November 23rd, 2014

Trueself (enlightenment), ego and mind (brain)

BY Matrim November 5th, 2014

" So I guess I am getting done with this now, most of the time I see myself in everything ..."


BY DerangeD November 5th, 2014

" --- ..."
Dr. Destruction

How Humans Evolved From Primates

BY Dr. Destruction November 4th, 2014

" The book is The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. It explores what would happen to Earth..."

Surprise surprise life doesn't pan out your way.

BY mnpo November 4th, 2014

" So today i've come back after nailing a job interview for the holiday,signed up with Ama..."

Knowing about RSD can make you better person

BY SRBPickup November 4th, 2014

" Almost half a year I have been watching RSD(without action,I am waiting for university,w..."

Current level, could bang girl infront of boy friend

BY Matrim November 4th, 2014

" This shit is crazy now, if a girl is ovalating she loose her mind around me. I walk arou..."

Dancing with old bitches will get you a double make out (or vise versa)

BY Justin_Mack November 4th, 2014

"     Met up with my wing again after a week off of gaming. As soon as we got out there ..."

One or Two Girls A Day.... Keeps K_O_H Happy (Reaching INSANE # of Pulls)

BY K_O_H November 4th, 2014

" Progress: Love it. I’m pulling and closing like mad - about 2 or 3 new girls a week. H..."

You Don't Owe Nobody Nothing! You Only Owe Yourself Everything

BY _Nova_ November 4th, 2014

" Lately I've been having some type of mini-depressions. As in i don't know where my life ..."
Dr. Destruction

The World Without Us By Alan Weisman

BY Dr. Destruction November 4th, 2014

" Human extinction. Annihilation. Desolation. But the Earth just keeps doing it's thang......"

Absence of Presence = Absence of Free Will

BY Euphoric November 3rd, 2014

" I had a MAJOR epiphany tonight.  After meditating for an hour, which is longer than I u..."

A Pretty Perfect Day

BY MakeItHappen November 2nd, 2014

" I always refrain from giving anything the label "perfect" because perfection is unrealis..."
Dr. Destruction

Brad's Thoughts Traveling The Right Way

BY Dr. Destruction November 2nd, 2014

" There's a cool Brad video talking about why most people do it wrong, and the specific v..."

29/10/14 - 01/11/14

BY Dupree1 November 2nd, 2014

" 29/10/14I'm getting running shoes and this sales assistant is helping me get the best fi..."

The Secret of Getting Laid at Parties

BY CrazyKorean November 2nd, 2014

" Hello again guys. Happy Halloween!As a socially inexperienced guy I always used to wonde..."

add on to spiritual manifesto or zen game

BY Matrim November 2nd, 2014

"  So I am doing some ground work here with emotions, Alex was talking his philosophy of ..."

went out again saturday night, november first

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno November 2nd, 2014

" got laid today by my main chic. sex was terrible, im bored with her, went out again to s..."

Sticking To The Fundamentals

BY RSDAristotle November 2nd, 2014

" Our original plan was to go to Scholars. We tried driving in and finding parking, but to..."

Miss Loud

BY Zeds November 1st, 2014

" Yesterday night a girl I had met on Monday invited me round to hers. This was sort of un..."


BY RubenJoshuaMoreno November 1st, 2014

" where do i starthavent blogged in awhilebeen self loathing in apathy for a month or so.w..." become Turkey's first umbrella LGBTI organisation

BY burcin November 1st, 2014

" Turkey: A new organization, the first in Turkey to ensure LGBT sites and organizations h..."
Dr. Destruction

Examining The Reddit Cringe Culture

BY Dr. Destruction November 1st, 2014

" When it's just so painful to watch, that you just can't help but watch...Every few mont..."


BY Euphoric November 1st, 2014

" + ..."

Halloween Mayhem & The Threesome I Almost Pulled Off

BY RSDAristotle November 1st, 2014

" Okay so once we get to Allston we realize it's crazy as heck. It's crazy out here. We dr..."

Zen time or life thru guitar hero metaphor

BY Matrim November 1st, 2014

" #matrimforpresident! ..."