July 31st, 2014

feeling low, bummed about my night

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno July 4th, 2014

" i dont know what the fuck happenedgot about 10 numbers todayday game and night gamewent ..."
Billy Madison

Treat A Girl Like A Horror Movie

BY Billy Madison July 4th, 2014

" Been going out for a while now and whats working for me is keeping it casual with the oc..."

The start of something new )( Archives post #1.2 [TXT/PICS]

BY risingstar July 4th, 2014

" Thursday July 3rdWoke up at around 17:00 (5pm) ate breakfast. I had been out the previou..."

The start of something new )( Archives post #1 [TXT/PICS]

BY risingstar July 3rd, 2014

" RisingstarPurpose of this journal: to take MASSIVE ACTION and not only focus on the succ..."

Winging, Taking Responsibility

BY tommyhighlifer July 3rd, 2014

" Trying to write posts that are very practical, here's a lesson I learned from going out ..."

​Finding more source to addiction, crazy sex

BY Matrim July 3rd, 2014

" So today waiting on the subway taking a cigarette thinking about my own coaching talk in..."

​The demonstration of the difference with giving out value with indifference and with caring.

BY Matrim July 2nd, 2014

" So my little brother plays in a band, I got this realization when I watched him play. He..."

Day 50 - SUCESS!!

BY Daddylove July 2nd, 2014

" yeah, huge sucess today! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! so basically today was the first lay in my li..."

Skills that I want to practice this week

BY DancefloorAddict July 1st, 2014

" 1. Re-approaching sets2. Staying in set when the girl gives me -ve or neutral reactions3..."

​How to become creative.

BY Matrim July 1st, 2014

" Society has a way of taking away our creative ability, the reason why is cause society w..."
Dr. Destruction

Dr Destruction The Movie 2 Coming Soon

BY Dr. Destruction July 1st, 2014

" What you missed while AJ Lee returned from her hiatus. I'm not really much of a "fapper"..."

game shouldnt dominate my life, or should it?

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno July 1st, 2014

" ive been so obsessed with game, i dont live a normal life anymore, thats good and bad, b..."

Got laid on day 2, ego the problem machine

BY Matrim June 30th, 2014

" Meet up with girl at the t-centralen took her on a date in the park, had taken with me a..."
Sir E. Jack

Vegas Baby! - (06/16/2014 - 06/29/2014)

BY Sir E. Jack June 30th, 2014

" DG hrs: 0FG hrs: 22 (6 + 8 + 8)Pool Party hrs: 8 (4 + 4)NG hrs: 21.5 (5.5 + 6 + 5.5 + 4...."

Blog/Field Report

BY handelsam June 30th, 2014

" I don't think i can post actual field  reports yet (not enough comments or something) s..."

God’s gift to women

BY Matrim June 30th, 2014

" Talking about ego this is by the believes of society to be egomaniac, but to give yourse..."
Dr. Destruction

How To Hurt Your Current Girlfriend's Feelings

BY Dr. Destruction June 30th, 2014

" What you missed while a girl in New Mexico, was arrested on stalking charges for calling..."
Jason Bourne

First Night Out. A Chode, A Challanger And A Champ!

BY Jason Bourne June 30th, 2014

" First Night OutI met a guy a few weeks ago on a forum for Canberra pickup, he said he wa..."

Day 50

BY Daddylove June 30th, 2014

" Top 3 Lessons:1.was really angry at everyone today, because i m not that happy with my l..."
Jason Bourne

Loosing My Virginity At 20! To My Sisters Best Friend Under My Parents Roof

BY Jason Bourne June 30th, 2014

" Loosing The V-CardI thought I would start my journey to mastery on a high! So I lost my ..."

​Article: The shift, happiness

BY Matrim June 29th, 2014

" To make sure.This is a fucking disease by any measurement you can think of (literally, y..."

Day 2 Seattle

BY tommyhighlifer June 29th, 2014

" Went out last night, pulled, closed. 2 nights in a row, ridiculously simple. I pulled by..."

pulled last night, my game is far more advanced than my wings

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno June 29th, 2014

" got some good wings to roll with, but i see that i am becoming far more advanced than th..."

DAY 49

BY Daddylove June 29th, 2014

" So today,when to kiss in the club? I had this two set, very long set, that didn´t get a..."

my texting / phone game suckkkksss

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno June 29th, 2014

" i keep losing full monties and other sets i've closed......after texting / phone.....i n..."