May 24th, 2015

Who Am I?

BY walter April 21st, 2011

"  Hello Everyone! My name is Walter and I just created an account with RSD a few da..."

What i really want my life to be about...

BY LifeofDesign April 20th, 2011

" Just been re-reading my notes from the conversations with god series. The books make me ..."

Tyler, The Creator and Strength of Reality

BY Connor April 20th, 2011

"  I'm a big fan of hip hop/rap and recently have been getting into this group of 18-..."

Boundaries part 2.

BY bagua April 20th, 2011

" I've become more aware of what my boundaries are and being able to state a position even..."

Ke$ha girls and stuff

BY AZmagic April 20th, 2011

" Yeah, I met two cuties dressed like Kesha tonight. Fun.. Actually just approached their ..."

4/16/2011 Field Report (Hawaii)

BY Cyph3r April 19th, 2011

" Lesson of that night: Honestly i think it is better to go out with just a wing or by mys..."

Field report

BY Waginator April 19th, 2011

" Not too much to report today.  Yesterday i approached a cute little asian girl in t..."
The Awaker

BIG BEN, last night at the bar

BY The Awaker April 19th, 2011

" So after work, me and a co-worker went to a local bar to have some beers along with a lo..."

Cop and Blow Question

BY Laaavish April 18th, 2011

" Hey guys, any perspective welcome on this one Question has to do with "Cop and Blow" co..."


BY Waginator April 18th, 2011

" SUP GUYS! well i got a great field report here (in my humble pickup quest anyways.) ..."
The Awaker

Put Up or Shut Up Day At School(Updated)

BY The Awaker April 18th, 2011

" So here i am at the library...the first SPOT! The first area! And what have I done so fa..."


BY Laaavish April 18th, 2011

" Important to note: I didn't focus on any of these things at the time. This is the analys..."
The Awaker

My Weekend and The Postponed

BY The Awaker April 18th, 2011

" Yeah so plans got totally flipped this weekend, starting off from Friday. I was supposed..."

Weird headspace

BY Tuna April 18th, 2011

"  Been in a weird headspace lately, perhaps because im not being super consistant, o..."

Boundaries part 1.

BY bagua April 17th, 2011

" I have gotten to a point where I manage to express disaproval of others action towards m..."

My blog!

BY Andres89 April 17th, 2011

" Hello world)) ..."

Friday Night

BY NotSoAverageJoe April 16th, 2011

" Ahhh Friday, best night of the week.  This last one was probly one of the best nigh..."

Still alive

BY Peetterrr April 16th, 2011

" Been quiet for a loooong time thanks to the military service I'm currently in. Sucks don..."

Newbie Realizations: Week 1

BY Newbie April 16th, 2011

" Week 1 of Pick Up Ok so I have to say I started off on a good foot, leaving the Hotseat ..."

Drama of an up and comer

BY tycho! April 16th, 2011

" Thursday night (you can read my fr) blows me away. Almost got punched in the face by a b..."

Newbie: A little about me

BY Newbie April 16th, 2011

" A little about me: I'm an average guy, with average flaws and perfections. At the momen..."

15th April in field

BY Gyalist April 16th, 2011

"  Went out last night to Inferno's in Clapham for anyone in London that knows. I am ..."

Night 6, week 5?

BY AZmagic April 16th, 2011

" I don't even know which week it is. I just know I've been doing it since I broke up with..."

self amusement.

BY hughrock April 16th, 2011

" i'm not really getting a good response when self-amusing....but i genuinely don't give a..."
Awesome F

Night one: Rise whore

BY Awesome F April 16th, 2011

"   Got back in the zone but 80% of it is staying out and being around. Went in wi..."