July 5th, 2015

Oh time flies!

BY bagua June 12th, 2011

" I've been trying to stay afloat in this wild wild world. Good things and bad things hav..."


BY N. June 12th, 2011

"  Empty ..."

Progress over perfectionism

BY Neo_2011 June 12th, 2011

" The famous line that Ozzie drummed into my head at boot camp a couple of weeks back. It'..."
Don corleon

I suck

BY Don corleon June 12th, 2011

" I can't believe this shit. I am at home. Drunk of my ass while this man that I just beca..."
pretty boy


BY pretty boy June 11th, 2011

" Since getting to the UK i've been hitting it hard.  I've made massive progress, and..."
Awesome F

7 months from the beginning (post Update)

BY Awesome F June 11th, 2011

" What have I leaned ? Life altering laws of deeper states of existence. The true essence..."

10.6 Adventure night

BY Cool June 11th, 2011

"  Too bored to write a proper writeup of this night so I'm gonna do a shortened vers..."


BY Poptart June 11th, 2011

"  Hey guys, Ate some oatmeal this morning like I normally do but I was out of blueb..."


BY Euphoric June 11th, 2011

" p; ..."

haha night 22 U know what it is!

BY Behzad June 11th, 2011

"  Tonight was the night. I was totally independent of outcome and i felt like a fuck..."

6/03/2011 Field Report (Hawaii)

BY Cyph3r June 10th, 2011

" Location :Bar 35 Notes : 2 beers Alright, here we go, waited in line for about 30-40 m..."

Inner game after night 21

BY Behzad June 10th, 2011

"  I realize that over the last 21 nights that ive been out my so called "inner game"..."


BY daneger June 10th, 2011

" hey fuckers! sorry its been a while since my last diary entry, been lazy as fuck of late..."


BY N. June 10th, 2011

"  Empty ..."

Attachment to idealistic dreams...

BY LifeofDesign June 10th, 2011

" Releasing from your idealistic dreams of success allows you to achieve your potential an..."

Night 21 and the drama before that

BY Behzad June 10th, 2011

" Before I even start I should say that im half way through watching the blueprint. What I..."

Thursday Night

BY AZmagic June 10th, 2011

" Basically falling asleep as my friend knocks on the door, we head out to one of the nice..."

i dont think

BY tycho! June 10th, 2011

" it's me missing my gf. Its me sad because I'm missing opportunities to approach. Look, t..."

Struggling with 20 approach a day challenge, got solid # from my first and only approach though...

BY Full_intent~ June 10th, 2011

" It just doesnt happen that I do 20 approaches in a row, when I have to, Im getting in my..."


BY jakewetz June 9th, 2011

" Leadership is cultivated. Some people are born with natural traits of leadership. Ev..."
Sorcerer's apprentice

How do you delete a blog post?

BY Sorcerer's appr... June 9th, 2011

" I wish to delete this one but I don't know how :-/ ..."

LR: 4.6 Miami night

BY Cool June 8th, 2011

" It's the school end in Finland so the city is pretty packed, including all the bars. I h..."

damned if you do

BY tycho! June 8th, 2011

" So, talk with Jared!, about the ex issue. 1. Take her out of your life completely. Gonzo..."

Cockblocked By My Own Bare Cock

BY bellagio June 8th, 2011

"  Field Report: June 5th, 2011 Sup ganstas. I've recently been going out here in ..."

It's Time to Wake the Fuck Up. Been Asleep for Far Too Long

BY Doge~ June 8th, 2011

" Life has a funny way of waking you up from the dream.  I've had a few lucid momen..."