December 19th, 2014

Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

BY July November 28th, 2014

" ..."

Moving up feminist sudution after watching the movie FURY

BY Matrim November 28th, 2014

" I was going to write an article about how to change the level of thinking would help you..."
Dr. Destruction

Nihil Timedum Est & That Moment of Clarity

BY Dr. Destruction November 28th, 2014

" I'm reading The 50th Law by Robert Greene, and there's a chapter about an 1800's french..."

Ho'oponopono, let go of negative emotions

BY Matrim November 28th, 2014

" So to take responsiblity for you negative emotions and find ways of realeasing that ener..."

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

BY July November 28th, 2014

" ..."
Adventure Time

Points From "The Truth About Motivation" Video

BY Adventure Time November 28th, 2014

" These are the points from Tyler's video The Truth About Motivation- How to feel bulletpr..."

Inner Game Jargon

BY Joeycoustic November 27th, 2014

" Inner Game JargonI needed to make clear the underlying reasons why I am in this whole ..."

You ​The observer, The creator

BY Matrim November 27th, 2014

" So I finally reached a long term goal I have been trying to reach for a long time, to be..."

Makout with hottie at work ;)

BY ~DiamondCreator~ November 27th, 2014

" Just a quick update,I just started my induction training at a bookshop today and noticed..."

What I Learned In 9 Months Of Game/ Part II

BY RSDAristotle November 26th, 2014

" Part 2:QualificationI used to never qualify. And that’s why my results always sucked...."


BY SOCIALLYBATMAN November 26th, 2014

" for all those wondering the instructors have started re-uploading their content this wee..."

sticking point online game

BY MasterPimpX November 26th, 2014

" Girls see a muscular guy on their profile and when I meet them I don't try to impress, I..."

Diary of an emotional passionate outburst, Opening Up by Tristan Taormino

BY liviodinaj November 26th, 2014

" First of all, lets get down to the lighthearted part:Opening Up by Tristan Taormino Su..."
David May

Long lost check-in

BY David May November 26th, 2014

" Well so much for that (blogging that is...)  I appear to have been too busy living life..."

Max is back! and #goodmatrim

BY Matrim November 25th, 2014

" He returns!Fuck yeah shit is already moving back to normal =). So Max takes up a subject..."

How would you classify successful in the game

BY Justin_Mack November 25th, 2014

"      I put alot of pressure on myself to be good, to get results and to basically alw..."

How to create awesome self help vblogs, and how to get the most out of them

BY liviodinaj November 25th, 2014

" Its only been 8 days since my last blog update,during that time, I nailed a new girl, lo..."
thiko atley

simply because this can give your fat burning capacity the raise to burn excess fat throughout the working day

BY thiko atley November 24th, 2014

" Diet plans by itself simply do not work - they only deal with 10% of the concern. You co..."

What I Learned In 9 Months Of Game

BY RSDAristotle November 23rd, 2014

" Always change your state. In the beginning of the night your state will always be wack o..."


BY SOCIALLYBATMAN November 23rd, 2014

" lolyou know the feminists fcked up when even nazis & ultra-conservative right wingers de..."

RSD just another thank you

BY rsdaustin November 23rd, 2014

" Rsd has been nothing but a positive influence in my and I'm sure the vast majority of pe..."

Life can be challenging and rough sometimes

BY yan210 November 22nd, 2014

" Life can be challenging and rough sometimes.In the middle of a storm everything seems to..."

Thank you RSD

BY The Dave November 22nd, 2014

" I just wanted to take this chance to thank RSD and all of the instructors for providing ..."

Update on the student and on the master (me)

BY Matrim November 22nd, 2014

" Student is corrently exilirated by the changes he has made, he was with a girl last nigh..."


BY RSDHouse November 22nd, 2014

" This blog is more for me than anything. Im really just gonna vent.I went out tonight for..."
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