February 11th, 2016

Quality over Quantity

BY BirdRok January 19th, 2016

" 19.1.16Today was kind of lame because I just talked to two different girls. The first wa..."

With wings at an all-girls party

BY AdlerSocial January 19th, 2016

" So this saturday I got invited to a pre-party by a girl I met two weeks earlier. She and..."

I am thinking about starting with hostel game again.

BY Matrim January 19th, 2016

" Yesterday At the hostel a girl orbited around me and willingly stroking here breast agai..."

Day 7- A mega hottie & an 18 year old Russian cutie.

BY Steve711 January 19th, 2016

" Headed out to 3rd st promenade to daygame.  Its good that I've been enforcing my own ru..."

Partying in a gay club

BY Powmann January 19th, 2016

" Went to this gay club called heaven tonight. Straight night is on mondays and based on m..."

Feel Like I Improved

BY TheThe January 19th, 2016

"    Last time I left off telling you about the five numbers in my phone. Only one of th..."

Video Game Life Skillz

BY TrashBandicoot January 19th, 2016

" I totally assure you I learned real fucking lessons about this that fully translate to l..."

Stop Hoping and Decide to Change

BY Stefanreal January 18th, 2016

" Too many people waste their lives hoping to improve them. Even people in self-improvemen..."

I possible got poisoned or drugged by mother

BY Matrim January 18th, 2016

" Holy fucking shit, this is fucking crazy. I am speachless I dont know what I got put in ..."

Day 6-Daygame & a date

BY Steve711 January 18th, 2016

" So my buddy and I hit up 3rd st promenade for an hour.  Met a very pretty girl from Bel..."

Banged a cute LA/Israeli fattie

BY ~DiamondCreator~ January 18th, 2016

" So I went out with a friend to Audio. We were running late and arrived at about 12am. No..."

Night in O'neills

BY Powmann January 18th, 2016

" The excitement of gaming with a pua was enough to build my state. First of all the main ..."

What I've Noticed Recently

BY RSDAristotle January 17th, 2016

" I've noticed recently that I'm starting to attract the highest quality of women. Women ..."

Young Wolf Trying to move to the Alphas

BY Blazingnite January 17th, 2016

" Journal Entry #3Alright so girl A dumped me for being a chode. I wasn't fazed at first. ..."

Please Just Fucking Let Go

BY Stefanreal January 17th, 2016

" My greatest lesson in life was learning that I was not really in control of it. I want t..."

Harsh Feedback Does Not Hurt

BY BirdRok January 17th, 2016

" 16.1.16I am writing this blog post one day later because my internet was just shit yeste..."

Field Report + My Template

BY KingDuran January 17th, 2016

" Today is the 16th of January 2016. I have 15 more days here in Paris.Day Game session @ ..."

Day 5- Date w Russian Girl

BY Steve711 January 17th, 2016

" Yesterday I gave myself a free-pass from 30 day challenge cause I woke up sick.  I took..."

Friday night at a karaoke bar

BY AdlerSocial January 17th, 2016

" So I went out with tjommi this friday to what can best  be described as a mix between a..."

Field Reports

BY LuisFerSF January 16th, 2016

" 1/17/16It's a thursday afternoon and me and 2 friends (For the record, 1 of those friend..."

Finally Getting The Hottest Girls In The Club

BY RSDAristotle January 16th, 2016

" Two Sluts weird bitches in the beginninghopped on that nigga real quickin the clubflipp..."

Reality Is Subjective: Avoid Absolutes to Avoid Stagnating

BY Stefanreal January 16th, 2016

" If you want more control over your life, you need to become more flexible in your interp..."

FR 1/15/2016

BY RSDHouse January 16th, 2016

" Tonight was pretty lucrative. I was starting to forget what it was like to get high off ..."

Do the HARD Sets

BY BirdRok January 16th, 2016

" 14.1.16Today I met my Spanish friend again to game. It is a lot of fun picking up girls ..."

creep of clapham common

BY Powmann January 16th, 2016

" Not much to talk about really. I still approached as much women as I could. Clapham seem..."