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 Those of you who read "The game" probably know about Steve P and his work. "Steve P. is among the most powerful hypnotists in the world.... He and his hypnosis partner gave me my much-coveted Inner game and more. This was a whole new level of game.... He was giving me super powers."

Learning about the white tiger tantra really made a difference in my game. I've learned about it about a year ago, way before I've heard about RSD. This massage can make almost every woman have multiple orgazams and be more calm and relaxed during sex, also to cum from penetration alone if she couldn't before. 

It boosted my value threw the roof. I was amazed to find out how many women cannot cum from penetration alone or from the clit alone, I was even more shocked to find out how many women did not have an orgazam at all, ever, even at their late 20s. When telling women I can help them and make a change they are always asking about it and showing a lot of interest, they can't stop asking questions about it.

It gives me as a man a good feeling. I was dating this girl for a few months earlier this year and she could never cum from penetration, after a few massages she could and of course she was very happy about it. I still wonder what progress could have been if we would not have break up.

I think that the game is all about loving women very much and truly enjoying them and making them happy. We want to be value givers. What better value there is then making a woman cum like never before? Even that it can be hard work for you, with no sexual joy for your self at the end of it. Just the fact that I tell a woman I took the time to study how to give a tantric massage, just to make women feel better, makes my value higher in their eyes.
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This sounds interesting.  What's this tantra you speak of?  Is there a book?
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 Google "white tiger tantra" you'll find all about it.
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