August 29th, 2015

day 1

BY itsnick September 9th, 2011

"  Day1 Girl1: Sat beside her in chem, flirted with her alot. got physical. went to t..."


BY WindChill88 September 8th, 2011

" . ..."


BY RSDNICO September 8th, 2011

" n ..."


BY itsnick September 8th, 2011

" 5, I will approach 5 girls, or talk to 5 different girls, no strings attached, this isnt..."

Host rails godaddy

BY hostruby September 8th, 2011

" Ruby on rails webhosting coupons , often shortened to Rails or RoR, is an open source we..."

Good Date!

BY Cam September 7th, 2011

" Date Friday night was magic. At work i was really struggling with my sore back and ende..."


BY Cam September 7th, 2011

" This guy is incredible just now watching his Flawless Natural DVD and its awesome. Gre..."

Night Out in Southampton - MEHH

BY ~DiamondCreator~ September 7th, 2011

" NO PUSSY, NO k-CLOSE, SLAPPS!!!!   Wassup?! Hey, just a quick update on my r..."


BY RSDNICO September 7th, 2011

" nnn ..."

Toronto Bootcamp July 2011

BY Eric62 September 6th, 2011

" I’ve been meaning to write about my Toronto bootcamp experience – July 8-10, 2011 ..."

Pickup... No, Life Is Riding A Bike

BY BADandSTUPID September 6th, 2011

" Sometimes I cath myself procrastinating an approach, house work, studies, whatever. Yeah..."
Awesome F

Be the Chode you are

BY Awesome F September 6th, 2011

" Enough of my time has been spent fighting and going uphill. It seems like everything I h..."

You Are Lazy Because Your Ego Is Lazy

BY HorseWithWings September 5th, 2011

" You don't feel like going out.  You couldn't be arsed.  "I can't go out when..."

good workout routines

BY bro nameth September 5th, 2011

"   Hey guys so im a pretty avid gym rat have been ever since i started playing sport..."

good workout routines

BY bro nameth September 5th, 2011

"   Hey guys so im a pretty avid gym rat have been ever since i started playing sport..."


BY Murmur September 5th, 2011

"  nononono ..."

Yes! Happy :D

BY AZmagic September 5th, 2011

" I feel happy, and I have since last night. Yes, I got laid two days ago, but I don't rea..."

Jukebox night out

BY Laaavish September 5th, 2011

" Walked around for a like 30mins with the intent of hitting up some girls during the day,..."
Mr. Man

Fuck being a purist. Do what works.

BY Mr. Man September 5th, 2011

" I'm not talking heroine etc ofc never tried, never gonna go to hard drugs. But, I w..."

Mediation and approaching.

BY bagua September 5th, 2011

" I mentioned earlier that I have started mediating when I feel pissed of to dissipate it...."

Excellent book and its application to SWW

BY LifeofDesign September 4th, 2011

" I’ve been reading an excellent book called ‘Bounce- The myth of talent and power of ..."
Awesome F

Deep inner Game

BY Awesome F September 4th, 2011

"  Deep inner Game Another MAn Cave weekend, Solitude and education while wearing li..."


BY Searle September 4th, 2011

" . ..."

Somebody will have you

BY William-h-bonney September 4th, 2011

" Bonjour I got laid last night,In my car...snl the best most efficient way of doing thin..."

Meditation for a troubled mind.

BY bagua September 4th, 2011

" I got this advice from Laaavish to do mediation and reframing. It works pretty well. Ev..."