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January 30th, 2015
Jwelve Spade

Dead Souls

BY Jwelve Spade January 6th, 2015

" By Nikolai Gogol. This Book will Blast you into a realm you can never come back from rea..."

Video suggestion for Tyler: "The one day in a life of Tyler" video

BY Nookie69 January 6th, 2015

" I would find it very cool to see a video where Tyler films himself from the moment he wa..."

Day 1

BY Cristiano January 6th, 2015

" Aim: Ask 10 girls for the timeResult: asked 2 girls.I underestimated how easy this would..."

Coming back from Part 7 of Zen game manifesto (spiritual manifesto)

BY Matrim January 6th, 2015

" Well I am coming back from the last part of the manifesto it feels good to have it done,..."

Night FR...or absence of...bleh got stuck in my head

BY MasterPimpX January 6th, 2015

" Went to the club, went inside, walked around.Felt like everyone was looking at me, i was..."
Dr. Destruction

Open Letter To Altair

BY Dr. Destruction January 6th, 2015

" Alright, it's time. I never wanted to write this but there's something powerful for the ..."

Holiday vacations

BY LuckyBastard January 5th, 2015

" So I will be pretty straight forward as there isn't much to report for this FR. I went o..."

Second retranscription

BY LuckyBastard January 5th, 2015

" Alright, so here's the challenge. For the course of the year that spans from January 1s..."

My field report - Retranscription (Which means copy/paste) of the FR entry

BY LuckyBastard January 5th, 2015

" Ok so I'll make my story very short since this thread is more of a personal journal than..."

Spiritual Manifesto part 7: The game of life

BY Matrim January 4th, 2015

" I am currently shaking, this is a big deal for me. For 5 years I have trying to explain ..."
Jwelve Spade

Ibizia Spain

BY Jwelve Spade January 4th, 2015

" The European Vegas ..."

30 Day Challenge #16

BY BaldoMontesdeOca January 4th, 2015

" Hey, Julien! Been doing some daygame I've even been gaming at  work which I've gotten s..."

Rejections are the way to success

BY myrwy January 3rd, 2015

" Why rejections are the way to success?What is rejection? A girl can blow you off right o..."


BY bravobravado January 3rd, 2015

" Can’t lie.Having a girlfriend is taking up a lot of my time, but I’m learning so muc..."

Tweaking The Process

BY RSDAristotle January 3rd, 2015

" So my buddy and I go to Pickled Onion tonight and it was reall cool. The whole day revol..."

1st Night Out of the Year

BY MasterPimpX January 3rd, 2015

" Just gonna take tonite an hour or two to go out, explore a venue and interact with as ma..."

Epic Journey of Annox continues - 2nd year in the Game! Massive Action

BY Annox January 3rd, 2015

" Howdy from Melbourne Australia!If your not familiar with my posts on RSDnation ill put u..."

There Is No Friendzone

BY MakeItHappen January 3rd, 2015

" With each beginning of a new year I take some time to look back and revise the previous...."

Gym Open 1/2/2014

BY MasterPimpX January 2nd, 2015

" Unstiffled myself throughout the day out with my grandma, noticed I had anxiety in socia..."


BY MasterPimpX January 2nd, 2015

" In the morning you'll wake up not feeling like going out, it'll be much easier to stay h..."

Sex and Motivation - Why More of One Means Less of the Other

BY Landshark-300 January 2nd, 2015

" Sup nation, Where to even begin. Had an interesting month to say the least. 9 kills in ..."

working in ny next mega article

BY Matrim January 2nd, 2015

" This article is going to make people shit bricks fuck i am shaking as i am writing its s..."
Mason Brown

Venturing into Text game

BY Mason Brown January 2nd, 2015

" Some mild sucess ive had with Tinder and Hot or Not. stole some lines from Todd and Owen..."
Mason Brown

I need to delete this?

BY Mason Brown January 2nd, 2015

" Can anyone tell me how to delete a post? ..."

Practicing is Key

BY Saz0618 January 2nd, 2015

"  Basically if you want to get better at something you have to practice, it's not like R..."