July 4th, 2015

New Wing

BY OnlyNorton June 23rd, 2015

" Day 15Saturday was big for me. The approaches/interactions didn’t go extraordinarily w..."

July 4th Party

BY OnlyNorton June 23rd, 2015

" Day 14Friday was a bad night for me. I chickened out on quite a few sets and eventually ..."

Two Blondes On A Rooftop

BY OnlyNorton June 23rd, 2015

" Day 13I was worried about Thursday going into the night because before college starts ba..."

A Remedy for Try Hardness

BY gaminginlondono... June 23rd, 2015

" For a full discription visit >"

Emotional Tsunamis And The Rite Of Passage

BY RSDHouse June 22nd, 2015

" I was just skimming through Alex Social (former RSD coach Alex's Youtube page) and I cam..."

Risk to Reward Ratio

BY gaminginlondono... June 22nd, 2015

" It's worth it to shelve something you are familiar and comfortable with when you're doin..."

Just Go For It

BY sdfghplaya June 22nd, 2015

" The fool who persists in his folly will become wise. - William BlakeYou see quotes like ..."
Dr. Destruction

Succeeding 3rd Edition by John T. Reed

BY Dr. Destruction June 22nd, 2015

" -Persist, success at most things require multiple skills, not just one. -Reed's son was..."

​Self-Biography 11, September 2013

BY Matrim June 22nd, 2015

" In memmory of a diva fit. This was acctually the triggering factor for the manifest I am..."

Day 1 - Daygame, NYC - June 21 2015

BY seandt2967 June 22nd, 2015

" 3 memorable interactions:1. Allison - opened her at the table behind us during debrief. ..."

Medieval me

BY veganhuman June 22nd, 2015

" In European history, the Middle Ages, or Medieval period, lasted from the 5th to the 1..."

What to expect during a remodeling project

BY JoshuaPierce June 22nd, 2015

" Planning a remodeling project? There’s one thing you should know above all, they never..."

Maturing up

BY Russell_Brand June 22nd, 2015

" So,Today, I fucked a fuck buddy of mine raw. I've been fucking her for 3 days now. And I..."

FR 6/21/2015

BY RSDHouse June 22nd, 2015

" Just got back from the lake with my wingWe do a hi-five or two with passerbys and pop a ..."

My time is coming

BY veganhuman June 21st, 2015

" slept till 4 pmopened my lettersfilled the letterstomorrow job huntingtoday the PLAN is ..."

New book cover for masculine grooming

BY Matrim June 21st, 2015

" So today I had a photoshot for the book masculin grooming pretty fun thing to do, I thin..."

Richard Dawkins movement is growing more aggresive against the now moment here in sweden

BY Matrim June 21st, 2015

"  VS. A new and scary turn in my life.So the zen game manifesto is growing ever bigger ..."
Dr. Destruction

The Greatest General by Mark Twain

BY Dr. Destruction June 21st, 2015

" A man died and met Saint Peter at the gates of heaven. Recognizing the saint's knowledg..."

FR 6/20/2015

BY RSDHouse June 21st, 2015

" There was a Luke Bryan concert today near the campus. Just imagine a huge troop of white..."

How To Overcome Any Hardship And Stay Motivated On Your Path

BY GCEnglish June 20th, 2015

" Hey guys what's up English here and welcome to another edition of the English Experience..."

FR 6/19/2015

BY RSDHouse June 20th, 2015

" Went downtown with my wing this time around. Strictly street game. We also ended up gami..."

I need your love

BY veganhuman June 20th, 2015

" SHITI HATE MYSELF.Gotta have some love. Green love.You give me lightI want your touch so..."
Dr. Destruction

Young people, old people, & wise people parable.

BY Dr. Destruction June 20th, 2015

" Where do you live?Young people live in the future. Old people live in the past. Wise peo..."

You have changes my life!

BY Karlminator June 19th, 2015

" Hello guys, I just want to thank you guys for changing my life!I  have been watching yo..."

The Game

BY gaminginlondono... June 19th, 2015

" I've been a passionate student of game for over six years now. What an adventure I've ha..."