August 3rd, 2015
Dr. Destruction

If You Want To Be Rich & Happy by Robert Kiyosaki

BY Dr. Destruction July 13th, 2015

" "School produces employees by teaching them what employers want.""By being taught how to..."

The core concepts of RSD

BY Colt July 13th, 2015

" Things I learned from RSD:- Zero outcome dependence- Build momentum throughout the night..."

Full Circle

BY veganhuman July 13th, 2015

" I feel like shitI don't know what is happening.Uncharted territoryDedication 5. I love t..."

Day 22 - 7/12/2015

BY seandt2967 July 13th, 2015

" Memorable Interaction:Met a tall, blonde polish chick who was an Au pair living in Ameri..."
Marielle Holmes

What to do if your roof is damaged during a storm

BY Marielle Holmes July 13th, 2015

" Every now and again, a huge storm passes through which can do some pretty serious damage..."

FR 7/12/2015

BY RSDHouse July 13th, 2015

" Today my wing and I started off with a bit of game in uptown.I opened a two-set moving t..."

Day 21 - 7/11/2015

BY seandt2967 July 13th, 2015

" Memorable Interactions:1. Second approach of the night, saw a girl waiting for her frien..."
Dr. Destruction

Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

BY Dr. Destruction July 12th, 2015

" Few days ago I was reading one of my favorite books, and here's an important passage t..."

Day game in Washington State

BY Mdog253 July 12th, 2015

" Was wondering if anyone knew any good spots in Washington to practice talking to girls w..."

The Struggle that is Oklahoma City

BY cov July 12th, 2015

" I only found out about RSD and "pickup" a few months ago and having read and watched som..."

Bouncer Game

BY gaminginlondono... July 12th, 2015

" I've been bouncing for nearly 2 years now. I've learned some things.When you're hitting ..."


BY gaminginlondono... July 12th, 2015

" Definitely check out all the free content on my blog at            https://gamingi..."


BY Kynain July 12th, 2015

" Hey guys i am "The_Ying_in_Paris", as i want to create a nest of cool Yang in i thin..."

ghost in a shell

BY veganhuman July 12th, 2015

" i wanna read william burrough.I have the book.  ..."

Field Report 7/11

BY TGMShawn July 12th, 2015

" Beginning of night: Approached two set and just self-amused in the beginning of the nigh..."

FR Sat 7/11/15

BY booyashocka July 12th, 2015

" Highlights:-Approached 15-20 sets-Got 3-4 numbers-Got a instadate at the end of the nigh..."

FR 7/11/2015

BY RSDHouse July 12th, 2015

" Spent another night out downtown, this time with a third wing. I went even harder. Tonig..."

Angel blueprint makes girls jump out of the bushess. Enchanted object falling whistles

BY Matrim July 12th, 2015

" So yesterday girls started to really stare at me, old laidys talk to me and children ope..."

she hit on me and I still could not do shit

BY Mdog253 July 12th, 2015

" So I was walking down the park and I was blatently staring at 3 girls sitting on the gra..."

Day 20 - 7/10/2015

BY seandt2967 July 12th, 2015

" Memorable Interactions:Went out tonight by myself for some nightgame action on Santana R..."

Day 19 - 7/9/2015

BY seandt2967 July 12th, 2015

" Memorable Interactions:1. Went out today and saw a two-set in a coffee shop. The girl wa..."

Day 18 - 7/8/2015

BY seandt2967 July 12th, 2015

" Memorable Interaction:Went on a date today with a girl I met on Tinder. Cute, 8/10 Colom..."

Another Round with #1

BY OnlyNorton July 11th, 2015

" This Friday was cool because the first girl I fucked here texted me because she was comi..."

Surprise Ending

BY OnlyNorton July 11th, 2015

" So Thursday I was going to try and go down to Normal and check out the college scene. I ..."

Tried a new venue

BY OnlyNorton July 11th, 2015

" Day 33Again Monday and Tuesday were solid reading/learning days but I didn't go out due ..."