September 2nd, 2015
Dr. Destruction

"Think Like A Gardener, Work Like A Carpenter" - Daniel Coyle Book of Talent

BY Dr. Destruction August 12th, 2015

" Ideas to keep in mind when training to be the best. Daniel Coyle says if you dig into t..."

The Definitive Post On How To Feel Entitled All The Time (Repost)

BY RSDHouse August 12th, 2015

" I've been studying a lot about entitlement and high-status mentalities over the time I'v..."

Very first steps

BY Lasar93 August 12th, 2015

" "You are not the person, you want to be!"Honestly not the first thoughts about myself, b..."

12:01 AM

BY veganhuman August 11th, 2015

" Things I need to do the following daysWednesday:Get the paper from my sisterScan the pap..."


BY Doodwala August 11th, 2015

" Hi RSD Nation,I have not joined this forum due to a lack of time. I guess I'm wasting ti..."


BY bravobravado August 11th, 2015

" So I got off work at around 8pm, went home, and caught up with Brads Lifestyle Mastery p..."

Field report - Jul 8, 2015

BY the.casanoble August 11th, 2015

" Today summary:went out with HJ hard to communicate, teased a bit, pushed until i realize..."

Lay Report - 12 July 2015

BY the.casanoble August 11th, 2015

" Approach: Saw girl texting from across the road. Sprinted across road and stopped. Chat..."

Lay Report - 11 Jun 2015

BY the.casanoble August 11th, 2015

" See slowly waking girl at macys intersection , usual stop. Talk for a bit, realize she i..."

Lay report - 27 Apr 2014

BY the.casanoble August 11th, 2015

" (LONG REPORT BUT GOOD, VERY FAST READ) Read about me fucking a girl on the first date wh..."

Lay report - 8 Mar, 2014

BY the.casanoble August 11th, 2015

" I saw this girl with shopping bags walking slowly and dreamily along the side of Washing..."

Lay report - nov 2nd, 2013

BY the.casanoble August 11th, 2015

" Lay reportMet girl under arch at Wash Sq Park Looked at piano player for a bit, chatted ..."


BY veganhuman August 11th, 2015

" this song suxjust like my life right now, i am stuck, trying to grind  ..."

From the Knife to Sharper Image

BY JeetKuneDope August 11th, 2015

" I was at my wit's end,Then I heard a friend,Who said some new shit,Which I couldn't pret..."
Dr. Destruction

Common Purpose by Joel Kurtzman

BY Dr. Destruction August 11th, 2015

" Pages 104-107 talks about chairman and CEO Bill Gates, President Steve Ballmer & Co. fac..."

How to Tell if She's Into You!!

BY gaminginlondono... August 11th, 2015

" “How do I know she’s into me?”Great question! Here are three often misunderstood I..."

FR 08/10/15

BY Squirtle August 11th, 2015

" FR 08/10/15: Challenge:I was walking with Wing L in Herald Square. We were talking abou..."

I am thinking about getting two girlfriends now.

BY Matrim August 10th, 2015

" Life is changing rapidlly right now due to the threat Sweden is currentlly is changing a..."

DJ screw

BY veganhuman August 10th, 2015

" ..."

The Real Reason Why You Are Not Getting The Most Out Of Pickup

BY Justin_Mack August 10th, 2015

"     I have been pulling and closing like crazy as of late. Friday after the epic Inner..."

08/09/15 Random Thoughts

BY Squirtle August 10th, 2015

" I didn't go out today due to being hungover. I also need to take at least a daylong brea..."


BY Squirtle August 10th, 2015

" 08/08/15: Challenge:I approached a group of 8 Indian people. This was more platonic as ..."
Dr. Destruction

The 4-E (And 1-P) Framework Formula

BY Dr. Destruction August 10th, 2015

" From pages 84-87 in the book Winning by Jack Welch. The first E is positive energy:Abil..."

HOLA! Players!

BY veganhuman August 9th, 2015

" Holllllaaaaaa! ..."

fuck procrastinating

BY Amazing Wanderer August 9th, 2015

" HiMy name is Lucas and im starting this journey thread to keep check with myself and do ..."