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January 31st, 2015

Coming back

BY Matrim January 11th, 2015

" So, went out yesterday shit is falling back in to place still some tweeking left thoe. T..."

Tinder: The art of how not to get a girl + You are not Jeffy or Max

BY Dividations January 11th, 2015

" Time and time again i see guys pop out their phones, open up their Tinder profile with a..."

Please help. Field report. Gf problems. Advice please. Mindfuck

BY the-new-guy January 11th, 2015

" So 2days ago I had a fight with my girlfriend over something really stupid (honestly I t..."

Lay Report 04/01/2015

BY Zeds January 10th, 2015

" Report coming soon. ..."

Field Report 03/01/2015 Tinder date

BY Zeds January 10th, 2015

" Report coming soon ..."

Beginning of the Tour

BY LIG January 10th, 2015

" Killing it everywhere. Hit me or txt me: 610.6 twenty - thirty sixty fourADVICE TO..."

Anyone Got Advice On Staying Ripped During School?

BY Euphoric January 10th, 2015

" I'm considering getting back into running several days out of the week as I feel that th..."

is it possible to find the perfect girl?

BY MasterPimpX January 10th, 2015

" Is love real or is it just an emotion we can recreate with any girl? I guess to love ..."

Touch Of Reality. Reflection Post

BY MasterPimpX January 10th, 2015

" Finding myself now in a foggy lifestyle of weed addiction, school, girlfriend, and try..."

Day Three

BY drapey January 9th, 2015

" I'd planned a date for this evening, but I couldn't resist pushing myself a little durin..."

The classes or personality’s of an attractive male

BY Matrim January 9th, 2015

" So done with my analyzation, here. Now I see what the fucking feminazi did to my I falle..."

The classes or personality’s of an attractive male, analyzation done

BY Matrim January 9th, 2015

" So done with my analyzation, here. Now I see what the fucking feminazi did to my I falle..."

Well yesterday, sort of old man balls

BY Matrim January 9th, 2015

" Everything started of pretty good, but after a while this sort of shity memmorys bubbled..."

Relationship Advise needed please help !

BY the-new-guy January 9th, 2015

" Hey guys so I've recently gotten a girlfriend and it's been going good for a while howev..."

President Obama just proposed making two years of community college free for anyone who's willing to work for it

BY July January 9th, 2015


Don't feel like going out tonite

BY MasterPimpX January 9th, 2015

" I don't feel like going out tonight. I feel lazy I have a headache and I just want to go..."

On finding my purpose

BY ~DiamondCreator~ January 9th, 2015

" Today has been very important in my development as a person. After coming back from trav..."
Dr. Destruction

I Don't Know How To Swim.

BY Dr. Destruction January 9th, 2015

" Help me. Welp. The last blog I wrote was difficult to write, but I know his character ..."

Let Go

BY Justin_Mack January 8th, 2015

"    It has been four months since i have started pick up. Before this i would get girls..."

Day Two

BY drapey January 8th, 2015

" After reading the book, 'The Flinch' I have had great fun applying the informatino from ..."

Day One Of 30 Day Challenge

BY drapey January 8th, 2015

" Today is the third day since bootcamp, but i'll call it day one because this is the firs..."

I like tits

BY Wildside11 January 8th, 2015

" Fucking tits and booty ohh yeah, big pimping and tits, im gonna make a list what can hav..."

Getting rejected by Jobs - Acceptance

BY ~DiamondCreator~ January 8th, 2015

" Today I got rejected by two big engineering companies that I had applied for. This sorta..."
Jwelve Spade

Style and Grooming Guru AlphaM

BY Jwelve Spade January 8th, 2015

" This Channel is a game changer and entertaining and a must watch for anyone into RSDhttp..."
Jwelve Spade

Tips on Hooking up from Russel Brand

BY Jwelve Spade January 8th, 2015

" ..."