March 29th, 2015
Dr. Destruction

Greetings From Miami World Summit

BY Dr. Destruction March 1st, 2015

" There's only one more day left during Summit, so here's some reflections on the event. ..."

with work out you like to do

BY isnickchaf February 28th, 2015

" When you have any fears regarding your individual wellness or maybe the wellness of one'..."

gotted banned from my favorite spot for fighting or gaming too hard?

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno February 27th, 2015

" got kicked out of sherlocks this weekend weekend of 2/20/15some guy picked a fight with ..."

Im over my loathing , Fuck them hoes and Hermetics

BY WizardOne February 25th, 2015

" Okay im here Martin or Wizardone . I am over my loathing for the past days . I figured o..."

time to go out.. fuck yeah

BY lindsayss February 25th, 2015

" night outit was a few days after chinese new year, and wts a better time to go out, sinc..."


BY Jcup February 25th, 2015

" Hey definitely need a wing who is serious about this. I am going to get good at this and..."

How to Get Better at Singing

BY hamiltonlives February 24th, 2015

" Lots of musicians, whether they are in a rock band or interested in opera are interested..."

How to Strengthen Your Singing Voice - Without Straining

BY hamiltonlives February 24th, 2015

" Imagine walking out on stage as a hushed anticipation falls over the crowd. You mesmeriz..."

Day Two

BY GCEnglish February 24th, 2015

" Day Two Hey guy's good morning! Just woke up took a shower and getting ready for my day..."

Singing Soprano - Tips to Enhance Your Soprano Singing Voice

BY hamiltonlives February 24th, 2015

" Singing soprano is done at top vocal range and can frequently be discovered in music vid..."

How To Prepare For Singing Auditions

BY hamiltonlives February 24th, 2015

" Many singers are often confused when it comes to 'correct etiquette' at an audition. The..."

first blog of me, comments hugly welcome!!!!!!

BY lindsayss February 24th, 2015

" sooooo, wts up everybody!!!this is my first blog, i guess ill start with a little introd..."

One fear

BY Alou February 24th, 2015

" I have always dream of having someone at my side who is driven as I am. Whom I can work ..."

Video: Pointing out your soul (Iamness) presence

BY Matrim February 24th, 2015

" Well I like beer aswell.Music video of the day:Learn more:Well put your game on love ste..."

Free Online Calorie Counter for iPhone and android

BY Kenry February 24th, 2015

" A diet tracker to track your diet plan accurately A diet tracker is effective only if yo..."

50 pushups finally

BY Matrim February 24th, 2015

" Fuck yeah 50 pushups.So finally I get to pluck this fruit =)Learn more:Well put your gam..."
Dr. Destruction

Hottest Kid At Miami World Summit 2015

BY Dr. Destruction February 24th, 2015

" Last blog post until after Miami, so here's the ultimate story of motivation you will ev..."

Richterisms - The Beginning of a Dynasty

BY socialFROcial February 24th, 2015

" What's up!To all those reading, I would like to start of with a thank you, so without fu..."

Day One

BY GCEnglish February 23rd, 2015

" Day One Video ..."
Dr. Destruction

5 Things We Learned From Max Miami Hot Seat

BY Dr. Destruction February 23rd, 2015

" The Max Hot Seat is unique because it features 70% daygame, and also lots of European gi..."

Day One

BY GCEnglish February 23rd, 2015

" Day 1 Food: Oatmeal (4gs) Tea no sugar Honeydew Buffalo pizza slice (5gs) Rice and Bea..."

The Source Of Your Insecurities

BY Justin_Mack February 23rd, 2015

"   Why do people live a life of quiet desperation. On the outside they present themselve..."

Day 30 - Final day of 30 day challenge, Saturday Night Mexico City, Going out with a Double Bang + Sentinmental ending

BY protox February 23rd, 2015

" Lay #122, 123 Dbl Header HB8sSaturday...Had multiple dates lined up today... but only a ..."

Day 29 - Mexico City Friday Night Tinder Chubby Lay Then ADD Crazy Makeout Night at Club

BY protox February 23rd, 2015

" Lay #121Friday nightFucked tinder chick... a really pretty face but she is chubby. She d..."

Day One: Food Shopping

BY GCEnglish February 22nd, 2015

" So I went out and got food for the week here it i 1.44 lbs of Chicken Breast Bananas A..."
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