July 7th, 2015


BY Mdog253 June 14th, 2015

" delete ..."
Dr. Destruction

The Grit Equation Test Results

BY Dr. Destruction June 13th, 2015

" Passion + Perseverance + Self discipline = Grit. It's from Daniel Coyle's The Little Boo..."


BY veganhuman June 13th, 2015

" sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssnake ..."


BY Mdog253 June 13th, 2015

" delte  ..."

The past and the future is easy to forget when you want to be in the now.

BY Matrim June 13th, 2015

" So I discovered an amazing affermation to come in to the now. If an active painbody is t..."

"Stars" Gianna Jun famous wedding dresses debut price of about 100,000 yuan

BY eydress June 13th, 2015

" "Stars" Gianna Jun famous wedding dresses debut price of about 100,000 yuan  Hit dram..."

FR 6/12/2015

BY RSDHouse June 13th, 2015

" Went out to the mall today solo.I was really angry at myself on the train ride there bec..."


BY OnlyNorton June 13th, 2015

" Day 6So I started this day with pretty high hopes as an hb8 I had been chatting with on ..."

Finally Some Action

BY OnlyNorton June 13th, 2015

" Day 5So I heard about this rave/dance party thing so I said fuck it why not go.I show up..."

Another Pretty Bad One

BY OnlyNorton June 13th, 2015

" Day 4So Tuesday was another dud, with minimal available approaches and a pretty disappoi..."

Flow a cannabis cocain experince from the goddess

BY Matrim June 12th, 2015

" So Yesterday I was listening to a guy talking about how the brain produce the same chemi..."
Dr. Destruction

Outrageous Good Fortune by Michael Burke X

BY Dr. Destruction June 12th, 2015

" "I never liked a day of school in my life. Be it elementary school, high school, or coll..."

FR 6/11/2015

BY RSDHouse June 12th, 2015

" Went out downtown again to the Pourhouse.As soon as I walk in, I open the first set to ..."

Is Brooklyn Beckham the next big thing in fashion

BY reedblog June 12th, 2015

" He has a style icon for a father and a respected designer as a mother, so it's little su..."

New blog

BY BKW3 June 12th, 2015

" Fuck it.  New blog.  Just for my narcissistic pleasure.  ..."

36 hours day

BY veganhuman June 12th, 2015

" What He Does--Lil Wayne--Da Drought Is Over 2 "What He Does"YeaBut she always sayBut sh..."


BY veganhuman June 11th, 2015

" i think sexual energryhas to do with compliance, when working, when communicatingor just..."

Notes on flow, wow now its hard not to day game

BY Matrim June 11th, 2015

" FlashLike bullets going off in your head you should not even try to her from anything un..."

Shit is solved for now! =)

BY Matrim June 11th, 2015

" Gaah, that feelt good. Why did I ever doubt the goddess, I started to work on the new b..."
Dr. Destruction

Outrageous Good Fortune by Michael Burke IX

BY Dr. Destruction June 11th, 2015

" "In short, I spend 10 months educating myself, excited by a new adventure in a new field..."


BY Caster June 11th, 2015

" Ive had a few interesting things happen lately, and I dont mean my balls are changing co..."

The start of my new book

BY Matrim June 11th, 2015

" So this is the start of my new book, still working on the text's and a bit around testin..."
Jwelve Spade

Scientist Get a glimpse at how New Concepts are formed in the brain

BY Jwelve Spade June 10th, 2015

" Theres a phenomenon in rsd i think where people feel there brains rewiring and now scien..."
Dr. Destruction

Outrageous Good Fortune by Michael Burke VIII

BY Dr. Destruction June 10th, 2015

" "I would have shriveled into something far less than what I expected of myself.""I had n..."

FR 6/9/2015

BY RSDHouse June 10th, 2015

" Pre-reflection: I've taken the past two days off to think and reflect.I've been thinkin..."