April 18th, 2015

Meet to Sex 4 Hours

BY joshuawagoner19 April 10th, 2015

" Whatup yall?! it is wayy past my bedtime, but i just got laid so i thought i would throw..."

Meditation Vs. Masturbation

BY RSDHouse April 9th, 2015

" For anyone who meditates regularly, it becomes apparent that meditation just generates g..."
Dr. Destruction

"Life Imitates Art"- Oscar Wilde

BY Dr. Destruction April 9th, 2015

" I'll be busy this weekend and possibly the next, so here's a couple mastermind episodes...."

Creating an ecosystem of positive emotions

BY joshuawagoner19 April 8th, 2015

" So ever since about the new year i have been trying to get back into sleeping with girls..."

Fighting the propaganda/commercials with the dream machine

BY Matrim April 8th, 2015

" So I had a big realization today while working on my frameset for being. Let’s start w..."

Relax, Man

BY RSDHouse April 7th, 2015

" So I've been studying some stuff about sexual auras/energy today because I like to expan..."

There's Something Missing

BY RSDHouse April 7th, 2015

" It's been some year so far with a few peaks and troughs emotionally. Going from being in..."
Dr. Destruction

Dr Destruction Mastermind Program Is Live

BY Dr. Destruction April 7th, 2015

" So let's try this one more time. We amplify by 10x!Discussion topics:-The Fundamentals o..."

My Game

BY RSDHouse April 6th, 2015

" Owen brought up a very interesting thing in the Miami summit video that I came to realiz..."

Liars And Fakers Pt. 2: Why Women Are More "Intuitive"

BY RSDHouse April 6th, 2015

" The idea that women are somehow inherently more intuitive than men is a widespread idea ..."

Liars And Fakers

BY RSDHouse April 6th, 2015

" There's liars and fakers everywhere. College is overrun with these fuckers. All these gu..."

The non-existing mind and the meta-mind

BY Matrim April 6th, 2015

" I discovered yesterday when trying to explain meta-mind, it is un observable because to ..."
Dr. Destruction

Going To Blow People Up On Bootcamp

BY Dr. Destruction April 6th, 2015

" Just recorded another mastermind episode, packing up tonight for an extended campaign on..."

alcohol and game continuted

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno April 6th, 2015

" drinking throws off my calibration. i have a hard time feeling where im at. i am not es..."

alcohol and game

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno April 6th, 2015

" had an interesting weeked, keep falling into bad patterns, drinking too much, not taking..."

Inner Game Growth. Love IT!

BY K_O_H April 5th, 2015

" Since my last blog I feel I’ve had a huge inner game growth spurt. It’s cool to thin..."
Dr. Destruction

Yoga Class Game (Boobies Poppin Out + Thighs + Ass= FTW)

BY Dr. Destruction April 4th, 2015

" Just recorded a mastermind episode this morning, and well... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOL!Talk..."

Categorizing Behavior

BY NormanFuller April 4th, 2015

" Since there is no posting lately I thought I would rant a bit.I'm by no means a social w..."

consciousness finding my way back

BY Matrim April 4th, 2015

" I have come to the conclusion that universe is a game we visit thru the brain. That we a..."
Dr. Destruction

The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton Official Review

BY Dr. Destruction April 3rd, 2015

" Official book review on The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killer..."

THE Path to SUCCESS: Tallest girl I've ever talked to

BY sebasr96 April 3rd, 2015

" As I said before I'm gonna log the most important interactions that occurred in the nigh..."

holy shit, virgins bleed?

BY lindsayss April 3rd, 2015

" holy shit guys i just had my first lay this week, i used neil strauss's message techniqu..."
Dr. Destruction

The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton Review III

BY Dr. Destruction April 2nd, 2015

" The book explores the evolutionary origins of psychopaths, and it's less mean counterpar..."

Field report April 2 2015

BY imaginary April 2nd, 2015

" Yo dudesAnother quick report.So I'm in Muenster, Germany, the city of students and shitt..."

The Awakening of Gaia

BY Matrim April 2nd, 2015

" So amazing things is happening seems like ppl is going to work to make the new earth. Th..."