March 27th, 2015

Project hellfire: Russian war politics agains sweden zen game manifesto is now free

BY Matrim March 9th, 2015

" So, Putin is blaming sweden for the war in Ukrain. This is a display towards his people ..."

good game gone bad

BY kylr March 9th, 2015

" so i met a stunning chick online and shes 4 years older than me. oh how i love the older..."
Jwelve Spade

****MUST LISTEN!****

BY Jwelve Spade March 9th, 2015

" Crazy lost and forgotten song......... ..."
Dr. Destruction

Witnessing Todd At Miami World Summit

BY Dr. Destruction March 8th, 2015

" "Physicality is only one of 4 ways to escalate" - Todd Miami World SummitThere's 4 ways..."


BY neXxt March 8th, 2015

" I remember I struggled a lot because I thought I will never be able to end this anxiety,..."

Field Report 06Mar2015

BY GCEnglish March 8th, 2015

" Field Report: 06Mar2015 Whaddup, dudes so I went out last night to this pub down the st..."

I am a teen and I am a player. SO WHAT??

BY kikolaz March 8th, 2015

" If you are a teen and you need some tips to improve yourself, here are some:-Watch as mu..."

Stupid Focuses in Game

BY sdfghplaya March 8th, 2015

" Time and time again I hear them over and over. Not voices. EXCUSES! Most people that ge..."

Field Report 07/03/2015

BY Zeds March 8th, 2015

" After having almost on sleep the night before, I wasn't too keen on going out but I need..."

Teen PUA

BY kikolaz March 8th, 2015

" Im the best teen PUA on the gameBeen on this since I'm 14 y.oA.K.A Young GeniusFuture be..."

Actual Saturday haha

BY Wildside11 March 8th, 2015

" Two things I learned tonite: more physicallity and not holding backWatched a wing do som..."

Mid-Result of project hell fire (Eckhart Tolle)

BY Matrim March 8th, 2015

" So after 10 € spent 851 views and 648 clicks on banner that render additional view's..."

depressed as fuck...

BY lindsayss March 7th, 2015

" hey wats up,just been feeling so depressed, i wanna die.. for real, not because i don't ..."

New Developments;

BY Alou March 7th, 2015

" Hey nation, going to express some of my ideas for who I am. RSD nation is a very big pa..."

Saturday! Saturday!

BY Wildside11 March 7th, 2015

" Last night not much success, but I stayed surprisingly humble despite a lot of rejection..."
Dr. Destruction

Max Hot Seat Official Review (Miami World Summit)

BY Dr. Destruction March 7th, 2015

" "Be faster than your brain" - Max Miami World SummitMax talks about beating the brain to..."

Lay Report 06/03/2015

BY Zeds March 7th, 2015

" Coming soon ..."

Field Report 04/03/2015

BY Zeds March 7th, 2015

" After quite a fun, but unsuccessful night out the night before last, I was keen to go ou..."
Dr. Destruction

Witnessing Tyler At Miami World Summit

BY Dr. Destruction March 6th, 2015

" "Be the creator more than the creation" - Tyler Miami World Summit.Tyler starts his pres..."

The Rise And Fall Of King Murphy

BY RSDAristotle March 6th, 2015

" K ..."

Don't look for Approval

BY Saz0618 March 6th, 2015

" This is going to be short but what i want to get through is that, in life you have many ..."

Third wave is in movment in Sweden

BY Matrim March 5th, 2015

" As the peace keeping movment is going in with the third wave, this one my little brother..."

(VIDEO BLOG) You Need To Jump in and See What Will HAPPEN

BY neXxt March 5th, 2015

" Well, I decided to make a video blog and explain about my night... The thing is, all I ..."

Day's 8-11

BY GCEnglish March 5th, 2015

" Sup bro's sorry again for the lack of updates life has been really keeping me busy. Howe..."
Dr. Destruction

Witnessing Julien At Miami World Summit

BY Dr. Destruction March 5th, 2015

" "One of the worst feelings would be being 70 and discovering game, knowing you have live..."
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