August 21st, 2014


BY jwetz August 10th, 2014

" So I am coming off a cherish.I was really enchanted by this one chick. She is a solid 8 ..."

What a shitty night. Fuck Alcohol )( Epic Fail

BY risingstar August 9th, 2014

" Wednesday Bar54Upon entering the bar with a friend and my wing, I immediately noticed th..."

Friday 8/8/14

BY chipferguson August 9th, 2014

" Wing and I bussed it to the club. Two girls randomly sat down next to us. I did a great ..."

Day 8: Touching Bewbs - Pickup After the Bars Close

BY 30DayChallenge69 August 9th, 2014

" Day 1 of Hell Week in the 30 day challenge started out much similar to Day 1 of the 30 d..."


BY jwetz August 9th, 2014

" Yo i am going to take a snapshot of my life right now and put it on paper for some clari..."

Day game adventure: Met with a wingman

BY Dominant August 9th, 2014

" Approached a girl direct today with my wingman in  the daytime at the mall. This is my ..."

Pick-Up and Learned Helplessness

BY jimmydean August 8th, 2014

" You may or amy not recall the psychological experiment of learned helplessness.In the ex..."

Thursday 8/7/14

BY chipferguson August 8th, 2014

" First night out in a while. Rolled up to the club around 11 via the bus. Taking the bus ..."

Day 7: Finally Sober AND Unstifled!

BY 30DayChallenge69 August 8th, 2014

" Ohhhhh noooooo. This isn't going to be fair. I can already tell. Yesterday, (got home to..."

Process over outcome: belief every PUA should have

BY ThadCastle August 8th, 2014

" Sup bromigos just finished watching Hurcules with a bro and i just gotta be honest i re..."

Field Reports

BY chipferguson August 8th, 2014

" RSD Nation,I've been keeping field reports on my own for about a year now, but I'd like ..."

Unscramble your brainwashing

BY Matrim August 7th, 2014

"  So today I will write a bit about society’s management of humans usually it comes do..."

Day 6: Hooking Sets

BY 30DayChallenge69 August 7th, 2014

" Alright, well, I was busy watching my Boss's dog last night so I didn't have time to wri..."

Turning it around: Reviving my destroyed social circle

BY Dominant August 7th, 2014

" Today the game began to heal some of the damage i had caused to my social circle before ..."

What I have done so far in Okinawa, Japan (This will be a long-ish post)

BY AlphaWolfNikko August 7th, 2014

" What's up ladies and gents,I have been in Okinawa Japan for about 6 months now and 3 of ..."

Starting Game

BY Jean Roqua August 7th, 2014

" I just turned seventeen and am just starting game. I stumbled upon stuff about Neil and ..."

Dealing with my explosive ego! VIDEO

BY Matrim August 6th, 2014

" So, to day I fixed it, got a lot of good feedback latly fucks me up totally but Its good..."

Day 5: Finally Some Action

BY 30DayChallenge69 August 6th, 2014

" So tonight something happened that could lift the spirits of any chode making his way th..."

August 30-Day Challenge - Day 5 PART TWO

BY OverweightBoxer August 6th, 2014

" Tuesday 8.5.2014 - PART TWOOkay - So no text date.... whatever....I decide to do some da..."

August 30-Day Challenge - Day 5 PART ONE

BY OverweightBoxer August 6th, 2014

" ***Bonus round: I only planned to write reports Thursday through Sunday but found the bl..."

August 30-Day Challenge - Day 4 - 5

BY OverweightBoxer August 6th, 2014

" Bonus round: I only planned to write reports Thursday through Sunday but found the blog ..."

knowing your right, but fearing it anyway

BY JimSmart August 5th, 2014

" Been following RSD for 2 years, it has helped me alot. Turned the last year of uni into ..."

what I learned from my two worst days infield

BY ThadCastle August 5th, 2014

" Sup slootsIts thad castle back with my second blog post, this time its on the two worst ..."

Self-fulfilling prophecies and titty fish.

BY Matrim August 5th, 2014

"  So, I was thinking about self-fulfilling prophecies so would this not be a great conce..."

Julien Game vs Alex Game. Proactive vs letting it happen & deeper understanding of qualification

BY risingstar August 5th, 2014

" Was a little while ago since I last wrote, but I've had my ups and downs and I went thro..."