October 20th, 2014
Cadillac Jones

Dealing with jealousy issues

BY Cadillac Jones November 3rd, 2010

" In the midst of emotional chaos, I find it very easy to lose the vision of success I hav..."
Awesome F

Dy 2-3 Awesome 30 days

BY Awesome F November 3rd, 2010

" Your views How to Rate girls? PUA help needed. Something I have been thinking of for a..."

Phone Game. . . Success :-)

BY Gummy_bear November 3rd, 2010

"  These principles are what made this happen: Being different  Humor Not showi..."
Awesome F

Day 1 awesome Pick up

BY Awesome F November 2nd, 2010

" DAY 1 one was a success, I called my numbers and created a full week of social interacti..."

Nothing has changed, it just kept getting worst

BY djack November 2nd, 2010

" Its been atleast 9 months since my last blog post. Well , most people would say that the..."

A Brave New World

BY Dawidh November 2nd, 2010

" Hey Friends! This is the first sentence of my very first post as a registered member of..."

Halloween, Eye Contact, and Avoiding Your Inner Little Bitch

BY stateisking November 1st, 2010

" "Get a fucking life," says the voice in the back of my head. For some reason, it sounds ..."

Hypomania: my blessing. my thorn.

BY jackson10 October 31st, 2010

" Dim Day: wake up. overslept again. i think for 13 or something hours. head feel large a..."

First pull... ;)

BY SebastianValmont October 31st, 2010

"  FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHH HAHAHA UHHH SON! That's how happy I am about l..."

'Happily Ever After'

BY LifeofDesign October 31st, 2010

" Just watching a movie and got to thinking how social conditioning tells us tha..."


BY TheCloser October 31st, 2010

" Vulnerabilité authentique : Meet the human behind the pretty face ? Il y a certains par..."

One of my crappy journals and stuff

BY Peetterrr October 31st, 2010

" Good Day! Again a week without an update. Nothing much happenend last weekend. I w..."

Social Skills Immersion!

BY jackson10 October 31st, 2010

" Social Skills Immersion! [/h3] Hey so if you are just starting out, and you need to..."

STag Party

BY mrmackay October 31st, 2010

" At my cousins stag part, I pulled a stripper. Got a blowjob, kisses and poked her till s..."

RSD Bootcamp Review - London - OCT 2010

BY TheJury October 30th, 2010

"  Bootcamp Review Oct 2010, London w Ozzie I never thought I was the type that woul..."


BY LifeofDesign October 30th, 2010

" I can be a very impatient person. When im bored i start analysing my life and ..."

Born an Overweight Natural, Lost Beliefs, Weight Loss, & My Ultimate Transformation

BY Lunchbox October 30th, 2010

"   "The only way this can be productive is if I am 100% forthcoming and honest about..."

My own insecurities.

BY bagua October 30th, 2010

" Lately I've been focused on other people's insecure actions. This of course is an effor..."

Halloween weekend night 1

BY KingArthur October 30th, 2010

" Last night was the first night of halloween weekend in NYC. There were a TON of sex..."

Just starting out, he's my story. First post.

BY tijuana marko October 30th, 2010

" So here's the run down. I'm 27 and have had only one girlfriend when i was 18 for like a..."


BY jackson10 October 30th, 2010


Field report: Push Boy, PUSH! ! !

BY Gummy_bear October 29th, 2010

"  Go to mall with two friends Approach a bunch of girls Opened about 5 sets (This..."

Goals for 2night

BY Full_intent~ October 29th, 2010

" Fucking self amuse to the ^2. I seriously want to drive every girl crazy with my awesome..."
Awesome F

The Awesome 30 days of Pick up - Prequel

BY Awesome F October 28th, 2010

" My challenge is to spend the next 30 days in field. I must find an event everyday to att..."
Awesome F

In the beginning........I was Awesome.

BY Awesome F October 28th, 2010

" This is it...........I have been putting off posting for some time,  Thank you all ..."