April 24th, 2014

Misunderstanding leads to hand job...and later a phone number

BY Two Inch Dick March 27th, 2014

" It was a tough week.  A tough week in my business and tough for pickup.  I screwed up ..."

Progression of Game

BY mrhexionas March 26th, 2014

" Blog entry #3:-Counter Approach:It was a slow night. We went to the only venue that was ..."

Day 53 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 26th, 2014

" Only one approach on the way to meet a girl. I was just trying to do a quick introductio..."

​NLP, coffee and an Kanye ego. How to get rooted in the now.

BY Matrim March 25th, 2014

" So in NLP there is a concept called visual cues. It is based on that you can see on a pe..."

Day 52 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 25th, 2014

" Too busy to go to more than one place; no new girls out. No approaches. Ah, Mondays.Oh, ..."

Like a Boss

BY Wildside11 March 25th, 2014

" 3 yrs in the game and finally ive been edging the brink of self love and amusement it fe..."

Day 51 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 24th, 2014

" No approaches last night as I only went to one place and no one new was there. Anyway, I..."


BY Get_Intuit March 24th, 2014

" Miami really put a lot in perspective for myself. I learned to value one of my greatest ..."

Top five regrets of the dying

BY yan210 March 24th, 2014

" Just so you know... You will die sooner than you think. The older we get the faster time..."

Day 50 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 23rd, 2014

" Every dog has its day. Even if you kind of suck, you will probably pick up a girl once i..."

Who Needs Motivation When You Have Love?

BY jimmydean March 23rd, 2014

" I find it tremendously hirlarious how people need MOTIVATION to get them to act.Watching..."

Hi my name is Matrim and I am a validation addict

BY Matrim March 23rd, 2014

" And the first step to recovery is to admitting that.Now I dont know really how to deal w..."

Fucked up perceptions

BY roquev8 March 22nd, 2014

" Shitty night last night.Its all perception. I opened many girls, that is no longer my pr..."

Day 49 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 22nd, 2014

" It's one thing to know something logically, it's quite another to be able to do it. For ..."

Looks dont matter - A Quantum view

BY Freerider March 22nd, 2014

" Actually looks do matter but how you are percieved and viewed inside some girls' head is..."

No jackoff

BY new.startf March 22nd, 2014

" Porn used to be a problem for me - hand in hand (no pun intended) with internet dependen..."

going out after long time

BY new.startf March 21st, 2014

" Ok, I won't talk about why there's so much time beetween this and my last post. I became..."

Fucking Boss

BY Wildside11 March 21st, 2014

" Im am the fucking boss mother fucker yeah, like shit bro. Making things happening so cra..."

Day 48 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 21st, 2014

" No one new out last night. One approach. Peace.Total Approaches: 73 ..."

Progression Of Game

BY mrhexionas March 21st, 2014

" Blog entry #2:-Baby Steps:Within a minute of walking into a sitting area just before let..."

Social: Dance show

BY Sheng March 21st, 2014

" I went out and hit up a dance show of my old uni. At first I thought I was going to be b..."

Social FRs uno

BY Sheng March 21st, 2014

" So I've decided to make FRs about any major social interactions that I get into that are..."

​Article: Putting out the value of emotions in to the sets and give the woman what she want.

BY Matrim March 20th, 2014

" So I have been checking out some old videos of me where I was talking about how being se..."

Day 47 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 March 20th, 2014

" Went to open mike, jam session type thing. A good Wednesday thing to do. One approach on..."

Essential key for success

BY yan210 March 20th, 2014

" Knowing who you are and what you value in life is an essential key for sucess (your defi..."