August 2nd, 2015
Marielle Holmes

Creating an Environmentally Friendly Roof

BY Marielle Holmes July 31st, 2015

" When it comes to building a home, homeowners are leaning more and more toward environmen..."

FR 7/29/15

BY snoking62194 July 31st, 2015

" Field Report7/29/2015 SummaryWent out alone to a few different bars in my hometown.  I..."

Field Report 7/30

BY TGMShawn July 31st, 2015

" Did some solo daygame today. Had a day 2 set up but she flaked.Breakdown of daygame: - ..."


BY bravobravado July 30th, 2015

" “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose..."

"She's a Slut!" Why Slut Shaming is Ruining Your Sex Life

BY gaminginlondono... July 30th, 2015

" She likes to have sex, so what?! Don't you?If you want to get girls you have to GET gir..."

Day 3,

BY thunderous July 30th, 2015

" wow :| day 3 was about figuring out that yet im not prepared for making my own companyl..."
Dr. Destruction

Top Dog: The Science of Winning & Losing by Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman III

BY Dr. Destruction July 30th, 2015

" "Anyone who has been around children knows how easily they withdraw from competition whe..."

24h being at it

BY Matrim July 30th, 2015

" OMG my feet hurts, fuck state does a lot. Nigel and I was talking about going on a romp...."

FR 7/28/2015

BY TGMShawn July 30th, 2015

" Day 2Went out with wing tonight and instadateBreakdown of daygame (at night): - Approac..."

Field Report 7/27/2015

BY snoking62194 July 30th, 2015

" Field Report 7/27/2015 Summary I was supposed to go out with a friend for his 21st down..."

FR 7/23/15

BY snoking62194 July 30th, 2015

" Field Report7/23/2015 Summary  This was my first time at the Pourhouse with my wing. ..."


BY veganhuman July 29th, 2015

" zurich ..."

Navigating Life

BY sdfghplaya July 29th, 2015

" “Do not say, ‘why were the old days better than these?’ For it is not wise to ask ..."

Report epic day game, you are a god. Some wierd infield video

BY Matrim July 29th, 2015

" So Nigel and I meet up at the t-centralen here in Stockholm. I had have some time going ..."

making a bucket list/ sticking points

BY sirfucksalot July 29th, 2015

" intro:my name is asaf ive just found out about real social dynamics soo am here to see w..."


BY veganhuman July 29th, 2015

" Birdman On Lil Wayne: “I Love My Son, He Mean The World To Me”Read more at http://ww..."
Dr. Destruction

Top Dog: The Science of Winning & Losing by Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman II

BY Dr. Destruction July 29th, 2015

" "As in many other societies, Greek status was traditionally conferred by birth.""But the..."
Marielle Holmes

Selling a Home? Replace that Old Roof First

BY Marielle Holmes July 29th, 2015

" Selling a home can be very stressful, especially if you’ve let certain parts of your h..."


BY TGMShawn July 29th, 2015

" Went around dinky with wing than had day 2 at nightBreakdown of daygame:Best Set:There w..."

Day 2,

BY thunderous July 29th, 2015

" In the name of GOD,Hey all,First I should say that day 1 was hard and I'm going to expla..."

Just Cause I Have To?

BY sdfghplaya July 28th, 2015

" The thing that allows us to do anything we want while, at the same time, is usually the ..."

Day 4, Sunday – Dallas Daygame+Nightgame

BY seandt2967 July 28th, 2015

"  Memorable Interactions: I am a little bit sleep-deprived so please bear with me if th..."

How to Date More Than One Woman (and Survive)

BY gaminginlondono... July 28th, 2015

" Dating multiple women can be tricky (especially if you're just getting into it!) Here's ..."

FR 7/27/2015

BY RSDHouse July 28th, 2015

" Hit up Sneaky Petes with my wing for maybe an hour and a half.Right as we walk up, I ope..."

The god within, the gnostic view on sex. Crushing the glass maze.

BY Matrim July 28th, 2015

" So this is sort of a different approach on changing your believes in to seeing yourself ..."