September 21st, 2014

​Article: The escape of the censored reality, welcome to the real world

BY Matrim September 16th, 2014

" So I was reminded about from an old foto of me from when I moved back to Stockholm. Duri..."

​Article: The escape of the censored reality, welcome to the real world

BY Matrim September 16th, 2014

" So I was reminded about from an old foto of me from when I moved back to Stockholm. Duri..."

Outcome detached

BY November19 September 16th, 2014

" I thought the theory was awesome. I'd even go so far as life altering. I say this becaus..."

Stop gaming so hard. Let things happen naturally and organically. Have some self trust.

BY risingstar September 16th, 2014

" There really hasn't been much blogging going on lately from my side. I've really focused..."
Dr. Destruction

Girl Takes A Dump On The Floor LOL Nasty Bish Go The Fuck Home And Wipe That Off

BY Dr. Destruction September 16th, 2014

" For the past few days I've been going H.A.M. on serious topics, so today I'll recall an ..."

The First

BY Zeds September 15th, 2014

" Wassup everyone. I just wanted to try something new and I think documenting my thoughts ..."

30 Day Challenge and Journal

BY Bryce_Kent September 15th, 2014

" 15/9/14This is my first entry on RSD and have just finished a boot camp/hotseat with Jul..."


BY k8 September 15th, 2014

" Today I decided I was fucking tired of not getting laid. After choding out on a few gimm..."

Personal Feedback from Alex

BY tommyhighlifer September 15th, 2014

" Taking this with a bit of a grain of salt as he didn't see me in field. But Alex basical..."

Alex Hotseat II Feedback, Personal Feedback

BY tommyhighlifer September 15th, 2014

" Learned a ton, summary of the main three points:1. There's no reason why you're not enou..."

Emotions are not real.. so let's ignore them and go just there where growth is....''fear'' ''far outside your comfortzone''

BY Full_intent~ September 15th, 2014

" SUMMARY: Turn your emotions off, they are useless in PUAThis thought is in my mind for s..."

Who I want to be

BY ~DiamondCreator~ September 15th, 2014

" Listen.I don’t want to be that lazy, poor guy who has nothing to show for himself. I w..."
Dr. Destruction

Evolutionary Benefits of Being A Sociopath

BY Dr. Destruction September 15th, 2014

" There's always two sides to a coin, as alot of successful stock brokers and corporate l..."

Sexual Repression, Panther Game & Principles

BY bravobravado September 14th, 2014

" Our sexually repressed culture is the root cause of all our social insecurities.In our c..."

7th - 14th September.

BY .Mickey. September 14th, 2014

" Welcome fellow readers.That was an interesting week. I learned a lot about myself, about..."


BY Dupree1 September 14th, 2014

" Thursday is free tour and by chance I get my times completely wrong turning up an hour l..."

How to deal with your „romantic“/„nice guy“ site and don’t get attached emotionally anymore to girls!

BY Jaegowah September 14th, 2014

" We all have a multitude of personalities. At work we’re more the reasonable person, wi..."

Day 3 Out in Vancouver w Alexander

BY tommyhighlifer September 14th, 2014

" Just wrapped up the 1st day of Alex's 2nd version of his hotseat. With a bang, literally..."

A night out Solo- Pushing through obstacles/excuses !! + INFIELD

BY Aaron_Jaramillo September 14th, 2014

" Well guys just wanted to post a quick video of my last night out, it's basically a field..."

got laid by a hottie in my gym

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno September 14th, 2014

" banged this latin girl tonight, after many disappointing nights of not going out, and go..."

Ever had it when a girl blanks you?

BY james kivlhan September 14th, 2014

" I mean i would of prefer if she told me to "fuck off", it would of been still weird but ..."
Dr. Destruction

Easy Ways To Identify Sociopaths

BY Dr. Destruction September 13th, 2014

" Evidence suggests that sociopaths are born, not made. It's all about nature not nurture,..."

[ mLuciej ] - My Journal & Random Thoughts ...................

BY mLuciej September 13th, 2014

" I needed a place where I can let out my thoughts , write down random shit that happened ..."

Slipping = Sloppiness

BY tommyhighlifer September 13th, 2014

" I've been going out less often lately. Until recently, I've been out with Alexander Trea..."