November 30th, 2015

Моя личная система для роста и развития в пикапе

BY DrewYak7 November 14th, 2015

" Зачем я веду этот блог?Сегодня я принял решение ..."

Field Report 11/14/2015

BY TGMShawn November 14th, 2015

" Went out DT with wing todayBreakdown of Night:The Exchange: - When I got into the club ..."


BY Nils November 14th, 2015

" Night evaluation 29/11 2014What I did good.I went out with a really positive and light-..."

Newcastle Night out 2

BY has_123 November 14th, 2015

" I've realised i need to change my mindset and be more positive. Decided to go on a 10 da..."


BY Daddylove November 14th, 2015

" So please read my first article as well, it make more sense with this one.I think this i..."

I had a fake personality for the last 2 years

BY Daddylove November 14th, 2015

" So, the first thing I want to share, is a huge epiphany that occurred to me last week.I ..."

Friday the 13th, November 2015

BY Ryan November 14th, 2015

" Get off work early, kill time with texting/online game. Start hitting up sets around 11 ..."

FR 11/13/2015

BY RSDHouse November 14th, 2015

" My wing and I spent almost the entire first hour of the night fucking around telling gir..."

I Got The Dance Moves!

BY RSDAristotle November 14th, 2015

" Alright so I'm kind of in the rut because I just spent my last $5 to my name to get into..."

Newbie in Vancouver, BC

BY waterbender555 November 14th, 2015

" Hi there, I am looking to connect with a different wings to follow through with the pro..."

FR 11/09/15-11/12/15

BY Squirtle November 13th, 2015

" FR 11/09/15-11/12/15:I’ve been extremely busy with work lately so I have been crunched..."

Landed the grosiary shop girls facebook and Eckhart Girl seems into me

BY Matrim November 13th, 2015

" Hmm, well. This is going the right direction but I start to suspect that I am on some so..."

trying to fix myself

BY Rico.suave November 13th, 2015

" I want to get good at gaming but before I do that I need to fix small problems I have. ..."

A short and good night

BY DaveTheBrave November 13th, 2015

" Went out with a non-rsd natural.He went over to one chick, i started talking with the ot..."

Weird Eckhart moment a the homeless food shelter a new volenter worker there, APPROCH! :)

BY Matrim November 12th, 2015

" This morning first the coffee and donut, opener on streat for the time. Did not work, ra..."

how to sync android with pc?

BY lisaab November 12th, 2015

" There are many android phone users, and you would save some important files on it, like ..."

Notes of Daygame 11/9-11/11

BY TGMShawn November 12th, 2015

" Just wanted to make some quick notes on my recent daygame sessions the last few days. I'..."

Positive Re-framing and Drunken Speeches

BY Zooxanthellae November 11th, 2015

" Tuesday 10th November 2015Went out last night with a friend as it was Veteran's Day and ..."

Tinder Explosion

BY Zooxanthellae November 11th, 2015

" Monday 9th November 2015Nothing really to report on the game front outside of online rel..."

ass hello nigga hhhh

BY kenspo1 November 11th, 2015

" Amir Obe Truth For You Ft PartyNextDoor mp3   |  Amir Obe Truth For You Ft PartyNextD..."

Working on the book approches how to do them in a country with a possible war on the horizon

BY Matrim November 11th, 2015

" Gaah, I cant find my USB stick now I am forced to by an Adobe acrobat license well I can..."

The Game Is Fake: Only Pioneering Antarctic Explorers Get Bitches.

BY RSDXtro November 11th, 2015

" The game only works for hardy crews that have sailed for endless stretches of time into ..."

First Night - Newcastle

BY has_123 November 11th, 2015

" Some backround, im complete newb to game , discovered rsd etc last month. Watched all th..."
RSD Yoda

How To Build a Realityframe of Confidence That Can Never Be Broken Again By Any Girl!

BY RSD Yoda November 10th, 2015

" In this article I will take you step by step through what you need to know to build a re..."

Is RSD sexist? - reply. No, feminist, if anything.

BY Don-Juan November 10th, 2015

" The mainstream as an idea was never aimed to appeal to the most rational people of a soc..."