December 22nd, 2014
thiko atley

simply because this can give your fat burning capacity the raise to burn excess fat throughout the working day

BY thiko atley November 24th, 2014

" Diet plans by itself simply do not work - they only deal with 10% of the concern. You co..."

What I Learned In 9 Months Of Game

BY RSDAristotle November 23rd, 2014

" Always change your state. In the beginning of the night your state will always be wack o..."


BY SOCIALLYBATMAN November 23rd, 2014

" lolyou know the feminists fcked up when even nazis & ultra-conservative right wingers de..."

RSD just another thank you

BY rsdaustin November 23rd, 2014

" Rsd has been nothing but a positive influence in my and I'm sure the vast majority of pe..."

Life can be challenging and rough sometimes

BY yan210 November 22nd, 2014

" Life can be challenging and rough sometimes.In the middle of a storm everything seems to..."

Thank you RSD

BY The Dave November 22nd, 2014

" I just wanted to take this chance to thank RSD and all of the instructors for providing ..."

Update on the student and on the master (me)

BY Matrim November 22nd, 2014

" Student is corrently exilirated by the changes he has made, he was with a girl last nigh..."


BY RSDHouse November 22nd, 2014

" This blog is more for me than anything. Im really just gonna vent.I went out tonight for..."

​Recreation is OVERRATED

BY bravobravado November 21st, 2014

" Find your passion and keep working. Learn how to derive pleasure from your hard work and..."

Using intent to guide you

BY Matrim November 21st, 2014

" So, I never really leave the now any more, I live in the now 95% of the time now. I am t..."

im done with low quality chics

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno November 21st, 2014

" i dont get shit from itthey arent equal to my valuei cant even fuck em anymorethey just ..."

Another Hotel Room and Another Bang :)

BY ~DiamondCreator~ November 21st, 2014

" This is an update on what's been happening. So, I did end up banging the girl from the c..."

The snowball effect on the Zen game manifesto

BY Matrim November 20th, 2014

" OMG OMG OMG, I cant belive it is already happening. Well this is the shit, people really..."

101 Days to go

BY Cryptex November 20th, 2014

" Holy shit that was awkward.I wasn't that awkward in a looooong time.It was more the vibe..."

Starting Point

BY Cryptex November 19th, 2014

" Hello Ladies and Gentlemen (well just Gentlemen I guess),after a rough breakup in july, ..."


BY bravobravado November 19th, 2014

" I know I'm publically putting my opinion and face on this matter, but fuck it. I stand b..."
Dr. Destruction

"Fountain of Youth" Inside Club Story In Miami

BY Dr. Destruction November 19th, 2014

" Last blog post for the next dozen days or so...Make that a baker's dozen. By the way, F..."

Enhancing Components within Game

BY Sammatheson36 November 19th, 2014

" Hey guys,Had a night out recently at a new bar that i had never been to, found myself wi..."

i am fucking genius

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno November 19th, 2014

" its about time to fucking make the rest of the world realize this-Ruben Joshua Moreno ..."

ive got to find a way to fund my playboy adventures. i just got a new job, but it limits my time.

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno November 19th, 2014

" i just got a new joband i have a cari really want to go to south americawas considering ..."

So my little brother had his first live radio gigg, awsome song

BY Matrim November 18th, 2014

" So the result of 2 years of me coaching and his and his friends hard work.==============..."

Check Your Balls: Supporting RSD

BY cazador November 18th, 2014

" I've seen a few posts from a few members spreading lies and gossip about RSD. The trut..."

from 100 girls back to 0, why you are not getting laid

BY Justin_Mack November 18th, 2014

"       The decisions you make in life will determine your fate. The belief in those d..."
Dr. Destruction

Packing Up For Philadelphia Woo Woo

BY Dr. Destruction November 17th, 2014

" I'm taking off for Philadelphia tonight, as it's time to initiate PHASE II of my Boston..."

The huge balls Julien shows by taking his responsiblity on CNN

BY Matrim November 17th, 2014

" I can't even imagen that feeling of pressure, without almost breaking out crying, it act..."
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