July 5th, 2015

Lessons From Assisting: What I Learned From RSD Derek (Repost)

BY RSDHouse June 29th, 2015

" Found this gem and had to add it to my blog. Shouts out to Lucien for posting this last ..."

Quit smoking the thougt of cigarettes make me sick

BY Matrim June 29th, 2015

" Haha well this work really good if you need help. ..."
Dr. Destruction

Derek & Tyler Seattle Free Tour 2015 Lessons

BY Dr. Destruction June 29th, 2015

" "Even if the entire population is driven to extinction, driven down by individual compet..."

FR 6/28/2015

BY RSDHouse June 29th, 2015

" Went out to a food truch fair in uptown with Chenchilla today.Top 3 Sets:HB6/7Prior to r..."

RSD Immersion Program with few little love stories, fucking Do it bitch!

BY CoolWingDude June 28th, 2015

" RSD Immersion program. Do it!!!!!Greetings again, to the coaches of the phenomenal immer..."

good day to die

BY veganhuman June 28th, 2015

" The last day of my job I told my bossTODAY I DIEWell every day is a good day to diebut ..."

Why did I ever drink alcohol? The club is better sober, I am returning to flow.

BY Matrim June 28th, 2015

" So finally after 6 month of basiclly sitting on my as and writing books I am about to co..."

FR 6/27/2015

BY RSDHouse June 28th, 2015

" Just got back from a solo night out downtown doing streetgame.Best set:This girl was par..."
Dr. Destruction

Find Your Vision- Walt Disney's Story of Imagination

BY Dr. Destruction June 28th, 2015

" (yikes, the iPhone can't scroll down or edit the page, but you should get the general id..."

Awakening The Giant Within Notes (LIFE CHANGING)

BY Kora June 27th, 2015

" Awakening The Giant Within This is Anthony Robbins work and i just created notes to it,..."

I stop drinking thx to pickels, world domination close

BY Matrim June 27th, 2015

" Haha well I made an anti-alcohol campain to add wieght to what made me quit. Waking up p..."

FR 6/26/2015

BY RSDHouse June 27th, 2015

" Went downtown with my wing for some streetgame.Best Set:This one was towards the end of ..."


BY veganhuman June 27th, 2015

" looking for a jobmaking people angry is awesomethe art of warpositive asshole. positive ..."
Dr. Destruction

Quotes From Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

BY Dr. Destruction June 27th, 2015

" "Whoever you are.""Wherever you may live.""Whatever occupation you may be engaged in, ju..."

Women Thinking Decoded: Easily Hack Into Her Mind

BY GCEnglish June 26th, 2015

" Hey guys what's up English here and in todays article I want to talk about a major part..."

Notes on scarcity mindset

BY McGrath June 26th, 2015

" There are certain things in life that I take as a barometer for my frequency of consciou..."

The Essence Of Cool: Being Unashamed Of Yourself

BY RSDHouse June 26th, 2015

" S/O to AzureSoul for posting this on the forumA relatively short post today, but no less..."

5 things to improve

BY tudor.fis June 26th, 2015

" Here are 5 things (inspired by Todd)that I will be doing proactively in the next days, w..."

Terror attacks arise in africa and europe

BY Matrim June 26th, 2015

" Gaah fuck here we go again, another night another show. These days are the best to go ou..."
Dr. Destruction

Thirty Major Causes of Failure by Napoleon Hill II

BY Dr. Destruction June 26th, 2015

" So yesterday's post was a list, here's a few of the ones that stood out in the book's ex..."

Lossing my virginity

BY tudor.fis June 26th, 2015

" What I've learned from being a piece of shit - Tudor Fis---Hey guyz,Going to write my pe..."

FR 6/25/2015

BY RSDHouse June 26th, 2015

" Pourhouse Thursdays once again. Lets get down to businessPrior  to even arriving at the..."

Goon Squad

BY pimplimplou June 26th, 2015

" So, I abandon the 1,000 approach challange because it was no fun; also, it was really ma..."

Day 5 - 6/25/2015

BY seandt2967 June 26th, 2015

" Memorable Interaction:Had an endoscopy procedure to figure out why I was having stomach ..."