September 16th, 2014

Rant about progress...

BY bagua September 14th, 2010

" So I've been talking about goals lately. What goal? I have none yet... Why? Because I'm..."

Boom Shaka Laka

BY Esarhaddon September 14th, 2010

" Guess who has a girlfriend now? This guy. After all this time, I finally acquired a gi..."

Self Acceptance

BY flux September 14th, 2010

" ..."

Responding to action cues from the girl....

BY flux September 14th, 2010

" It's great when you know a girl likes you. It's great when you know a girl want you to...."

What comes before state....

BY flux September 14th, 2010

" THOUGHTS + FEELINGS = ACTIONS Going into a nightclub 'blind' and waiting for something ..."

Outward Energy vs Inward Energy

BY flux September 14th, 2010

" I don't know, maybe this is all in my head,  but I feel I can make a conscious decision..."

How I met

BY JohnnyWolf September 14th, 2010

"   ..."

Pick your desired state....

BY flux September 14th, 2010

" 1) Pick your desired state e.g. approaching state chatty state quiet state happy stat..."


BY flux September 13th, 2010

" The only thing that matters is your reaction to your mess ups.... ....if you find it fu..."

My next goal!

BY bagua September 13th, 2010

" So now it's time to push myself even more! I've been trough some intense shit lately. A..."

College Social Circle Gaming

BY aurelius September 13th, 2010

" Say "Hi" to everyone I've seen on campus Start conversations with everybody in my class...."

An unfinished symphony

BY Steve-0! September 13th, 2010

" A symphony is many parts working together to complete a beautiful piece of art. You..."

Being persistent vs Being needy

BY RevelationMission September 13th, 2010

" Someone recently spelled out the dilemma of whether pursuing a woman was an act of persi..."

Earth to P-Funk, Earth to P-Funk...Please come in.

BY parabolic September 13th, 2010

" Hi. Planting my flag here so future people will know that the Parabolican Empire was bo..."

FR: Country Club and Opening 10 sets!

BY alphawolf September 12th, 2010

" Last night I went to a country themed bar called the saddle rack. It was overall a good ..."

The Beginning

BY king_of_the_chodes September 11th, 2010

" Do you ever reach a point in your life where you just know that something is wrong but y..."

Are you a PUA or Sex Addict?

BY Wractor September 11th, 2010

" Just re-read the book LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG&nb..."

Being honest about where you are and being emotionally detached

BY LifeofDesign September 11th, 2010

" Just thinking about a point tyler made in one of his posts. he was saying how important ..."


BY Chaos84 September 11th, 2010

" So Ive been in a relationship for the past month. It sucks. My 'game' has tightened up..."
Starlight 1987


BY Starlight 1987 September 11th, 2010

" n ..."

2nd Time So Close, No Close! Frustrating...

BY AZmagic September 11th, 2010

" Second time I've had girl in bed and she's not let me stick it in. I'm taking my time t..."

Power of honesty and sadness.

BY bagua September 11th, 2010

" I was thinking about writing in detail about this, but  I have too much of a hango..."

HW for 9/14 Reminder

BY alphawolf September 11th, 2010

"  My homework assignments: Approach 10 sets a night every time you go out (Go out a..."

Solo Sarging

BY alphawolf September 11th, 2010

" Not easy at all. I went to salsa class alone and this was cool Talked to a few girls and..."

Getting Props

BY jackson10 September 10th, 2010

" So I was on the Seattle lair and my friend is giving me serious props, giving me all the..."