October 22nd, 2014
H34rt o' beast


BY H34rt o' beast October 18th, 2014

" I'll type up a more thought out review later. Right now I just wanted to type up the eve..."


BY bravobravado October 18th, 2014

" I spent the last four years preparing myself for the training pipeline to become a Navy ..."

Good Music, Good Vibes, & PBR's

BY RSDAristotle October 18th, 2014

" It's weird because I'm starting to "get it". That nothing really matters. There shouldn'..."
Dr. Destruction

Exodus: Goblins and Ghouls Arrive In America

BY Dr. Destruction October 17th, 2014

" I'm looking forward to Ridley Scott X Christian Bale's upcoming Exodus: Gods & Kings fi..."

New discoveries, where being physical is more common (As in DIFFERENT COUNTRIES)

BY DeNiro October 17th, 2014

" I live in Russia, why not let it be known. I enjoy the wonderful girls and the well-filt..."

Why I'm Going To Start Blogging Seriously (And Why You Should Too)

BY MakeItHappen October 17th, 2014

" Sunset - getting ready to go outFor the next two weeks, until the end of October, I'll b..."

Sobriety Is Path To The Highest Paradigm

BY Euphoric October 17th, 2014

" People at my work fucking disgust me.  I haven't met one person there that I actually l..."

Spiritual Manifesto Day 5 the last day, dreams and age

BY Matrim October 17th, 2014

" King cat!=======================================================So a bit about dreams an..."

The Physical Phagocyte

BY RSDAristotle October 17th, 2014

" Learning more to be physicalMore aware, I'm more spiritualTaking it one step at a timeBe..."


BY Dupree1 October 16th, 2014

" I met this girl on a happily on a mistaken night out in bond street. This girl was frien..."
Dr. Destruction

Israel vs. Palestine vs. The Living Dead

BY Dr. Destruction October 16th, 2014

" Excuse yesterday's nonsense of a post, but today we're on phase III of Max Brook's World..."

Spiritual Manifesto Day 4 approach anxiety

BY Matrim October 16th, 2014

" Go carrot!================================================ So only one day left of the ..."
Dr. Destruction

Analyzing My Infield Footage (Powering Bombing Black Girl)

BY Dr. Destruction October 15th, 2014

" So I've been up for the past 30 hours, and I don't exactly feel like talking about zombi..."

Field Report 13/10/2014

BY Zeds October 15th, 2014

"      Last night I went out with some friends and it turned out to be another decent n..."

Doing The Things You Want To Do

BY MakeItHappen October 15th, 2014

" In the Pickup-Community, a lot of focus is put on doing things you don't want to do. To ..."

this new guy Valentino going nuts infield

BY Rsdwillvils October 15th, 2014

" I’ve always been one of those people that likes to give credit where credit is due and..."

Spiritual manifesto Day 3 of the free offer, relieve yourself of cultural pressure

BY Matrim October 14th, 2014

" So todays topic is about how to relieve yourself of cultural pressure. EnjoyUniversal or..."

Blokeman's 50-date Challenge, Date 8

BY blokeman October 14th, 2014

" 9/20/2014Street number close from twelve days earlier. The girl is ten minutes late but ..."
Dr. Destruction

Zombies Spreading Across The World

BY Dr. Destruction October 14th, 2014

" Zombies likely originated from China, and several factors contributed to the plague spre..."

Let my failures be my motivation

BY SweetLu October 14th, 2014

" Day 1 (Sunday Sept 12)Drive up an hour to club. Long line, bribe the bouncer like a boss..."

Do You Know Your GOLDEN Values?

BY Poetus October 14th, 2014

" Right now ask yourself this simple question, "Do you know your values and are you actual..."

Spiritual Manifesto Day 2, goals

BY Matrim October 14th, 2014

" Dicking around================================================Put your game on steroids ..."
Billy Madison


BY Billy Madison October 14th, 2014

" Chris Farley was one of my favourite actors. He was a great man who loved to entertain.I..."
Dr. Destruction

Warning Signs For The Zombie Apocalypse

BY Dr. Destruction October 13th, 2014

" There's a remote village in mainland China, where an old doctor is called because peopl..."

Spiritual manifesto Day 1 of the free offer =)

BY Matrim October 13th, 2014

"  My passionate love lair, with a place for mediation.P.SThe a chair is more than just t..."