February 12th, 2016

FR 1/15/2016

BY RSDHouse January 16th, 2016

" Tonight was pretty lucrative. I was starting to forget what it was like to get high off ..."

Do the HARD Sets

BY BirdRok January 16th, 2016

" 14.1.16Today I met my Spanish friend again to game. It is a lot of fun picking up girls ..."

creep of clapham common

BY Powmann January 16th, 2016

" Not much to talk about really. I still approached as much women as I could. Clapham seem..."

creep of clapham common

BY Powmann January 16th, 2016

" Not much to talk about really. I still approached as much women as I could. Clapham seem..."

70 дней высокой эффективности. День 61 ("Что изменит мою жизнь больше всего?")

BY DrewYak7 January 15th, 2016

" Количественные показателиПодходы:   0Телефоны: 0..."

Changing Reality, Frat Life, Fed Up with Being a Beta Bitch

BY mattropolis January 15th, 2016

" Hey everyone,I love you all. I am trying to join a frat. Im learninig what im worth. Lov..."

FR 1/14/2016

BY RSDHouse January 15th, 2016

" Classes will be starting again soon so I'm making a point of gaming like a madman the re..."

MOJO is coming back

BY RSDAristotle January 15th, 2016

" I went to TITs tonight and met up with Will, Carl and Vivek. It was pretty cool seeing ..."

Gaming in Roxy

BY Powmann January 15th, 2016

" Went central with one of my wings tonight after going to clapham common on a thursday ni..."

Bad mood, but powered through into a good night.

BY AdlerSocial January 15th, 2016

" So this thursday night, we went to the same venue as last thursday. We got there early, ..."

70 дней высокой эффективности. День 60 ("Качества характера, которые я хочу в себе развить")

BY DrewYak7 January 15th, 2016

" ФактыЯ не писал ежедневные отчёты в течение 5 дн..."

Day 4- Not much to report.

BY Steve711 January 15th, 2016

" Went out to 3rd st promenade at 315 pm (Thursday).  In 40 minutes I saw only 2 attracit..."

Your Life Escapes While You Don't Take Action

BY Stefanreal January 14th, 2016

" Why are we so stifled in life? Why do we consistently find ourselves seeking definition ..."

First full weekend of game. 3 FR's

BY AdlerSocial January 14th, 2016

" Short backstory:Found RSD this summer around the same time I moved to a big city after l..."

Should You Choose Money or Passion?

BY Stefanreal January 14th, 2016

" There is a common belief that you have to make a choice between money and passion, your ..."

Day 3- 3 Numbers in 30 Minutes on 3rd street Promenade

BY Steve711 January 14th, 2016

" Day 3.  Headed out to 3rd st promenade.  A little earlier today 530 pm, just after sun..."


BY BirdRok January 13th, 2016

" 13.1.16I went out for 1 hour today and it was quite successful ;)In that time I approach..."

Unrealistic Expectation of Pickup

BY Justin_Mack January 13th, 2016

" What up playa's! I think alot of guys have an unrealistic expectation of pickup so I th..."

Window of Opportunity Phenomena

BY MasterPimpX January 13th, 2016

" Windows of Opportunities This phenomena has been occuring recently. Windows of opportun..."

Two dates and a bang

BY ~DiamondCreator~ January 13th, 2016

" So, I am writing this today after getting a fucking speeding ticket..sigh..anyway, at le..."

Debrief Mariah + Irish girl

BY Daddylove January 13th, 2016

" Mariah:fun how life turns out. Good thing I said no to stay in the city and do my own th..."

Trying to reach state before gaming

BY Powmann January 13th, 2016

" I can honestly say that holding a decent conversation that I feel engaged in is one of m..."

Day 2- 30 Minutes on 3rd st promenade

BY Steve711 January 13th, 2016

" Headed out to 3rd st promenade to game for an hour.  Arrived at 645 pm.  Already dark...."

Tinder Date: January 11th, 2016

BY Black_Cat January 13th, 2016

" Writing this just to clear my head.I was messing around on Tinder and had my friend Jaso..."

Quick Notes

BY RSDHouse January 13th, 2016

" The main thing that has really elevated my game is a combination of indifference and sel..."