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February 1st, 2015

With The Inevitable Destination Of Death...

BY Justin_Mack January 26th, 2015

"     I'm sure you heard this before, but we all share the same fate and that is death...."

Why You Should Watch An RSD Video Every Day

BY RSDHouse January 26th, 2015

" It's been a while but anyways I felt like I had some value I could offer by writing this..."

Day 8: Scraps at Ralphs & CVS

BY Steve711 January 26th, 2015

" Today was a disappointing day. I'm kind of sick so I decided Id just do 30 minutes of da..."
Dr. Destruction

Los Angeles Free Tour + Hot Seat Adventures

BY Dr. Destruction January 25th, 2015

" Important lessons and other things that went down at this weekend's LA Free Tour + Hot S..."

What I Wanted When I Got Into The Game Is Exactly What I Got Out Of It (and ten times better)

BY MakeItHappen January 25th, 2015

" In my opinion, there are three different benefits you can get out of the game. First, th..."

was getting lost in all the pickup bullshit, but Starting to figure it out actually. Had a good pull and lay last night though

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno January 25th, 2015

" i feel like ive regressed in some way. i say this, even though last night i pulled a pre..."

Abundance And "Owing It To The Girl"

BY RSDAristotle January 25th, 2015

" Last night we went to a college party, and these parties are usually the shit. They star..."
Jwelve Spade

Every Sex Position Ever Invented + more

BY Jwelve Spade January 25th, 2015

" In this link you will find every thing you need to fuck like a pornstar http://www.sexi..."

Working on my book, waiting for girl and her friend =)

BY Matrim January 25th, 2015

" So the writing goes good, the working title is: Masculin polar grooming. Its a bit funny..."

Day 7: Art Gallery Opening Party

BY Steve711 January 25th, 2015

" I was a little sick today, but not to break the 30 Day Challenge, I headed out to meet m..."

Give Up Everything You Think You Know About Women

BY _Nova_ January 25th, 2015

" What's up, What's up. Nova here, writing yet another weekly update. For this weeks upda..."

Day Fifteen

BY drapey January 24th, 2015

" Oh shit! I spent 3 hours with a 34 year old... she drove me down to the beach and we sur..."

Day 6: Day-Game on Campus

BY Steve711 January 24th, 2015

" Today I had 90 minutes to game on campus. I was exhausted before hand and if it weren't ..."

Ego comes in, it was expected I am ready.

BY Matrim January 24th, 2015

" All I have worked for is about to burst in to my life, it's crazy. What I teach help me ..."

She's a 10, no she's a dirt 5 fingering herself to you

BY S.A.M January 24th, 2015

" Went out last night to a couple of different spots last night then eventually ended up b..."

I figured out how to do self depreciation humor

BY AmIBeingDetained January 24th, 2015

" Just imagine what someones ego might be putting together for why it is that they are sup..."

I was talking about leavin' a couple days ago but I just can't seem to wanting to post stuff here lol

BY AmIBeingDetained January 23rd, 2015

" just got the julien world tour official announcement email we've all been waitin' for an..."

Day Fourteen

BY drapey January 23rd, 2015

" I didn't have time to go out today so I went through all the numbers in my phone and cal..."

How to Sing With Confidence

BY hamiltonlives January 23rd, 2015

" Stage fright often has the ability to keep talented individuals from doing their best. T..."

Where to Learn Singing and Flourish As a Beginner

BY hamiltonlives January 23rd, 2015

" Singing is something we all feel the urge to do from time to time. Often our moods dicta..."

Day 5: Day-Game on Campus

BY Steve711 January 23rd, 2015

" So today I only had 30 minutes between classes to go out and game. I quickly approached ..."

How to Start My Singing Career

BY hamiltonlives January 23rd, 2015

" If you have been wondering how to start my singing career, you may have been inspired by..."

Singing Videos For Beginners

BY hamiltonlives January 23rd, 2015

" Most people love to sing and could be very good singers if they had the right teachers a..."

Day Thirteen

BY drapey January 22nd, 2015

" Lessons:1) Make yourself feel worse to make yourself feel better2) Be more Self-assertiv..."

Day 4- Day-game on Campus

BY Steve711 January 22nd, 2015

" So today I had 45 minutes between classes to devote to gaming up girls on campus. I was ..."