February 27th, 2015

BAD BAD FUCKING START , but turned out decent

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno February 1st, 2015

" the night started out with this weird datemet a cute black girl from the gas station, co..."

Pickup on a College Campus - In Miami - 2015 - Hazel Eyes #1

BY Zaza February 1st, 2015

" I apologize; its been a while. I've been struggling with some inner demons for a while n..."

Day 14: 3 Dates

BY Steve711 February 1st, 2015

" Another shit day. Had 3 dates today from online/apps.  All were bad.  None of them wer..."
Dr. Destruction

Driven From Within by Michael Jordan Review

BY Dr. Destruction February 1st, 2015

" I've got 3 posts left before taking off for Miami, so let's make these count. There are ..."

Day 8 - Mexico, killer BJ from a 9, lack of sleep, Pulled 2 girls from club

BY protox February 1st, 2015

" I got back from Day 7 at like 7am.  Tried to sleep a cpl hours but was also seeing if t..."

Day 7 - 2 Dates then Almost 2 Girl Pull from Club in Mexico on Thursday Night

BY protox February 1st, 2015

" I had a tinder date to start my evening at 9pm with an HB7.  She would not meet at my a..."

K_O_H Sorting His Head Out 2

BY K_O_H January 31st, 2015

" ANXIETY CAUSED BY SUCCESSI recently went through a period of 5 days where I either slept..."

1st Gay Bar

BY jdawg81 January 31st, 2015

" I arrive at the gay bar and start talking to a fat chic in line. Fat chicks are great to..."

Getting My Feet Wet..First Time In A LIVE Club In 3 Months

BY RSDAristotle January 31st, 2015

" Tonight was a cold night, but the boys wanted to go out anyways ! :)So we decided to hea..."

Thank you sweden, björn borg and rsd the love revoltion is here. Fuck you putin!

BY Matrim January 31st, 2015

" My calling is in movment, my seeds have beared fruit  ..."

The Golden Rule

BY liviodinaj January 31st, 2015

" golden rule homies:LAST SET IS ALWAYS WORTH YOUR 100% SHOTrecap of my night: - pre goin..."

Recap of the last 2 weeks of getting back into game

BY liviodinaj January 31st, 2015

" recap of the last three nights out I had:- tits flashed- makeout at Buddies before actua..."

Day 13: A date and a Potluck

BY Steve711 January 31st, 2015

" Had a date w a really cute and intelligent sophomore undergrad today and we kissed..not ..."

First blog of the year, golden nuggets I treasure - Strangest secret to getting laid

BY risingstar January 31st, 2015

" Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened u..."
Dr. Destruction

Ratchet Ass Stuff From Hollywood

BY Dr. Destruction January 31st, 2015

" I've been writing quality posts these past few days, so let me have some fun with this o..."

Self Reliance And The Quality Of The Journey

BY Justin_Mack January 30th, 2015

"    This journey we are on of self development is amazing and inspiring but it is also ..."

Day Eighteen

BY drapey January 30th, 2015

" Yo!I aimed to be much more congruent today, and it happened. The first set I approached ..."


BY GCEnglish January 30th, 2015

" 1 Direct Set 1 number close 1 k close Sup dudes, went back to my local college it was ..."
Dr. Destruction

Los Angeles Hot Seat 2015 Transcribed Part II

BY Dr. Destruction January 30th, 2015

" Final thoughts on last weekend's Hot Seat, which lasted 12 hours on Saturday...So the "C..."

FLC - 2 #'s, 4 approaches

BY jdawg81 January 30th, 2015

" Went out to local community college.Only approached 4 but...head held high because I cam..."

Day 12-Law School Fundraiser Benefit Suaree

BY Steve711 January 30th, 2015

" I had a shit day.  It started off badly enough when I took some cold medicine for the m..."


BY RSDHouse January 30th, 2015

" Today i had i pretty significant realization. This epiphany came after i finished sparri..."


BY NightCall January 30th, 2015

" Hey guys :)Dino here, depressed.Today comes with a question: Is escalation required?Same..."

Don't Wait for the Opportunities, GO FOR THEM!

BY Saz0618 January 30th, 2015

"         If you see of any slight success with the girl of your dreams, go for it, do..."

Day 6 - Date night + Awesome nightclub in Mexico

BY protox January 30th, 2015

" Had a 9:30pm date with the friend of the girl from daygame yesterday.  Her pic was good..."