October 13th, 2015

Coming back from a self centered reality to a koslmo centric realityer

BY Matrim October 10th, 2015

" Omg, being an egoist sucks balls beyod belife. Father had heart attack, ha ha fuck yeah ..."

We out here.

BY TheHumanKite October 10th, 2015

" Be present with people, meditate.Don't let your mind wander to bullshit places.Think abo..."

How to Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to Computer/PC?

BY lisaab October 10th, 2015

" Want to copy android contacts to pc avoid losing them accidently? Puzzled in how to tran..."

FR 10/9/2015

BY RSDHouse October 10th, 2015

" Where else would I be on a Friday night other than gaming in downtown?Best Set:This was ..."

Field Report 10/9/2015

BY TGMShawn October 10th, 2015

" Went out Downtown to the Exchange, 508, then cowboy jacks. Didn't game for three days so..."
Dr. Destruction

Dr Destruction Podcast Episod III: Nostradamus

BY Dr. Destruction October 10th, 2015

" Korean girls, Nostradamus, and other stuff. Funny incident from back in college, giving..."

day 3 of 30 day challedge

BY lindsayss October 9th, 2015

" super awesome night!!!!!!!! shitttttttt,got a numba!!!!!! i know, i know a number is not..."

Last minute resistance, what did i ever do to you?

BY DaveTheBrave October 9th, 2015

" "i dont do this the first night", are the words that are haunting me now. When everythin..."

3 Tips Every PUA Needs To Do Before Going Out

BY Justin_Mack October 9th, 2015

" What up pimps!!!I've been doing these 3 things every time I go out, with much success, a..."

FR 10/8/2015

BY RSDHouse October 9th, 2015

" Tonight was meh for the most part. I got really close to pulling. Here's what went down...."

Do Things For Their Own Fucking Sake: A Tale of Assfuckery

BY RSDXtro October 9th, 2015

" The pua's eyes glinted like a lost earring at the club. He began to sweat profusely. We ..."

Day 2 disaster + Update

BY _Nova_ October 9th, 2015

" Today i had day 2 with a girl that i met at a University which was close to mine. Quick ..."

The RSD Video Trap

BY RSDXtro October 9th, 2015

" Imagine you come home from work. You've been around chodes all day, choding around. You ..."
Dr. Destruction

Dr Destruction Podcast Episode II: Google Case Study

BY Dr. Destruction October 9th, 2015

" Examining Google+, Google Glass, and the future of tech. Start.Podcasts will be released..."

day 2 of 30 day challedge

BY lindsayss October 8th, 2015

" hey hey, watsup, day 2 of my 30 day challendge, went to perrys and shelter and the apart..."

FR 10/07/15

BY Squirtle October 8th, 2015

" FR 10/07/15:Daily Challenge:I set the focus on doing 5 immediate approaches, trying to a..."

FR 10/06/15

BY Squirtle October 8th, 2015

" FR 10/06/15:I had not scheduled anything for a daily challenge.Recorded Set 1:Asian Girl..."
Dr. Destruction

Speak of The Devil

BY Dr. Destruction October 8th, 2015

" And he shall appear.-Bane. Start.In an age of live streaming and constant reinvention o..."

i'm think of giving up, help, help pls

BY lindsayss October 7th, 2015

" ok, just went out gaming, shitty night, i really am going to stop smoking within the clu..."

Day 2 sleepover - My balls are blueee, dadudidadudaaaaaaa

BY DaveTheBrave October 7th, 2015

" A girl a met at a club 4-5 days before the meetup. Preeeetty solid number, talked to her..."

TMNT: All I want for chrismas is an Integral sociaty

BY Matrim October 7th, 2015

" Oh god wecome to the hangover of hell. Well the secret is out! Ha ha... Did not see that..."
Dr. Destruction

Getting There by Gillian Zoe Segal Book II

BY Dr. Destruction October 7th, 2015

" David Geffen, a friend and role model, said something to me that was very simple yet pro..."

Another shitty rant (don't read if your looking for solution)

BY jwetz October 7th, 2015

" Yayyy time for another angry rant about external bullshit!Hooray for plateaus and 0.0000..."

Growth and Pain

BY Two Inch Dick October 7th, 2015

" That guy who played Hyman Roth in the Godfather films - Lee Strasberg - he was a famous ..."

Special Forces Game: 730-challenge, day 137 update

BY RSDXtro October 7th, 2015

" 730-challenge is the Special Forces version of a 30 day challenge. Some will die in trai..."