October 21st, 2014

Open heart, that's my message (to) for you, guys

BY soldier September 24th, 2014

" I know it, my English is not quite good yet. I'll improve with time if it will be necess..."

My Boyfriend Just Broke Up With Me - Steps to Get Him Back Now

BY markjane September 23rd, 2014

" My boyfriend just broke up with me is a phrase uttered by countless women each and every..."

I Broke Up With My Boyfriend and I Miss Him - How to Undo This Dating Mistake

BY markjane September 23rd, 2014

" "I broke up with my boyfriend and I miss him." You've said it and you regret what happen..."

Make Him Regret the Break Up - Get Your Ex Boyfriend Begging You to Come Back

BY markjane September 23rd, 2014

" You want to make him regret the break up, right? This is incredibly common after a relat..."
Dr. Destruction

Initial Impressions of Boston Free Tour + Hot Seat September 2014

BY Dr. Destruction September 23rd, 2014

" The Free Tour + Hot Seat took place in Boston this weekend, featuring Jeffy, Max, and Ty..."

Big Ass Notes RSD Instructors, Ozzie, Todd, Tyler, Julien, Brad

BY CoolWingDude September 23rd, 2014

" Me : What are the excuses that you can’t approach in street sets, bus sets, train set..."

Pushing for the Close or Building Anticipation

BY tommyhighlifer September 23rd, 2014

" An interesting thing I've been pondering lately. Been pulling a lot more attractive girl..."

Field Report 22/09/2014 (Consecutive Nights - 2/7)

BY Zeds September 23rd, 2014

"      Last night was another intense and interesting night for me. Unlike the night be..."

This late night host knows how to not put celebreties on a pedestal

BY sidney69 September 23rd, 2014

" This video shows one episode of a famous german late night show. I think that the host d..."

My personal brand webpage, check it out

BY Matrim September 23rd, 2014

" https://musk0t.wordpress com/ ..."

​The Cumming of a Game GOD

BY K_O_H September 23rd, 2014

" Reason I stopped writing: I started getting *extremely* frustrated with some sticking po..."

Victory over self and the letter to my inner chode: Going on my own bootcamp before the bootcamp

BY Dominant September 23rd, 2014

" So today I appraoched 10 girls in the daytime and number closed 1 and facebook closed an..."

On my path

BY jwetz September 23rd, 2014

" Hello my people and good fucken' evening.Since I last checked in there has been a few th..."
Dr. Destruction

Educational Benefits of Traveling

BY Dr. Destruction September 22nd, 2014

" I was going to write about how New England Patriots fans can go fuck themselves, but I t..."

Field Report 21/09/2014 (Consecutive Nights - 1/7)

BY Zeds September 22nd, 2014

"      So I just recently started going out completely sober which has been quite an in..."

I rather commit suicide than live a boring fucking life

BY Rsdwillvils September 22nd, 2014

" The thought of having a regular life scares the shit out of me way more than the thought..."

I belive!

BY Matrim September 22nd, 2014

" ..."

Does anyone just not give a shit?

BY Euphoric September 22nd, 2014

" After going out a lot over the past couple weeks, sometimes by myself and sometimes with..."

How to Game Her By Teaching Her Game

BY Parm September 22nd, 2014

" When in the middle of a set, preferably one that has been "in motion" for longer than 1 ..."

Writing down my thoughts..

BY ~DiamondCreator~ September 22nd, 2014

" I enjoyed writing my perspective on things as I was traveling and find this blog to be a..."

been seein the hottie in the gym, probably the longest "relationship": i have had in awhile

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno September 21st, 2014

" getting sick of her though. thought i wouldnt care about a girls flaws, but i do. shes n..."
Dr. Destruction

Tell Tale Signs RSD Instructors Look For To See If You're Getting Laid Or Not

BY Dr. Destruction September 21st, 2014

" So I'm walking out of last night's Hot Seat here in Boston, and as I leave I notice all ..."

The Greatest Fluke...The Stolen Drink...And How I Escaped It

BY RSDAristotle September 21st, 2014

" The day was generally lazy. I did learn a lot but it was a very slow paced day, compared..."

Theory and the art of pickup

BY Rsdwillvils September 21st, 2014

" Knowing all the theories on game is great, but the problem with it is that it'll always ..."

My take on Alcohol (Pros and Cons)

BY LOVETRIX ARCHITECT September 21st, 2014

" My experience with alcoholwhen i started going out i wasn't drinking at all. i went a ye..."