February 9th, 2016

Suspended Fifa 16 Coins chief executive

BY fifacoins7085 January 27th, 2016

" In inclusion, the RFEF and the club were released with a reprimand in accordance with ar..."

Just Do It BEST Shia Labeouf Parody

BY Stefanreal January 27th, 2016

" My best parody of Shia Labeouf's "JUST DO IT!!!" sensation :)​ ..."

Day Game with a potential mentor

BY Powmann January 26th, 2016

" Yesterday for the first time I got into contact with a guy specialises in teaching men h..."

OMG Sweden preps for war

BY Matrim January 26th, 2016

" To day the the Swedish armychief said that in a few years Sweden could be in WAR!!! The ..."

A wave of approch invitations and a posible economic krisis in the world

BY Matrim January 26th, 2016

" I was sitting at the t-centralen waiting for my friend and a girl ran over to sit beside..."

Day 14 -Another day, another day-game session

BY Steve711 January 26th, 2016

" Had another online date in the early afternoon.  Also not as pretty as her photos.  Ma..."

30 day challenge again DAY 1

BY Ceasers_Komet January 26th, 2016

" I've been going out on weekends but I haven't been going out everyday. Anyways I'm start..."

Ego Tripping: We See It.. But Do You?

BY RSDXtro January 26th, 2016

" When someone is ego tripping, it's really transparent. It's also really damaging to thei..."

I found an old note about ego diagnostic's. Anon hacks swedish natzi site :)

BY Matrim January 25th, 2016

" I cant belive I had forgotten about this shit. I god its so fucking improtant to be able..."

Fast pull and animal sex

BY DaveTheBrave January 25th, 2016

" Went out with Tjommi, Greden and Sjarmtrollet. The first hour of the night was just chil..."

LR: Laundry Day

BY Ryan January 25th, 2016

" Head to the karaoke spot for the inaugural Inner Circle meeting of 2016. Some new faces,..."

Techniques To Create Sexual Tension And Destroy LMR

BY Justin_Mack January 25th, 2016

" If you have ever pulled but did not close, then you know its one of the most frustrating..."

Day 13- Mellow Sunday

BY Steve711 January 25th, 2016

" Not much to report today.  Met up w a new buddy and gamed a bit.  Had one instant date..."

It's True, I've Really Been Getting The Highest Quality Of Women

BY RSDAristotle January 25th, 2016

" I reject most average girls a night, mostly chill by myself and usually that's when a 4/..."


BY LuisFerSF January 25th, 2016

" 1/22/16I went to a bar because it was some girl's birthday (girl1), I had only seen her ..."

Journal 01/24/2016

BY franknike January 25th, 2016

" Its about time to start pacing myself towards my goals and this is and easy way to keep ..."

Central London girls are HIGH QUALITY!!! Night in game in Victoria

BY Powmann January 24th, 2016

" My wing and I went to a club in victoria and just like before, its pretty descent. The q..."

Field Report 1/23/2015

BY TGMShawn January 24th, 2016

" Went out with two wings to Tangiers, Aqua, then Exchange. Overall great night, learned a..."

Night gaming in Brixton for the first time

BY Powmann January 24th, 2016

" On friday night I went to this place called Jamm in Brixton for a so solid event, left t..."

So a Nazi demonstration ended in a small riot. And I feel on top of things again

BY Matrim January 24th, 2016

" So yesterday after watching awakening of gaia it was like I fucking wail had been lifted..."

Good night at a student club

BY AdlerSocial January 24th, 2016

" This saturday there was a big event coming up. A student organization, which owned a gia..."

FR 1/23/2016

BY RSDHouse January 24th, 2016

" I question whether this field report is even worth writing since tonight feels like a re..."

Day 12 - Instantdate w a hottie

BY Steve711 January 24th, 2016

" Headed out to 3rd st promenade.  Was actually in a shit mood despite getting laid last ..."

It's Not About Goals It's About What You Are

BY Stefanreal January 24th, 2016

" Most people waste their lives by progressing slowly towards goals they will never achiev..."

1st Night in Game

BY Winger 2.0 January 24th, 2016

" More Aloofness, laser eye contact at times but disinterest at other times ..."