September 2nd, 2015

FR 8/19/2015

BY RSDHouse August 20th, 2015

" The weather in our area has been real shitty as of lately, but I haven't been out in two..."

How to Use Improv to Get Laid

BY gaminginlondono... August 20th, 2015

" I go in depth about using comedy to get laid. Click the link below and enjoy!https://gam..."
Dr. Destruction

Beyond Basketball by Mike Krzyzewski

BY Dr. Destruction August 20th, 2015

" At dinner in the beautiful Wynn Las Vegas resort...I was reminded of the importance of f..."

Marijuana Anonymous

BY k8 August 20th, 2015

" Last year I told myself that going to a 12 step meeting would be too intense and just no..."

Your Five Closest Friends

BY sdfghplaya August 20th, 2015

" Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. Life is already fil..."

Todd Webinar Notes 8/19/2015

BY snoking62194 August 19th, 2015

" Todd day game webinar Notes How to get a solid number -Todd started by showing the num..."

Antarctic Explorers, Pit Traders, and Powerlifters: Long-Game Motivation

BY RSDXtro August 19th, 2015

" Have you ever just had a really bad day and not wanted to game? Have you ever felt reall..."
Jacques Beausans

Movie Date

BY Jacques Beausans August 19th, 2015

" August 15, 2015I can’t believe she showed up. I mean, I can, because I’m probably th..."

​Angel blueprint is now free why? All for Zen game manifesto!

BY Matrim August 19th, 2015

" So I have been working on this ide along time. I hated how the world was coming I wanted..."

sentimental value

BY veganhuman August 19th, 2015

" i arrived late at the meetingtomorrow i have another meeting, i have to print papers bef..."


BY bravobravado August 19th, 2015

" I came to my senses about a week or so ago about the fact that no guy in my immediate so..."

FR 08/18/15

BY Squirtle August 19th, 2015

" FR 08/18/15: Daily Challenge:I did two mixed sets where I went direct. Both couples wer..."
Dr. Destruction

Bounce: Mozart, Federer, Picasso, Beckham, and the Science of Success by Matthew Syed II

BY Dr. Destruction August 19th, 2015

" My father says that if I hit 2,500 balls each day, I'll hit 17,500 balls each week, and ..."

Title field is required.

BY veganhuman August 18th, 2015

" Everything went according to planbut the plan wasn't that good overallI spent too much m..."

Sexy Deaf Girl Game: A 3-set story

BY RSDXtro August 18th, 2015

" I was doing some solo game two weeks ago. Approached a 3 set a the bar, one hot girl, tw..."

FR 08/16/15

BY Squirtle August 18th, 2015

" FR 08/16/15: Day 2:This date was very similar to the previous day’s date. It lasted 8..."

Thoughts and a set from 08.17.15

BY black casanova August 18th, 2015

" I recently was thinking about why I was posting girls ethnic/racial background on my pos..."
Jacques Beausans

Birthday Drinks

BY Jacques Beausans August 18th, 2015

" August 14, 2015Tonight is supposed to be relaxing. I make supper, get high, and spread o..."
Jwelve Spade

7 ways to handle rejection

BY Jwelve Spade August 18th, 2015

" ..."
Jwelve Spade

REJECTIONS! Worst case scenario

BY Jwelve Spade August 18th, 2015

" This video shows you the worst possible things that could happen if you get rejected ht..."
Marielle Holmes

Properly Preventing Roof Problems

BY Marielle Holmes August 18th, 2015

" The roofs of our homes serve an important purpose, and it is our responsibility as homeo..."

FR 8/18/2015 Zen, Meditation, and Blasting through my sticking point and still not spilling my full cup.

BY snoking62194 August 18th, 2015

" FR 8/17/2015 Summary:  A little different field report than most of my others.  I was..."

Let's hide our secret reptilian identities together! Comfort/deep rapport vs. value

BY RSDXtro August 18th, 2015

" Let us sit together and analyze the loss of a fuck buddy. This is a great example of the..."
Dr. Destruction

Bounce: Mozart, Federer, Picasso, Beckham, and the Science of Success by Matthew Syed

BY Dr. Destruction August 18th, 2015

" We deny that these differences in skill level are immutable, that is, due to innate tale..."


BY chodeartist August 18th, 2015

" Whats up guys! Hope you are all good and in good health my brobros!Its been quite a whil..."