December 1st, 2015

The Game Is Fake: Only Pioneering Antarctic Explorers Get Bitches.

BY RSDXtro November 11th, 2015

" The game only works for hardy crews that have sailed for endless stretches of time into ..."

First Night - Newcastle

BY has_123 November 11th, 2015

" Some backround, im complete newb to game , discovered rsd etc last month. Watched all th..."
RSD Yoda

How To Build a Realityframe of Confidence That Can Never Be Broken Again By Any Girl!

BY RSD Yoda November 10th, 2015

" In this article I will take you step by step through what you need to know to build a re..."

Is RSD sexist? - reply. No, feminist, if anything.

BY Don-Juan November 10th, 2015

" The mainstream as an idea was never aimed to appeal to the most rational people of a soc..."

Is RSD Sexist? -( Read the Article Before Responding)

BY RSDXtro November 10th, 2015

" Feminists and main-stream people often cite PUAs as being sexist and misogynistic. I had..."

Opinion taking over here

BY MiltonMily November 10th, 2015

" I come here with a question out of genuine curiosity. This is the situation that just ha..."

Hot and attractiv girls starts to giggle around me. Emergency by neil strauss was good to have read.

BY Matrim November 10th, 2015

" OMG I am comming back again. Shit this morning going to the libery more and more hot gir..."

Weekly Review: 2nd November - 8th November

BY Zooxanthellae November 9th, 2015

" Goals For Last Week: 1. Do at least 1 solo approach, three days / nights this week.Resu..."

A Lost Day

BY Zooxanthellae November 9th, 2015

" Sunday 8th November 2015Rested all day; nothing to show for it.Ended up doing my normal ..."

Taking Ownership Of Other's Reactions

BY Zooxanthellae November 9th, 2015

" Saturday 7 November 2015Woke up at friend's house a bit out of it.Probably should have g..."

Poor Social Investments Running Rampant

BY Zooxanthellae November 9th, 2015

" Friday 6 November 2015Went out with a poor social investment again tonight; managed to a..."

FR 11/07-11/08

BY Squirtle November 9th, 2015

" FR 11/07-11/08:Daily Goals:I set out the daily goals again of doing five non formulaic a..."

Autumn of Money

BY McGrath November 9th, 2015

" After doing Game for 1 year and sleeping with 55+ womenI have had quite an uncomfortable..."

The Fears of Social Conditioning

BY TGMShawn November 9th, 2015

" Social Conditioning is a place where NO man in self development and game wants to fall i..."

Pokemon Master Game Tips

BY RSDXtro November 9th, 2015

" Ever wished that you could collect hot girls in pokeballs and make them fight each other..."

Hardcase Newbie - Field Reports / You learn from my mistakes - Part 3

BY hammerfall November 9th, 2015

" (November 7th/8th, Saturday night, midnight till around 5am)So I want to start out by ad..."

Saturday, November 7, 2015

BY Ryan November 8th, 2015

" Head out after work.My first approach of the night is on what I consider my personal 9. ..."

Indifference a pretaste of Angels ride.

BY Matrim November 8th, 2015

" I have been working alot on this new book and my friend said I should meet up with a boo..."

First. Just ranting.

BY bryangogetter November 8th, 2015

" So I had an amazing night. Top three approaches we're the big girl, bianca, and the Viet..."

Bad Logistics, Advice needed on closing a girl

BY dch3n November 8th, 2015

" I'm dating a girl an hour away from my place. She lives with her parents, and I live wit..."

FR 11/7/2015

BY RSDHouse November 8th, 2015

" Tonight my state stayed pretty steady as usual. Prior to actually going out to the venue..."

Just need that little push

BY sirgillbates November 8th, 2015

" Just finished writing this, didn't notice I write a book. I feel like there's some type ..."

Cracking The Code

BY RSDAristotle November 8th, 2015

" I've been going out less just because it's been hard for me with everything else going o..."

FR Nov 6/15

BY jwseifed November 7th, 2015

" Show up to National about 10:30. One of my goals for the night was to approach mixed set..."

​Friday, November 6th, 2015

BY Ryan November 7th, 2015

" Get off work then head to National with my natural friend B and two chode friends. I cra..."