February 14th, 2016

The PIMP GAME IS FOR REAL (Field Report 1/30/2016)

BY TGMShawn January 31st, 2016

" Finally pulled from night game! THE PIMP GAME IS REAL.Went out with wing to Honey to swi..."

Room full of zombies!!!

BY Millionbillionaire January 31st, 2016

" Tonight marks the end of my three day streak. Sigh... I will list the positives.First. I..."

Day 6 at boring venue then awesome street.

BY Ceasers_Komet January 31st, 2016

" So I met with my buddy at 3rd st and I was feeling completely like a worthless human bei..."

Day 4 + Day 5

BY Ceasers_Komet January 31st, 2016

" Day 4- I diddnt go out on day 4 due to personal reasons I was dealing with at the moment..."

Holy fuck a right extrem wing has reawoken in germany

BY Matrim January 31st, 2016

" Gaaah the nazis are coming back as the 3 biggest party. Of couse the dont call them self..."

FR 1/30/2015

BY RSDHouse January 31st, 2016

" Best Set: This was an approach I did in the final hour of the night. I open with the us..."

Day 19 - More day game and a pull

BY Steve711 January 31st, 2016

" Today my buddy and I hit 3rd st promenade.  got a late start.  Im pissed at myself for..."


BY sompha January 31st, 2016

" Sumer Sixteen ..."

Find Your Passion to KICK ASS Even When Sick!

BY Stefanreal January 30th, 2016

" People who haven't found their passion would never understand why I work 24/7. When you ..."

double post

BY RSDHouse January 30th, 2016

" double post ..."

FR 1/29/2016

BY RSDHouse January 30th, 2016

" Reflection: Yesterday wasn't really bad nor was it good, in terms of what I accomplishe..."


BY Dudley January 30th, 2016

" a ..."

The moment I realize I'm rich

BY Millionbillionaire January 30th, 2016

" When I realize i am rich this is what I will do. I assume I will still be who whoever I..."

He wants me to ride the elevator

BY Millionbillionaire January 30th, 2016

" Soo those guys from along time ago told me to ride the elevator instead of taking the st..."

Europe is crazy, I can not go no boner no kino. Awakining gaia

BY Matrim January 30th, 2016

" Fuck, I go out and I am littary bathing in ass. But since these fucking afganis did the ..."


BY Millionbillionaire January 30th, 2016

" Tonight I went to Barfly in Minneapolis and it was really fun. It had the underground el..."

Day 18 - Gaming at an Educational Conference

BY Steve711 January 30th, 2016

" So I went to this conference tonight.  I know no one.  I get there and i don't see any..."

30/01/16 Night 2

BY Winger 2.0 January 30th, 2016

" Jumped the queue in fornt of a bunch of girls, started off well and then when I thought ..."


BY LuisFerSF January 29th, 2016

" Me and 3 friends went to a bar called Big Orange. As lately, I'm focused on having a goo..."

What I Find To Be Very Effective In Waking My Mind Up

BY Harvey H. January 29th, 2016

" I have made the choice to have a conversation with myself for as long as possible, and m..."

The TAO- First Time In Vegas Night Club

BY RSDAristotle January 29th, 2016

" Waiting In Line:I'm waiting in line and the bouncer is being such a dick man. I tried ha..."

I am back!

BY Matrim January 29th, 2016

" Holy fuck now I have my gear set, new bag, new shirt, new underwear! Haha I am back baby..."

FR 1/28/2016

BY RSDHouse January 29th, 2016

" Reflection:I caught myself a few times tonight doing 'permission boy stuff' like asking ..."

Day 17 - How to react when a date flakes on you.

BY Steve711 January 29th, 2016

" So I was completely stood up by a date tonight.  We agreed that id pick her up around 7..."

Day 16- Good Clean Fun

BY Steve711 January 29th, 2016

" Went out to the club w my buddy.  We had fun.  I told my buddy that our main goal was ..."