April 19th, 2015

Reasons and Excuses

BY neXxt March 23rd, 2015

" I came across this quote by "Jordan Belfort" and it seemed pretty interesting. Than I st..."

3/21/15 Night Game

BY GCEnglish March 22nd, 2015

" Whats up guys here is the night game field reportI had a horrible night. It was blow out..."

22.03 weekly report

BY antek0 March 22nd, 2015

" Good evening gentlemen!I'd like to share some stories& thoughts from this week.1. Doing ..."

Field Report 21/03/2015

BY Zeds March 22nd, 2015

" Yesterday I met up with some buddies for a night out. Beforehand I downed half a glass o..."

​Spiritual manifesto part VIII: Space (mind) the final frontier

BY Matrim March 22nd, 2015

" we have encountered an symbiotic..."

Todd's Manifesto Written Down!

BY GCEnglish March 21st, 2015

" Credits go to: Alexanderje~~So I basically fully wrote down Todd’s Manifesto video. Bi..."

Field Report 3/21/15 Day Game

BY GCEnglish March 21st, 2015

" Sup dudes well I did about an hour of practice today and here is what happenedMy first s..."

Shitty Friday night, but gonna be better tonite

BY Wildside11 March 21st, 2015

" Went out yesterday and felt really shitty after trying to look for a parking spot for ha..."

New to RSD

BY bellofigo March 21st, 2015

" What's up! This is my first post.Had a great instant date with this college hottie yeste..."

Kingsman a zen game manifesto tribute?

BY Matrim March 20th, 2015

" So just finnished watching Kingsman in the end there seems to be a tribute to zen game m..."

persistance, potential and being a newb on St patricks

BY affie March 20th, 2015

" Haven't gone out in a while. Haven't been beasting as a wanna be pimp should have. As a ..."


BY anwarchoukaire March 19th, 2015

" What up everybody it's Anwar, and it is my first day on RSD! I watch the free videos and..."

Awake, the ego is gone

BY Matrim March 19th, 2015

" So yesterday I was out walking, got opened by two girls. It was one of the girls birth d..."

Field Report 17/03/2015

BY Zeds March 19th, 2015

" Yesterday it was St Patricks day so it was obviously prime time to be out. I went out wi..."

20 Seconds of Insane Courage

BY neXxt March 18th, 2015

" I wanted to share my take on starting/doing things, sometimes all it takes is to get eno..."

The Reality of Consciousness, Peter Russell

BY Matrim March 18th, 2015

" So I am doing some studies in the ongoing expolration of the spirit :PWell I am sitting ..."
Jwelve Spade

Alex Social

BY Jwelve Spade March 18th, 2015

" So if you cunts arnt aware yet Alex is still puttin out videos on his YouTube channel "A..."

The cash problem is solved

BY Matrim March 17th, 2015

" So I am getting cash, I will have them to morrow now I have started to fully integrate M..."


BY Wildside11 March 17th, 2015

" Didn't have a chance to game much today, but went out today instead and high fived a bun..."

Questions To Ask Yourself

BY GCEnglish March 17th, 2015

" I saw this on the forms today it has tons of value, so I figured I'd share it~~This is a..."

Synergetic once more meaningful coincidences

BY Matrim March 17th, 2015

" This morning I dreamt about a talking about the laws of war, laying in my bathtoube medi..."


BY Matrim March 17th, 2015

" oops.. ..."


BY antek0 March 16th, 2015

" I just came back from Cracow. Guys from the Cracow's IC organized a great event with att..."

Getting sulotions

BY Matrim March 16th, 2015

" So I have ordered a prepaid card for my mobilphone, this will make things easier for me...."
Dr. Destruction

Future Travel Plans + Life Updates 2015 & Beyond

BY Dr. Destruction March 16th, 2015

" Dr Destruction The Movie 3 coming soon to a theater near you. That's me asking the quest..."