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February 1st, 2015

Tyler Digest Notes

BY RSDAristotle January 20th, 2015

" Tyler Digest Summary:X= Y concepts, when you associate an attribute with something rando..."

EJRXXX Manifesto

BY EJRXXX January 20th, 2015

" EJRXXX ManifestoThis is unfinished so give some feedback on what it needs or maybe some ..."

Sexy Texting Paragraph for Instant Wetness - 50 Shades of LAYS

BY EJRXXX January 20th, 2015

" I've sent this to alot of women and it's gotten a very good response. Makes them horny a..."

Some Closes from the Past, Back to the Field Reports

BY EJRXXX January 20th, 2015

" I feel like telling the stories of some closes from the past I remember so here ya go. I..."

Day 2- Monday Night at Bungalow

BY Steve711 January 20th, 2015

" For Day 2, I headed over to Bungalow in Santa Monica.  I felt extremely tired and did n..."

January 16-17th 2015 Field Report

BY EJRXXX January 20th, 2015

" This is my field report from january 16th-17th and how it went down. Be in for a ridicul..."

Crazy biting bitches and winging like a champ

BY ATXCal January 20th, 2015

" As soon as Justin showed physical interest in her, she was ready to go. They were at the..."

Day Eleven

BY drapey January 19th, 2015

" It's hard feeling so horrible. I've gotten to the point where I know that I really want ..."
Dr. Destruction

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Travel Schedule

BY Dr. Destruction January 19th, 2015

" So I've got two more posts before taking off for Compton. Tomorrow I'll give an official..."

Finished Bootcamp w Julien! Starting 30 Day Challenge!

BY Steve711 January 19th, 2015

" Just completed a bootcamp with Julien in LAIt was epic. I learned a lot. Most importantl..."

17th Jan

BY Cristiano January 18th, 2015

" Out last night, only had a few beers.State really good at pre, and once at the bar.Spent..."
Dr. Destruction

Studying Todd's Valentine University

BY Dr. Destruction January 18th, 2015

" Just made a dumb video lol, but I never pass up a chance to use your imagination. This i..."

Success Story #1

BY Saz0618 January 18th, 2015

" So last night was pretty much all about it me, because last night I debuted myself for t..."


BY bravobravado January 18th, 2015

" I’ve been in the pet industry for a couple months now and I’ve found countless paral..."

Northen sweden vlog

BY Matrim January 18th, 2015

" So working hard or hardly working. The new book project greate.Learn more:Well put your ..."

Day Ten

BY drapey January 18th, 2015

" I started the night out in a shockingly bad mood. I walked around for ages and eventuall..."

Damn first time drinking alone, sucks shit accidentally drank too much SAT night, can't drive now

BY AmIBeingDetained January 18th, 2015

" I had a girl for about 24 hrs and wanted her for about 72 (the whole weekend)  I drank ..."

Lay Report: Get a leather jacket!!!

BY Justin_Mack January 18th, 2015

"      I went out with the intention last night to give less fucks of whether i get la..."

Yo Yo! Nova is back! (Yet, now i'm bringing my adventures with me)

BY _Nova_ January 17th, 2015

" HEY, what's up! Nova here, Finally back after a long ass time away from this blog i mad..."

Field Report

BY L0ngSh0t January 17th, 2015

" Went out last night for cheap 1 dollar draws, seemed like another boring night when a ho..."
Dr. Destruction

Painting The World In Your Image

BY Dr. Destruction January 16th, 2015

" Go check out Tropical Man's FR's, those are some dope ass adventures lol. He's killing i..."

Day Nine

BY drapey January 16th, 2015

" I've been in a much better mood today, I walked into town with confidence and actually l..."

Number close at subway

BY Matrim January 16th, 2015

" So yesterday I traveled to my father in northen sweden, on my way in stockholm to the ai..."

Field Report

BY ashfaqhaider January 16th, 2015

" Today, i didnt got time to wander around in the morning before work. because it was my g..."


BY WizardOne January 16th, 2015

" Hey I am here in rsd .. I hate julien in a way he used the word pimp that is all... yeah..."