July 5th, 2015
Dr. Destruction

The Greatest General by Mark Twain

BY Dr. Destruction June 21st, 2015

" A man died and met Saint Peter at the gates of heaven. Recognizing the saint's knowledg..."

FR 6/20/2015

BY RSDHouse June 21st, 2015

" There was a Luke Bryan concert today near the campus. Just imagine a huge troop of white..."

How To Overcome Any Hardship And Stay Motivated On Your Path

BY GCEnglish June 20th, 2015

" Hey guys what's up English here and welcome to another edition of the English Experience..."

FR 6/19/2015

BY RSDHouse June 20th, 2015

" Went downtown with my wing this time around. Strictly street game. We also ended up gami..."

I need your love

BY veganhuman June 20th, 2015

" SHITI HATE MYSELF.Gotta have some love. Green love.You give me lightI want your touch so..."
Dr. Destruction

Young people, old people, & wise people parable.

BY Dr. Destruction June 20th, 2015

" Where do you live?Young people live in the future. Old people live in the past. Wise peo..."

You have changes my life!

BY Karlminator June 19th, 2015

" Hello guys, I just want to thank you guys for changing my life!I  have been watching yo..."

The Game

BY gaminginlondono... June 19th, 2015

" I've been a passionate student of game for over six years now. What an adventure I've ha..."

Atlas Shrugged (Francisco & Hank's Discussion On Women)

BY RSDHouse June 19th, 2015

" S/O to LOVETRIX ARCHITECT for posting this on the forums. I definitely need to read Atla..."
Dr. Destruction

Pocket Positives For Our Times by Maggie Pinkey

BY Dr. Destruction June 19th, 2015

" My Internet just exploded in my grandma's basement (It's where I usually spend my summer..."

Blue spell of forgiveness

BY veganhuman June 19th, 2015

" Blue and deep like the ocean whre the fishes live and die.I need to get out of this tran..."

FR 6/18/2015

BY RSDHouse June 19th, 2015

" Went to the Pourhouse again tonightPrior to that, I was talking shit with my friends at ..."

The weakened killer

BY Matrim June 19th, 2015

" So David Daida writes about how she wants the killer in you. Well you need to learn the ..."

Nothin Wrong With That

BY OnlyNorton June 19th, 2015

" Day 12Wednesday was fun as shit. Again, I was sick but made the best of it. I went to th..."

Who Should you Trust Online?

BY LaSaga June 19th, 2015

" I've come across some info online which blew my mind. I'm not going to mention names but..."

Who Should you Trust Online?

BY LaSaga June 19th, 2015

" I've come across some info online which blew my mind. I'm not going to mention names but..."

The Worst Kind of Dick Sucking

BY OnlyNorton June 19th, 2015

" Day 11Tuesday sucked dick. I felt sick the whole day. Then went to the gym and did fucki..."

How The Aviator Almost Fucked Me

BY OnlyNorton June 19th, 2015

" Day 10 This was my first day of work in OKC, so that sucks but at least I’m making mo..."

Fucked tons of dirty whores tonight, JK.

BY OnlyNorton June 19th, 2015

" Day 9Sunday wasn’t bad. I met up with some bros and a few girls I had met earlier to p..."

Two Girls One Wednesday

BY AaronFromColumbus June 19th, 2015

"      Tuesday (06/18/15) 8pm. I'm performing at an open-mic comedy night at Bossy Grr..."

I'm Back In The Game

BY AaronFromColumbus June 18th, 2015

"      I started studying The Game and learning from RSD back in the winter of 2012. A..."

New to the game

BY Flattsy93 June 18th, 2015

" Hello fellas.I'm looking to learn the game and get any advice from anybody that is willi..."


BY perruquesBraid June 18th, 2015

" During the late eighteenth century, Louis XVI wore wigs to hide his baldness, and wigs w..."
Dr. Destruction

Countdown: Our Last Best Hope For A Future on Earth by Alan Weisman II

BY Dr. Destruction June 18th, 2015

" "Thomas Robert Malthus, John Stuart Mill, and Adam Smith warned that economic growth, li..."


BY veganhuman June 18th, 2015

" ..."