October 31st, 2014

Thursday 12:07 November 11 2010.

BY SickBoy November 10th, 2010

" Today.... during the afternoon I tried txting this girl that I have a huge crush on si..."

Meaningful Relationships

BY aurelius November 10th, 2010

" I just read an article of a PU Coach about how after traveling for an year and doing hun..."

Call To Action

BY aurelius November 10th, 2010

" I really don't think i can keep up the daily writing, maybe weekly because all this..."

Having hard to say no.

BY bagua November 9th, 2010

" I have certain boundaries in my life. But one I find hard to maintain is saying no when..."

How to watch free movies online

BY justink68 November 9th, 2010

" Personal computers and web has fully transformed and supplied a new meaning to enjoyment..."

Awareness of Limiting Beliefs

BY aurelius November 9th, 2010

" I'm going to write all the beliefs I have about myself, so that I have a conscious ..."

Thoughts on Girlfriends and Longterm Success

BY aurelius November 9th, 2010

" Continuing with my daily post commitment. I woke up feeling anxious after having a dream..."

Being assertive

BY Full_intent~ November 8th, 2010

" I always found it hard to be assertive when interacting with people who are older or wit..."
Awesome F

Day 8 of Awesome 30 days of Pick up, Saying yes saying no.

BY Awesome F November 8th, 2010

" Day 8: Int; Work .............mid afternoon, This journey has taken turn and the chall..."
Cadillac Jones

Money Matters

BY Cadillac Jones November 8th, 2010

" Ive really embraced my decision power and my life is a lot better as a result. Once I re..."

Tuesday November ninth 3:18am 2010.

BY SickBoy November 8th, 2010

" Tonight I couldnt sleep so I whent for a little stroll to visit a girl I am friends with..."


BY Full_intent~ November 8th, 2010

" I went out to some club and I approached one girl at the beginning of the evening. And s..."

Hunger For Abundance

BY aurelius November 8th, 2010

" wow i feel like shit right now. i was just chatting with one of my girls on skype, and i..."

been experimenting with online dating

BY ChPalmer November 8th, 2010

"   I havent been going out regularly in a while.  I cant remember the last..."

Windows Mobile 7: Einrichten Ihrer Windows Live ID

BY jojozhang1 November 8th, 2010

" 08,11.Windows Mobile 7 ist geplant, um in den USA ab 8. November starten. Um Ihnen die N..."

Atlanta PUA - Wing wanted

BY JhettBlack November 8th, 2010

" Im looking for a wing with more experiance than me that i can learn from,  like som..."

Achieving State Independence Thru Repetition

BY aurelius November 7th, 2010

" I don't feel like writing right now because I feel in my head and tired, but I will..."
Awesome F

FR Awesome Day Seven - Meltdown, overwhelmed Pua nightmare Success.

BY Awesome F November 7th, 2010

" Day 7: all day: - Interior bed. November 7th 2010. Me: I have been in bed since Frid..."
Awesome F

FR Awesome Day one -

BY Awesome F November 7th, 2010

"   Day one: Morning: - Interior Awesome bedroom. November 1st 2010. Awesome F: ..."

Outgamed, outsmarted and outplayed by a balding ginger junior doctor.

BY Shotters November 7th, 2010

"  So another night of game... ended up with me getting owned by a superbitch who wip..."


BY Arnaut November 7th, 2010

"  I am currently at an impasse. I have relatively-bad logistics: I live in a very q..."

The long way is the fastest way!

BY LifeofDesign November 6th, 2010

" I think this is a concept you just cant get when youre young. People tell you to take yo..."

Game Reset

BY Shotters November 6th, 2010

"  So I have been away for the past year.  Most of that time outside of the coun..."

11/6/2010 Back to square one.

BY venkaytor November 6th, 2010

" Wow... it's been a while. I'm out of touch. I'm rusty. I couldn't pick up a bitch in hea..."
Starlight 1987


BY Starlight 1987 November 6th, 2010

" l ..."