February 6th, 2016

Something Still Doesn't Feel Right

BY RSDAristotle January 10th, 2016

" I ended up smoking with Drizzy and Will before heading to the club tonight, and long sto..."

Stay POSITIVE in spite of NEGATIV reactions

BY BirdRok January 10th, 2016

" 9.1.16I am writing this bog entry on day later because my internet crashed yesterday so ..."

test 2

BY Xandercage January 10th, 2016

" test 2 ..."

The humanity party, so far the stronges and bigest seed made by the zen game manifesto

BY Matrim January 10th, 2016

" Well, I would have imagened tripping fucking balls over something like this, how de fu I..."


BY tudor.fis January 10th, 2016

" Hey guyz (and girls maybe, lol)I'm going to write my fieldreports and inside knowledge f..."

FR - trip to cluj

BY tudor.fis January 10th, 2016

" Hey folks,Going to write this field report, and share my experience of last night. (07:0..."

Shoreditch meetup

BY Powmann January 10th, 2016

" Today I was able to meetup with other rsd members. It was great meeting other members. S..."

Self-love epiphany

BY DaveTheBrave January 10th, 2016

" MøllersMet at Tjommi's place with 5 other guys. Went to mollers and i approached theese..."

70 дней высокой эффективности. День 55 ("Мой лайфстайл")

BY DrewYak7 January 9th, 2016

" Мой лайфстайлОдним из многих подарков этой 70-дн..."

Taking Massive Action Day 1

BY YoungGod January 9th, 2016

" GOAL: Go to NYC to go clubbing and hit bars, will update with field report afterSpecific..."

Alcohol and game

BY Powmann January 9th, 2016

" Tonight my wing and I arrived at the conclusion that an excessive amount of alcohol can ..."

Something Doesn't Feel Right

BY RSDAristotle January 9th, 2016

" I didn't write the last two field reports, but long story short something feels wrong. ..."

70 дней высокой эффективности. День 54 ("Весь день дома и Пора выбросить из жизни всякий хлам")

BY DrewYak7 January 9th, 2016

" Весь день домаСмотрел видео с Ричардом Колинзом..."

NEVER eject too EARLY - 8.1.15

BY BirdRok January 8th, 2016

" 8.1.16Today I felt in state the whole day even though I slept this week 5 h a day. Kind ..."

Fuckfriend at the club creeping me out hahah

BY DaveTheBrave January 8th, 2016

" Jonh's with the rsd-crewWanted to experiment so i tried going out high, but i was sober ..."

70 дней высокой эффективности. День 52 и 53 ("Страсть")

BY DrewYak7 January 8th, 2016

" СтрастьПоследние 2 дня можно описать одним слов..."

FR 1/7/2016

BY RSDHouse January 8th, 2016

" The first couple approaches tonight were beyond awkward but knowing to accept that and j..."

Young Wolf Trying to move to the Alphas

BY Blazingnite January 8th, 2016

" Journal Entry #1Alright so I'm new to the game. 18 years old working in McDonalds with s..."

(Tv)Washington Capitals vs New York Islanders Live S-tream NHL

BY littleprince101 January 7th, 2016

" (Tv)Washington Capitals vs New York Islanders Live S-tream NHL ..."

Approach the very FIRST girl you see

BY BirdRok January 7th, 2016

" 7.1.16I am in a overworked, exhausted kin dof mood right now. So do not expext some supe..."

Do What You Love and Create a Passion Business

BY Stefanreal January 7th, 2016

" The business quadrant is one of my most powerful concepts for business, use it to create..."

Your Inner-Narrative Creates Your Reality

BY Stefanreal January 7th, 2016

" Your life is a direct mirror of the different stories that are going on inside your head..."

Reality Is Subjective: Avoid Absolutes to Avoid Stagnating

BY Stefanreal January 7th, 2016

" If you want more control over your life, you need to become more flexible in your interp..."

Daily Reports: Achieve Your Goals With This Tool!

BY Stefanreal January 7th, 2016

" Daily reports are one of the most efficient tools I've ever used to measure and achieve ..."

Win Big or Fail Big, Stop Being Mediocre!

BY Stefanreal January 7th, 2016

" Life is lived on the extremes and mediocrity is death. Make sure that you are total in w..."