April 20th, 2014

A player frame set with out egoic desirese

BY Matrim April 6th, 2014

" So I have been working on a frame set where I could function well without egoic want’s..."


BY Get_Intuit April 6th, 2014

" Blahhhh im sick as fuck.... went to the clubs with a wing...Fucking fuck this fucking s..."

Journal Entry 3: Sober Approach - Runway Model

BY BMCapers April 6th, 2014

" RSD is right about many things on so many levels, including the importance of having a s..."

Nature's Perfect Sex Toy

BY Star April 5th, 2014

" I lost my virginity by cold approach last summer, aged 32. To a lesbian.Just to be clear..."

Day 63 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 April 5th, 2014

" Don't let your girl get bored of you. I picked up my ex last night (bad thing to do, I k..."

4/4/14 Field Report

BY GCEnglish April 5th, 2014

" Hey guys! Here is my field report for last night. It was very rainy out but me and my ma..."


BY Mercury2K April 5th, 2014

" - ..."


BY Get_Intuit April 5th, 2014

" Welly well well well... Hello my droogies.I started off the night as usual... Got hit u..."

Went out (on a Friday)

BY soothfast April 5th, 2014

" The red room in Santa Cruztook me about 30min to get to. free to enter.I staid for about..."

Packers and Movers Pune: Make Residence Moving Unproblematic with Services of Specialized Packers and Movers

BY aravmovers April 5th, 2014

" Relocating to a new house particularly with all domestic possessions is not an easy work..."

Proficient Packers and Movers at Your Front Doorstep

BY top6packersandmovers April 5th, 2014

" Looking for services of high quality packers and movers at your front doorstep in your a..."

Went out (on a Thursday )

BY soothfast April 4th, 2014

" Mountain Charley's in Los gatos I got there at midnitght. it took me about an hour to g..."

What I personally love about "game"/ Message to Noobies

BY Get_Intuit April 4th, 2014

" People get into pickup for various reasons... I literally got into pickup so I couldnt b..."

Party TIme

BY Wildside11 April 4th, 2014

" Willing to party all the time. Like big cities need to get out of small college town and..."

Day 62 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 April 4th, 2014

" Exercise is really starting to feel good in the morning. I think if you really nail that..."


BY seb1234321 April 4th, 2014

" I have recently had a very deep epiphany about myself which could help you guys in your ..."


BY Get_Intuit April 4th, 2014

" Dead Tired... Exhausted... one of the most awkward nights ever...Could not get myself in..."

Make out methods

BY yan210 April 4th, 2014

" Problems to get that first make out? Check these methods I've been using later with pret..."

Why You Are Failing at Pickup: how to make the changes that make you good

BY Lucien April 4th, 2014

"             How to make changes, or why you are failing at pick up        ..."

Taking action

BY TasmanianDevil April 3rd, 2014

" Hi rsd I'm Tasmanian devil.I'm ready to take control over my life, take massive action a..."

Tytan's Journal - Become a Legend [First time in english available!] / Starts at 1. July-2014

BY Tytan April 3rd, 2014

" Hey Guys!I believe todays world is easier to be successful. We have an instant access to..."

Day 61 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 April 3rd, 2014

" I've been keeping up my light execise program even through being sick, except Monday whe..."

​An interesting insight after dealing with manipulative bitches

BY Matrim April 3rd, 2014

" I am going to teach something that I don’t want you to use on another person but you m..."

Journal Entry 2: Sober Approach

BY BMCapers April 3rd, 2014

" I made a mistake at work yesterday.  I accidentally sent an email containing senstive i..."

some thoughts


" i've noticed that if you want to talk to woman and the more it is important to you the m..."