December 18th, 2014

What is Physical Domination?

BY Desired January 5th, 2011

" when i throw this word physical domination into my seminars, it tends to cause a bit of ..."

I can choose my response

BY Desired January 5th, 2011

" You can sit down and plan how you are going to respond to everyday situations in a club...."

Other People's Agenda

BY Desired January 5th, 2011

" If you don't have a set of default responses when you talk to woemn in specific scenario..."

My take on 'Core Purpose' and 'Fury'

BY Minty January 5th, 2011

" When I listened to Tim talking about Core Purpose and Fury, I have to admit that althoug..."

New Yearssssss

BY SebastianValmont January 5th, 2011

"  So I am going to try and keep this short, mostly because it's only for me, because..."

Being emotionally in tune with females

BY Desired January 5th, 2011

" i will take you on a journey from not being able to talk to a female to being able to ju..."

The simple truth

BY Desired January 5th, 2011

" contrary to popular opinion you don't have to learn 1000 different things. action is yo..."

The Personal Transformation

BY Desired January 5th, 2011

" He doesn't want to give you the impression this is only for a few guys with special tale..."

What the hell is this chode shit?

BY Desired January 5th, 2011

" he decided this knowledge could help people if put in simple words, avoiding pick-up jar..."

Me studying physical game

BY Desired January 5th, 2011

" The Disconnected PLAYA- crashed and burned. frustrated. disappointed and lonely. courag..."


BY Desired January 5th, 2011

" he made me look at anthony robbins seriously. i always thought he's full of bull. i've..."
Wild Cougar

Southern Boy

BY Wild Cougar January 4th, 2011

" After I had my great romp with Eddie and it didn’t look like Darius was going to be re..."

Looking for Competent Wings

BY aurelius January 4th, 2011

" went out yesterday to chill wuth bro's friends. this crew is really low-energy and don't..."

Falling into place.

BY bagua January 4th, 2011

" So lately I have found that alot of guys try to rain on my parade. But I have so many t..."

fuckin awesome

BY Desired January 4th, 2011


The first action made me doubt...

BY Stanislav January 4th, 2011

" Hellooooo, RSD people! I have some questions related to some inner issues, but first, I ..."

thoughts concerning ´pinging´and how avoiding it can dramatically decrease anxiety

BY Lenski January 4th, 2011

" Tyler describes pinging where one observes the environment, people´s reactions, the val..."

Karma: The Reflection Joined as One

BY Showcase January 3rd, 2011

" Karma is like a Mirror. Carl Jung (psychologist) theorized that your ‘Perception is a ..."

my private life is an inside joke, no one will explain it to me

BY tycho! January 3rd, 2011

" So, it happened for sure. She said I just wasn't husband material, I'm not really sure w..."
Wild Cougar

Cop #2

BY Wild Cougar January 3rd, 2011

" The second time I scored a cop was a day I was so horny I could bite through steel. Dar..."

How i want this area of my life to be...

BY LifeofDesign January 3rd, 2011

" Just been thinking about what i specifically want from this area of my life. I am very h..."

Malý silvester.

BY Kalickar January 3rd, 2011

"      ..."


BY Jack-Stripper January 3rd, 2011

" . ..."

Funny epiphany I just had...

BY Acro21 January 3rd, 2011

" You can actually repel girls by being authentic.  I was chatting with a cute blonde..."


BY oner January 3rd, 2011

" The night was great, one of the funniest nights I’ve had in a long time. Actually lat..."
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