November 28th, 2014
Dr. Destruction

Why Men Are Programmed To Like Blonde Girls

BY Dr. Destruction October 21st, 2014

" Packing up for another road trip, so the next blog post will be in November but first......"

Breaking out of apathy, create goals for yourself

BY Matrim October 21st, 2014

" So I have been feeling a lot of apathy after visiting Motala, I came to the realizations..."
Dr. Destruction

Don't Make Fun Of Chodes

BY Dr. Destruction October 20th, 2014

" Spread the love yo. Don't hate appreciate. Turn that frown upside down... Positivity cha..."

Field Report Part I: Complete Faliure?

BY MakeItHappen October 20th, 2014

" I'm at the venue. Energy is low, yet the good volume of hot girls keeps me going. It's j..."

this is test

BY lmntrix October 20th, 2014

" this is test descriptionthis is test description  ..."

Return of the Mack

BY Justin_Mack October 20th, 2014

"   I broke up with my girlfriend at the time about 3 months ago and moved to a new city ..."


BY Rsdwillvils October 20th, 2014

" Alexander Hotseat 2 NYC October 18 - 19th 2014We take the work that goes into hot seat f..."

Anyone go out in the Metro Detroit area?

BY swooshi October 20th, 2014

" I'm looking for wings within the Metro Detroit area or surrounding areas. Anyone going ..."
Dr. Destruction

World War Z by Max Brooks Review

BY Dr. Destruction October 20th, 2014

" The book is superior to the movie in every angle of storytelling. That's not to discoun..."

Pickup on a College Campus - In Miami

BY Zaza October 19th, 2014

" Let me start here:I'm a college freshman.I started venusian styled pickup in my junior y..."

There it goes....

BY Zeds October 19th, 2014

"  Virginity=Lost     So it finally happened. The whole experience was so much fun and..."

The Start

BY The_Hedge October 19th, 2014

" BabystepsI finally recovered from my affair I had, which lasted about half a year. It al..."

Let's get started...again ;)

BY The_Hedge October 19th, 2014

" Let's get started!I'm 24 years old an from Cologne in Germany. I have a very similiar st..."

"Power", The Emerald Epicness, and Building Togetherness

BY RSDAristotle October 19th, 2014

" Went to Emerald Lounge today and it was pretty cool. I was looking for places with no co..."

18/10/14 - rant

BY Dupree1 October 19th, 2014

" I'm at roof gardens, on point hitting up sets naturally and helping out my mate. Then wi..."

Field Report 17/10/2014 First BJ

BY Zeds October 18th, 2014

"      Finally some serious progress. Last night was a really short night out but I rea..."
Dr. Destruction

The Last Stand: Zombies vs. The United States

BY Dr. Destruction October 18th, 2014

" The climax of Max Brook's World War Z happens in the middle of the book, with the United..."

you are the shit

BY Wildside11 October 18th, 2014

" u r the shit and i dont care what the fuck happens at all. cause i am fucking awesome. i..."
H34rt o' beast


BY H34rt o' beast October 18th, 2014

" I'll type up a more thought out review later. Right now I just wanted to type up the eve..."


BY bravobravado October 18th, 2014

" I spent the last four years preparing myself for the training pipeline to become a Navy ..."

Good Music, Good Vibes, & PBR's

BY RSDAristotle October 18th, 2014

" It's weird because I'm starting to "get it". That nothing really matters. There shouldn'..."
Dr. Destruction

Exodus: Goblins and Ghouls Arrive In America

BY Dr. Destruction October 17th, 2014

" I'm looking forward to Ridley Scott X Christian Bale's upcoming Exodus: Gods & Kings fi..."

New discoveries, where being physical is more common (As in DIFFERENT COUNTRIES)

BY DeNiro October 17th, 2014

" I live in Russia, why not let it be known. I enjoy the wonderful girls and the well-filt..."

Why I'm Going To Start Blogging Seriously (And Why You Should Too)

BY MakeItHappen October 17th, 2014

" Sunset - getting ready to go outFor the next two weeks, until the end of October, I'll b..."

Sobriety Is Path To The Highest Paradigm

BY Euphoric October 17th, 2014

" People at my work fucking disgust me.  I haven't met one person there that I actually l..."
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