March 27th, 2015
Dr. Destruction

Illuminati Level Lessons From Todd's Valentine University Part I

BY Dr. Destruction February 14th, 2015

" Valentine U is full of hidden Machiavellian concepts, initiate yourself into the darknes..."

Day 26: Day Game on Campus

BY Steve711 February 13th, 2015

" Similar to yesterday, I chatted up girls on campus, had fun, and got some numbers of som..."


BY bravobravado February 13th, 2015

" Love is an addiction. Nothing more, nothing less.There’s something about being extreme..."

Reality Hit me in the face for the first time

BY Saz0618 February 13th, 2015

" Playing this game is kind of like playing Monopoly, or atleast what it seems like to me ..."
Dr. Destruction

What Are Human Beings Doing Here?

BY Dr. Destruction February 13th, 2015

" Just came back from Miami last night, it makes you question human existence. Welcome to ..."

Day 20 - Date flake replaced by Model/actress lay from OKC

BY protox February 12th, 2015

" I had a date set up for Wednesday night with a Mexican girl I met at the Standard a week..."

Day 19 - Salsa night Mexican girl

BY protox February 12th, 2015

" Originally tonight my ex was going to come to salsa and I was going to have a date for h..."

Day 25: Day Game on Campus

BY Steve711 February 12th, 2015

" Got to campus 90 minutes before class just to game.  After sitting in class all day yes..."

Pushing this shit HARD.

BY K_O_H February 12th, 2015

" Day off today and my plan was to be comatose and do nothing. But I can’t, so I’m wri..."

Day 22

BY drapey February 11th, 2015

" I'm really tired with swimming at the moment and it makes everything really hard. I forc..."

THE Path to Success: Cute Girl, Bitch Friend

BY sebasr96 February 11th, 2015

"        Last Saturday I went to a bar (probably bars are the places where Ill be goin..."

THE Path to Success

BY sebasr96 February 11th, 2015

" Hey! Wassup!So I have always been thinking about keeping track of my progress every nigh..."

Project hell fire, success

BY Matrim February 11th, 2015

" So in the end I edited an Eckhart Tolle video and sent it out as a youtube add here in s..."
Jwelve Spade

Epic Song

BY Jwelve Spade February 11th, 2015

" ..."

Day 24: Day game on Campus and a Date

BY Steve711 February 11th, 2015

" Had only 30 minutes to game today and even less cause I got caught up in some conversati..."

Cofessions of a Clickbait Junkie

BY OG_Bluetooth February 11th, 2015

" It sounds better than love-letters to RSD intructorsanyways, I have unlearned my clickba..."

Day 18 - Date with Asian Tinder Girl

BY protox February 10th, 2015

" Been chatting a few days.  She works in Santa Monica so it was a perfect after work hap..."

Day 23: Day game on Campus

BY Steve711 February 10th, 2015

" Again I had a big bag on me, so I plopped myself down at the coffee/study lounge where t..."

My Hardcover Copy of Nine Ball Just Arrived!!!

BY Tony_Stark0187 February 10th, 2015

" I already own a copy of "Get Laid or Die Trying" and I love it. And this "Nine Ball" is..."

College Field Report Journal

BY gonzooo February 10th, 2015

" Whadup Ballers,Stoked to say this is my first post here on the RSD forums. For anyone wh..."

Pulling Her Into Your Reality vs. Competing With Her

BY MakeItHappen February 9th, 2015

" One of the pitfalls of relationship management is if one person enters scarcity mode. Fu..."

Day 17 - Date with Blonde Hot Bod girl from Day 1 at Bungalow

BY protox February 9th, 2015

" Had a date scheduled for Sunday night in Santa Monica.  I had a period a few months ago..."

Day 22: Casting Auditions

BY Steve711 February 9th, 2015

" I spent all day casting actors for two movie projects Im doing for school.  On my way h..."

Pickup on a College Campus - In Miami - 2015 - The Body

BY Zaza February 9th, 2015

" Progressively working through my skills at my university I'd like to document one critic..."
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