March 27th, 2015

Day's 8-11

BY GCEnglish March 5th, 2015

" Sup bro's sorry again for the lack of updates life has been really keeping me busy. Howe..."
Dr. Destruction

Witnessing Julien At Miami World Summit

BY Dr. Destruction March 5th, 2015

" "One of the worst feelings would be being 70 and discovering game, knowing you have live..."

euforia and some sadness

BY Matrim March 4th, 2015

" OMG I am shifting right now between euforia and some sadness, all the emotional pain I h..."

Field Report 03/03/2014

BY Zeds March 4th, 2015

" It's the last 2 weeks of the term before the Easter holidays and as these next few weeks..."

Field Report 28/02/2015

BY Zeds March 4th, 2015

" Having not been out in 3 weeks I knew I had to go out or I'd fade into chode I was when ..."

Field Report 13/02/2015

BY Zeds March 4th, 2015

" It was valentine’s day eve so there were loads of people out and I wanted to go out an..."

Field Report 6/02/2015

BY Zeds March 4th, 2015

" Was meant to meet up with some guys from rsd but my housemates hadn’t really decided w..."

way to freedom...

BY rafwaw March 4th, 2015

" Hi!My bro Red Hood PL inspired me to start blogging and here I'm!I’m gaming for 14 mon..."
Dr. Destruction

Witnessing Derek At Miami World Summit

BY Dr. Destruction March 4th, 2015

" "I don't care how I feel today, and I don't care how I feel next year. Do you want short..."

The Need For Leverage To Get What You Want

BY Justin_Mack March 4th, 2015

"   I have been noticing myself slacking off on my daily rituals. 6 months ago I would ha..."

For Hardcase Newbies

BY Jcup March 4th, 2015

" Hey guys I was a hardcase newbie 0_oChances are you already know what it's like so there..."

Day 8!

BY GCEnglish March 2nd, 2015

" Hey guys sorry for the lack of posts! I was in the hospital with a dental infection so i..."

As darkness of the breath of hatred is fading in sweden

BY Matrim March 2nd, 2015

" Omg, seems like the Eckhart Tolle movment is getting everstronger here in sweden. I don'..."

The Continuation of the Richterism Dynasty

BY socialFROcial March 2nd, 2015

" My fellow brothers, and occassional sisters, in game, I have to report that this week wa..."

Brutal Hustlin'

BY jwetz March 2nd, 2015

" mhhhhmHello and good day!Super grateful to be alive, healthy, fit and purpose driven tod..."
Jwelve Spade

Even James Bond isn't James Bond

BY Jwelve Spade March 2nd, 2015

" Once you understand that the closer you'll get to understanding reality ..."

I read Sell Or Be Sold by Grand Cardone and this is what I learned

BY MakeItHappen March 2nd, 2015

" About a month ago I wrote a Post on Financial Independence and someone suggested I read ..."
Dr. Destruction

Greetings From Miami World Summit

BY Dr. Destruction March 1st, 2015

" There's only one more day left during Summit, so here's some reflections on the event. ..."

with work out you like to do

BY isnickchaf February 28th, 2015

" When you have any fears regarding your individual wellness or maybe the wellness of one'..."

gotted banned from my favorite spot for fighting or gaming too hard?

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno February 27th, 2015

" got kicked out of sherlocks this weekend weekend of 2/20/15some guy picked a fight with ..."

Im over my loathing , Fuck them hoes and Hermetics

BY WizardOne February 25th, 2015

" Okay im here Martin or Wizardone . I am over my loathing for the past days . I figured o..."

time to go out.. fuck yeah

BY lindsayss February 25th, 2015

" night outit was a few days after chinese new year, and wts a better time to go out, sinc..."


BY Jcup February 25th, 2015

" Hey definitely need a wing who is serious about this. I am going to get good at this and..."

How to Get Better at Singing

BY hamiltonlives February 24th, 2015

" Lots of musicians, whether they are in a rock band or interested in opera are interested..."

How to Strengthen Your Singing Voice - Without Straining

BY hamiltonlives February 24th, 2015

" Imagine walking out on stage as a hushed anticipation falls over the crowd. You mesmeriz..."
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