August 20th, 2014

August 2014 30-day Challenge

BY OverweightBoxer August 2nd, 2014

" Saturday - 8.2.2014What's up RSD Nation! In the event anyone stumbles upon this, it's a ..."

i fell the fuck off

BY fredjones74 August 2nd, 2014

" shit i fell the fuck off this shit. writing FRs. my town so small. still need to pimp. w..."

My Fears From Approach Anxiety & How I'm Going To Try To Combat Them

BY 30DayChallenge69 August 2nd, 2014

" Ok so it is day 2 of the 30 Day Challenge and clearly my nights are going to be effected..."

Jeet kune do, ego killing magic

BY Matrim August 2nd, 2014

" Being like waterSo being like water is taking the shape of what the now requires. That i..."


BY bossan August 2nd, 2014

" So I'm moving today. Gonna start studying at a college in my own country this time afte..."

Day 1: Oh The Potential! - A Tale of Two Cities

BY 30DayChallenge69 August 2nd, 2014

" First night of the 30 day challenge and what a challenge indeed. No not the actual night..."

​Meow challange

BY Matrim August 2nd, 2014

" So I was thinking about writing something about how society strives for control by makin..."

Cougars and living a life of abundance

BY L0ngSh0t August 2nd, 2014

" Hey guys I have been visiting this cougar lady who lives across the state and its been p..."

August 1, 2014 - The 30 Day Challenge Begins

BY 30DayChallenge69 August 1st, 2014

" A little backgroung: I've been in the game for about a year now but really only for 6 mo..."

Facin fear head on

BY jwetz August 1st, 2014

" Sup People.A huge part of my life and sobriety is fear.I struggle with fears on a day to..."

Baggin' in Chile

BY roquev8 August 1st, 2014

" So I'll be writing w.e lessons I need to hammer in my brain, since I feel that i've reac..."

​Power and ego the separation of the self

BY Matrim July 31st, 2014

"  So this is in story format as many things I write, it’s of the things that I put up ..."

K_O_H's Inner Game Learnings

BY K_O_H July 31st, 2014

" SUNDAYI went on a D3 with the girl from my last post. It did not go as well as it should..."

Zen back to the source

BY Matrim July 31st, 2014

" So today I came back to the source this time it was a more interesting experience than b..."

Game Is This

BY tommyhighlifer July 31st, 2014

" Getting extrodinary in game is really about learning to accept with full belief how boss..."

I will get there

BY Notorious86 July 30th, 2014

" 30/07/14 Daygame Southbank London:So started off doing the 'Yad stop' with a compliment ..."

I will get there

BY Notorious86 July 30th, 2014

" 30/07/14 Daygame Southbank London:So started off doing the 'Yad stop' with a compliment ..."

Dealing with the brand/persona

BY Matrim July 30th, 2014

" When you make a brand for other of yourself understand that you are not the brand, you a..."


BY Matrim July 30th, 2014

" Live in non-resistant or acceptant towards everything. Accepting all emotions and feelin..."

Lil stuck with this Girl

BY Martian1 July 30th, 2014

" It all started like 3 months ago, when I was a wingman for one of my friend on a dual da..."

The proper mindset of texting + story )( Deep guide to texting #1

BY risingstar July 30th, 2014

" On my way home from a night out I was talking with one of my wings about a topic of taki..."

Sticking Point

BY MasterPimpX July 30th, 2014

" Sticking Point :After a few weeks of going out on some nights and approaching random gir..."
Dr. Destruction

The Next Dr Destruction Project

BY Dr. Destruction July 29th, 2014

" The sequel was finally released yesterday, so what does the future hold now for Dr Destr..."

​Dealing with the ego, from others without out being effected, osho

BY Matrim July 29th, 2014

" So, visited my family this weekend. Not so bad I succeeded to keep the ego at bay for a ..."

mediocre night game tonight, at least i made it out at all, with only 2 dollars in my pocket -part 2

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno July 29th, 2014

" LocationSherlocks AddisonMonday Night7/28/14$2 cash in my pocket, used it to buy single ..."