August 22nd, 2014

How to choose coral earrings

BY clarkson August 9th, 2010

" A pair of glittering <a href="" target="_blank">ear..."


BY bagua August 8th, 2010

" Today I dedicated the whole day to day game. Actually this whole week is daygame! I wen..."
Don corleon

Inner game

BY Don corleon August 8th, 2010

" Last night was a pretty shitty night. I went to jackz and I opened a very decent first s..."

Final night of World Summit II

BY AlphaKing August 8th, 2010

" I wasted time going to Surrender (too early), XS (cost too much), and Tryst (cost t..."
Don corleon

Found another wing

BY Don corleon August 7th, 2010

"  My circle of awesome is starting to form nicely. I possibly might have new wing. B..."

Gorgeous girl with boyfriend, and last sarge of night at 2:00 AM.

BY SebastianValmont August 6th, 2010

" I've learned a lot in these last few days, and there are a couple of things I need to wr..."

Midweek in the dive bar

BY LifeofDesign August 6th, 2010

" Wasnt going to go out last night. Wanted a night in but was tempted by a friend to join ..."
Don corleon

Girl classification

BY Don corleon August 6th, 2010

" Girls in bars and life are generally classified into three groups:   1. Yes girls: ..."

The Next Step

BY JoshK August 6th, 2010

" So I have gotten back together with my ex after some events with HawtHipster went down (..."
Kyle F

This girl must be seriously messed up?

BY Kyle F August 4th, 2010

" Alright guys, So this is my first time blogging on here so let me tell you a bit about t..."

You lose some, you lose some.

BY Brothello August 4th, 2010

" I'm not quite sure if a blog post is sufficient enough to convey all of the thoughts and..."


BY bagua August 4th, 2010

" So 28 years ago I was born. It's weird how much have happened in my short life so far. ..."

First Fashion Show and Gaming Models

BY alphawolf August 4th, 2010

" So, I get an invite from Mr. Anderson to checkout a fashion show that his friend is in. ..."

Figuring things out

BY Steve-0! August 3rd, 2010

" So this is actually my 5 entry but I am just starting to figure this place out. I&n..."

Summit 2010 Monday

BY Chocked! August 3rd, 2010

" First night.  I am always somewhat weirded out by the fact I'm out with a big group..."

Average chics can transform into hottys

BY rufio August 3rd, 2010

" Things to remeber about turbos that make then appear turbo hair extensions vaneers fake..."

My notes - counting # of girls talked to

BY AlphaKing August 3rd, 2010

" I don't want this up anymore ..."

What has happened past month.

BY Free Flow August 2nd, 2010

" So I've been back in the big city once again, surrounded by opportunities to break limit..."


BY rostovchanin August 2nd, 2010

" regarding to my last blog entry i realized that i act somehow different when i am in fro..."

Stay out late

BY rufio August 2nd, 2010

" To get the most out of my nights out I have decided to make the effort to stay out as la..."

guess who's back

BY pretty_ricky August 2nd, 2010

" :-) Can you? Can you guess?  If you said Rick Springfield you would be correct, ho..."

Sex Comes As A Product Of Having A Good Time

BY killacam09 August 1st, 2010

" Dance, have fun, enjoy the music, enjoy the bright lights. Do your thing, do you, dont ..."

Community Is Lame

BY killacam09 August 1st, 2010

" The community is lame to me. People focus on building up a skillset that makes them goo..."

Night out with friends

BY LifeofDesign August 1st, 2010

" Went out on Saturday with a group of 7 friends drinking. Went to a very crowded bar fir..."

Last weeks reports

BY LifeofDesign August 1st, 2010

" Writing up a couple of reports from this week: Last weekend; Went out to dive bar with 5..."