July 31st, 2015

The scandal is about to start, may the goddess be at my side. The zen game forcast.

BY Matrim July 25th, 2015

" OMG, I don't feel at ready at all with this. I need to talk to James, but once I got med..."


BY veganhuman July 25th, 2015

" I met 2 jeremies yesterdayI saw a bottle of coca cola on the lfoor with the name jeremy ..."


BY TGMShawn July 25th, 2015

" Breakdown of Night:Heading out to street:- Did some warm up sets before getting on the t..."

FR 7/24/2015

BY RSDHouse July 25th, 2015

" I was out out with a few wings tonight downtown but I mostly did my own thing, bar hoppi..."

First money from the book starts to fall in

BY Matrim July 25th, 2015

" Gaah, this feels good. It comes faster this time. Well haha so for it's the best I have ..."


BY bravobravado July 25th, 2015

" What do I want out of this life of mine? These ten words have a way of coming up whenev..."
Dr. Destruction

Inspiring & Powerful Women's Role Models III

BY Dr. Destruction July 25th, 2015

" "Sometimes you think you should go in one direction, but it doesn't work out or feel rig..."

Building The Reality That I Want

BY RSDAristotle July 24th, 2015

" I'm slowly building the reality that I want. I think it's time for a girlfriend. Or jus..."

Talks With Francisco

BY RSDAristotle July 24th, 2015

" I head into the Howling Moon super early. Almost 9:30. Some oldies seduce me, end up ki..."

A new version of the Disturbia reach Sweden as Terror and Criminal wars break out with military weapons

BY Matrim July 24th, 2015

" Well shit is getting more and more crazy right now here in Sweden. I am finding myself s..."

ain't nobody

BY veganhuman July 24th, 2015

" 2 girls treated me of a dicki met a japanese woman3 girls aproached meone other woman ap..."

Never Approached Anyone? Here's What You Need to Know

BY gaminginlondono... July 24th, 2015

" It's tough, but here's the deal. Don't pump yourself up. When you see her say hi within ..."

FR 7/23/2015

BY RSDHouse July 24th, 2015

" Just got back from Pourhouse with my  wing. This may be one of my rougher nights. Lots ..."
Dr. Destruction

Inspiring & Powerful Women's Role Models II

BY Dr. Destruction July 24th, 2015

" "Although I am a huge proponent of formal education, a real life education can be extrem..."

Field Report 7/23/2015

BY TGMShawn July 24th, 2015

" Went out for 30 minutes to do some quick approaches and keep momentum going. Was extreme..."

3 Most Important Things You Have To Do In Each Set

BY Justin_Mack July 23rd, 2015

" 1) Add to the fun2) Be Challenging3) Commanding (Breaking Rapport Tonality) Check out m..."

more options please

BY veganhuman July 23rd, 2015

" This lady told us.Either we kill the old people or we make more children.I was like: wha..."

Focus Notes

BY RSDAristotle July 23rd, 2015

" All My Lays And Success Were Due To:Reading Alabaster GirlUsing Tylers Six StepsBeing In..."

First Tinder Date/Meetup EVER

BY RSDAristotle July 23rd, 2015

" The way the human brain works, is that it loves variability. You never want to be predic..."

Day 4 of day 5 of the Angel Blueprint free offer. What to expect.

BY Matrim July 23rd, 2015

" Well shity mic but today I will go thru what you can expect of the angel blueprint. Wel..."

FR 7/22/2015

BY RSDHouse July 23rd, 2015

" There was some parade downtown that I was completely unaware of. I opened a few sets on ..."
Marielle Holmes

Tried and true kitchen remodeling advice

BY Marielle Holmes July 23rd, 2015

" The kitchen is the most frequently remodeled room in the home. It’s the first to show ..."
Dr. Destruction

Inspiring & Powerful Women's Role Models

BY Dr. Destruction July 23rd, 2015

" "A good idea is just a starting point. Everybody has them all day long; everybody has a ..."

Hustled for hours in San Fransisco - banged a fattie in a hostel bathroom

BY ~DiamondCreator~ July 22nd, 2015

" tl;dr Went out on a weekday, got a few numbers, didn’t get hot chicks, banged a fattie..."

summer of love

BY McGrath July 22nd, 2015

" Going out every single night in NY for the past week and a half.At first I was just gett..."