September 21st, 2014

Day Game Excitement!!

BY K_O_H August 28th, 2014

" holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, I am fucking awesome!! Went out today and I fucking ble..."

And Now... it Begins

BY alex_nose_sw August 28th, 2014

" I have tasted glory. Forgot what it it is like to have the eye of the tiger.        ..."

slight, slight taste of abundance

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno August 27th, 2014

" im about to buy a motorcycle, and the floodgates are about to openi feel 6:06 PM 8/27/2..."

First emotional slump: Holding the line...

BY Dominant August 27th, 2014

" So I have hit my first real emotional challenges and "fuck this" feelings. I realized th..."

Thank you RSD! Account active -- Start of the Great Journey!

BY James_Garcia August 27th, 2014

" Hi Guys! I have been looking at RSD youtube and website often for the past year and a ha..."

RSD Alex Hotseat 2 Review - Toronto

BY TheAwareOne August 27th, 2014

" The Alexander Hotseat in Toronto:Hotseat: 10/10The Alexander Hotseat, much like every ot..."

Day Game Advancement

BY K_O_H August 27th, 2014

" Been up to lots of gaming, lots of thinking, lots of inner game analysis. In this blog I..."

wingmen needed

BY Fuego August 27th, 2014

" I am looking for wingmen to hit downtown Toronto Thurs-Sat.If interested call me at 647 ..."

Spiritual Manifesto: The diaries and lessons learned of an depressed aspiring PUA on dating, happiness and success in life

BY Matrim August 27th, 2014

" So my book is out =) and up on kindel haha crazy. I am so filled with joy over this. Thi..."

starting to actually make some money, and move in the direction i want

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno August 27th, 2014

" im doing a lot of different things now, getting some grant money, got a couple paychecks..."
Dr. Destruction

The Greatest Thing Traveling Will Give To You

BY Dr. Destruction August 27th, 2014

" A dead man's body. Fingers curled up, lips blue, and his eyes rolled back into his head...."

television and vidya games will fuck your life up SPECTATORISM

BY kensington1234 August 27th, 2014

" WiltedI feel wilted. I don’t know what job I want to do in life because my whole life ..."

How to Make Your Ex Fall in Love With You Again - Tips That Work

BY markjane August 26th, 2014

" Losing the person you love can be traumatizing. Relationships fail sometimes and unfortu..."

Old affermations

BY Matrim August 26th, 2014

" I'm a superior being locked in my body.I'm not my body so I do not need to listen to it...."

How to Win a Girl Back - Tips For Men

BY markjane August 26th, 2014

" The question of how to win a girl back after a break up isn't a new one. Many men are fo..."

Can You Get An Ex Back in a Hopeless Situation

BY markjane August 26th, 2014

" Getting an ex back is possible even in the most hopeless situation. However, you have to..."


BY MasterPimpX August 26th, 2014

" This post is meant as a source of reference and can and will be refered back to on a reg..."

How to Get Your Ex Fiance Back Without Looking Desperate

BY markjane August 26th, 2014

" Are you trying to win your ex man without being labeled or feeling like a crazy woman? T..."

Lines to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - Words to Say to Win Her Back

BY markjane August 26th, 2014

" You're looking for lines to get your girlfriend back. It's understandable considering th..."

Level 2

BY k8 August 25th, 2014

" In someways this August is a lot like last August- reading/watching a lot of theory and ..."

Climbing out of Depression

BY k8 August 25th, 2014

" First thing's first- I was depressed from April to July. I slowly started feeling crappi..."

So its up now

BY Matrim August 25th, 2014

" It's a calm feeling I have right now like I have gone thru 10 rounds of boxing and won, ..."


BY RubenJoshuaMoreno August 25th, 2014

" met a girl outside the sterling hotel at the end of the night, didn't really go out this..."

The change - my own 5 months challange...

BY .Mickey. August 25th, 2014

" It begins from 27th of august 2014.Hi there fellas,Im Mickey, Im 23yo. I have decided to..."

There would be no joy without pain

BY jwetz August 25th, 2014

" The joy and laughter I hear warms my fucking heart.From the guys I live with who say, "W..."