April 16th, 2014

Massive Intent

BY Get_Intuit March 8th, 2014

" This is a new frame I'm cultivating that helps a lot during a pickup... as this is more ..."


BY roquev8 March 8th, 2014

" AYO,Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina!As in my previous posts, one can notice I am ..."

Insane Wit.

BY Get_Intuit March 7th, 2014

" I'd just like to write a brief article, blog entry, summary of my thoughts on wit... A l..."

Day 34 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 7th, 2014

" Uneventful night. Did drive by introduction, and played music. Not many people out.Start..."


BY Get_Intuit March 7th, 2014

" Like I dont even fucking care anymore... this is another night where Ill probably just e..."

Releasing your Personality, a super plagarism

BY TrashBandicoot March 7th, 2014

" If you are shy around strangers; if you dread new and strange situations; if you feel in..."

"feminist" or "venomous"

BY Paradoxblaster March 6th, 2014

" Ok. What up. Yea thats the paradox. Who knows how to resolve that one, I dont know. You ..."

Day 33 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 6th, 2014

" Identical twins are fascinating to me, partly because they're rare, and partly because t..."

​Girls like Beyonce

BY Don-Juan March 6th, 2014

" Starting this pick up journey. Me and my boy PS we hit the streets for some DG today. Wa..."


BY Get_Intuit March 6th, 2014

" Jesus christ my drama game is getting Bad... Good? Idek.Not much of an eventful day; the..."

Day 32 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 6th, 2014

" No one new was out, but at least I got out of the house. Disciprine!That's the problem w..."

Pumping state

BY L0ngSh0t March 5th, 2014

" Been reading some game lately and hypnosis is powerful, the most important thing is maki..."

Become a man

BY yan210 March 5th, 2014

"    The individuality of a man is a tiny part of him. What makes him stand out of the c..."


BY Get_Intuit March 5th, 2014

" Absolutely horrible... I think I'm literally starting to get sick before Miami...Im blow..."

Day 31 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 4th, 2014

" Monday. Had disciprine and went out, even though I had to get up at 4:00 AM. No approach..."

Detaching your ego from sex

BY Lucien March 4th, 2014

" At this point, I am either having sex, going out, writing about pick up, or going on dat..."


BY Get_Intuit March 4th, 2014

" So a wing hits me up telling me A FEW people are going down to a local bar to play pool...."

Bridgette's 30 Day Challenge

BY bmcollege March 4th, 2014

" Call me Bridgeeeeet, I'm a 22 year old college student. Healthy, adventurous, party life..."

A Super Natural Sincere Asshole's Model of Reality

BY jimmydean March 3rd, 2014

" Sooo happy to see the rules of social engagement getting better&better over the years. ..."

Game Yourself

BY Serpic0 March 3rd, 2014

" AHA's come at the most random times, this one hit me at 9:45am this morning, while drivi..."

Going in to state i 4 simple steps

BY Matrim March 3rd, 2014

" So, I have been working now for some time to come back to the state I am in now. It feel..."

Day 30 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 3rd, 2014

" Sundays. So dead around town. Did one approach - ew, creepy girl. I'm glad it didn't go ..."

Becoming Myself

BY socoolbro March 3rd, 2014

" Im trying to reshift my perspective on life from a social value based one to a more inhe..."

I cried tonight pt. 4

BY Paradoxblaster March 3rd, 2014

" I went out again and Im still too afraid to talk to a girl. I dont even know who I am an..."

A better Day

BY mtelegence March 3rd, 2014

" Though the budy who I had originally entered this community with has lost interest and d..."