December 17th, 2014

We Have Been Raised As Misguided Men

BY bravobravado December 6th, 2014

" The principals in seduction are of extreme value for masculine development, but the unde..."

How Drinking Lost Me A Threesome

BY RSDAristotle December 6th, 2014

" We got theres super late. It was a collge dorm party with a DJ and lots of girls for me ..."

Attraction level is crazy

BY Matrim December 6th, 2014

" So I have succeded with what I desided to do 14 month ago, I have created the inner game..."
Dr. Destruction

Having Heart Attack Watching My Infield Footage

BY Dr. Destruction December 6th, 2014

" Last blog post until Monday so, here's a treat. In Philadelphia, there's this undergroun..."

Field Report 04/12/2014

BY Zeds December 5th, 2014

" After quite a heavy night the previous night, I was unsure if I was going to go out last..."


BY bravobravado December 5th, 2014

" No matter how hard you try, or how good you think you’re doing, absolutely nothing is ..."

Any people in Düsseldorf, Germany who are doing Pick up?

BY sidney69 December 5th, 2014

" Hey there,I  want to go out a lot and become really good at picking up girls.I am livin..."
Dr. Destruction

Sometimes A Man Rises From The Darkness

BY Dr. Destruction December 4th, 2014

" "I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blin..."

Field Report 03/12/2014

BY Zeds December 4th, 2014

" I wasn't really expecting to be doing anything last night, but as it was one of my frien..."

Story of a Hardcase

BY Johnny Quickie December 4th, 2014

" I’m posting this mostly out self interest, to get an objective view on my situation, b..."
Dr. Destruction

In The Light Destiny Shall Seduce You

BY Dr. Destruction December 3rd, 2014

" She's such a fickle minded beast...I'm not the most spiritual person, but everybody's jo..."

The last reminence of the negative ego (I belive)

BY Matrim December 3rd, 2014

" So, fucking greate, I have dreams that tells me that I have integrated body mind and sou..."


BY fredericaru December 3rd, 2014

" 22 ..."

Just do It

BY jwetz December 3rd, 2014

" Jola People!These past weeks and months for me have literally flown by like a flock of s..."

A KING In His Kingdom

BY bravobravado December 3rd, 2014

" I've found that the quickest way to convey high value is to constantly give value.I've b..."
Dr. Destruction

Ha! The Science of When We Laugh & Why By Scott Weems

BY Dr. Destruction December 2nd, 2014

" The book is called Ha! The Science of When We Laugh and Why by Scott Weems.Looks like RS..."

How to Talk to Women in Person - 4 Tips To Make You Get Better At Making Conversation

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" There is one skill that you ABSOLUTELY have to possess if you are ever going to get real..."

Approaching Women With Confidence - 3 Tips That Will Make It Seem EASY to Approach a Woman

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" If I asked you to associate a word with approaching women, would you use the word easy? ..."

Why Do Women Reject Men - 3 VERY Common Reasons Why It Happens

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" There are lots of different reasons why a woman might reject a guy and the truth is, som..."

Best way to come off over the counter prescribed tablets for Epilepsy

BY Dudley December 2nd, 2014

" Hey, I'm 27. I've been taking tablets for 2 years now that the doctor prescribed to me. ..."

How Do I Get a Girlfriend? 3 Tips That Will Help You Get One Quickly

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" Just about every guy has pondered, how do I get a girlfriend at some point in their life..."

Student getting rid of pain body

BY Matrim December 2nd, 2014

" After a night out with the student his pain body and ego was clearly active as we went o..."

How to Find a Quality Girlfriend - 3 Tips for Getting The Right Woman

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" Some guys seem to just want to find any girlfriend, like they don't really care who they..."

How to Come Across Like a Real Alpha Male - 3 Tips to Give Off the Right Vib

BY uadialej December 2nd, 2014

" Every guy knows that there are some men that seem to give off the right vibe to women, t..."
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