October 21st, 2014
Dr. Destruction

The Science Behind Winners In Life

BY Dr. Destruction October 4th, 2014

" The next era in the Dr Destruction saga begins now, so let's kick it off with a bang...T..."

Youre enough

BY Freerider October 4th, 2014

" Theres nowhere to go, nothing to do, everything is perfect just the way it is...BEAUTIFU..."

A Pornstar shares her thought on PUA and Game

BY SOCIALLYBATMAN October 4th, 2014

" A Pornstar shares her thought on PUA and Game ..."

The Conjuring And The Secret Society

BY RSDAristotle October 4th, 2014

" After getting off the train and getting the night started, on the way out I approach a t..."

Flooring installation tips

BY JonathanJohnson October 4th, 2014

" While going for doing flooring installation anywhere always hire good professionals as o..."

Let's be honest

BY NickRoss October 4th, 2014

" Okay. It's 3 a clock and I just got home from a decent night with my room mate. He pulle..."

Field Report 02/10/2014

BY Zeds October 3rd, 2014

"      Yesterday was another good night out. Not too much happened but it was a total s..."
Dr. Destruction

Long Term Writing & Travel Plans For 2015

BY Dr. Destruction October 3rd, 2014

" What you can expect from me leading into 2015 and beyond, and other personal amibitions ..."

Post from cold icy pimp

BY liviodinaj October 3rd, 2014

" Getting my life back on track after my messed up week (see posts above). Its time to get..."

Online dating: its harder than you think, Game Schedule, Tyler on transformations

BY liviodinaj October 3rd, 2014

" Stitches came off, time to celebrate, bitchachosMessaged about 5 girls last night on OkC..."

Gun to your head, so make it happen.

BY Rsdwillvils October 3rd, 2014

" Quit pickup, go home and masturbate alone in the dark after you finish cutting yourself ..."

The Start of a Journey

BY Slickery October 3rd, 2014

" I started with setting myself goals in the 3 parameters I consider to constitute my life..."

Being a Selfish Prick (***hole) will GET YOU LAID

BY SOCIALLYBATMAN October 3rd, 2014

" On the first night of bootcamp when we tell a student to go into set, a common response ..."

K_O_H's Insanity?

BY K_O_H October 3rd, 2014

" I don't even know why I'm writing this as it doesn't really serve a purpose. But I thoug..."

LoneStar Ranger

BY RSDAristotle October 3rd, 2014

" I used to always think about going out alone. I'd never thought I'd actually go through ..."

I'm a moron the title is not the name of the whole blog

BY liviodinaj October 3rd, 2014

" So I got my first hit from online dating good news, cheers Todd your shit worksBad news ..."

CLOSE OR DIE: the life and times of Livio

BY liviodinaj October 3rd, 2014

" Right, so I decided to start a more technical, daily blog rather than the more artistic ..."
Dr. Destruction

My Girlfriends Have Fucked Some Famous Guys

BY Dr. Destruction October 2nd, 2014

" What you missed while the Oakland Athletics suffered the meltdown of a lifetime, not too..."

​Currently working on a sales pitch for the book.

BY Matrim October 2nd, 2014

" Put your game on steroids with the developed inner game system of spiritual manifesto. E..."

WillVills: How to stop being a chody b*itch and get laid

BY Rsdwillvils October 2nd, 2014

" WillVills: How to stop being a chody b*itch and get laid Pickup is a sport, and with al..."

How To Game A Girl Once She's Already Into You

BY Parm October 2nd, 2014

" So some of us not many of may come to a point where you've realized a girls into you and..."
Dr. Destruction

RSD Max Hot Seat Ultimate Review

BY Dr. Destruction October 1st, 2014

" I've said before that I'll write an in depth review on Max's Hot Seat, so this is it. (T..."

First Day Game Approach

BY Zeds October 1st, 2014

"      Today I did my first day game cold approach on a girl so I thought it would be a..."

Field Report 30/09/2014 First 3-Way Kiss

BY Zeds October 1st, 2014

"      Last night was the usual pre-night routine and then I went into town with my fri..."


BY SOCIALLYBATMAN October 1st, 2014

" enough said, this is the ANTHEM OF PUA !!! ..."