April 24th, 2014

Do you Have a Sticking Point? Let's Use It.

BY Ozzie March 13th, 2014

" Fastest way to deal with sticking points that annoy you. How to make them into gold. ..."


BY Get_Intuit March 13th, 2014

" Ive decided I'm going to switch my blog to a weekly update... even though I do like the ..."

Day 40 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 13th, 2014

" Went to open mic/jam session. Played a few songs, did a few introductions. Definitely a ..."

First day

BY Niles666 March 13th, 2014

" Hey guysAm Niles and today has been my first day out..daygame and solo.I was kinda nervo..."


BY Get_Intuit March 12th, 2014

" LOLOLOLOLOLOL just walked around the house playing this as loud as I could to piss my mo..."

Day 39 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 12th, 2014

" Didn't see anyone new out, but I only hit up one bar quite early. It's a bit concerning...."

Reaction Seeking

BY Trancer March 12th, 2014

" It’s something that seems key to an advanced level of social interaction; I’m thinki..."

200 Days of Approaching

BY Trancer March 12th, 2014

" I made a mission 200 days ago to do 5 approaches per day, starting from never having app..."


BY Get_Intuit March 12th, 2014

" OKAY  my plan is finally all coming together...My girl tried to get someone to take her..."

Day 38 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 11th, 2014

" Sundays and Mondays are especially dead around town. Did make it to the bar for a bit, ..."

Kill any limiting belief

BY yan210 March 11th, 2014

" This is a framework to kill any limiting belief. It is made of five questions I've copie..."

The Struggle Driven Mindset: Thrive In Pain, Bask In Glory

BY bravobravado March 11th, 2014

" We live in an age of instant gratification and quick fixes.A person can easily surround ..."

The Definitive Post on How to Feel Entitled All the Time

BY Lucien March 11th, 2014

"             The deeper I go into the game, the more I realize how important entit..."

Alex Jones & Joe Rogan

BY LOCOVIPER99 March 11th, 2014

" ..."
la leuce

Backk : ))

BY la leuce March 11th, 2014

" Going to be posting...                                SOON!  ..."

Non action is not the same of non resistance

BY yan210 March 11th, 2014

" Learn how to live not resisting the process of living. You can't predict every moment. ..."


BY Get_Intuit March 11th, 2014

" God, hours of grueling classes all day mixed with what must be satans idea of fucking wi..."


BY Sheng March 10th, 2014

" I'm so beast. Turns out I've found a way to trick myself out of AA.And it's something I ..."


BY Sheng March 10th, 2014

" Today was tough as I was back to approaching chicks from the frontwithout a wing for the..."


BY Sheng March 10th, 2014

" Oooweee. Saturday street game. Getting back into the groove was noteasy by any means.It ..."


BY Sheng March 10th, 2014

" Yayyyyy bar game.Met up with an old wing and finally got myself out and about in thebig ..."

FR 030314

BY Sheng March 10th, 2014

" 3/3/14Headed out to hit the streets today. It felt good. I did it because Imissed out on..."

Day 37 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 10th, 2014

" Did NOT feel like going out. Was grumpy all day. Don't know why. Maybe still pissed off ..."

Returning to the Game After a Year and a Half Away

BY Swynery March 10th, 2014

" Before I got into a relationship, I had been going out most nights for 4 years. Game is..."

​I have been playing with intent

BY Matrim March 10th, 2014

" So, lately I have been going from wishi washy to hard core man in and out. I have starte..."