September 2nd, 2014
Dr. Destruction

Initial Impressions of San Francisco Free Tour + Hot Seat August 2014

BY Dr. Destruction September 2nd, 2014

" The Free Tour was headlined Jeffy, Max, Julien, and Tyler. I also witnessed Tyler's Ho..."


BY justaguy September 2nd, 2014

" sunday k so i did more approaches, socializing with good looking cashier after joking w..."

"I got more leverage than you, son"

BY sektor68 September 2nd, 2014

" I tell myself this from time to time. Inspired by Tyler's WINS video on youtube.I watch ..."

Full range of emotions vs. being happy and having fun

BY Paradoxblaster September 2nd, 2014

" This is something messing with my head presently. I have always been a guy who wanted th..."

​The keys to heaven (Happiness)

BY Matrim September 2nd, 2014

" So I am going to go with this archangle micheal thing, its a bit funny to go with it.So ..."

K_O_H’s Thoughts & Feelings

BY K_O_H September 2nd, 2014

" Why writing/reflecting on what happened in field is important: much happened in terms of..."

The jeet kune do of game

BY sektor68 September 1st, 2014

" Lately I've been trying to take a jeet kune do approach to pick up and I think it can be..."
Dr. Destruction

Things That Crack Me Up About San Diego Continued...

BY Dr. Destruction September 1st, 2014

" Fanboys are already wildin' out over Julien's San Francisco Free Tour Speech, so I'll sp..."

i need a fucking life and a career

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno September 1st, 2014

" and i need it nowall my passion and inspiration is dying. im in big fucking trouble. som..."

Congruency fix, shit test, or other sticking point?

BY The III September 1st, 2014

" Identified pattern. The usual interaction: I open with hand of god "who are you" she bi..."

Awareness, competitiveness, and self talk, thinking

BY T H E SAS G A M E September 1st, 2014

" I didnt write down a plan yesterday night for today. sometimes I just need to go a few d..."
Dr. Destruction

Things That Crack Me Up About San Diego

BY Dr. Destruction August 31st, 2014

" I enjoyed writing the topic on San Francisco, so let's continue this theme for every cit..."

MitchMartins BIO & Lay report

BY MitchMartin August 31st, 2014

" My journey began in Guelph Ontario during my first year at the UoG circa 2007.But first ..."


BY justaguy August 31st, 2014

" yesterday i went out to corn fest in dekalb, i did some approaches, asked the time, made..."

How to Get SNL's from Tinder (Online Dating App)

BY jimmydean August 31st, 2014

" If you are reading this and are not using Tinder. Download it to your phone, sign in usi..."

So i Stumbled on to this site..

BY Axel96 August 31st, 2014

" Hey, my names Axel, im 17 coming up 18. I live in the UK, and yeah my life isn't exactly..."

The key to hell or the abyss (Delusions)

BY Matrim August 31st, 2014

" So this is sort of a mind fuck for me but I am going to write down a method of getting r..."

31st August. Daily process

BY T H E SAS G A M E August 31st, 2014

" Awareness and competitivenessToday, after going out last night, I got up and read the Ta..."

Carl Sagan the rules of engagement

BY Matrim August 31st, 2014

" So this is an article I have been holding on to for some time but now I will write it, t..."

30th of August. I am pissed off...

BY .Mickey. August 31st, 2014

" Hello, I will do a little overview about saturday night - 30.08 and I coud use some fee..."

Gameplan Next month

BY Full_intent~ August 31st, 2014

" Copy: ''how julien got good''"The reason I'm able to be at this level where I'm at today..."

Dare to dream big, dare to be great, start today

BY yan210 August 31st, 2014

" We all have goals we want to accomplish. The big problem is where should you start?Wealt..."


BY justaguy August 30th, 2014

" Ok today i asked a guy for the time, 2 girls, and made a joke to 2 girls. sweet ..."

had a special "chillness" to me last night and narcissism is good

BY RubenJoshuaMoreno August 30th, 2014

" 8/30/14not sure what it was, but i had this chillness, inner calmness at a crowded clubw..."

God me and the on going in Sweden

BY Matrim August 30th, 2014

" So once again I forgot who I am and the result was terrible. I lost concentration, I was..."