April 23rd, 2014


BY RSDNICO March 18th, 2014

" f ..."


BY RSDNICO March 18th, 2014

" g ..."


BY RSDNICO March 18th, 2014

" egf ..."

Day 45 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 18th, 2014

" Didn't go out tonight. Stayed home with my sick cat. Bringing her to the vet to have her..."

Wyperrist XXI PART TWO: F Closes

BY WyperristXXI March 18th, 2014

" Hello, Yo, Hola, Bonjour, What’s up!PART TWO! Lets talk my F closes so far since bein..."

Day 44 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 17th, 2014

" Had date night instead of going out. I guess I was a little dissappointed by the Sundays..."

Flyin' Solo

BY bravobravado March 16th, 2014

" There's a certain freedom you get when you go out alone.When I tell people that I usuall..."

Self expression. Pickup is a creative art

BY Freerider March 16th, 2014

" ..."

Day 43 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 16th, 2014

" Quiet night at the bar. Only approached one table. Fun playing music, though.The girl th..."

Moving more to an egoless state

BY Matrim March 16th, 2014

" So the ego and the painbody can not stop you, I used to have a mentality of trying to ru..."

Peace is Never Experienced Outside of Yourself

BY Trancer March 16th, 2014

" In the last 7 months I’ve been taking massive action in the self-help realm, only rece..."

Day 42 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 16th, 2014

" Pulled a girl, but no sex for me (at least, not from her). Boohoo. Oh, well, it was fun ..."

Anyone go out in Detroit/Royal Oak

BY swooshi March 15th, 2014

" Is there anyone who lives in the Metro Detroit or Royal oak area that pimps it? ..."


BY RSDNICO March 15th, 2014

" f ..."

Got to push through the bullsh*t

BY JackRenatu March 15th, 2014

" Been feeling so good recently got a lay, recently, been doing so much self improvement a..."

Progression of Game

BY mrhexionas March 14th, 2014

" Blog entry #1:-Realization:So today after a night out I realised I'm sick of being a shy..."

'Wall' Girl - blehhh

BY Sheng March 14th, 2014

" Day 2 today came out a bit last minute as a girl who was originally'busy' turned out to ..."

It is to Laugh

BY lance135 March 14th, 2014

" Why do we take life so seriously?Tyler's six steps:1) Open All2) Minimize time between i..."

Day 41 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 14th, 2014

" Every day I try to learn a lesson. Since no one new was out (only briefly met one new gi..."

Reach your dreams while you can

BY yan210 March 14th, 2014

" Get rid of everything that is unnecessary for your survival.Find within your strengths. ..."

Do you Have a Sticking Point? Let's Use It.

BY Ozzie March 13th, 2014

" Fastest way to deal with sticking points that annoy you. How to make them into gold. ..."


BY Get_Intuit March 13th, 2014

" Ive decided I'm going to switch my blog to a weekly update... even though I do like the ..."

Day 40 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 13th, 2014

" Went to open mic/jam session. Played a few songs, did a few introductions. Definitely a ..."

First day

BY Niles666 March 13th, 2014

" Hey guysAm Niles and today has been my first day out..daygame and solo.I was kinda nervo..."


BY Get_Intuit March 12th, 2014

" LOLOLOLOLOLOL just walked around the house playing this as loud as I could to piss my mo..."