpose of life is that you fill it with what you enjoy today, and to experience new things."
I picked up martial arts - something I was already invited to by my neighbour when I was a little kid, but sadly didn't pick up back then. It helps me greatly in every way imaginable, and I will likely stick to it for as long as I physically can.

The typical other activities aside, I also read a lot, mainly fiction - it is my kind of escapism - and I write occasionally, but it's getting more. I don't write that much for telling a story, even; there's a beauty in letters and words, and a well-crafted paragraph can be a fulfilling work of beauty, almost no matter what the phrases in it actually say. I'm far from reaching that level of perfection, but I strive towards it.

I also program during my free time. The same things that apply for a well-written paragraph of prose also apply for code - it is just text, after all - and while I want to reach a high level of beauty, if for nothing else for the mere sake of readability, it is obviously much more important to reach functionality and efficiency. Hobby programming is for me a way of learning-by-doing to pick up new skills for my professional life.

And finally, to add some of the stereotypical occupations as well, I do enjoy nature; I like going on tours with my bycicle, and to go hiking.

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