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Hey all,

This week I've had my first threesome with two girls, I have to say it felt great. I felt like I have all the power in the world. They both had lots of fun and enjoyed. We've done any thing, I felt like it may never happen again... so we've done every thing. EVERY THING. for two hours.

I've slept with 3 girls in 36 hours, I could do 4 in 48 hours but just didn't have the energy any more. I am the only guy in real life that I know that done such things. My male friends are calling me to go out with them as a wing man. My life has changed.

I feel better about my self, I feel better about my life. I feel happy. I want to take this... all of it... and focus on my other life aspects.

I am starting to work out, at least once a day. Eat better. Focus on uni and work and not just sit at home watch comedy all day. I want to make better of my self and of my life in every aspect. I wanna be the best in every thing I do.

Just wanted to shout it out.
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 Ok, my friend J is Serbian. She is 23 and a virgin.

She is great looking, slim body, pale angle skin, blue eyes, dark hair, tall, pretty face and smile... she is funny, smart, talkative BUT very shy when in a new situation...
We're friends and I told her about my dating, she came up with the idea that maybe she can use RSD and so on with finding men. She asked me to teach her...

I said yes, but add that she'll have to give me a written report every week. She agreed. That's the email I got this week (didn't change a thing) :

I only wrote about things that seem to be related to my mission and my progress...I'm not going to write about other events in my life that are not related to this! I can't report on whole conversations, because that would take too much time, and I have a deadline to meet ;)...Many things are irrelevant anyway... If something is left unsaid, or is unclear, you will ask... :)
Send me a message on facebook when you read the mail, so that I know you got it!
See you!

February 3rd, 2010 ( my birthday  )
Mission 1: flirting
Started to flirt with guys on the street, watching them straight into the eyes and smiling when they look back... I didn’t notice before how many guys check me out while I pass by… And I didn’t even look my best…
Went to the bank and noticed that a guy who’s working there was looking at me…So, I decide to look back and smile, although he’s not my type :S, just for the sakes of practice… So, a woman who was checking my account notices that it’s my b-day and says: “happy birthday”…The guy overhears it and says: “ Happy birthday ! If we had known we would have bought a gift. ;) “ I turn around and say: “Thank u,” with a smile. He smiles back… While I was leaving the bank he said: “See you! “
Observations: a lot of guys look at me on the street…
Conclusions: I need to spot “the target” a bit earlier in order to have time to smile and have him return the smile 

February 5th (journey to Belgrade)
Sitting in a bus with a friend ( a girl), we overhear a conversation of two guys sitting in front of us…They are students as well and they seem to be going to the same place as us… So, I ask one of them (the better looking one- but again, not my type) if they were going to the Palace of Serbia to sign a contract for the scholarship and he says: “yes”…I ask: “Can we go with you?” and they answer: “Sure!” And I say: We’re so lucky to have met you…We would have got lost…” We go together and talk about random things, about our studies etc… I smile at their jokes ( only when they’re funny…) and we invite them for a cup of coffee, since they took us to the right place, but they can’t go since they have to catch a bus…We decide to stay in Belgrade for few more hours. We went to a huge shopping mall, met a friend’s friend ( a girl again) and went to a café… I kept flirting with guys..No one interesting, though…
Observations: guys like to feel helpful and like to lead…
Conclusions: seem like u need help and smile when they say something funny…ask questions and keep the conversation going…

February 7th
A colleague from the uni who is something between a friend and an acquaintance ( a nice guy, although not my type) asks me over the facebook whether we need to read something for the exam… I didn’t know the answer so I say: “I’ll check and let u know!” I do that and he asks me about the time of the exam and I say: “I’m not sure..I will have to check with somebody tomorrow ” and he says that he is going to the uni the following day anyway, so he can let me know… I say: “Thank u :* “ and give him my phone number . And he answers: “Don’t worry! :* “

February 8th
I get an sms from the guy from the uni ( I’ll have to introduce his name- Danijel) , as promised, and I answer: “thank you :*”… He answers: “ No problem :D”

February 11th
I need to ask someone from the uni where the tourist agency with which we ( my group of students, Danijel included) want to travel to Spain…Many people online , but I decide to ask Danijel. He offers to take me and two other friends and show us…I say: “Thank you sooo much! :*”

Februry 12th
I go to the uni to see the results of the exam( I got the best results )… The day before I arranged with my friends ( 5 girls) to take them out for a drink to treat for my scholarship and we meet at the uni… Danijel takes us to the travelling agency, as he promised, and I ask him to join us for a drink, since I’m treating and he accepts…So we all go to a café…
All in all, it has been a successful week and a half… My confidence is growing and my game is getting serious…
If you're in Israel and looking for a wing or want to be a wing - send me a msg.
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 I've been thinking about posting some thing on online game. I have to state - I am very good with online game, maybe even the best I know. I was a very shy guy in the past so I had to start online, it worked.

Warning: Online does not come to replace the real deal, it is just another way to meet girls but be careful not to let it be the main way - Or you will be sucked back to your choded life.

My main game today is on facebook, so I'll be writing mainly about that and about chats.

The problem with online game is of course that you have no ton, no body lang, no vocal projection, you can't hear if she smiles and she can't hear u smile. 90% of the communication between you is gone. You are just words on the screen, and so is she.

For a girl that knows nothing about you, your facebook is you -


1. Choose to be tagged only on photos that has value: You with hot girls, you doing some interesting sports, you in interesting places in the world or ur country and so on.
2. Join only groups you really believe in what they state or funny groups.
3. Write funny and with value things on comments and your status.

Meeting the girl -
Warning: If you'll over do it you'll be kicked out of facebook for good, do not bother girls, do not do it daily. This is not the main way for u to meet girls.

Use "Are YOU interested" or just find hot girls on groups and so on. Find girls that you find cute on ur friend's lists.

The game itself -
Your starting msg should be some thing like this: "Hey, nice to meet you. How are you? :) [enter some thing funny/nice about your day here] What's the nicest thing that happened to you today?" I talked about the last question before, I find it to be very useful. Girls find it interesting and original so please guys - don't burn it for me :)

After that, she'll reply and you will say the following on a chat/msg:
"I would like us to get to know each other better, so I have an idea.. You can ask me what ever you'd like and I'll be honest and open about it. Would be nice if you'll do the same. What do u say? :) deal?"


All girls agree right away and they ALWAYS want YOU to be first so just be first. You ask some thing, then it's her turn to ask some thing. Examples for things you can ask:
1. What makes you happy?
2. What's your life's dream?
3. How were you as a little girl?
4. What's your favorite place in the world?
5. What's ur best childhood memory?

If you choose too and think it's the right thing to do u can also say some thing like "What's the wildest thing you've done?"

This will make the girl feel very close to you rather fast, she'll feel open and she'll feel she is talking to some one that is real, honest and open as well. I have done it with the hottest girl in my class on fb once: we talked alllll night long and she ended up in my bed the eve after. This is also how I met my ex-gf, after the "questions game" we talked on the phone all night long and met few days later.

I will recommend tho - use the online game as a base for meeting, do not go into too long chats, it's always better to use the phone or just meet.
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 First of all, I haven't posted for a while, so to make a long story short - fell inlove with a girl, she fell inlove as well. She moved to Italy to start med school, while I stay in Israel where my life is, and life sucks.

And so it went on and off, long distance doesn't work as we all know, even tho she comes here for long vacations each time - It's all over with. So it seems...

Spent a large part of the last 4 months on making my game better.


I've been with lots of girls lately.. my level at this game is moving up fast.. and every time I feel the same feeling. I get it after wild sex, after hot dates, after a girl falls inlove with me and want me like a mad woman. I got it last night, while a 22 year old with the most beautiful most sexy body I've touched was sleeping in a Victoria's secret lingerie besides me:

I am tired of being this person, I am tired of this game, I am tired of the fact I can get women... I am tired of my alter ego, tired of being "The Mask"... I just want to be me and let the girl like me for who I am... I want to be "real". Be my self.

So some times I play a game with my self, I let the mask down, I become me... I say what ever I want when ever I want and I am direct about it- it doesn't work. I work in marketing, letting go of the game is like selling Ford with this slogan: "It's a good car for that price, buy it" ... It just doesn't work.

now that the mask works, now that I can really get 3-4 dates a week, now that I can get laid when ever I want... I guess the only way is to work on the man behind the mask, become the alter ego - and let the needy chode die in peace.


Inner game, here I come.
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They tell us here to always thing:
How can I make this fun?
This is a great reminder..

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I've noticed this thing that's repeating it self. When girls are interested in you, and you're talking in a large group, they become quite and shy. It happened to me two times just this last week, I've noticed it and later when things moved along and it was ok to ask, they both told me that yes, they were quite and shy cuz they were interested from the get go.

This is making things bit harder cuz if a girl is quite, it's harder to start a convo with her, and the thing is that she's the one you should start it with - she's interested (assuming that you are too of course)

I guess the thing is that I should be aware of it and notice which girl in a group is a bit more quite and get her into a convo with me and notice that it could actually mean that she's interested.
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About a week ago I started talking online to this girl I know from school for the past three years, she's hot and I never said a thing to her more then "hey, how are you?" we started talking and it was great, we talked all night long till about 7:00 and she was really into me.

She came over the next eve and I managed to totally fuck it up. I did all the mistakes in the book. I was too soft, too much into her, too much talked about heavy thing for hours in bed. Instead of connecting even more, I scared the girl off, making her feel like we are in a deep relationship already on the first time I see her. It was bad.

Couple of days later I give her a ring and of course she say she thinks about not seeing me any more, as a good RSD pupil I don't respond and just continue talking. We have a good talk and she is laughing, I am on the horse again.

Then we talk online a few times during the week, about every day, some times during the talks I am a bit needy and she can read it. I loose my self confident that she was so into in our first talk. Then last night we talk online and on the phone for a sum of 8 hours total (!!) while so, the talk is great, she is having fun... I manage to ruin it at the end..

We are both cuddling in bed and talking to each other on the phone, and I tell her that "I imagine my self cuddling with you and wish we would cuddle together right now..." crash and burn.. she say that I am going too fast, we only met one time and it was bad, and it seem that I don't learn from my own mistakes and can't take it slow. She remind me that she is 25 and never told such things to guys and guys were never romantic with her, even long relationship boy friends. She is not used to such a thing never, and of course not so fast, and it makes her feel uncomfortable and wanna run away. She also hit that she feels no challenge in getting me.

I thank her for being so open and giving me the manual for her self, I remind her that she is totally contradict her self (telling me that she is looking for a romantic guy then panics when she talks to one) and she admit that I am right, she is like that, and I shouldn't listen to her in matters of how to be with her.

Now I know the solution for this is to give her challenge, making her feel that I am the prize here and she is gonna miss it soon, making her a bit confused about things and wanting me. I can't keep talking to her long talks on the phone like that cuz I'll become a friend. The problem is: how do I do it from where I am at now? and is this really the solution? I would love to hear any ideas and tips about it all.
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After having sex, when SHE cums, before you get your lazy ass and get her some water, you would find most women laying on their back.

Then put your hand above her vagina and below her belly, on the lower part of the belly. Don't massage it, don't pet it, just leave the hand there and keep the area warm.

Do this for a few secs only, about a min tops lets say and right after she cums.

This gives women after sex a good calming feeling, don't ask me why cuz I really don't know, but it worked with almost every woman I've been with.
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Getting into interview mode is really easy, and as we all know - it's not the best mood to be in. It gets boring really fast and you can see it on the girl's face most of the time. But what can you do? some times I find my self just running out of things to say.. and "how are you? where are you from?" seems like the reasonable thing to ask.

That's where, thanks to my psychology professor I learned I should ask:
"So.. tell me about the nicest thing that happened to you today/this week?"

The difference is amazing, yea, you're still in interview mode in a way, but would see the girl feeling much more comfortable. She is looking for the best things that happened to her and rethinking them. how can her mood not shift into good? and then instead of going on and on about her work, which is boring for her, you talk about the good stuff that happened and that makes her happy.
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