September 2nd, 2015


BY veganhuman August 23rd, 2015

" I have more and more things to dowhich makes me want to wake up in the morningbut I stil..."

FR 8/22/2015

BY RSDHouse August 23rd, 2015

" Went out solo in downtown tonight initially and then ened up meeting up with a few wings..."
Dr. Destruction

The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin Book II

BY Dr. Destruction August 23rd, 2015

" Every time I walk into a bookstore, I notice things.I notice typography. Pricing. The th..."

FR 8/20/2015

BY snoking62194 August 23rd, 2015

" FR 8/20/2015 Summary:  Weather has been shitty the past couple of days and wasn’t ab..."

FR 08/21/15

BY Squirtle August 22nd, 2015

" FR 08/21/15: Daily Challenge:I did my daily challenge of approaching three mixed sets (..."

slow down

BY veganhuman August 22nd, 2015

" I had enough of PUI want to do something elseI am probably going to the rsd event, find ..."

Year 3: Game Plan and Money Problems

BY k8 August 22nd, 2015

" I'm making the decision to NOT do night game until Halloween. My recovery is simply more..."

Increase Your Odds and Scan for Chemistry!

BY ikno2lit August 22nd, 2015

" You know your 'gut'? Well, the more in-tune you can get to your gut feeling devoid of ou..."

FR 8/21/2015

BY RSDHouse August 22nd, 2015

" Solo night in downtown again. although I did run into some RSD guys here and there. Defi..."

Social Investment: Ben Franklin & The Homeless Birthday-Jacket

BY RSDXtro August 22nd, 2015

" There is a homeless man that comes around my campus. This homeless man wears a jacket wi..."

Screw Approach anxiety

BY Alou August 22nd, 2015

" This is really starting to tick me off but I cant seem to approach anyone when I go out...."
Dr. Destruction

The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin Book

BY Dr. Destruction August 22nd, 2015

" Art is the truly human act of creating something new that matters to another person.The ..."


BY bravobravado August 22nd, 2015

" I get off work after twelve hours and am exhausted.I really didn’t feel like going out..."

Why You Can't Afford Not to Get SHIFT

BY Kinyeti August 21st, 2015

" I was inititally hesitant about getting SHIFT. I was worrying about the money, wondering..."

FR 08/20/15

BY Squirtle August 21st, 2015

" FR 08/20/15: Daily Challenge:I did four mixed sets today. Each of them I was direct on ..."

As I take step to get work at a think tank, National Etnocentrics becomes the bigest party in sweden

BY Matrim August 21st, 2015

" Well this was not really a suprice since the 51% vision did not fall thru and the threat..."

Joe Le Taxi

BY veganhuman August 21st, 2015

" cha cha chacha cha chi ..."

FR 8/20/2015

BY RSDHouse August 21st, 2015

" I'm tired and my voice is going out so just based off that, i know I put in work tonight..."

Field Report 8/20/2015

BY TGMShawn August 21st, 2015

" Went to Pourhouse with wing tonight. Almost pussied out in going out tonight. So many da..."

Day Gaming in NYC 08.20.15

BY black casanova August 21st, 2015

" What a day!I touched down in NYC yesterday and I have to say, it's been lovely so far. O..."
Dr. Destruction

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey

BY Dr. Destruction August 21st, 2015

" "Would you tell me please which way I ought to walk from here?""That depends a good deal..."

Joseph LeDoux's Theory of Emotion: LeDoux Her with Science

BY RSDXtro August 21st, 2015

" Ever noticed that when you try to escalate on a girl, even if it doesn't work, she's mor..."

About me

BY lakshaysethi.11 August 20th, 2015

" name lakshayI want to be like tyler, (his pickup side, not be a bearded man who eats tab..."
Jacques Beausans

Work in Progress

BY Jacques Beausans August 20th, 2015

" August 16, 2015Remember the no-so-kissless virgin? I have a theory about her and other v..."

FR 08/19/15

BY Squirtle August 20th, 2015

" FR 08/19/15:Daily Challenge:I did three mixed set approaches. They all were platonic ask..."