October 9th, 2015

Lay / Close Field Report - September 12 2015

BY EJRXXX October 2nd, 2015

" Got another lay report for you cunts even though its a few weeks late ;)Britanya:So I'm ..."

FR 10/1/2015

BY RSDHouse October 2nd, 2015

" I was fuckin killin it tonight. Just like last time, I went into a really relaxed state ..."

Field Report 10/2/2015

BY TGMShawn October 2nd, 2015

" Okay I'm gonna make this FR quick since I have a test tomorrow. I only did one approach ..."

2 Oktober

BY DaveTheBrave October 2nd, 2015

" What the fuck is going on? I really dont need to write(?) (wtf brainfreeze how did i spe..."

Hitting the field after 10 months.

BY One-off October 2nd, 2015

" If you've read some post from me you might already know I planned to start hitting the f..."

To tyler on coping vs thriving,hope it adds value

BY MegaMind October 1st, 2015

" Hi,heard this talk,its pretty cool,so check it out!  Mas love for you guys. ..."

symmetry is the way

BY veganhuman October 1st, 2015

" I just want to add:Boredom is the wayForward is the waySymmetry is the wayFirst I though..."

Russia seems to be cross eyed

BY Matrim October 1st, 2015

" So Russia did not hold their promis instead they attacked rebells in the syrian area. Th..."
Dr. Destruction

How One Man Built 14 Consecutive #1 Movies

BY Dr. Destruction October 1st, 2015

" If you asked most movie loving people who the most successful producer or director of fi..."

FR 09/30/15

BY Squirtle October 1st, 2015

" FR 09/30/15:Daily Challenge:I challenged myself to go night game (basically just get out..."

end of blog

BY veganhuman September 30th, 2015

" I cn now live by myself without the compny of othersII am going to write on paper nowI d..."

U.S.A start to move over to the green meme (Integral theroy) Thank you Obama

BY Matrim September 30th, 2015

" Woow.. Haha I love this shit, to see the world evolve in a ever higher speed. :) There i..."

What to do when you make mistakes.

BY One-off September 30th, 2015

" If you make a mistake in life at something, how do you handle it? From my experience han..."

Field Report 9/29/2015 + infield exercises from Todd

BY TGMShawn September 30th, 2015

" Did 30 minutes of daygame today. Quick Breakdown:- I had Massive AA so I approached som..."
Dr. Destruction

Zeus, Prometheus, & Pandora's Box

BY Dr. Destruction September 30th, 2015

" Think back to the time of our ancestors.Consider the impact on a hunting party of a long..."

FR 09/29/15

BY Squirtle September 30th, 2015

" FR 09/29/15:I didn’t make a specific challenge for today. I just intended to do five a..."

Be Polarizing To Guarantee Same Night Lay (Infield)

BY Justin_Mack September 30th, 2015

" What up Pimps, I got infield of a pull I had and what made this pull epic was that I ha..."

Car Accident Crutches Game

BY RSDXtro September 29th, 2015

" So my car flipped over this morning. I'm alive and still pretty, but I've got crutches a..."

Field Report 9/26/2015

BY TGMShawn September 29th, 2015

" Couldn't go out on Friday night since my mom was in town. However I was able to pimp it ..."

27 september

BY DaveTheBrave September 28th, 2015

" 27 september Kjøkken og barBegynner virkelig å elske meg selv og Halgeir og hvordan v..."

FR 09/27/15

BY Squirtle September 28th, 2015

" FR 09/27/15:Daily Challenge:I didn’t have any daily challenge slated for the day.Set 1..."

26 september

BY DaveTheBrave September 28th, 2015

" 26 desJonh's Med Mathias og Halgeir, fy faen for en taper start på kvelden ..."

25 september

BY DaveTheBrave September 28th, 2015

" 25 september Jonh's Approaches: 10? Starta kvelden på vei bort til jonh's med henke ..."

19 september

BY DaveTheBrave September 28th, 2015

" 19 september With Erlend og BennyApproaches:5-6Best set was the first one at trompeten,..."

17 september

BY DaveTheBrave September 28th, 2015

" 17 septemberJonh's med Halgeir Approaches: 4 stkGikk (først) bort til en blond og brun..."