November 1st, 2014

CLOSE OR DIE: the life and times of Livio

BY liviodinaj October 3rd, 2014

" Right, so I decided to start a more technical, daily blog rather than the more artistic ..."
Dr. Destruction

My Girlfriends Have Fucked Some Famous Guys

BY Dr. Destruction October 2nd, 2014

" What you missed while the Oakland Athletics suffered the meltdown of a lifetime, not too..."

​Currently working on a sales pitch for the book.

BY Matrim October 2nd, 2014

" Put your game on steroids with the developed inner game system of spiritual manifesto. E..."

WillVills: How to stop being a chody b*itch and get laid

BY Rsdwillvils October 2nd, 2014

" WillVills: How to stop being a chody b*itch and get laid Pickup is a sport, and with al..."

How To Game A Girl Once She's Already Into You

BY Parm October 2nd, 2014

" So some of us not many of may come to a point where you've realized a girls into you and..."
Dr. Destruction

RSD Max Hot Seat Ultimate Review

BY Dr. Destruction October 1st, 2014

" I've said before that I'll write an in depth review on Max's Hot Seat, so this is it. (T..."

First Day Game Approach

BY Zeds October 1st, 2014

"      Today I did my first day game cold approach on a girl so I thought it would be a..."

Field Report 30/09/2014 First 3-Way Kiss

BY Zeds October 1st, 2014

"      Last night was the usual pre-night routine and then I went into town with my fri..."


BY SOCIALLYBATMAN October 1st, 2014

" enough said, this is the ANTHEM OF PUA !!! ..."

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

BY sidney69 October 1st, 2014

" I just want to congratulate Tyler on his birthday. I hope you stay as healthy as you are..."

​The mind, The observer, The operator

BY Matrim October 1st, 2014

" So I have been doing meditation every day for more than an hour. The meditation I used w..."

Going out ALL the time and your still DEPRESSED ?? Me too :'( Here's why..

BY Aaron_Jaramillo October 1st, 2014

" Okay let's get to this quick. My name is Aaron Jaramillo I'm 22 years old, I live with m..."

spiritual hypnosis

BY jwetz October 1st, 2014

" I had a life epiphany today. My go-to used to be substances to make me feel right, but t..."


BY charlestk October 1st, 2014

" whats up,im charles,currently 18,laycount - 23(possibly 24) ..."
Dr. Destruction

I Know Exactly Where I'm Going In My Life

BY Dr. Destruction September 30th, 2014

" Reflections on my personal goals and ambitions, and how my story with RSD will eventuall..."

What It Means To Be Hardcase and A PUA !!

BY SOCIALLYBATMAN September 30th, 2014

" I am pathetic.  The fact that I am writing this blog post from my parent’s living roo..."

Field Report

BY Zedd September 30th, 2014

" FIELD REPORT I went out today for about an hour. I only did a few approaches. I am also ..."

19 and 28

BY Pyro3 September 30th, 2014

" It was last Thursday the biggest ASU game of the season the theme was "blackout" and the..."
Dr. Destruction

Important Lessons From Tyler Free Tour Speech In Boston II

BY Dr. Destruction September 29th, 2014

" Last weekend's Free Tour speech featured Jeffy, Max, and Tyler. This is the conclusion o..."

​Living around big ego’s, video

BY Matrim September 29th, 2014

" So, my ego came back after sometime at the workplace I was on, this was a result of atta..."

Changing my life after watching Brad's Bootcamp

BY SRBPickup September 29th, 2014

" Morning rotuines:Get up,no snooz buttons,3x5 push ups(just to awake myself)tide up my be..."

The Journey, not the Destination

BY SOCIALLYBATMAN September 29th, 2014

" Sometimes I think i'm the next Tyler DurdenToday I wrote down and refined 8 of my life s..."

What it really means to be a man? - Date Flakes

BY ~DiamondCreator~ September 29th, 2014

" I have been feeling weird lately. I wake up and decide the day isn't really worth my whi..."
Dr. Hulk Pixel

Don't listen to other people! my story short story.. But actually long as FUCK

BY Dr. Hulk Pixel September 28th, 2014

" I want to share my story with you..For you lazy fuckers skip it and read at least the th..."

Field Report 27/09/2014 (Consecutive Nights - 7/7)

BY Zeds September 28th, 2014

"      My final night! Its been a long a week and yesterday was an interesting experien..."