February 6th, 2016

Day 22 - Daygame and an important lesson.

BY Steve711 February 3rd, 2016

" Headed out to put in my 30 minutes of daygame today.  When I headed out I was feeling u..."

70 дней личной системы показателей. День 2 ("Самосаботаж из-за высокой планки")

BY DrewYak7 February 3rd, 2016

" Самосаботаж из-за "высокой планки"Сегодня я всю ..."

Getting Into Game and My Past Few Years (DEEP SHIT)

BY silver_fox21 February 3rd, 2016

" Since finding out about RSD I would say a lot of shit has changed. I used to be a porn j..."

Dan Pena's Castle - Dan Peña QLA Seminar First Day (October 2015)

BY Stefanreal February 3rd, 2016

" This is a short vblog I shot on the first day I arrived to Dan's Pena's castle for the $..."

SUCKIT TRUMP! GO HILLARY! Short on passive resistance

BY Matrim February 2nd, 2016

" Fuck yeah Hillary You go girl! Haha.Well comeing to realize that you stand in front of a..."

Pls be Hillary

BY Matrim February 2nd, 2016

" OMG I have never been so engaged in an american allection this year a possible leap over..."

Day 21 - Shaking it Off

BY Steve711 February 2nd, 2016

" Today I headed out for 30 minutes of daygame.  Wanted to shake off yesterdays negativit..."


BY LuisFerSF February 2nd, 2016

" Today was fucking great!!!!So, the girl I met 4 days ago who lives in France leaves tomo..."

70 дней личной системы показателей. День 1 ("Сила микрорешений")

BY DrewYak7 February 1st, 2016

" Сегодня у меня началась новая 70-дневка. И почему-..."

Bathroom Close Field Report

BY Justin_Mack February 1st, 2016

"      I got a quick field report. I want to share my pain so that you guys dont make t..."

Bathroom Close Field Report

BY Justin_Mack February 1st, 2016

"      I got a quick field report. I want to share my pain so that you guys dont make t..."

Back-Alley Blowjob with Ryan From True Development! | Field Report

BY TrueDevelopment February 1st, 2016

" It's 2am and I see this girl on the middle floor of this club near the front door. She h..."

How Vegas Nightlife Is Like & What I Learned

BY RSDAristotle February 1st, 2016

" Vegas Nightlife is actually pretty incredible. When I first came here, I knew nothing. I..."

Well I have a heart beat in come from the books

BY Matrim February 1st, 2016

" Fuck yeah this feels so good 4 people have read my book the first month of sale and they..."

What does RSD Julien' tattoo say?

BY Koreandick February 1st, 2016

" I recently got a tattoo in the same place (inside upper arm) I noticed in a video Julien..."

Day 20 - Disappointing Sunday

BY Steve711 February 1st, 2016

" Was all psyched to daygame all day and kill it.  I even woke up very early (which is a ..."

Day 7 nothing special with this bad weather

BY Ceasers_Komet February 1st, 2016

" I wasn't going to go out today due to the really bad weather. But as soon as it stopped ..."

Insights on Your First Year in Pickup and What You Can Expect

BY Balzyc_Tebog January 31st, 2016

" What Tyler says about 1 year in the game being equivalent to 10 years of social experien..."


BY LuisFerSF January 31st, 2016

" So, today I went to a friends house with another friend to swim and get ready for the pa..."

OMNIA, Elevator Pull + HAKKASAN

BY RSDAristotle January 31st, 2016

" I'm still in Vegas and it's pretty awesome. There's unlimited girls and unlimited things..."

31st Jan 2016 3rd Night out

BY Winger 2.0 January 31st, 2016

" com/watch?v=6dc04LX-1o0  Todd video for future viewing. open to hookCant remember how i..."

The PIMP GAME IS FOR REAL (Field Report 1/30/2016)

BY TGMShawn January 31st, 2016

" Finally pulled from night game! THE PIMP GAME IS REAL.Went out with wing to Honey to swi..."

Room full of zombies!!!

BY Millionbillionaire January 31st, 2016

" Tonight marks the end of my three day streak. Sigh... I will list the positives.First. I..."

Day 6 at boring venue then awesome street.

BY Ceasers_Komet January 31st, 2016

" So I met with my buddy at 3rd st and I was feeling completely like a worthless human bei..."

Day 4 + Day 5

BY Ceasers_Komet January 31st, 2016

" Day 4- I diddnt go out on day 4 due to personal reasons I was dealing with at the moment..."