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January 25th, 2015


BY Acro21 February 1st, 2011

" I found something that I hadn't fully grasped before - Passion! It came from conversat..."


BY nickseaman February 1st, 2011

" Health -4L water yes  -Salad yes -Gym yes -Ab ripper x no -Hockey game ye..."
Dan Da Man

It begins yo

BY Dan Da Man February 1st, 2011

"    So I finally went to a club. Scared as shit before me and my friend got the..."

Valueing older people, positvie psychological practice by elspeth stirling

BY Desired February 1st, 2011

" "positive psychology is the scientific study and theory of those factors and processes t..."

For all you intellectual geniuses out there...

BY Desired January 31st, 2011

" Being happy by tal ben shahar offers fresh perspective on what it means to be a pimp. c..."
Wild Cougar

The Dark Adonis Back?

BY Wild Cougar January 31st, 2011

" So curiosity got the better of me and I broke down and texted Darius. “Hey, I haven..."

A New Awakening, a New Goal.

BY Acro21 January 31st, 2011

" I've found lately that I'm very at peace with myself, which is a good thing. Living in "..."

1st day getting momentum back...

BY LifeofDesign January 31st, 2011

" So, today is the first day for me to get back going in the right direction after falling..."


BY nickseaman January 31st, 2011

" -Gym yes -4L water no -Get my salad intake no -No fast food yes -Say Hi to Randoms a co..."


BY aurelius January 31st, 2011

" fuck this girl that i was seeing in february just got into a relationship. i kept puttin..."


BY pua4play January 31st, 2011

" Ok, so I want to talk about something that may come as a surprise to you...  This ..."

Let's talk about Approaching, Opening, Bullies and Family Guy

BY Aldo25 January 30th, 2011

" This is the second field report that I write, so I would appreciate some Pointers, Exper..."

Field report_101

BY travis_bickle January 30th, 2011

" Kindly guide me as i am just a beginner (a RAFC) Lemme get straight to it. Today I ..."

here's a good one

BY jackson10 January 30th, 2011

" it is very true that the dogs of doom stand at the doors of destiny. you aproach the goa..."

First Field Report on RSD NAtion (I need some pointers)

BY Aldo25 January 30th, 2011

" Well this is my first report here, but not the first time I go out and practice my game,..."

no such thing as failure

BY tycho! January 30th, 2011

" I had to keep reminding myself, as the night progressed decades into itself. I am stunne..."
Don corleon

Field Report

BY Don corleon January 30th, 2011

"  I was going to go chill with my friend and his so called crew. However, due to fu..."

Participate in the world

BY Full_intent~ January 30th, 2011

" Life is so much fun. And you only live life to the fullest and realize this when you are..."

what i want clearly defined

BY jackson10 January 30th, 2011

" 2 or 3 times a week to hang out with and have sex with beautiful girls who ADD good..."
Johnny Truelove

Building High Self-Esteem

BY Johnny Truelove January 29th, 2011

" Hey guys I stumbled upon this great article on self-esteem. In my opinion this guy gives..."

2. After you stop being afraid of f-closing, it starts happening naturaly.

BY NotBilly January 29th, 2011

" "After you stop being afraid of f-closing, it starts happening naturaly.", he said to me..."

1. Let's get this started

BY NotBilly January 29th, 2011

" Hello. My name is not Billy, but I will not tell you what it is, so don't bother asking...."
Johnny G

Johnny G: Beginnings

BY Johnny G January 29th, 2011

" Hi guys! I'm Johnny G and this is my intro! I got into RSD because I found it hard to ge..."

Aproach Anxiety - be solution focused

BY flux January 29th, 2011

" Don't focus on the problem, focus on the solution. Habit and Momentum Maintain a habit..."

Social Sets - Not Warm Up Sets

BY flux January 29th, 2011

" Be Social It's okay to go out and talk to people without the purpose of either pick-up ..."