October 31st, 2014

Blokeman's 50-date Challenge, Date 10

BY blokeman October 26th, 2014

" 10/10/2014Facebook close from three weeks earlier. There's has been a lot of facebook ch..."

Yo Tyler!(And Everyone) Universal Principals

BY TheWanderingNomad92 October 26th, 2014

" Yo Owen!(and everyone) loved your vid on universal principles! Could you list here other..."

RSDJimmy-New. Used. Low miles.

BY jimmydean October 26th, 2014

" I have made it.I have not made it.I have.... ..."

Greatest epiphanies in my journey so far--->

BY TheWanderingNomad92 October 26th, 2014

" First and foremost,*Going out 7 nights a weekThis is huge! When you go out every night a..."

Pickup on a College Campus - In Miami - Day 6

BY Zaza October 26th, 2014

" Field Report 6:Today was a solid day of interaction that truly built on my night game. A..."

Give yourself Permission

BY Justin_Mack October 26th, 2014

"     The last 2 nights I've been out i finally had a wing that is dedicated to approach..."

Zen game - messiah complex

BY Matrim October 26th, 2014

" So this is the end result after a 9 years spiritual jouney doing pickup. ..."

Pickup on a College Campus - In Miami - Day 5

BY Zaza October 26th, 2014

" Field Report 5:I had promissed myself that I would do a cold approach yesterday. Althoug..."

Start believing

BY Bentley October 26th, 2014

" Yes today i got this girl number by luck,.maybe lolDamn she pretty hot. but today was s..."

Blokeman's 50-date Challenge, Date 9

BY blokeman October 25th, 2014

" 10/3/2014Numberclose from 6 days earlier. A Ukrainian cutie who said on the initial appr..."

FR 2014 10 24

BY Kokane October 25th, 2014

" FR 2014 10 24  BDBawlin’&Kokane  It was the weekend before Halloween, the spooky m..."

What is failure really

BY TheWanderingNomad92 October 25th, 2014

" One lesson that has really stuck with me is that they're is no such thing as failure. On..."

Start living in the moment, avoid "creating problems for yourself

BY TheWanderingNomad92 October 25th, 2014

" When your learning the art of actually having a clear mind you realize that for most of ..."

What being "rich" really is

BY TheWanderingNomad92 October 25th, 2014

" What a beautiful day. Thought up a good quote for you today. "Being rich is measured by ..."


BY TheWanderingNomad92 October 25th, 2014

" What up homies! Im in Vegas for a couple more days and it's rocks!(from NC) I have over..."

So, night out close to making the vertical model

BY Matrim October 25th, 2014

" Shiit, I really need to work on knowing my facultis. (I had beer at home) Could have pul..."

Next Step

BY The_Hedge October 25th, 2014

" The Next StepToday I will go to Bonn again. I am trying to rationalize again..., but jus..."


BY mmonsturr October 24th, 2014

" This first blog will be just background information. These blogs will serve as points of..."

Culture Is Virtual Reality

BY Euphoric October 24th, 2014

" After reading a lot of The Fountainhead recently, and The Food Of The Gods by Terence Mc..."

Pickup on a College Campus - In Miami - Day 4

BY Zaza October 24th, 2014

" Field Report 4:Today was a little bit of a slower day. I've gotten over the fact of beat..."

Article: Chode EGO or Zen player

BY Matrim October 23rd, 2014

" Apparently a burst of amazing shit is currently flowing thru me, once again the ego is g..."

5 Reasons You Should Daygame Alone

BY evident October 23rd, 2014

" My usual daygame routine involves me meeting the guys and just hanging out around town a..."

Pickup on a College Campus - In Miami - Day 3

BY Zaza October 23rd, 2014

" I'm working on making my posts so that I can begin posting video links as well.Field Rep..."

Reaching The no mind-mind or flow state

BY Matrim October 22nd, 2014

" So since Jeff did take up the subject no mind I am going to put up an old video here of ..."

Image: Be yourself motha fu...

BY Matrim October 22nd, 2014

" So after being out and doing some daygame with a ego driven newbie I had some ego that c..."