April 24th, 2014

Lessons Learned over Valentines Day

BY mcdlxxi February 16th, 2010

" DC this weekend over Valentine's Day. This is the first year in a while I've spent Valen..."

6am/you feel bad because you're a good person

BY tycho! February 16th, 2010

" So that girl who first got me into the game, I def. fucked her tonight. Of course, I'm g..."

You must set the tone for the relationship from the start!

BY LifeofDesign February 16th, 2010

" Something ive really learnt recently, is that the dynamic of your relationship with a gi..."

to those who find a sick pleasure in oneitis:

BY PATRICK February 16th, 2010

"  i realise this shit is highly depressing, but it is nothing but truth. you have a..."

Will RSD help a female in becoming a PUA? her first report from field! see things from her eyes

BY Whisperer February 16th, 2010

"  Ok, my friend J is Serbian. She is 23 and a virgin. She is great looking, slim bo..."

Delusional self-confidence and the power of positive thinking

BY Chaos84 February 16th, 2010

" Delusional self-confidence. Positive thinking. One goes hand in hand with the other. Her..."

This week sucked

BY minnesotaplayboy- February 15th, 2010

" have not gone out and my foot has hurt and bad week but oh well! ..."

Play at the edge of you comfort zone

BY flux February 15th, 2010

" Play at the edge of your comfort zone... We all know that to make progress we need to m..."

Casino Royale

BY themissinglink February 15th, 2010

" Off topic but I fucking love this film! ..."


BY Neurooo February 15th, 2010

" ..."


BY themissinglink February 15th, 2010

" The internet is keeping me depressed Reading all these forums makes me think I have genu..."

Field Report 2-14

BY KingArthur February 15th, 2010

" I met up with one of my buddies who just took a bootcamp this weekend on Sunday to ..."

The Day-to-Day Mindset

BY flux February 15th, 2010

" The Day-to-Day Mindset Being happy on a day-to-day basis is one of the most important t..."

How I Get Girls

BY flux February 15th, 2010

" How I Get Girls is the mindset and actions that I use&n..."
Smooth Ken

Easier than I thought

BY Smooth Ken February 15th, 2010

" Last night I headed out on the town with a group of friends, a typical saturday nig..."

FR: Flying Solo Again

BY Juggaknot February 15th, 2010

" Went out by myself again this past friday.  The venue was pretty cool.  Bottom..."
Cadillac Jones

Pumped me up hardcore!!!

BY Cadillac Jones February 14th, 2010

" This pumped me up hardcore. ..."


BY yeabuddy February 14th, 2010

" . ..."

Solid practice night, 1 painfull aproach

BY Valueman February 14th, 2010

" So I said id go down town with this girl Id met and gamed from my friends social circle ..."

My Commitment To Living My Highest Self

BY LifeofDesign February 14th, 2010

" I had a Tony Robbins moment on the train today. Having pondered the points on my previou..."

Reality Shattering Weekend- I need to work on my relationships!

BY LifeofDesign February 14th, 2010

" Something happened this weekend that really shocked me. Just when i was congratulating m..."

Feb 13 2010

BY Octavius! February 14th, 2010

" Epic times last night. So around 4ish in the afternoon a friend of mine text’s me: par..."
stanley ipkiss

thr first of many

BY stanley ipkiss February 14th, 2010

" hey well i've started....weren't that bad, been thinkin got to start a blog so i can kee..."
Cadillac Jones

THE NEXT LEVEL OF THE GAME: Consistency and Closing

BY Cadillac Jones February 14th, 2010

" I havent written a blog entry in over a week. Life has been busy. I swear just this..."

Field Report 2-13

BY KingArthur February 14th, 2010

" Tonight I went out with my buddy alex, who's sort of into the community, as well. He tol..."