August 22nd, 2014

Get a Special Shifting Corporation at a Reasonable Amount

BY shiv16 August 13th, 2014

" In order to recognize regarding which often transferring organization operates nicely, a..."

Understand the Shifting Agencies Ahead of Having Their Shifting Services

BY shiv16 August 13th, 2014

" Be sure you tag all of your physical objects within the effective approach and therefore..."

Seek the Services of a Well known Relocating Company for Shifting Your Items

BY shiv16 August 13th, 2014

" It is observed there are a few transferring firms which often cost those that have the a..."

2 Set Game

BY Daddylove August 13th, 2014

" Lessons:1. one leads, the other one follows. If two guys try to lead at the same time, i..."

Monday 8/11/14

BY chipferguson August 13th, 2014

" Set up a day 2 with Ashley. Arrived at the bar in decent state, freedom of outcome, and ..."

Russians, Texans, Korean Girl and Free Vodka

BY DeNiro August 13th, 2014

" The other night at a family reunion dinner we a had a cute waitress. I checked her a out..."

My first same night lay, first hottie, first public sex: The game is real

BY Dominant August 12th, 2014

" ~~Got my first same night lay with a hot chick. This was also the first time I have ever..."

Fucked up past... still standing

BY Rsdwillvils August 12th, 2014

" In order to know where you are going, you must accept where came from, i'm the perfect e..."

Day 11: Feeling The Hurt

BY 30DayChallenge69 August 12th, 2014

" Working 8-5, going out every night, putting my body into all sorts of stressful situatio..."

​Dealing with coworkers in order to stay effective

BY Matrim August 12th, 2014

" The spirit/soul that is you stand outside above your mind and body, in the divine light ..."

Testing Blog

BY Macavity August 12th, 2014

" Test ..."
Billy Madison

BE ALWAYS FULL OF SUPRISES! Give The Girl Something New To Learn!

BY Billy Madison August 12th, 2014

" First of all, girls are not stupid. They live in emotion and in the back of their minds ..."

First Night out in over a month

BY sdfghplaya August 12th, 2014

" I've had summer school for the past month at the same time as still working full time. T..."

I'm married (+ Infield)

BY Rsdwillvils August 12th, 2014

" (I'm the one in the yellow) Awesome night, picking up girls with my bro.Me: Hey you! Com..."

It's about more than just...

BY Rsdwillvils August 12th, 2014

" Pickup is more than just meeting a girl and having a meaningless interaction, It's about..."

Fuck off i fucking hate you (+INSANE INFIELD REPORT)

BY Rsdwillvils August 12th, 2014

" It's Thursday, time 8:25 pm (Open to close, plus Day 2)I see a smoking hot 9-10 i'll let..."

rejections while starting game

BY Jean Roqua August 12th, 2014

" Just starting to game.Started approaching more and more shit was going awesome a couple ..."

Blokeman's 30-day Daygame Challenge, 2nd Attempt

BY blokeman August 11th, 2014

" Failing my previous Daygame Challenge was a blow to my self-esteem and has been hurting ..."

Getting in to focus again

BY Matrim August 11th, 2014

" So, I have been having alot of headackes lattly at work, I was looking for why that is. ..."

Day: 10 My Ego Has To Go

BY 30DayChallenge69 August 11th, 2014

" It has become evident that, after 10 straight days out at the bars that I have a bit of ..."

havent been gaming for many days

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno August 11th, 2014

" my life is in pieces all around me, got too consumed with this game shitim broke, and be..."

Chodeing out again: Calling it for what it is...

BY Dominant August 11th, 2014

" Fuck my ego. I was at the mall today and I did not approach even though I had every int..."

Scooby's NOBNOM Challenge Day 1

BY Scoobs August 10th, 2014

" Painting the decor: A NOBNOM challenge is a 30 day challlenge where you don't engage in ..."

Agenda to Actually Keep Improving

BY MasterPimpX August 10th, 2014

" One way I'm going to improve my game is to approach as many girls as I can and get as mu..."

August 30-Day Challenge - Day 9

BY OverweightBoxer August 10th, 2014

" Synopsis: POV field material - First Person shooter styleDay-8: Saturday 8.9.2014Differ..."