October 13th, 2015

Field report... small town!

BY ErectedChode September 23rd, 2015

" Way back a couple of months ago i would have loads of pickup theory running in my mind w..."

oi minga!

BY veganhuman September 23rd, 2015

" i quit drugsi wanna do job'drugs = no jobme want jobbitch!i smoked one and a half cig of..."

22/09/15 - Date (ish)

BY Cristiano September 23rd, 2015

" Went for a drink with a girl last night who I have been friends with for a while, but ha..."

FR - Date Close (7.5) - Selling Oceanside Property in Ohio

BY Landshark-300 September 23rd, 2015

" Sup Nation,Quick FR on my day off. I was really fucking tired after a long day of work,..."

It's confirmed Swedish borders was violated by a forigen submarine.

BY Matrim September 23rd, 2015

" So today on the news while I try to figure out what to do with the pices of my life it w..."

Success With Women For Anyone. ANYONE! YOU, YES YOU!

BY One-off September 23rd, 2015

" Do you feel information overload and don't know where to begin? You've probably been get..."
Dr. Destruction

Better & Faster: The Proven Path To Unstoppable Ideas by Jeremy Gutsche V

BY Dr. Destruction September 23rd, 2015

" You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best.You want to be conside..."

Back To The Fundamentals

BY RSDAristotle September 23rd, 2015

" I make sure I get to T's super early. I'm there right at 10 and feel at home. I bump int..."

Step by step blog

BY priamos September 23rd, 2015

" first girl: opened a two set. pretty smooth but gave her my number don't know if she wil..."

FR 09/22/15

BY Squirtle September 23rd, 2015

" FR 09/22/15: Daily Challenge:I set a challenge to myself to spend a short time in the b..."

Lowering my standards...for now

BY Two Inch Dick September 23rd, 2015

" I texted her around 6:30 PM or so.  The message was non-needy:  "Chilling at the caf..."

Bangin Religious Library chick

BY ~DiamondCreator~ September 22nd, 2015

" Quick update, Opened a chick in the library brifely before I was about to leave. Went p..."

FR 09/22 - Titanic girl

BY Cryptex September 22nd, 2015

" I seriously have to stop asking the same questions. And I need a good new sarging plan. ..."

Whohoe, I have gone thru the chode ritual

BY Matrim September 22nd, 2015

" Well now I really need to take my ass down to sthlm, I have fixed the fucking shit that ..."


BY Cryptex September 22nd, 2015

" yeah. Thats what my brain tells me from time to time. It more that my brains tells me to..."

FR 09/19 - that ass..

BY Cryptex September 22nd, 2015

" Just did one approach, a persian girl with an 10/10 ass. An ass so good you might consid..."

FR 09/18 Daygame at 10am wtf

BY Cryptex September 22nd, 2015

" Had to take a train from zurich to my hometown in germany, so I had to leave early but I..."


BY Napoleonic_Hill September 22nd, 2015

" I am just thinking right now.  Practice.  Like sports.  Approaching and trying to hoo..."
Dr. Destruction

Better & Faster: The Proven Path To Unstoppable Ideas by Jeremy Gutsche IV

BY Dr. Destruction September 22nd, 2015

" The giant sea turtle appears to meander the Pacific in what seems like a carefree, slow-..."

Typical Path To Success

BY One-off September 22nd, 2015

" This is just an update on the morning ritual. I did everything today except the swedish..."

FR 09/20/15

BY Squirtle September 21st, 2015

" FR 09/20/15:Daily Challenge:I completed my daily challenge of talking to 10 non-Asian gi..."

The zen game manifesto and the angel blueprint has started to have it's effect

BY Matrim September 21st, 2015

" On my way up to northen sweden on a train full with refugee's I read an articel about ho..."
Dr. Destruction

Better & Faster: The Proven Path To Unstoppable Ideas by Jeremy Gutsche III

BY Dr. Destruction September 21st, 2015

" Several hundred years ago, millions of wild buffalo roamed North America.Just one of the..."

Internal Fulfillment

BY egy91 September 21st, 2015

" Hey guys,I recently started reading books like the Secret and Think and Grow Rich. I've ..."

FR 9/20/2015

BY RSDHouse September 21st, 2015

" Not much to be said about tonight. I did only one approach. My wing and I both kept hitt..."