October 13th, 2015

Morning ritual Track

BY One-off September 20th, 2015

" Just a quick update that I completed it yesterday.I realized I've been spending way too ..."

Lack of Congruence Gives You a Shitty Night

BY Bass44 September 20th, 2015

" Last night was not really great, got rejected a shit ton of times, but what is frustrati..."

Friday Night Superstar And Saturday Night Annoyance

BY RSDAristotle September 20th, 2015

" Man going out with Gary sucks. It's better to find a wing whose actually in game, becaus..."

eating is h ard

BY veganhuman September 20th, 2015

" egg on rice with tea and my phone or without iteating with other people is even harder ..."

Consciousness Progression Is Spontaneous!

BY Hozza September 20th, 2015

" Hi!Read the Blog Here:"

Field Report 9/19/2015

BY TGMShawn September 20th, 2015

" Went out with two new wings to Uptown then Downtown. Both of these wings were inexperien..."
Dr. Destruction

Better & Faster: The Proven Path To Unstoppable Ideas by Jeremy Gutsche II

BY Dr. Destruction September 20th, 2015

" He wears the same blue outfit everyday.He eats lunch in his work cafeteria and rarely go..."

FR 9/19/2015

BY RSDHouse September 20th, 2015

" Its just been a depressing day for me. Not even for any particular reason. I just seem t..."

Field Report: 9/18/2015

BY _Nova_ September 19th, 2015

" Went out to NYC for the night. While i was in the bus i was still contemplating whether ..."

FR 09/18/15

BY Squirtle September 19th, 2015

" FR 09/18/15: Daily Challenge:I set the challenge to do 5 non-standard openers and 5 nig..."

Tai Lopez On PUA and Business

BY One-off September 19th, 2015

" Tai said PUA techniques wouldn't work on him in a business enviornment.I'm 99% sure he m..."

i missed one of my appointments

BY veganhuman September 19th, 2015

" it was not mendatory but it was a big part of my planI completed the missioneven though ..."

FR 9/18 - Close (9): WHERE'S ANNE

BY Landshark-300 September 19th, 2015

" Sup Nation, Quick FR before I pop into work.So I leave work last night and head over to..."

I need to take a break from pickup but now I am really on to something

BY Matrim September 19th, 2015

" So, it does not work to pick up girls when you are homeless and robbed of your money and..."

FR 9/18/2015

BY RSDHouse September 19th, 2015

" Solo night in downtown. Overall, one of my better nights. I think small stuff like havin..."

Mind Control

BY One-off September 19th, 2015

" What have you done about your personal puppeteer? People tend to think about bad habits..."
Dr. Destruction

Better & Faster: The Proven Path To Unstoppable Ideas by Jeremy Gutsche

BY Dr. Destruction September 19th, 2015

" Failure meant stripping away of the inessential.I stopped pretending to myself that I wa..."

9/18/2015 Step Into the Danger Zone

BY One-off September 19th, 2015

" 9/18/2015this blog thing is cool I forgot there was a feature here like this. I'll just ..."

TGMShawn's 30 day challenge to pimpdom

BY TGMShawn September 19th, 2015

" I've been a massive chode the last week not approaching shit. Figure I start a 30 day ch..."

Breaking Down My Night Out - Part 1

BY _Nova_ September 18th, 2015

" Like i said in my previous posts, this will not be just about my daily life but also whe..."

Thursday Night Veteran

BY RSDAristotle September 18th, 2015

" I ditch TITs and end up going to Owen O'Leary's with my boy Dan and Matt. When we hit up..."

FUCK damn thives

BY Matrim September 18th, 2015

" I got druged and stolen of my computer and underware + an original copy of the book. DAM..."

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

BY _Nova_ September 18th, 2015

" "Life is a journey, not a destination" - Ralph Waldo EmersonI keep seeing this from tim..."

FR 9/17/2015

BY RSDHouse September 18th, 2015

" Just got back from Pourhouse. Prior to that I had a day two which cut into a lot of my g..."

FR 09/17/15

BY Squirtle September 18th, 2015

" FR 09/17/15:Daily Challenge:I had to push through the inertia today to do 3 non standard..."