February 8th, 2016

Week Report - Follow-up

BY MisterFives February 4th, 2012

"  Well It was an interesting week, I hung out with butterfly chick for a couple days..."

Week Report - Follow-up

BY MisterFives February 4th, 2012

" Double post. ..."

night 30: a whole month of game

BY BOSS_WATSON February 4th, 2012

" Suuuuper fucking tired. I feel like shit. Gooooooooooooood dammiiiiiiit..... hahaha I'll..."

May 20th 2012

BY BangoTango February 4th, 2012

" blog 1. cool. kinda superchode at the moment. here and there but oh well. dont care. i ..."

Funny Jokes

BY charry February 4th, 2012

" An Investment Banker was at the pier of a small coastal Indian village when a small boat..."


BY Smokey February 4th, 2012

"  Last night I went to a college party with a couple of my homies. It was sort of a ..."

A link to a deep movie. Enjoy

BY THE_BEAST February 3rd, 2012

" ..."

Learning Styles and Pickup

BY Redox February 3rd, 2012

" Ok, so after a year in the "community" I've probably read/watched/listened to almost all..."


BY ~DiamondCreator~ February 3rd, 2012

" Sup, Okay, so I'm out with my boys RonRon and my friend form London LittleSperm. We dec..."

night 29; fuck what the haters say, ignore em till they fade away

BY BOSS_WATSON February 3rd, 2012

" Welp, another night down the hatch. Went down pretty smooth too. THE GATHERING was there..."

30 Day Challenge: Day 7

BY February 3rd, 2012

" So on Thursday night I went out by myself yet again. Long story short, this entire 30 Da..."

1st Blog Entry

BY guedez16 February 3rd, 2012

" This is my first blog entry... What am I suppose to write in this blog? I guess i..."

#1 | test_title

BY Ø February 2nd, 2012

" test_text  ..."

The Chakra test and sexual negativity

BY THE_BEAST February 2nd, 2012

" So I was wasting some time today when I came across an online test which was supposed to..."

night 28, sticking points gallore

BY BOSS_WATSON February 2nd, 2012

" Well, i've made it this far. Seems like this entire journey so far has been very educati..."

30 Day Chellenge: Day 6 (sorta)

BY February 1st, 2012

" I apologize (mainly to myself I guess) for taking a hiatus. I began watching Tyler's Blu..."

Keep The Ball Rolling

BY AchillesMaximus February 1st, 2012

" The game gets rich as you work deeper - I'ts been a grueling struggle and a joy. Feeling..."

Natural Calibration

BY flux February 1st, 2012

" When you go out solo after a long day at work you may not be feeling in a fun/social moo..."

Opening Groups and Physical Game

BY Redox February 1st, 2012

"  So, reflecting on last night I feel like I'm at the stage in my game where I can a..."

All pushing trough my own sense of reality.

BY bagua February 1st, 2012

" Man this last week has been intense. However I have managed to stay on track somewhat ev..."

Call for the top Amazon products and solutions that's prepared around the market place this year

BY shaiabercromb83 February 1st, 2012

" On that point there are many The amazon website supplements you should probably view. ..."

Require the most beneficial Amazon marketplace goods and solutions that is prepared on the marketplace this season

BY alexuscoote27 February 1st, 2012

" Truth be told there are many The amazon website supplements you actually are advised to ..."

Be yourself, but don't forget to self amuse

BY flux February 1st, 2012

" All this self development stuff can help you find that centered, chill, grounded place w..."

A quick post about state

BY flux February 1st, 2012

" State is often talked about like it's binary: you are either in it or out of it. Let's ..."


BY RSDNICO February 1st, 2012

" l ..."