September 2nd, 2015
Dr. Destruction

The 4-E (And 1-P) Framework Formula

BY Dr. Destruction August 10th, 2015

" From pages 84-87 in the book Winning by Jack Welch. The first E is positive energy:Abil..."

HOLA! Players!

BY veganhuman August 9th, 2015

" Holllllaaaaaa! ..."

fuck procrastinating

BY Amazing Wanderer August 9th, 2015

" HiMy name is Lucas and im starting this journey thread to keep check with myself and do ..."

Field Report 8/8/2015

BY TGMShawn August 9th, 2015

" Gamed at Uptown todayBreakdown of Night:Street Game: - Approached a two set outside St..."

FR 8/8/2015

BY RSDHouse August 9th, 2015

" Just got back from a night of game in uptown. Out of all the girls that I approached ton..."

I am thinking about doing community driven.

BY Matrim August 9th, 2015

" Due to the current condition here in the baltic region my work has become so much more t..."

bECAUSE you do it right

BY veganhuman August 9th, 2015

" wake upwake upwake upbecause you do it right ..."

2 Hours In Whiskey

BY RSDAristotle August 9th, 2015

" I'm in Whiskey Saigon with my friend Mark, after he tried to pull some bullshit and avoi..."
Dr. Destruction

GMAT for Dummies: 5th Edition

BY Dr. Destruction August 9th, 2015

" Destruction LLC is a mobile brand. "Time to go mobile." -Bane Gotham Stock Exchange scen..."

FR 08/07/15

BY Squirtle August 8th, 2015

" FR 08/07/15:  Daily Challenge:Numerous mixed sets today in the venues. Doing this still..."

The Dark Knight Rises

BY venkaytor August 8th, 2015

" Dear me,Do you remember me? 3 years of a career from hell (loved it like a crazy strippe..."

peace of mind

BY veganhuman August 8th, 2015

" ..."

FR 8/7/2015

BY RSDHouse August 8th, 2015

" Tonight in dowtown was easily one of my better nights out.I started off just going aroun..."

Field Report 8/7/2015

BY TGMShawn August 8th, 2015

" Forgot the last three field reports...shit. I gotta stay on top of my game. Had a lot of..."

Dumbass darrell

BY IDK August 8th, 2015

" My uncle is a brute.  I fought with him years back and he weighs 100 lbs more than me. ..."

Took action but couldn't act

BY Alou August 8th, 2015

" Well tonight I went out for the first time in about 2-3 months. I was by myself, and I w..."

I have fucking had it

BY Alou August 7th, 2015

" Well community, I have graduated from college, can't find a job, and just got kicked out..."

FR 8/6/2015

BY snoking62194 August 7th, 2015

" FR 8/6/2015 Summary:Went out with two friends, they were drinking I was sober.  Hit up..."

♥ The Most Memorable Night In Your Life ♥

BY SOCIALLYBATMAN August 7th, 2015

" Memorable Interactions:1. Met a cool girl waiting to pickup her boyfriend on Santana Row..."
Jacques Beausans

The Shyest Girl in the World

BY Jacques Beausans August 7th, 2015

" August 4, 2014Another date set for today. Actually three dates set for today, but I go w..."

August 6th 2015 Lay / Field Report - Pushing Until the Bitter End Will Give You Sweet Results ;)

BY EJRXXX August 7th, 2015

" TANYA:Writing this field report literally a few hours after I f-closed a same night lay ..."

July 11th 2015 Lay / Field Report - Becoming the MILF Hunter

BY EJRXXX August 7th, 2015

" LISA:This f-close wasn't too far away from the day of my birthday so happy birthday puss..."


BY veganhuman August 7th, 2015

" super tramp ..."

Back to fight club, hey fuck yeah

BY Matrim August 7th, 2015

" Hmm the Anarchy and gnosticism was intressting, cash comes in :). In Canada! :PA plan is..."

I'm Finally Starting To Get It

BY RSDAristotle August 7th, 2015

" I get to Howl at The Moon With GaryIt's a little early and I don't make any strong appro..."