July 23rd, 2014

I love "NICE" girls

BY VLDELUXE July 4th, 2010

"  Hard to admit it, but yes I like nice girls and long makeout sessions. Of course..."

The elusive self-amusement.

BY bagua July 4th, 2010

" I've been experimenting with making my life more fun. And have stumbled across a little..."

Freeing myself from hiding.

BY bagua July 3rd, 2010

" I'm hiding less and less now. I'm starting to reveal alot of the "deep dark" secets that..."

Friday Night

BY Laaavish July 3rd, 2010

" Me and my buddy end up spending the night with two girls we meet out at the restaurant. ..."

Should I stay or should I go now?...

BY Mrnace July 2nd, 2010

" ...If I go there will be trouble....Should I stay or should I go! Well, I am start..."

Night out drinking with friends...

BY LifeofDesign July 2nd, 2010

" Went out last night with 5 friends. I felt like drinking so i did. First met with ..."


BY Laaavish July 2nd, 2010

" Hey y'all Nothing specific happening but definately on the rise and learning lots. Conf..."

July 02, 2010

BY Acceptance July 2nd, 2010

" So fuck.... alright. I got off of work late today. There is a rodeo dance thing going on..."

Fear, anger and hate...

BY bagua July 1st, 2010

" I had an experience yesterday. It kind of went to the core of my anger issues. I came h..."

Feeling Entitled To The Moment

BY VisionsDivine July 1st, 2010

" When you feel entitled to the moment: - You don't resist it, you are part of it - You ..."
Paris Boum Boum

Timing and leading - ebony asian XXX

BY Paris Boum Boum June 30th, 2010

" The wrong timing is: a problem happens and I try to solve it in real time. Example: I ..."

Focus On Just Being Your Best Self

BY LifeofDesign June 30th, 2010

" Just watched tylers latest video and was fascinated with: "Happiness doesnt come from wh..."

June 29th 2010

BY Acceptance June 30th, 2010

" So I overslepped for work... was supposed to be there at 1:30 and actually woke up at 1:..."

cat people and dog people principle

BY zippetydragon June 30th, 2010

" cat people and dog people you have to be forward like a dog with some girls and be slow..."

25/06/2010 - 29/06/2010

BY massemasse June 30th, 2010

"  4 days has gone by. They were great! But no action. ATT: None ..."

My Story

BY Levium June 29th, 2010

" Alright.  I'm 23, been a chode my whole life obviously.  Just about finished b..."

June 28th 2010

BY Acceptance June 29th, 2010

" So I'm powered my day off (today) on 4 Rockstarz, half a red-line, and absolutely no foo..."

Blue Hair Birthday Girl

BY AlphaKing June 29th, 2010

" I changed my mind ..."

Day 434 - Once upon a time there was light in my life, but now there's only love in the dark.

BY DukeD June 29th, 2010

" PUAMangasm's being in town has really amped the wingman quotient, but we're getting pret..."

Day 433 - Out of my element

BY DukeD June 29th, 2010

"  Four hundred something days at the clubs, and I get invited to a cocktail party fo..."


BY Esben June 28th, 2010

" Hi guys I know all the theory, I know what to do & I know where to go. This blog i..."

Game Start everytime now

BY SolidGamer June 28th, 2010

" Hello to the new me in the not distance future. And people who support me in my pu adven..."

New / Dream Girl

BY Chocked! June 28th, 2010

" OK.... I should have written about this when it happened. I met a new girl. I was so ..."

What the "F"

BY Mindfuck June 27th, 2010

" This is a lil' story of a recent experience. Last night, I was thinking about how i coul..."

What I like in a woman.

BY bagua June 27th, 2010

" So I write and write some more. I feel that when I put something on this blog it gets a ..."