December 1st, 2015


BY Krapyl October 26th, 2015

" . ..."

FR 10/25/15

BY Squirtle October 26th, 2015

" FR 10/25/15: Daily Goal:The daily goal for the rest of the month is to continue with th..."

Notes On My Game Pt. 2

BY RSDHouse October 26th, 2015

" I really needed to map out how I'm gonna run my game night after night in a way that I c..."

Yo Shawn, Here's That Field Report!

BY RSDXtro October 26th, 2015

" I usually keep these to myself, but my best wing wanted to see this one so here it is:Oc..."

banged two girls in 2 days - its getting so fucking easy

BY ~DiamondCreator~ October 26th, 2015

" Hai there, I want out with so co-workers on Friday in order for all of us to say goodby..."

A good night you had, young padawan

BY Daddylove October 25th, 2015

" Saturday night Debrief:so funnily enough I met a comlombian dude in the bus the night be..."

Society On High ~~ New Pillars Of Game

BY RSDAristotle October 25th, 2015

" I've never been so confused with game in my life. Honestly I've got to admit it's been a..."

FR 10/24/2015

BY RSDHouse October 25th, 2015

" Well, I'm back at it again. I couldn't resist. I love the game that much.This time howev..."
Dr. Destruction

Disrupt You! by Jay Samit Book Review IV

BY Dr. Destruction October 25th, 2015

" This is the most important lesson anyone can learn.It is up to you to explain the future..."

Mission: Self Amusement

BY redfaced October 25th, 2015

" Oct 23, 2015 Mission: Self AmusementFriday night. I arrive downtown at around 10:30. Pla..."

1 - Put in the Time

BY chelentanist October 25th, 2015

" Pretty good night actually. Talked with a black boy Baba in a club. Fun guy. Met some fr..."


BY VIPJordon October 25th, 2015

" WHY YOURE GETTING SHIT RESULTS There is a psychological principle that states, "focus o..."

Don't Engage Negative Energy in the Club

BY RSDXtro October 24th, 2015

" Short post on engaging negative energy. Basically, last night I was having a pretty good..."

Field Report 10/24/2015

BY TGMShawn October 24th, 2015

" Went out downtown with main wing today. Started at 508, went to the Exchange, then went ..."

Going Out With Friends Is A Drag

BY RSDAristotle October 24th, 2015

" Thesis: Rejected A Couple Girls. Get Numbers In The Beginning Of The Night Decide to hi..."

$$$$ Daygame $$$$

BY Daddylove October 24th, 2015

" Just a quick debrief from Wednesday.Met a friend and we did some daygame. It was cool, T..."

10/23/15 Notes

BY Squirtle October 24th, 2015

" 10/23/15: I am taking the weekend off because I’m out of town at an event where I won..."

FR 10/22/15

BY Squirtle October 24th, 2015

" FR 10/22/15: Daily Goal:Once again I achieved my daily goal of immediately approaching ..."

FR 10/20/15 & 10/21/15

BY Squirtle October 24th, 2015

" FR 10/20/15: Daily Goal:My goal was to approach five girls immediately, without hesitat..."
Dr. Destruction

Disrupt You! by Jay Samit Book Review III

BY Dr. Destruction October 24th, 2015

" I am often asked by young entrepreneurs-If now is a good time to start a business. My an..."

The Only Quote You'll Ever Need

BY RSDHouse October 23rd, 2015

" 10pin, as far as I know is just one of those legendary guys from the second wave PUAs th..."

Brad Branson's Manifesto From 2011 World Summit (Repost)

BY RSDHouse October 23rd, 2015

" S/O to VisionsDivine for having posted this on the forum. I just thought this was a real..."

Literally The Most Consistent Guy On The Planet

BY RSDAristotle October 23rd, 2015

" Thesis: [K-Close + # Close]. Qualification, eye contact, and togetherness helps you get ..."

Let Daily Goals Save You From Shitty Game

BY RSDXtro October 23rd, 2015

" Since I started writing daily day and night game goals 30 days ahead in my game journal,..."
Dr. Destruction

Disrupt You! by Jay Samit Book Review II

BY Dr. Destruction October 23rd, 2015

" They all complained of being bored in school-And were thought by educators to be unmotiv..."