September 2nd, 2014

hardcase newbie coming from not not not abundance

BY chpowers August 30th, 2014

" ~~Beginnings: (I apologize in advance for the long drawn out sob story, this was only su..."

really short and shallow gaming

BY Daddylove August 30th, 2014

" Top 3 Sets:Blonde girl: went into set pretty aggressively, it was a mixed set, then shoo..."

NSA GAME? How to subtly take CONTROL and give POWER to your game by collecting METADATA.

BY bravobravado August 30th, 2014

" This was a response to a guy in the forums about improving his conversation game, I kept..."

Hardcase Newbie !! This is how you can build the confidence TO GO OUT !!! + Video

BY Aaron_Jaramillo August 29th, 2014

" Alright guys so I've been going out a lot lately and I've recently have over come a lot ..."

Everything is falling to place

BY Matrim August 29th, 2014

" I wish that I could explain with words how things are right now, fantastic does not do i..."
Dr. Destruction

Things That Crack Me Up About San Francisco

BY Dr. Destruction August 29th, 2014

" Just some funny observations about THE CITY. SF is my favorite city on the West Coast, ..."

Sorry Day-Game, but I'm cheating on you with Qualification

BY K_O_H August 29th, 2014

" Okay, I shall try to make this short. I just got a new book that I’m thirsting madly f..."


BY Mattsauce69 August 29th, 2014

" Hey guys, glad to finally be making a post, hope you enjoyThe lay out will be pretty sim..."

Im a Bitch

BY Jean Roqua August 29th, 2014

" Opened up a group of people where there were some 5s and 6s and gamed them but didnt eve..."

New times, new experiences to come

BY NickRoss August 28th, 2014

" "Really think of yourself in the future now.. See yourself a month in the future, 3 mont..."

Some short notes on the ego and dealing with it

BY Matrim August 28th, 2014

" So on my job I have an non-academic guy with a big ego as the closest college. I found h..."
Dr. Destruction

Resurrection of Weapon of Mass Destruction?

BY Dr. Destruction August 28th, 2014

" It's been an idea I've been toying around in my mind. Is it possible to bring back Titan..."

in a place of solace

BY jwetz August 28th, 2014

" I had a shit day. Woke up cranky. Knew that I had to work a 7 1/2 hour shift on grill at..."

Ignorant mentally challenged hipster

BY jwetz August 28th, 2014

" I realized that i am an arrogant pretentious fuck.I am walking around wondering why ever..."

Day Game Excitement!!

BY K_O_H August 28th, 2014

" holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, I am fucking awesome!! Went out today and I fucking ble..."

And Now... it Begins

BY alex_nose_sw August 28th, 2014

" I have tasted glory. Forgot what it it is like to have the eye of the tiger.        ..."

slight, slight taste of abundance

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno August 27th, 2014

" im about to buy a motorcycle, and the floodgates are about to openi feel 6:06 PM 8/27/2..."

First emotional slump: Holding the line...

BY Dominant August 27th, 2014

" So I have hit my first real emotional challenges and "fuck this" feelings. I realized th..."

Thank you RSD! Account active -- Start of the Great Journey!

BY James_Garcia August 27th, 2014

" Hi Guys! I have been looking at RSD youtube and website often for the past year and a ha..."

RSD Alex Hotseat 2 Review - Toronto

BY TheAwareOne August 27th, 2014

" The Alexander Hotseat in Toronto:Hotseat: 10/10The Alexander Hotseat, much like every ot..."

Day Game Advancement

BY K_O_H August 27th, 2014

" Been up to lots of gaming, lots of thinking, lots of inner game analysis. In this blog I..."

wingmen needed

BY Fuego August 27th, 2014

" I am looking for wingmen to hit downtown Toronto Thurs-Sat.If interested call me at 647 ..."

Spiritual Manifesto: The diaries and lessons learned of an depressed aspiring PUA on dating, happiness and success in life

BY Matrim August 27th, 2014

" So my book is out =) and up on kindel haha crazy. I am so filled with joy over this. Thi..."

starting to actually make some money, and move in the direction i want

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno August 27th, 2014

" im doing a lot of different things now, getting some grant money, got a couple paychecks..."
Dr. Destruction

The Greatest Thing Traveling Will Give To You

BY Dr. Destruction August 27th, 2014

" A dead man's body. Fingers curled up, lips blue, and his eyes rolled back into his head...."