October 13th, 2015
Dr. Destruction

The Peter Principle by Dr. Laurence Peter

BY Dr. Destruction September 18th, 2015

" The levers are here. The proof is here. The power is here. The only thing holding you ba..."

Inner game

BY veganhuman September 18th, 2015

" Inner gameIn the housein the room at the deskin the kitchen eating, making foodin the ba..."

Pulling the fatty to get the Hot girl (HB 10) Sexual Abundance

BY Justin_Mack September 17th, 2015

" What up pimps, This is the talk I did at the Austin RSD Inner Circle Meet up last month...."

Rain everywhere

BY Cryptex September 17th, 2015

" So we had pretty shitty weather today but I still managed to do 2 approaches.. could've ..."

9/16 Date FR - Close

BY Landshark-300 September 17th, 2015

" Sup nation!Fuck, its been a long time. I need to get this out of my brain and onto paper..."

Down to fuck!

BY veganhuman September 17th, 2015

" I should be down to fuck when i go outi am always not down to fucki am just whatever man..."

FR 09/16/15

BY Squirtle September 17th, 2015

" FR 09/16/15:  Daily Challenge:I had very little time to game due to working very late a..."

FR 09/15/15

BY Squirtle September 17th, 2015

" FR 09/15/15: Daily Challenge:I successfully completed five nightgame approaches while o..."

FR 09/14/15

BY Squirtle September 17th, 2015

" FR 09/14/15:  Daily Challenge:I put a challenge to myself of doing 1 random approach on..."
Dr. Destruction

A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink III

BY Dr. Destruction September 17th, 2015

" The book you hold in your hands.The clothes that cover your body. The piece of furniture..."

As the tention in europe hightens, I make the tension in the girls panties highten. While I relize I am soon on to the pull

BY Matrim September 16th, 2015

" As the tention in europe hightens, I make the tension in the girls panties highten. Whil..."

Daygame - 09/16

BY Cryptex September 16th, 2015

" First I was walking past at least 10 opportunities and was getting annoyed because I wan..."

Hobo report, girl tries to dig out her thong out from her pussy. Signs of wetness

BY Matrim September 16th, 2015

" Haha well yesterday continiued on the library, after sitting at the libery doing an lock..."

Las Wegas

BY veganhuman September 16th, 2015

" There I was. Alone in Las Vegas,completely twisted on drugs,no cash, no story for the ma..."

Tuesday Night Warm Up

BY RSDAristotle September 16th, 2015

" I had a great time and worked the momentum and process tonight. I had the vibe that no o..."

Rave Game

BY Bass44 September 16th, 2015

" I went to a huge rave last afternoon, it was insane! Electronic music blasting, paint sp..."
Dr. Destruction

A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink Book II

BY Dr. Destruction September 16th, 2015

" This is precisely what happened to routine mass production jobs, which moved across the ..."

Another day, another approach

BY Cryptex September 15th, 2015

" I wanted to start approaching right after university, which finished around noon, but it..."

Put my penis in yet another woman - DNA Club slut #3

BY ~DiamondCreator~ September 15th, 2015

" So this is the third time I managed to get a chick from DNA in San Fransisco, to my plac..."

Todd as Nerd: This Video Could Change Everything for You

BY Korik September 15th, 2015

" This video is the most amazing example of everything Owen, Todd, Julien, et al. are cons..."

Addictions: My first step of action

BY Korik September 15th, 2015

" This is a response I left for a fellow RSD'er in the grip of addiction.  He's realized ..."

The Crucible

BY Korik September 15th, 2015

" "I don't want an easy life.  I don't want to be soothedand coddled. I want to be cast ..."


BY veganhuman September 15th, 2015

" i am not going to the rsd touri am already on rsdnation and i have a real life friend ca..."

Hobo report, I am PORNSTAR. Stockholm is getting prepared to take care of the refugees politcal chaos

BY Matrim September 15th, 2015

" Well, weirdly I am starting to like the way my life are at the current moment. I am harn..."
Dr. Destruction

A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink

BY Dr. Destruction September 15th, 2015

" Our brains are contralateral-That is, each half of the brain controls the opposite half ..."