September 18th, 2014

Saturday 8/16/14

BY chipferguson August 18th, 2014

" Wing and I first go to big bar where we chilled a bit. Then some tall guy was introducin..."

Wednesday 8/13/14

BY chipferguson August 18th, 2014

" Rolled up to the bar in excellent state. Did a couple soft opens to get warmed up. Wing ..."
Dr. Destruction

Save_Us Because The Pale Horse Is Coming HAHAA HA <Death> & <Destruction>

BY Dr. Destruction August 17th, 2014

" I've said before that I'll have a couple surprises, and this video is one of them. I'll ..."

​Growth Thoughts, Day-Game Progress, and The One That Got Away

BY K_O_H August 17th, 2014

" I haven’t been updating my blog as frequently because I have been out in the firefight..."

Meeting people on the street everyday is EASY! Infield Video--

BY TySocial August 17th, 2014

" Hey guys! I want to share my look on social dynamics and how we are socially conditione..."

The paradox of choice, 10 girls

BY Matrim August 17th, 2014

" So yesterday it was crazy, so I went out to a club in sthlm I just wanted to go out real..."

High Self-Value= More Productive Fulfillments and Least Emptiness Inside Your Emotional Vessel

BY Miklai August 17th, 2014

" Everything we feel, we feel inside our emotional vessel, this vessel also called desire ..."

Life can be very tricky some times

BY yan210 August 16th, 2014

" Life can be very tricky some times.As I come to experience more and more different scena..."

How to deal with Approach anxiety

BY matw1x062 August 16th, 2014

" It took a long time to do my first cold approach (years upon years before discovering RS..."

Hot women: The perceived societal standard vs. what’s actually real

BY Raidenv August 16th, 2014

" Every time a man says a 9, 10 or be it a “turbo”…) what does he actually mean? Usu..."

Move to London

BY JimSmart August 16th, 2014

" AWESOME!I have moved to london today for funnier life and more women!I have set myself a..."

How the chode is born :The stiflement and madness of society exposed!!

BY Raidenv August 16th, 2014

" How the chode is born :The stiflement and madness of society exposedWe wake up early , g..."

Fuck close. Out Of State. Choking Girls. A-mogging )( Archives post #4.0 [TXT/PICS]

BY risingstar August 16th, 2014

" PreviewI feel like absolute death. I'm exhausted from the previous day's deadlift sessio..."

Staying Focused

BY tommyhighlifer August 15th, 2014

" This is a more technical read for the advanced readers. Last night I went out with some ..."

Age is just a fucking number BITCH (Things i forgot to add)

BY Rsdwillvils August 14th, 2014

" She's 29.. i'm 18 but she thinks i'm 23 ..."

Age is just a fucking number BITCH

BY Rsdwillvils August 14th, 2014

" Out daygaming with a buddy of mine in Washington Square and we're sitting down and i sta..."

Blokeman's 50-date Challenge, Dates 1 and 2

BY blokeman August 13th, 2014

"  Since day2s in public places are such a relative discomfort zone for me, I figure that..."

Change your mind change your life. Manage your time & Win. Bad decisions and ripple effects that it can have.

BY risingstar August 13th, 2014

" Hello :) back to writing again. It's been a few days or so since last time. Have had ton..."

Day 12: 2 Minor epiphanies in One Night

BY 30DayChallenge69 August 13th, 2014

" Last night was definitely better than the night before. The most important thing that ha..."

Get a Special Shifting Corporation at a Reasonable Amount

BY shiv16 August 13th, 2014

" In order to recognize regarding which often transferring organization operates nicely, a..."

Understand the Shifting Agencies Ahead of Having Their Shifting Services

BY shiv16 August 13th, 2014

" Be sure you tag all of your physical objects within the effective approach and therefore..."

Seek the Services of a Well known Relocating Company for Shifting Your Items

BY shiv16 August 13th, 2014

" It is observed there are a few transferring firms which often cost those that have the a..."

2 Set Game

BY Daddylove August 13th, 2014

" Lessons:1. one leads, the other one follows. If two guys try to lead at the same time, i..."

Monday 8/11/14

BY chipferguson August 13th, 2014

" Set up a day 2 with Ashley. Arrived at the bar in decent state, freedom of outcome, and ..."

Russians, Texans, Korean Girl and Free Vodka

BY DeNiro August 13th, 2014

" The other night at a family reunion dinner we a had a cute waitress. I checked her a out..."