April 24th, 2014

6am/you feel bad because you're a good person

BY tycho! February 16th, 2010

" So that girl who first got me into the game, I def. fucked her tonight. Of course, I'm g..."

You must set the tone for the relationship from the start!

BY LifeofDesign February 16th, 2010

" Something ive really learnt recently, is that the dynamic of your relationship with a gi..."

to those who find a sick pleasure in oneitis:

BY PATRICK February 16th, 2010

"  i realise this shit is highly depressing, but it is nothing but truth. you have a..."

Will RSD help a female in becoming a PUA? her first report from field! see things from her eyes

BY Whisperer February 16th, 2010

"  Ok, my friend J is Serbian. She is 23 and a virgin. She is great looking, slim bo..."

Delusional self-confidence and the power of positive thinking

BY Chaos84 February 16th, 2010

" Delusional self-confidence. Positive thinking. One goes hand in hand with the other. Her..."

This week sucked

BY minnesotaplayboy- February 15th, 2010

" have not gone out and my foot has hurt and bad week but oh well! ..."

Play at the edge of you comfort zone

BY flux February 15th, 2010

" Play at the edge of your comfort zone... We all know that to make progress we need to m..."

Casino Royale

BY themissinglink February 15th, 2010

" Off topic but I fucking love this film! ..."


BY Neurooo February 15th, 2010

" ..."


BY themissinglink February 15th, 2010

" The internet is keeping me depressed Reading all these forums makes me think I have genu..."

Field Report 2-14

BY KingArthur February 15th, 2010

" I met up with one of my buddies who just took a bootcamp this weekend on Sunday to ..."

The Day-to-Day Mindset

BY flux February 15th, 2010

" The Day-to-Day Mindset Being happy on a day-to-day basis is one of the most important t..."

How I Get Girls

BY flux February 15th, 2010

" How I Get Girls is the mindset and actions that I use&n..."
Smooth Ken

Easier than I thought

BY Smooth Ken February 15th, 2010

" Last night I headed out on the town with a group of friends, a typical saturday nig..."

FR: Flying Solo Again

BY Juggaknot February 15th, 2010

" Went out by myself again this past friday.  The venue was pretty cool.  Bottom..."
Cadillac Jones

Pumped me up hardcore!!!

BY Cadillac Jones February 14th, 2010

" This pumped me up hardcore. ..."


BY yeabuddy February 14th, 2010

" . ..."

Solid practice night, 1 painfull aproach

BY Valueman February 14th, 2010

" So I said id go down town with this girl Id met and gamed from my friends social circle ..."

My Commitment To Living My Highest Self

BY LifeofDesign February 14th, 2010

" I had a Tony Robbins moment on the train today. Having pondered the points on my previou..."

Reality Shattering Weekend- I need to work on my relationships!

BY LifeofDesign February 14th, 2010

" Something happened this weekend that really shocked me. Just when i was congratulating m..."

Feb 13 2010

BY Octavius! February 14th, 2010

" Epic times last night. So around 4ish in the afternoon a friend of mine text’s me: par..."
stanley ipkiss

thr first of many

BY stanley ipkiss February 14th, 2010

" hey well i've started....weren't that bad, been thinkin got to start a blog so i can kee..."
Cadillac Jones

THE NEXT LEVEL OF THE GAME: Consistency and Closing

BY Cadillac Jones February 14th, 2010

" I havent written a blog entry in over a week. Life has been busy. I swear just this..."

Field Report 2-13

BY KingArthur February 14th, 2010

" Tonight I went out with my buddy alex, who's sort of into the community, as well. He tol..."

cherish feelings can't and won't help you. even if the girl is in love with you

BY PATRICK February 13th, 2010

"  the sad thing about pickup is that you have to become sort of cold and look at thi..."