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Now everybody got the game figured out all wrong

It all comes down to STATUS. Status is everything. All of the outer game creates the illusion of status and inner game is the belief of status.

Gaming women is all about displaying your status. You approach because she does not intimidate you at all. You plow through shit tests because you're stronger than her and nothing phases you. You treat her like shit cause comes easy for you. All of this actions are manifestation of status.

Other status markers:
- dominance.. game, bad boys, alphas
- wealth.. money, lifestyle, toys
- fame.. bad boy, celebrity, highly respected, travels
- looks.. genes, focus, health
- power.. authority, position, high figure

This is the best thing about being a man. Men must excel and stand above others in those various markers to be regarded as high status. A womans status is tied solely to looks, ours is tied to far, far more.

What's more important big slap in the face is that women are all whores. No joke. They all exchange sex for something. Whether emotional attachment, money, social network, lifestyle, impressing her friends, etc. They are super fucking selfish beyond belief and we must remember that they will almost ALWAYS act out of self interest first. Even when it seems they will not or they say they will not. Women just always want the better deal. Like Chris Rock once said.. "Women can't go back in lifestyle.. caaaaan't do it.. the best women can't fucking do it" Say it isn't so : )

I love them but still I'm under no illusions. Accepting them for what they makes it easier to deal with their shit and to fuck them. There is no needle in the haystack. There is no special different girl. This is hard hard wired in them. It's not a weakness. Nor is it wrong. It's just female.
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