July 24th, 2014

Allegedly accused of taken drugs AGAIN

BY Matrim June 27th, 2014

" Out lording as hell at a club, got kisses from a girl infront of her boyfriend. Fucking ..."
Dr. Destruction

Girls Have Good Social Calibration

BY Dr. Destruction June 27th, 2014

" Welcome to the latest installment of "Rice Is White" and "The Octopus Has More Than One ..."

Day 11

BY JimmyMaio3 June 26th, 2014

" I am currently trying to better myself. But this damn Oneitis is fucking annoying, I ne..."

Ending the toxic family bond to my psychologically sick mother

BY Matrim June 26th, 2014

" So, a bond had been reaffirmed it’s the navel string that my mother try to reattach ov..."

100th Post - Tuesday Night - Open with Intent

BY tommyhighlifer June 26th, 2014

" This is my 100th post. Pressure's on to make it count, so let's keep it lean and good!Ma..."

One Lay Can Change Your Outlook On Many Things

BY MakeItHappen June 25th, 2014

" After putting a decent amount of effort into game and self developement, in Spring and S..."

A new system for rating girls

BY Matrim June 25th, 2014

" I relized how I have falled in to the frame of rating girls to the standards of sociaty ..."
Dr. Destruction

People in Arizona Do Things Differently Than The "West Coast".

BY Dr. Destruction June 25th, 2014

" I just saw some WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin X WCW Bill Goldberg X PUA Manwhore looking a..."
Dr. Destruction

People in Arizona Do Things Differently Than The "West Coast".

BY Dr. Destruction June 25th, 2014

" I just saw some WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin X WCW Bill Goldberg X PUA Manwhore looking a..."

Day 10

BY JimmyMaio3 June 25th, 2014

" I can feel that i am become more grounded as a person again. I had lost this feeling for..."
Dr. Destruction

This Is Why You Don't Get Married (David Patreus Wife Looks Nasty LOL)

BY Dr. Destruction June 24th, 2014

" The end conclusion of my 5 part drama series will be written Friday, but I want to tell ..."

Use Approach Anxiety To Your Advantage

BY evident June 24th, 2014

" You Are Not AloneApproach anxiety is something that every guy faces when he first decid..."

The War on Consciousness come join

BY Matrim June 24th, 2014

" So this is the most crazy article I have written, I might be crazy I might be not but th..."

Day 9

BY JimmyMaio3 June 24th, 2014

" Nothing much today. But i did have an epiphany. I realized that I do not hate my ex-girl..."

​A Parasite of a Different Order, the sickness of the ego thru Don Juan's eyes

BY Matrim June 24th, 2014

" Not in touch with their inner guidance, they project authority outside of themselves, an..."

​Self-reflection the stupidity of humanity

BY Matrim June 24th, 2014

" You cannot see yourself so self-judgment is an imaginary response to insanity. It’s th..."

Day 8

BY JimmyMaio3 June 23rd, 2014

" I did not do much today. I stayed home the majority of the time, with the exception of g..."
Dr. Destruction

The Scariest Book I've Read Thus Far

BY Dr. Destruction June 23rd, 2014

" First of all, Pamela Anderson you need to cool it on Instagram. You're one of the baddes..."

Weed, the best thing ever.

BY Matrim June 23rd, 2014

" Mmm. wakeation... ..."

Last Week With K_O_H: Falling Down & Getting Back Up Stronga Than Eva

BY K_O_H June 23rd, 2014

" So I haven’t posted anything this last week because I’ve fallen a bit off the pick-u..."
Dr. Destruction

The Last Ship Episode 1 Review: Shit Was Unrealistic As Hell LOL

BY Dr. Destruction June 23rd, 2014

" LOL at Brad putting up Peter Dinklage as his article avatar. I've never seen Game of Thr..."

Egos set up

BY socoolbro June 23rd, 2014

" Terrible story perspective comes entirely from past experience so the ego keeps on sayin..."

i fucking hate game

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno June 22nd, 2014

" but i love it at the same timei want to quit, but i wont.ive spent too much time on this..."

The Specialness of the Killer Off-Nights

BY JimmyMaio3 June 22nd, 2014

" It amazes me that at certain moments everything seems to click like a light switch that ..."

Just Have a Good Time

BY yan210 June 22nd, 2014

" Be present to the moment and allow yourself to have a good time.Forget to think for a mo..."