March 6th, 2015

time to go out.. fuck yeah

BY lindsayss February 25th, 2015

" night outit was a few days after chinese new year, and wts a better time to go out, sinc..."


BY Jcup February 25th, 2015

" Hey definitely need a wing who is serious about this. I am going to get good at this and..."

How to Get Better at Singing

BY hamiltonlives February 24th, 2015

" Lots of musicians, whether they are in a rock band or interested in opera are interested..."

How to Strengthen Your Singing Voice - Without Straining

BY hamiltonlives February 24th, 2015

" Imagine walking out on stage as a hushed anticipation falls over the crowd. You mesmeriz..."

Day Two

BY GCEnglish February 24th, 2015

" Day Two Hey guy's good morning! Just woke up took a shower and getting ready for my day..."

Singing Soprano - Tips to Enhance Your Soprano Singing Voice

BY hamiltonlives February 24th, 2015

" Singing soprano is done at top vocal range and can frequently be discovered in music vid..."

How To Prepare For Singing Auditions

BY hamiltonlives February 24th, 2015

" Many singers are often confused when it comes to 'correct etiquette' at an audition. The..."

first blog of me, comments hugly welcome!!!!!!

BY lindsayss February 24th, 2015

" sooooo, wts up everybody!!!this is my first blog, i guess ill start with a little introd..."

One fear

BY Alou February 24th, 2015

" I have always dream of having someone at my side who is driven as I am. Whom I can work ..."

Video: Pointing out your soul (Iamness) presence

BY Matrim February 24th, 2015

" Well I like beer aswell.Music video of the day:Learn more:Well put your game on love ste..."

Free Online Calorie Counter for iPhone and android

BY Kenry February 24th, 2015

" A diet tracker to track your diet plan accurately A diet tracker is effective only if yo..."

50 pushups finally

BY Matrim February 24th, 2015

" Fuck yeah 50 pushups.So finally I get to pluck this fruit =)Learn more:Well put your gam..."
Dr. Destruction

Hottest Kid At Miami World Summit 2015

BY Dr. Destruction February 24th, 2015

" Last blog post until after Miami, so here's the ultimate story of motivation you will ev..."

Richterisms - The Beginning of a Dynasty

BY socialFROcial February 24th, 2015

" What's up!To all those reading, I would like to start of with a thank you, so without fu..."

Day One

BY GCEnglish February 23rd, 2015

" Day One Video ..."
Dr. Destruction

5 Things We Learned From Max Miami Hot Seat

BY Dr. Destruction February 23rd, 2015

" The Max Hot Seat is unique because it features 70% daygame, and also lots of European gi..."

Day One

BY GCEnglish February 23rd, 2015

" Day 1 Food: Oatmeal (4gs) Tea no sugar Honeydew Buffalo pizza slice (5gs) Rice and Bea..."

The Source Of Your Insecurities

BY Justin_Mack February 23rd, 2015

"   Why do people live a life of quiet desperation. On the outside they present themselve..."

Day 30 - Final day of 30 day challenge, Saturday Night Mexico City, Going out with a Double Bang + Sentinmental ending

BY protox February 23rd, 2015

" Lay #122, 123 Dbl Header HB8sSaturday...Had multiple dates lined up today... but only a ..."

Day 29 - Mexico City Friday Night Tinder Chubby Lay Then ADD Crazy Makeout Night at Club

BY protox February 23rd, 2015

" Lay #121Friday nightFucked tinder chick... a really pretty face but she is chubby. She d..."

Day One: Food Shopping

BY GCEnglish February 22nd, 2015

" So I went out and got food for the week here it i 1.44 lbs of Chicken Breast Bananas A..."

60 Day Lifestyle Challenge

BY GCEnglish February 22nd, 2015

" Hello Everyone, I saw Max's 60 day challenge video and it inspired me! I will be doing a..."

The Raging Pickle

BY RSDAristotle February 22nd, 2015

" Let me write this better. I was never one to be lazy. These are supposed to be detailed ..."

The Dip!

BY Burrows February 22nd, 2015

" Im having some trouble, i got into game not as a chode but as a socially normal guy, i w..."

The Dos and Don’ts of Spring Cleaning

BY jasminenash February 21st, 2015

" Believe it or not, spring is almost here and that means it is time to tackle spring clea..."