September 17th, 2014

So i Stumbled on to this site..

BY Axel96 August 31st, 2014

" Hey, my names Axel, im 17 coming up 18. I live in the UK, and yeah my life isn't exactly..."

The key to hell or the abyss (Delusions)

BY Matrim August 31st, 2014

" So this is sort of a mind fuck for me but I am going to write down a method of getting r..."

31st August. Daily process

BY T H E SAS G A M E August 31st, 2014

" Awareness and competitivenessToday, after going out last night, I got up and read the Ta..."

Carl Sagan the rules of engagement

BY Matrim August 31st, 2014

" So this is an article I have been holding on to for some time but now I will write it, t..."

30th of August. I am pissed off...

BY .Mickey. August 31st, 2014

" Hello, I will do a little overview about saturday night - 30.08 and I coud use some fee..."

Gameplan Next month

BY Full_intent~ August 31st, 2014

" Copy: ''how julien got good''"The reason I'm able to be at this level where I'm at today..."

Dare to dream big, dare to be great, start today

BY yan210 August 31st, 2014

" We all have goals we want to accomplish. The big problem is where should you start?Wealt..."


BY justaguy August 30th, 2014

" Ok today i asked a guy for the time, 2 girls, and made a joke to 2 girls. sweet ..."

had a special "chillness" to me last night and narcissism is good

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno August 30th, 2014

" 8/30/14not sure what it was, but i had this chillness, inner calmness at a crowded clubw..."

God me and the on going in Sweden

BY Matrim August 30th, 2014

" So once again I forgot who I am and the result was terrible. I lost concentration, I was..."

Day-Game Insta-Date Analysis

BY K_O_H August 30th, 2014

" Today I did not approach 5 girls during day. I only approached one. And got an insta-dat..."

27-29th of August, the beginnings. Hard but doable.

BY .Mickey. August 30th, 2014

" Hello fellow pickupers,I am now sitting after 3 first days of my journey. By looking bac..."

Flyin Solo: Most approaches done alone, first mixed sets, most fun I have had in an evening without getting laid.

BY Dominant August 30th, 2014

" So tonight I decided to come in to the game with a diffent attitude. Out of the ashes of..."
Dr. Destruction

Things That Crack Me Up About San Francisco Continued...

BY Dr. Destruction August 30th, 2014

" As a sequel to last night's post, here's some more things that crack me up about Nine..."

Playing the field

BY Mattsauce69 August 30th, 2014

" Getting rejected-After watching Max's video on getting rejected, which encourages going ..."

hardcase newbie coming from not not not abundance

BY chpowers August 30th, 2014

" ~~Beginnings: (I apologize in advance for the long drawn out sob story, this was only su..."

really short and shallow gaming

BY Daddylove August 30th, 2014

" Top 3 Sets:Blonde girl: went into set pretty aggressively, it was a mixed set, then shoo..."

NSA GAME? How to subtly take CONTROL and give POWER to your game by collecting METADATA.

BY bravobravado August 30th, 2014

" This was a response to a guy in the forums about improving his conversation game, I kept..."

Hardcase Newbie !! This is how you can build the confidence TO GO OUT !!! + Video

BY Aaron_Jaramillo August 29th, 2014

" Alright guys so I've been going out a lot lately and I've recently have over come a lot ..."

Everything is falling to place

BY Matrim August 29th, 2014

" I wish that I could explain with words how things are right now, fantastic does not do i..."
Dr. Destruction

Things That Crack Me Up About San Francisco

BY Dr. Destruction August 29th, 2014

" Just some funny observations about THE CITY. SF is my favorite city on the West Coast, ..."

Sorry Day-Game, but I'm cheating on you with Qualification

BY K_O_H August 29th, 2014

" Okay, I shall try to make this short. I just got a new book that I’m thirsting madly f..."


BY Mattsauce69 August 29th, 2014

" Hey guys, glad to finally be making a post, hope you enjoyThe lay out will be pretty sim..."

Im a Bitch

BY Jean Roqua August 29th, 2014

" Opened up a group of people where there were some 5s and 6s and gamed them but didnt eve..."

New times, new experiences to come

BY NickRoss August 28th, 2014

" "Really think of yourself in the future now.. See yourself a month in the future, 3 mont..."