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Been on the interview trail for about two months now and it's been amazing. I've been holed up in Syracuse NY now for nearly a decade. This flashflood of new cities and different paces has recharged the Durden adage "the world is my playground" (he said that, right?).

Had to make a drive from Cuse to Albany last night. I stopped by 4 different venues along interstate 90 before I reached my destination at 4 AM... the parents' house. It was a gauntlet of wonder.

Lava (Verona, NY attached to Turning Stone Casino), 9 PM.
I pulled an unintentional pitstop into the Casino exit not knowing what to expect. I did a tour of the casino floors with no intention of entering Lava. Something compelled me to the night club, however. I've always obtained tremendous amounts of information at this flashy venue of loud perverse eroticism where only the loudest survive. Behold, I entered with a free pass with 5 minutes left to spare before I had to pay some exorbitant cover. It was meant to be. I was wearing my favorite hoody. It's all I ever wear. But it felt out of place tonight. Everyone was dressed up in leu of Christmas spirits. I wanted to connect with the spirit of my environment. So I went back to my car from which I had been living for the last two months. Pull out my shaving kit and my best interviewing shirt. 10 minutes later, I was smugly presentable for the night's festivites. I'll skip the story of the beautiful attention starved lesbions, and multi-tentacled monsters dancing on podiums scattered randomly through the dance floor. My goal (as per challenge by a friend), was to go home with a girl... any girl at all. I settled on a cutie leaning over a couch watching the dance orgy in front of her. I asked her why she was alone. Her friends don't like to go out. I chatted it up. I noticed a point where the talk was getting sexual and she was getting excited, but I deflected the conversation back to safer, "more about you" lines. Not sure what my mind was thinking. Maybe more experience will take care of this. I took her out to a quiet area where we talked a bit. But the energy between us was starting to suck so I brought us back to the dance floor where I got really in groove with the dancing. (Btw... I was a bit passed buzzed at this point. I've been challenging myself to do this sober, but I'm too scared to make the jump for now.) She was getting into it, but ten minutes in she started to lose enthusiasm. After a while she "went to the bathroom", perhaps to escape the dancing, perhaps to escape me, or perhaps to go to the bathroom. I never found out. I quickly approached two hotties who ended up being lesbians, and one got jealous of the other yada yada. I think back about the dancing. Logistically, what should I have done? Should I have requested we take our party to more private quarters? Should I have breake from dancing sooner. Or should I not give a s&^*t cause there's not enough information to answer this question?

By the end of the night I found my self at some hole in the wall a hundred miles east of the casino, hitting on some drug dealer's girl. The drug dealer charges at me, but two big dudes I just made friends with tackle him and toss him out the bar. I probably approached and conversed with well over twenty girls that night spread out along interstate ninety over the period of 7 hours. But I didn't take a single one home. This wasn't a pride issue as much as I was horny and needed to fuck. Massive knowledge infusion though... I can feel it in my flesh.

PS I can't find the damn spell check button.
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