August 1st, 2014

I have to be more consistent

BY onix13 July 21st, 2014

" This week I killed it. I normally only go out Friday and Saturday. I would feel like shi..."

Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out! Ways Which Will Help You Ask a Girl Out

BY uadialej July 20th, 2014

" Today young men don't want to follow the traditional styles and ways of asking a girl ou..."

Just Enjoy It All No Matter What Happens

BY yan210 July 20th, 2014

" You may lose everything you have. As long as you don't lose yourself. You are ok.Just re..."

How to Improve Your Singing - 7 Ways to Learn How to Sing Well

BY uadialej July 20th, 2014

" Whether you are to sing in a talent show, want to land a career in music, or you just wa..."

Your Boyfriend Left You for Another Girl - The Right Way to Get Him Back

BY uadialej July 20th, 2014

" Your boyfriend left you for another girl. It feels pretty humiliating, doesn't it? Actua..."

Lay Report

BY MasterPimpX July 20th, 2014

" *Texted for about a week/ met through POF* Day 1-Book Store 2 hours Day2- Gym and Wal-M..."

​Passning the pain threshold, training

BY Matrim July 20th, 2014

" Fuck, today it happened watching a prison movie seeing my old training routine on TV. St..."

Who am i? 19 jul 14

BY stealthhawk July 20th, 2014

" 3 years of inconsistency... I used to have wing dependency... These days I go to network..."


BY ♏ichael July 20th, 2014

" -- ..."

​K_O_H The Burn-Out; Valuable Relationship Setup Lessons

BY K_O_H July 20th, 2014

" So I think I’ve thoroughly burned myself out. To a fucking crisp. After last week’s ..."

Girl Ended Up Picking Up

BY MasterPimpX July 19th, 2014

" last night I thought it went pretty I got a pitty kiss from a girl I swore I had. R..."

Staying Positive #2

BY tommyhighlifer July 19th, 2014

" Positivity Post #2 Last night was fun. Closed a cutie and got a great sloppy BJ, had a ..."

All volumes spiritual manifesto REEDIT, Crush your depression.

BY Matrim July 19th, 2014

" Forward So this was a bit of surprise for me, this manifesto will take your consciousnes..."


BY Daddylove July 19th, 2014

" Soda - talk through your belly - ease yourself into manliness - try the wild card som..."

Nite Out...Breakdown

BY MasterPimpX July 19th, 2014

" Breakdown : met up a girl through mutual friends at the club. Everything was on point e..."

Kiss Close Pattern

BY MasterPimpX July 19th, 2014

" Noticing that on the first meet its best to escalate physically but not go for a kiss u..."


BY Matrim July 18th, 2014

" So, I am tiered I have low a low drive after a 2 days bender, I have eaten badly. Mostly..."

Staying Positive

BY tommyhighlifer July 18th, 2014

" This week has been rough. I've had multiple flakes from girls that were very attractive ..."


BY Aaron_Jaramillo July 18th, 2014

" * Now that you've seen this article your fucked if you don't finish reading this b/c the..."

How To Sing Well - Train Your Voice to Sing

BY uadialej July 17th, 2014

" The more you sing the better you will get at doing it. I am not telling you anything new..."

Does My Ex Still Have Feelings For Me? Break Through The Confusion With These 10 Signs Of Love!

BY uadialej July 17th, 2014

" Do you wonder if your ex still feels the same way about you, as you do about them? Or is..."

Spiritual manifesto IV: Ego, breaking it down

BY Matrim July 17th, 2014

" So, I believe that this is the last volume of the spiritual manifesto I can’t say that..."

How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend! Do This and You Will Very Likely Get a Yes Response Fast

BY uadialej July 17th, 2014

" So there's a girl you are definitely interested in. It could be that you have already be..."


BY Matrim July 17th, 2014

" Impulses”To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human” –..."

The Clock is Ticking

BY Euphoric July 17th, 2014

" No matter what, we all have a time limit to do what we want to do in our lives.  This i..."