August 27th, 2016

Will I Ever Get My Ex Boyfriend Back - What To Do When Your Boyfriend Breaks Up With You

BY uadiale August 22nd, 2016

" When you least expect it, getting dumped can leave you alone with the worst feeling ever..."

aug 21

BY jwseifed August 22nd, 2016

" HudsonsWorst night in awhile, felt nervous from the start. Everyone was in circle jerk m..."

The shadow created

BY Matrim August 22nd, 2016

" For Monica it is not enough to be remembered her spirit has to live on thru me. She is f..."

Day game round 3

BY Medicine1234 August 22nd, 2016

" I went to a beach town in the south of England this afternoon to do day game again. It d..."


BY Matrim August 22nd, 2016

" I may need help with taking my self to ink bash. ..."

Looks don't matter rant

BY GQSuave August 22nd, 2016

" Dudes who always use the "looks" excuse, Listen. I'm 6 foot. Not huge but muscular. Girl..."

It was not a psychosis

BY Matrim August 22nd, 2016

" I had carbon monoxide poisoning from waking to much in trafic. This is how I remember m..."

Check this

BY Matrim August 21st, 2016

" Jeff check the dates on my blog when I got crazy an all that. 14 August. This stuff is..."

This is my end station when it comes to PUA

BY Matrim August 21st, 2016

" There now this was how I remembered my self before Tom stated me in the back and with al..."

Lessons off the cuff

BY GQSuave August 21st, 2016

" So I'm currently doing Todd's Valentine University 30 day challenge. The plan is to begi..."

Tonight's lesson

BY GQSuave August 21st, 2016

"  If you don't close the deal that night… It will never happen. At least in Vegas game..."

Aug 19

BY jwseifed August 21st, 2016

" FridayBeen lazy this week, sister had surgery so kinda tied up lately. My usual wings ar..."

Now Jeff this is what I need my 50 for

BY Matrim August 21st, 2016

" ^^ The course should t..."

PS Daygame round 2

BY Medicine1234 August 20th, 2016

" Just to add to my last blog. I noticed when I was in set that the girls would want to ca..."

Day game round 2

BY Medicine1234 August 20th, 2016

" I went out and daygamed again this afternoon. Initially I went back to the same place an..."

Unboxing my brothers bands new cd

BY Matrim August 20th, 2016

" Omg Omg it's as hot as marlin manroe ass. ..."

New design for wordpress on the schools website

BY Matrim August 20th, 2016

" So now it has been improved in full color, https://gandalfschoolforthegifted.wordpress.c..."

1st time doing daygame

BY Medicine1234 August 19th, 2016

" For the first time today, I went out in the day time, sober, and attempted to approach w..."
Jacques Beausans

All In a Day's Work

BY Jacques Beausans August 19th, 2016

" This week, while reading the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, the gods of creativity blesse..."

Mobil phones sucks as a webdesign tool

BY Matrim August 19th, 2016

" okay it does not work to use the mobile to design wordpress, what looks like the shit on..."

Profetssssy gaaahaahaaha

BY Matrim August 19th, 2016

" Okay I can breath again but this is a ape shit crazy let's play 5X2. https://gandalf..."

A trip inside my head

BY Medicine1234 August 19th, 2016

" Oh and I have tweeted a little bit about the hardship of being bad with girls on a twitt..."

It starts tomorrow

BY Medicine1234 August 19th, 2016

" Ive been aware of RSD and game for almost a year now, and have taken some action, and se..."

Rumah minimalis dan nyaman

BY pandawa August 18th, 2016

" Rumah merupakan salah satu kebutuhan rumah murah di medan yang sangat mendasar dari manu..."

Working Direct Download PARTYNEXTDOOR P3 Album

BY mikell August 18th, 2016

" Download here - – P3 ..."