May 25th, 2015

Bored out of my mind, but back to the flow of the journey

BY Matrim April 28th, 2015

" God, I am so fucking tiered of not being able to do stuff becouse of lack of cash. I whi..."

The Game

BY OG_Bluetooth April 28th, 2015

" I heard someone recently define game as something similar to knowledge wisdom and the ap..."

Lessons From Vitaly

BY RSDHouse April 28th, 2015

" There are plenty of guys out there worth studying, all of which have different studies. ..."

Lessons From Vitaly

BY RSDHouse April 28th, 2015

" There are plenty of guys out there worth studying, all of which have different studies. ..."
Dr. Destruction

Philosophical Arguments With The GF

BY Dr. Destruction April 27th, 2015

" Just recorded another Mastermind episode this morning, but you better watch it in 1080p!..."

Lead Her To Your Dick

BY Justin_Mack April 27th, 2015

"        Girls are not going to do anything for you. You have to take the lead. "Com..."

Day 9?

BY Brandon Grill April 27th, 2015

" I haven't been out in the last three days because I've been somewhat busy and/or tired. ..."

No Jerking off for 1 Week so far

BY triplej April 27th, 2015

" Hey,This is Triplej with some insight on what i experience with not Jerking off for one ..."

Bus Pass Challenge Day EIGHT

BY Brandon Grill April 27th, 2015

" Tonight I want to cut loose and have fun, but also do a lot of approaches. My only goal ..."

Day Seven.

BY Brandon Grill April 27th, 2015

" Went out. Too full to approach. Emptied my bowels. Sat on a wall. Didn't approach. Excu..."
Dr. Destruction

Making My Girlfriend Pout Hahahaa!

BY Dr. Destruction April 26th, 2015

" It's the freakin weekend Sunday Funday so uuuuuuuuu know what that means!Discussion Topi..."

Metall goes Eckhart :) , 1 may The wake up will start

BY Matrim April 26th, 2015

" So, I have been doing some standin as Alex's assistant I would guess. Hard to tell I may..."

On breakups

BY Elamanopiskelija April 26th, 2015

" The recent topic of breakup in Julien's long video I think addresses one aspect of what ..."

Day 06 Complete

BY TruthBeforeComfort April 26th, 2015

" Hit Hollywood tonite with a buddy. Of course it was super easy to knock out my 4 cold ap..."

THE Path to SUCCESS: Breaking Free

BY Bass44 April 26th, 2015

" Ok this is a long story, Ill do my best to keep it short.I havent posted in a while, thi..."

Lay Report 25/04/2015

BY Zeds April 26th, 2015

" Report coming soon ..."

Field Report 17/04/2015

BY Zeds April 26th, 2015

" Last night I went out and met up with some buddies from RSD. It wasn’t a particularly ..."

A earth waking up? I have tears of joy! (Eckhart)

BY Matrim April 25th, 2015

" So apperently the have started a foundation to excivate proff of a world waking up. I ha..."

Day 05 Complete

BY TruthBeforeComfort April 25th, 2015

" Tonite was more fun than I anticipated. My buddy came in from out of town and we hit the..."

Getting Lucrative

BY RSDHouse April 25th, 2015

" Went out to two parties tonight. At the first party I immediately get opened by a girl w..."

The awsome summer music is starting to role in.

BY Matrim April 25th, 2015

" Holy fuck I long for the summer right now.Swedish pigs shows american pigs how it done. ..."


BY bravobravado April 25th, 2015

" Back in December, I decided to put pick up on the sidelines and to pursue a committed mo..."
Dr. Destruction

Relentless by Tim S. Grover Official Book Review

BY Dr. Destruction April 24th, 2015

" "Michael and Phil were both extreme Cleaners. Michael trusted Phil to let him do his thi..."

Field Report #8 Negaivity Loops, Anxiety, time to Reframe

BY MerovingianV April 24th, 2015

" from my blog.........     Mervlife(DOT)blogspot(DOT)com ..... check it out , its sexy..."

Day 04 Complete

BY TruthBeforeComfort April 24th, 2015

" Jesus tits. Today was the most challening, altho it still only took me a fraction of an ..."