April 20th, 2014

Solid practice night, 1 painfull aproach

BY Valueman February 14th, 2010

" So I said id go down town with this girl Id met and gamed from my friends social circle ..."

My Commitment To Living My Highest Self

BY LifeofDesign February 14th, 2010

" I had a Tony Robbins moment on the train today. Having pondered the points on my previou..."

Reality Shattering Weekend- I need to work on my relationships!

BY LifeofDesign February 14th, 2010

" Something happened this weekend that really shocked me. Just when i was congratulating m..."

Feb 13 2010

BY Octavius! February 14th, 2010

" Epic times last night. So around 4ish in the afternoon a friend of mine text’s me: par..."
stanley ipkiss

thr first of many

BY stanley ipkiss February 14th, 2010

" hey well i've started....weren't that bad, been thinkin got to start a blog so i can kee..."
Cadillac Jones

THE NEXT LEVEL OF THE GAME: Consistency and Closing

BY Cadillac Jones February 14th, 2010

" I havent written a blog entry in over a week. Life has been busy. I swear just this..."

Field Report 2-13

BY KingArthur February 14th, 2010

" Tonight I went out with my buddy alex, who's sort of into the community, as well. He tol..."

cherish feelings can't and won't help you. even if the girl is in love with you

BY PATRICK February 13th, 2010

"  the sad thing about pickup is that you have to become sort of cold and look at thi..."

A Very Very Strange Night

BY Comrade February 13th, 2010

" I haven't updated this blog for a couple of months now, but I've still be going out stro..."

being the most alpha guy in the environment

BY PATRICK February 13th, 2010

" this whole time i have been wrong.  i have always thought it was about the girls. &..."

Feb 12 2010

BY Octavius! February 13th, 2010

" After yesterday disappointing night, I have come realize that I have vey high standard. ..."


BY BuddhasGotGame February 13th, 2010

" Hey thanks for the feedback. subx you recognize that you are stuck in the code and th..."

Night of the amog

BY Valueman February 13th, 2010

" Started the night by havin a few beers and chillin with chodely friend, this went on for..."

Nine Ball

BY Gift~ February 13th, 2010

" I just finished reading Jeffy's book, Nine Ball. I was sad for it to end - I have looked..."

Battle in Your mind FEB 11. A story and A realization

BY Tempest_3X February 12th, 2010

" This story leads to the realization so read on. Im on the University campus. I was sitt..."

Fashion Overload

BY BuddhasGotGame February 12th, 2010

" I've been on a writing roll lately and I have some time so I hit you with some mo..."

Right Here Right Now

BY BuddhasGotGame February 12th, 2010

" Haha I always imagine myself now talking to myself a few years ago. I would probably ..."

The Crow and the Cracker

BY BuddhasGotGame February 12th, 2010

" I've been following RSD for years. I have never posted nor have I met with other pick..."

WHEN TO PULL - your cockblocking yourself

BY D.MONEY February 12th, 2010

" I dont know why so many people seem to think that you have to wait till the bar is closi..."

2 New

BY themissinglink February 12th, 2010

" Now got two new girls on the go. Managed to piss off my original fuck buddy and she won'..."

Feb 11 2010

BY Octavius! February 12th, 2010

" I am fucking pissed at myself right now. Went out yesterday and I fuking chode out. Appr..."


BY themissinglink February 12th, 2010

" I'm still bloody ill. I can't shift this whatever it is. Bringing stuff up that bird fro..."

A quote i found that describes offering value to me

BY Decker February 11th, 2010

" Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful..."

Kissclose but lost her after that

BY Full_intent~ February 11th, 2010

" Yooo guys I will write this up fast because I'm going out soon. Been in 3 clubs/cafes...."


BY tigrutz February 11th, 2010

"       Here I am . I shall now begin to get all the information ..."