November 30th, 2015

Areas to Daygame on campus

BY TGMShawn November 2nd, 2015

" Daygaming on campus has been fun so far but I just thought I would come up with a list o..."

banged a day 2 from Halloween

BY ~DiamondCreator~ November 2nd, 2015

" Sup, Today/Yesterday I had a day two with a hot mexican chick I met outside DNA on Halo..."

2nd Public Field Report: "It's Halloween Y'all" Edition

BY RSDXtro November 2nd, 2015

" Skip to #6 for when I started to get in state and had more long interactions. #4 was a h..."

Field Report 10/31/2015 (Halloween Edition)

BY TGMShawn November 2nd, 2015

" Went out to Skyway Theatre for a concert with Xtro. Meditated with him and another wing ..."

Halloween night gaming in clapham

BY Powmann November 1st, 2015

" The claw was still somewhat effective. Just need a good wingman to occupy the friend and..."

Weekly Review: 25th October - 1st November 2015

BY Zooxanthellae November 1st, 2015

" Goals For Next Week: 1. Do at least 1 solo approach, three days / nights this week.2. O..."

The Halloween That Never Happened

BY Zooxanthellae November 1st, 2015

" Saturday 31 October 2015Woke up still drunk from the night before. But it's Halloween in..."

Poor Investments In Wingmen

BY Zooxanthellae November 1st, 2015

" Friday 30 October 2015Went out to pregame with a wingman I knew had just gotten out of a..."

A Woman's Sixth Sense For Neediness

BY Zooxanthellae November 1st, 2015

" Thursday, 29 October 2015Didn't go out tonight because I was working hard getting ready ..."

Got The Frat boy's GF

BY Bass44 November 1st, 2015

" Went to this fraternity party for Halloween.I saw a cute cowgirl and immediately opened ..."

Sociaty as an religius cult

BY Matrim November 1st, 2015

" So I am back to the global centric view. Important faktor from the kosmocentric video I ..."

Jukely,bigg booty raver girls, skrillix, most importantly progress

BY pimplimplou November 1st, 2015

" Okay, so, it's gun firer time. I got tackletd at a skrillix concert, my friend Harold wa..."

I Feel Stuck; And I'm Going To Change It

BY RSDAristotle November 1st, 2015

" I love this FR because it means there's going to be new change in my life. A lot of new ..."

Casino Royale

BY RSDAristotle November 1st, 2015

" Honestly I can't remember much but I had a really attractive 9 into me but she didn't le..."

Hardcase Newbie - Field Reports / You learn from my mistakes

BY hammerfall November 1st, 2015

" Hello!My name is Alex, I am twenty two years old and I work in IT. I am hella paranoid a..."

Night Restaurant Game Infield VIDEO!

BY Hozza October 31st, 2015

" Hi Guys!Head over to my blog to read this post in full ->"

Gaming Casually for Years is Worse Than Not Gaming

BY RSDXtro October 31st, 2015

" Really, really short post. I'm exhausted and I stilll have to write a field report for b..."

FR 10/30/2015

BY RSDHouse October 31st, 2015

" Tonight i definitely had fun. I fucked with a lot of different people and made an effort..."

Field Report 10/29/2015

BY TGMShawn October 30th, 2015

" Me and my main wing (Xtro) hit the Pourhouse tonightBreakdown of Night: - When we walke..."


BY kenspo1 October 30th, 2015

" | Jay Rock Traffic Jam mp3 | Jay Rock Traffic Jam download  | | Jeremih Peace Sign ..."

Update From Last Night

BY RSDAristotle October 30th, 2015

" Woah...I had a couple drinks in me at that time. Thinking about it now, I think I'm a r..."

Be a Hero: Deep Motivation Tip

BY RSDXtro October 30th, 2015

" One of my biggest motivations in life and in game is to provide an example for people th..."

I Fucked Up The #1 Rule Of The Streets

BY RSDAristotle October 30th, 2015

" Girl from FR before comes to see me Girl looks greatGirl sees a whole bunch of friendsI..."
A Nutrient Guy

Book List

BY A Nutrient Guy October 30th, 2015

" I made awesome book list but browser crashed :PThis is last minute crap made at last sec..."

Snowball rolling down the Pie

BY Bentley October 29th, 2015

" Field report... ..."