September 4th, 2015

Downtown Minneapolis 08.14.15

BY black casanova August 16th, 2015

" Personal Mood: Very good moodLocation Downtown: 508Two set (white girls): I approached a..."

Field Report 8/15/2015

BY TGMShawn August 16th, 2015

" Went out with different wing todayBreakdown of Night:Street: - Approached a 3 set of as..."

FR 8/15/2015

BY snoking62194 August 16th, 2015

" FR 8/15/2015 Summary:Night out in my hometown, cut a little short due to a crazy girl-o..."

FREE Productivity & Habit Spreadsheet Download!

BY Hozza August 16th, 2015

" Hi Guys!Click on the following link to download: Hozza’s Productivity & Habit Spreadsh..."

FR 8/15/2016

BY RSDHouse August 16th, 2015

" Just finished up a solo night in downtown. I was supposed to wing with someone but once ..."

blog entry

BY veganhuman August 16th, 2015

" 000000000000000000000000 ..."

Understanding "CHODE"

BY jwetz August 16th, 2015

" Alright so I have been watching the blueprint lately and I have been inspired to write s..."

Night game progression

BY jwetz August 16th, 2015

" YO!COOL, CALM, AND SPONTANEOUS. Been hitting nightgame pretty consistently by my standar..."

Drunken Thoughts

BY RSDAristotle August 16th, 2015

" Whiskey SaigonI head to Whiskey Saigon with G. In there, of course there's a little stif..."

FR 8/14/2015

BY snoking62194 August 16th, 2015

" FR 8/14/2015 ***Somewhat unrelated, but I am doing a break from any alcohol for the 30 ..."

FR 8/13/2015

BY snoking62194 August 16th, 2015

"  FR 8/12/2015 SummaryWent out in Minneapolis with the wing to pourhouse, sneaky pete..."
Dr. Destruction

Inspirational Thoughts For A Better World

BY Dr. Destruction August 16th, 2015

" I'm reading Pocket Positives For Our Times: Inspirational Thoughts For A Better World. H..."

Reality Check

BY k8 August 15th, 2015

" I'm starting to treat my recovery as I did game. About a month ago I got a "kitchen time..."
Jacques Beausans

Kissless Virgin - No Longer Kissless

BY Jacques Beausans August 15th, 2015

" August 10, 2015After spending the day volunteering, I had planned to go over to see the ..."

Waste Of 10 Dollars At Scholars

BY RSDAristotle August 15th, 2015

" Waste of 10 dollars. a least 20 inner circle guys in the venueguys keep looking at me s..."

Talks With A Master PUA

BY RSDAristotle August 15th, 2015

" GordonFACSYou have to take it sriously Everyone is in for EGOYou have one of the larges..."

FR 8/14/2015

BY RSDHouse August 15th, 2015

" My night is only just officially ending NOW. Boy do I have a story to tell...I just call..."

Field Report 8/14/2015

BY TGMShawn August 15th, 2015

" Breakdown of Night:Downtown:508: - Skipped out on warming up in streets. - Approached ..."

Non-dual state, pantie dropping state

BY Matrim August 15th, 2015

" Holy fuck this new state is awsome, even better to have some sort of control over girls ..."
Dr. Destruction

Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle: Book II

BY Dr. Destruction August 15th, 2015

" Is true of builders and of all the rest; men will be good or bad builders as a result of..."

Tinder Openers that Will Spark the Fire of Attraction

BY EJRXXX August 15th, 2015

" 1) Ok fine whatever yes you CAN have my babies...*laughing face emoticon/emoji*2) You're..."
Jacques Beausans

The Kissless Virgin

BY Jacques Beausans August 14th, 2015

" August 9, 2015Thankfully the girl I had plans with last night never got back to me, so I..."

ps vita

BY veganhuman August 14th, 2015

" I am gonna buy a ps vita in a few daysi am bored of facebook and this forum and shit in ..."

FR 8/13/2015

BY RSDHouse August 14th, 2015

" Spent Thursday night downtown with the wing. We spent most of the night at the Pourhouse..."
Dr. Destruction

Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle: Book I

BY Dr. Destruction August 14th, 2015

" Will not the knowledge of it, then, have a great influence on life?Shall we not, like th..."