December 21st, 2014

Just do It

BY jwetz December 3rd, 2014

" Jola People!These past weeks and months for me have literally flown by like a flock of s..."

A KING In His Kingdom

BY bravobravado December 3rd, 2014

" I've found that the quickest way to convey high value is to constantly give value.I've b..."
Dr. Destruction

Ha! The Science of When We Laugh & Why By Scott Weems

BY Dr. Destruction December 2nd, 2014

" The book is called Ha! The Science of When We Laugh and Why by Scott Weems.Looks like RS..."

How to Talk to Women in Person - 4 Tips To Make You Get Better At Making Conversation

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" There is one skill that you ABSOLUTELY have to possess if you are ever going to get real..."

Approaching Women With Confidence - 3 Tips That Will Make It Seem EASY to Approach a Woman

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" If I asked you to associate a word with approaching women, would you use the word easy? ..."

Why Do Women Reject Men - 3 VERY Common Reasons Why It Happens

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" There are lots of different reasons why a woman might reject a guy and the truth is, som..."

Best way to come off over the counter prescribed tablets for Epilepsy

BY Dudley December 2nd, 2014

" Hey, I'm 27. I've been taking tablets for 2 years now that the doctor prescribed to me. ..."

How Do I Get a Girlfriend? 3 Tips That Will Help You Get One Quickly

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" Just about every guy has pondered, how do I get a girlfriend at some point in their life..."

Student getting rid of pain body

BY Matrim December 2nd, 2014

" After a night out with the student his pain body and ego was clearly active as we went o..."

How to Find a Quality Girlfriend - 3 Tips for Getting The Right Woman

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" Some guys seem to just want to find any girlfriend, like they don't really care who they..."

How to Come Across Like a Real Alpha Male - 3 Tips to Give Off the Right Vib

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" Every guy knows that there are some men that seem to give off the right vibe to women, t..."

How to Pick Up Women - Being Direct By Being a Little Bit Indirect

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" It seems like there are generally 2 schools of thought on the topic of picking up women...."

How to Flirt Better With Women - 3 Simple Tips That Will Make You A Better Flirt

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" If you have ever felt like the stereotypical awkward guy when flirting with a woman, joi..."

The best but worst sticking point, plus how you get "lucky"

BY Justin_Mack December 2nd, 2014

"    I slept with my ex girlfriend when I went back home for thanksgiving. Fuck, three s..."

Pickup is changing, natural learning from Ben Affleck and Pepe Le Pew

BY Matrim December 2nd, 2014

" So this is a video that profoundly helped me in developing my natural vibe.Pepe Le Pew:..."

So, got laid. Moving on ;)

BY ~DiamondCreator~ December 1st, 2014

" Just a quick update,Just banged the brunett hottie from work ;). Not only was the sex gr..."

In Sync

BY MakeItHappen December 1st, 2014

" On some days, everything seems to click synergetically and I can complete one task after..."

Finish What You Started

BY MakeItHappen December 1st, 2014

" Mania is an interesting condition. Besides abnormally elevated mood, energy levels and i..."

Level Up NOW! Why What Works At Lower Levels Fails To Work At Higher Ones

BY Tyler December 1st, 2014

" Tyler hosts Todd for a lil midweek bonus vid about higher levels of success! ..."

First trip to USA

BY Zedano95 December 1st, 2014

" Well I sucked at college. I should be at working at my college but idk just about to che..."

Choose to be a champion

BY yan210 November 30th, 2014

" There are different levels in society and there will always be.            ..."

Tha ace is back tho (FR)

BY Landshark-300 November 30th, 2014

" Hey bruhs, Whaddup, back in the field after a long recess. Good to write again about so..."

Weird dreams

BY Matrim November 30th, 2014

" So I had a weird dream about sitting on rsdnation it was about the feminist seduction po..."
Dr. Destruction

Gangsters Don't Play Around In Camden, New Jersey

BY Dr. Destruction November 30th, 2014

" Adventures from inside the United States' most dangerous city. Welcome to scorched Earth..."
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