October 24th, 2014

Spiritual Manifesto Day 2, goals

BY Matrim October 14th, 2014

" Dicking around================================================Put your game on steroids ..."
Billy Madison


BY Billy Madison October 14th, 2014

" Chris Farley was one of my favourite actors. He was a great man who loved to entertain.I..."
Dr. Destruction

Warning Signs For The Zombie Apocalypse

BY Dr. Destruction October 13th, 2014

" There's a remote village in mainland China, where an old doctor is called because peopl..."

Spiritual manifesto Day 1 of the free offer =)

BY Matrim October 13th, 2014

"  My passionate love lair, with a place for mediation.P.SThe a chair is more than just t..."
Martin Zett

The Milf massacre period pull – What the hell 12.10.2014

BY Martin Zett October 13th, 2014

" The Milf massacre period pull – What the hell Dear Readers,I hope you enjoy your time..."

My Rite of Passage - Embarking on my Journey

BY YourHoliness October 13th, 2014

" This is the beginning of my rite of passage. This is the point where I'll begin to shed ..."

Hollow October

BY LaSaga October 13th, 2014

" Hanging out with my usual buddies that I've known for years playing bball today and the ..."
Dr. Destruction

Ebola Virus: The Black Plague Is Spreading

BY Dr. Destruction October 12th, 2014

" The scariest virus known to man is coming to a city near you. Run. Excuse the fear mo..."

Field Report 11/10/2014

BY Zeds October 12th, 2014

"      Last night was a very interesting night as I hadn't been out on a saturday night..."


BY Dupree1 October 12th, 2014

" Tonight I was billy no mates and ended up going back to my roots. The low end venues... ..."

Passed the indifference threshold

BY Matrim October 12th, 2014

" So yesterday it happend, how to describe it. It's sort feels like the first time I exper..."

The Neutral Night & The Female Marketer

BY RSDAristotle October 12th, 2014

" Today I went to a Viking party and drank a ton of alcohol. I ended up having a blast and..."

Ahhh Restlessness

BY ~DiamondCreator~ October 11th, 2014

" So, today I was having a discussion with my sister regarding the whole Ben Affleck, Bill..."
Dr. Destruction

Top Dog: The Science of Winning And Losing Book Review

BY Dr. Destruction October 11th, 2014

" I was going to write about Megan Fox's panties showing (and the people on the internet w..."

The "Your A Player", The Vodka Gummy Bears & The Phillipino Pasada

BY RSDAristotle October 11th, 2014

" Okay so I remember from before that the reason I had great nights were due to this "proc..."

Rant: Why it's hard for me to do things

BY k8 October 11th, 2014

" Look, I don't want to sound like a victim here, but this is just gonna be me telling you..."


BY Dupree1 October 11th, 2014

" Tonight I'm with Wally, and Foxy turns up later with Guitar hero aka G. Just do slight m..."
Dr. Destruction

The Case For Reading Fiction Over Non-Fiction?

BY Dr. Destruction October 10th, 2014

" Thoughts on whether non-fiction or fiction reigns supreme, and the pros and cons to both..."

Game is simple

BY SRBPickup October 10th, 2014

" In one hand game is fucking simple.How???If you had female friends during your high scho..."

The Story of How I Got Into Game

BY Glenn October 10th, 2014

" Hi, I'm Glenn and I grew up in a small village in Belgium.I started out as a complete ne..."

Operation Absurdity, To defile a virgin's anus (again)

BY liviodinaj October 9th, 2014

" so I decided after going through a big reflexive and introspective period, the post brea..."
Dr. Destruction

The Science Behind Winners In Life V

BY Dr. Destruction October 9th, 2014

" This is the last piece on Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing by Po Bronson and A..."
H34rt o' beast

Life upgrade post week analysis

BY H34rt o' beast October 9th, 2014

" Total number of sets approached last week= 5My goal to increase my lay rate to 1 new gir..."

Facebook game

BY nikikica October 9th, 2014

" This post is about facebook game. I try to game girls on facebook and I must admit that ..."

References With Mediocre Girls Are Just As Good As Any Other!

BY Euphoric October 9th, 2014

" Went out with a 5 tonight and had several goals in mind about what I wanted to accomplis..."