September 2nd, 2014

A tribute to me!

BY Matrim August 23rd, 2014

" ..."

Burying my Fear of the makeout and touch: Killing my inner pussy

BY Dominant August 23rd, 2014

" So as i get better game I realized my inner pussy has been giving me bullshit reasons no..."

Newbie's Literal First Night Out (Awesome!)

BY SnazzyMike August 23rd, 2014

" So... I have not been out ever. I have never had a girlfriend. I have never even kissed ..."

How I Learned to Stop Chodeing, and Love Day-Game

BY K_O_H August 23rd, 2014

" Day-Game Growth This past week I’ve had a few awesome strides in game - particularly i..."

​Spiritual Manifesto part VI: Making it happen

BY Matrim August 22nd, 2014

" - The book spritiual manifesto is now avalible on amazon uk com kindel  BrainwashingI ..."

Breakthrough: The power of a good wingman

BY Dominant August 22nd, 2014

" 5 approaches and a hand of god in a nightclub by myself. 7 day game approaches in a shit..."

fuck my last post, i dont know what i was talking about, but now im ashamed

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno August 22nd, 2014

" i worked a temp job at robert half for 2 and a half dayssaw probably the hottest half wh..."

Oooo weee, holy fuck the energy

BY Matrim August 21st, 2014

" So shit is getting fucking amazing in my life right now. I finally made all the shit in ..."

Progression Of Game.

BY mrhexionas August 21st, 2014

" Blog entry #5: Took a break, Moved place.I am now actively following game again - after ..."
The Dave

rsd has cursed me

BY The Dave August 21st, 2014

" I can't go out without hearing Tyler's voice in my head telling me to close lol. Seriou..."

My lessons in the game

BY November19 August 21st, 2014

" So I don't know how many guys are gonna read this and actually relate , I mean grasp and..."

stateless escalation

BY jwetz August 21st, 2014

" I love being inside a warm wet hole.I wanna throw down some internal dialogue I am havin..."

Lets count sheep?

BY ♏ike August 21st, 2014

" 15 ..."

Always Being 100%

BY MasterPimpX August 21st, 2014

" I had a wonderful day, went out to do cold-approach and it's already been a month since ..."

shallow conversations

BY Daddylove August 21st, 2014

" so today I went out and it was kind of fun. But i didn´t do soo much pick up actually. ..."

Enough Games - New Beginning for my blog

BY Paradoxblaster August 20th, 2014

" Ok guys. Its on. So far I have made a joke out of all my blog posts. I havent contribute..."

i hate abundance

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno August 20th, 2014

" i dont want abundancei dont need iti hate itfuck abundanceabundance is bullshit8/20Ruben..."

You the product the brand

BY Matrim August 20th, 2014

" - Spiritual Manifesto  Well good luck to you out there.BrMatrim ..."

You the product the brand

BY Matrim August 20th, 2014

" - Spiritual Manifesto  Well good luck to you out there.BrMatrim ..."

studying law of attraction again

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno August 20th, 2014

" got fed up with the secrets bullshitdidnt work for mebut law of attraction is real, with..."

actually working now, my day game is awful

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno August 20th, 2014

" having a hard time approaching during the day, during workat least i started working aga..."
Dr. Destruction

I'm One Of The Most Distant, Aloof, & Loner Person You Could Ever Meet

BY Dr. Destruction August 20th, 2014

" You would think that a guy like me, all obnoxious and going H.A.M., would be a social bu..."

Reaction Time = High Consistency

BY tommyhighlifer August 20th, 2014

" I've been going out a lot lately. I mean A LOT. In roughly three weeks I've been out alm..."

sober and irreverent

BY jwetz August 20th, 2014

" Knowledge + Irreverence = Sticking pointlistening to "DARKSIDE" the music group right no..."

is game and congruence even

BY Daddylove August 20th, 2014

" Game is fun, but kind of weird in a way. The pineaccle of not congruence is when people ..."