November 27th, 2015

Woah The Scarcity Bug Bit Me

BY RSDAristotle October 27th, 2015

" What's funny is looking back across my whole life, I've been in scarcity for more years ..."

Desensitization and Being Bored are Critical

BY RSDXtro October 27th, 2015

" In the game, boredom and numbness are critical ingredients. Being bored and not hyper-re..."

Daygame Reports 10/24-10/26

BY TGMShawn October 27th, 2015

" Just wanted to write down some of my daygame infield reports:10/24/2015 - Approached a ..."

Field Report 24/10/15

BY slevin_kelevra October 27th, 2015

" Field Report 27/08/15Venue: Danny Doolans (Auckland)Approaches: Did more approaches than..."


BY Krapyl October 26th, 2015

" . ..."

FR 10/25/15

BY Squirtle October 26th, 2015

" FR 10/25/15: Daily Goal:The daily goal for the rest of the month is to continue with th..."

Notes On My Game Pt. 2

BY RSDHouse October 26th, 2015

" I really needed to map out how I'm gonna run my game night after night in a way that I c..."

Yo Shawn, Here's That Field Report!

BY RSDXtro October 26th, 2015

" I usually keep these to myself, but my best wing wanted to see this one so here it is:Oc..."

banged two girls in 2 days - its getting so fucking easy

BY ~DiamondCreator~ October 26th, 2015

" Hai there, I want out with so co-workers on Friday in order for all of us to say goodby..."

A good night you had, young padawan

BY Daddylove October 25th, 2015

" Saturday night Debrief:so funnily enough I met a comlombian dude in the bus the night be..."

Society On High ~~ New Pillars Of Game

BY RSDAristotle October 25th, 2015

" I've never been so confused with game in my life. Honestly I've got to admit it's been a..."

FR 10/24/2015

BY RSDHouse October 25th, 2015

" Well, I'm back at it again. I couldn't resist. I love the game that much.This time howev..."
Dr. Destruction

Disrupt You! by Jay Samit Book Review IV

BY Dr. Destruction October 25th, 2015

" This is the most important lesson anyone can learn.It is up to you to explain the future..."

Mission: Self Amusement

BY redfaced October 25th, 2015

" Oct 23, 2015 Mission: Self AmusementFriday night. I arrive downtown at around 10:30. Pla..."

1 - Put in the Time

BY chelentanist October 25th, 2015

" Pretty good night actually. Talked with a black boy Baba in a club. Fun guy. Met some fr..."


BY VIPJordon October 25th, 2015

" WHY YOURE GETTING SHIT RESULTS There is a psychological principle that states, "focus o..."

Don't Engage Negative Energy in the Club

BY RSDXtro October 24th, 2015

" Short post on engaging negative energy. Basically, last night I was having a pretty good..."

Field Report 10/24/2015

BY TGMShawn October 24th, 2015

" Went out downtown with main wing today. Started at 508, went to the Exchange, then went ..."

Going Out With Friends Is A Drag

BY RSDAristotle October 24th, 2015

" Thesis: Rejected A Couple Girls. Get Numbers In The Beginning Of The Night Decide to hi..."

$$$$ Daygame $$$$

BY Daddylove October 24th, 2015

" Just a quick debrief from Wednesday.Met a friend and we did some daygame. It was cool, T..."

10/23/15 Notes

BY Squirtle October 24th, 2015

" 10/23/15: I am taking the weekend off because I’m out of town at an event where I won..."

FR 10/22/15

BY Squirtle October 24th, 2015

" FR 10/22/15: Daily Goal:Once again I achieved my daily goal of immediately approaching ..."

FR 10/20/15 & 10/21/15

BY Squirtle October 24th, 2015

" FR 10/20/15: Daily Goal:My goal was to approach five girls immediately, without hesitat..."
Dr. Destruction

Disrupt You! by Jay Samit Book Review III

BY Dr. Destruction October 24th, 2015

" I am often asked by young entrepreneurs-If now is a good time to start a business. My an..."

The Only Quote You'll Ever Need

BY RSDHouse October 23rd, 2015

" 10pin, as far as I know is just one of those legendary guys from the second wave PUAs th..."