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venkaytor's Blog

So.... quick background. I've been working on the game on and off for the past 3 years. This is like... round 4.  I've gone through different phases, different personas, different understandings... so many angles and random successes that it's been difficult for me to correlate any one mindset or persona to any specific level of success. Recently, I've hit upon a whole new thing (for myself that is)... Remember in blueprint, how Tyler says you can just walk up to a girl and say "Hi", shake hands, and start a convo?.... So I've been doing that, and following through with a VERY NORMAL DEMEANOR.... Surprise! It really works. I don't have to be loud, fun, witty, or anything. I just have to talk with mild enthusiasm at best, and I engage in fruitful conversations with some delicious peaches. This is shocking to me. After all the state pumping, and animal noises I've made over the years... all I had to do was talk to the girl like we're both normal human beings?... wtf? I've been f*&^ing myself this whole time!
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