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January 30th, 2015

working in ny next mega article

BY Matrim January 2nd, 2015

" This article is going to make people shit bricks fuck i am shaking as i am writing its s..."
Mason Brown

Venturing into Text game

BY Mason Brown January 2nd, 2015

" Some mild sucess ive had with Tinder and Hot or Not. stole some lines from Todd and Owen..."
Mason Brown

I need to delete this?

BY Mason Brown January 2nd, 2015

" Can anyone tell me how to delete a post? ..."

Practicing is Key

BY Saz0618 January 2nd, 2015

"  Basically if you want to get better at something you have to practice, it's not like R..."

Field Report 31/12/2014 New Years Eve

BY Zeds January 2nd, 2015

" Wow, the last day of the year and where better to spend it than in Edinburgh. I travelle..."
Dr. Destruction

New World Order Manifesto

BY Dr. Destruction January 1st, 2015

" "Ideas are the beginning points of all fortune. Ideas are products of the imagination"- ..."


BY jwetz January 1st, 2015

" Seek and Destroy mother effers.What up great to see you again, it's been awhile. But tha..."

30 Day Challenge #15

BY BaldoMontesdeOca January 1st, 2015

" Hey, Julien! Did an amazing daygame session today. Went to a shopping mall and approache..."

Conversational Skills

BY Unnatural-Natural December 31st, 2014

" Okay so pretty much, in general group conversations in cold approaches or even with my f..."

2015 Mindsets/Goals and 2014 re-cap

BY MasterPimpX December 31st, 2014

" Ok, 2015 pick up has done a lot for me this year. Got my first 3 some, FINALLY figured ..."
Dr. Destruction

If You Want To Be Rich & Happy by Robert Kiyosaki

BY Dr. Destruction December 31st, 2014

" "If You Want To Be Rich & Happy Don't Go To School", which was published long before Kiy..."

My Conversation with Simple Pickup crew

BY Saz0618 December 31st, 2014

" “what’s you biggest Sticking point” asked Jesse from Simple Pickup. After laying d..."


BY k8 December 31st, 2014

" This semester shifted my mindset from "fuck this hard work" to "hard work is key". We in..."

Learning to Love MYSELF

BY SK December 30th, 2014

" Edit ..."

Break Up With Her And It Will Change Your Life

BY Justin_Mack December 30th, 2014

"      It was about 6 years ago that i bought two books from Barnes and Nobel that chan..."
Dr. Destruction

Coming Soon: Bootcamp With Jeffy In San Francisco

BY Dr. Destruction December 30th, 2014

" June 13, 2015. It will be done. It's finally time.People always used to say, "I would pa..."

30 Day Challenge #14 Got Laid!

BY BaldoMontesdeOca December 30th, 2014

" Hey, Julien! Finally got laid from a cold approach after bootcamp. I had gotten laid aft..."

Conquering petty emotions

BY Justin_Mack December 29th, 2014

"     How do you conquer petty emotions?    First is understanding when they are the..."


BY Don-Juan December 29th, 2014

" - ..."
Dr. Destruction

Talent Code by Daniel Coyle Review V

BY Dr. Destruction December 29th, 2014

" Welcome to part 5 of the Talent Code review series, this is the conclusion. I've only co..."

30 Day Challenge #13

BY BaldoMontesdeOca December 29th, 2014

" Hey, Julien! Didn't go out and gamed today, instead I went out on a date with a latina c..."

Float Nation

BY July December 28th, 2014

" ..."

Field Report 27/12/2014

BY Zeds December 28th, 2014

" Due to the Christmas holidays I haven't really been going out as much as it hasn't been ..."

30 Day Challenge #12

BY BaldoMontesdeOca December 28th, 2014

" Hey, Julien! Had a phenomenal day! Went to a night club with a group of friends and I op..."
Dr. Destruction

Talent Code by Daniel Coyle Review IV

BY Dr. Destruction December 27th, 2014

" Welcome to part IV of the Talent Code review series. Coyle looks at prodigies and genius..."