September 30th, 2014

Player with a Heart of Gold Part. 2

BY Paradoxblaster September 20th, 2014

" Part 2. Now I am going to reframe each of those issues in order in the most positive lig..."

Player With a Heart of Gold Part. 1

BY Paradoxblaster September 20th, 2014

" I am sick of thinking of myself as an asshole when all I want to do deep down is improve..."

Goverment is like a chode!

BY Matrim September 20th, 2014

" Goverment is like a chode! ..."

Good looking blues

BY Lulibo September 20th, 2014

" Okay. Before I used to be an average looking guy. Then I started changing the way I carr..."

The Number + More

BY Parm September 20th, 2014

" When approaching and wondering weather or not to pull out a "hey you looked cute and I h..."

Slow & Easy..Burn It To The Ground

BY RSDAristotle September 20th, 2014

" School ApproachI see some hoes from school and immediately think about bunging. I set up..."

My Game Sucks

BY MasterPimpX September 20th, 2014

" I'm aware of the 4 pillarsPurposefulControlledPhysicalSelf AmusedAt work there was a hot..."
Dr. Destruction

Kobe Bryant And His Killer Instinct

BY Dr. Destruction September 20th, 2014

" Last night's Boston Free Tour was special. It's become my favorite one that I've attende..."

Perfect Thursday

BY tommyhighlifer September 19th, 2014

" Sorry gents, although I think this is properly more related than you might think, most o..."

The number ONE thing wish I knew earlier.

BY Matrim September 19th, 2014

" Thank you Tai! ..."

feeling good

BY justaguy September 18th, 2014

" talking to 3 girls a day, after talking with people, i feel good/comfy complimenting and..."
Dr. Destruction

Just Stepped In Some Nasty Bird Poop Vol: Chocolate Brownies On My Nike LeBrons

BY Dr. Destruction September 18th, 2014

" So I'm bussin' moves in Boston, and I'm telling you Beantown has the largest species of ..."


BY Dupree1 September 18th, 2014

" I had been looking forward to tonight as it was a Friday and I had an amazing Thursday. ..."

Make a personal challenge to upgrade massively your skills!

BY Jaegowah September 18th, 2014

" There we are, sitting in front of our screens, looking another RSD Free Tour or Infield ..."

One month of awesomeness, a sex party and enjoying life.

BY JimSmart September 17th, 2014

" A month has gone by, holy crap that was fast and what a month it has been: Clubs, Girls ..."


BY NickRoss September 17th, 2014

" Even thought my game has been on stand-by for quite a bit now.. I feel focused, purposef..."

A message from the future

BY Matrim September 17th, 2014

" So for the years to come. ..."
Dr. Destruction

Are RSD Hot Seats Worth It? That Depends On Each Person & Their Psychology...

BY Dr. Destruction September 17th, 2014

" For me they are, but more importantly are they worth it for you? That depends on a fe..."

​Article: The escape of the censored reality, welcome to the real world

BY Matrim September 16th, 2014

" So I was reminded about from an old foto of me from when I moved back to Stockholm. Duri..."

​Article: The escape of the censored reality, welcome to the real world

BY Matrim September 16th, 2014

" So I was reminded about from an old foto of me from when I moved back to Stockholm. Duri..."

Outcome detached

BY November19 September 16th, 2014

" I thought the theory was awesome. I'd even go so far as life altering. I say this becaus..."

Stop gaming so hard. Let things happen naturally and organically. Have some self trust.

BY risingstar September 16th, 2014

" There really hasn't been much blogging going on lately from my side. I've really focused..."
Dr. Destruction

Girl Takes A Dump On The Floor LOL Nasty Bish Go The Fuck Home And Wipe That Off

BY Dr. Destruction September 16th, 2014

" For the past few days I've been going H.A.M. on serious topics, so today I'll recall an ..."

The First Post

BY Zeds September 15th, 2014

"      Wassup everyone. I just wanted to try something new and I think documenting my t..."

30 Day Challenge and Journal

BY Bryce_Kent September 15th, 2014

" 15/9/14This is my first entry on RSD and have just finished a boot camp/hotseat with Jul..."