February 6th, 2016

STROLLER BAG your ultimate cockblocker!

BY Matrim February 6th, 2016

" Well yesterday I get eyecontact with girl at the subway, okay time to approch. *ERRRRR* ..."

Day 11 and Amazing Day 12

BY Ceasers_Komet February 6th, 2016

" Day 11This day I went to this comedy club with my friend. We were there for about an hou..."

FR 2/4/2016

BY TGMShawn February 6th, 2016

" Second Pull happened tonight with my wing. We hit up the pourhouse. Goals:1. Hit seven ..."

FR 2/5/2015

BY RSDHouse February 6th, 2016

" Pretty uneventful night. As far as where I went wrong, the main issue was that I failed ..."

Fastest pull ever - but i turned her down #wtf

BY DaveTheBrave February 6th, 2016

" Went out with Greden and did street-game.Since we both are to cheap guys we didnt feel l..."

anyone in the Inland Empire? wingmans

BY fer5500 February 6th, 2016

" looking for wingmans in the area, so we can crush it together ..."

The claw always wins

BY AdlerSocial February 5th, 2016

" Last friday I was invited (along with 4 friends) to a huge concert and party at my frien..."

How to Get EVERYTHING You Want In Life: Just Make It WIN-WIN!

BY Stefanreal February 5th, 2016

" Getting what you want in life is easy, if you know the simple key that makes transaction..."

Girl gave me doggy bowl look alot of IOI's comes from no where

BY Matrim February 5th, 2016

" Holly fuck guys, this feels so weird. I go to the libery to sleep in there sofa I get I ..."

The Difference Between Abundance & Scarcity

BY CrazyKorean February 5th, 2016

" Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a boss and an employee? The poor a..."

Day 24- Kind of a dead night

BY Steve711 February 5th, 2016

" Went to some singles event.  Lame.  Then went out w my buddy to some bars but they wer..."


BY RSDHouse February 5th, 2016

" Earlier tonight I texted a girl who I nearly pulled a few months back to come out and ha..."

70 дней личной системы показателей. День 4 ("Сегодня я молодец! :)")

BY DrewYak7 February 5th, 2016

" Мои достижения за сегодня:ФИНАНСИСТОткрыл вкла..."


BY Stefanreal February 5th, 2016

" - ..."

Day 23 - 2 hrs of Daygame then 2 hrs of Nightgame

BY Steve711 February 4th, 2016

" Headed out for 2 hours of daygame.  Did well.  Got 4 numbers from cuties which was pre..."

Day 8 + 9 + 10

BY Ceasers_Komet February 4th, 2016

" Day 8 I got off work texted my buddy if there was any peeps outside to approach. He res..."

I get weed for leaving over a girl to another dude at the hostel, venus project documenty

BY Matrim February 4th, 2016

" Haha, so the only sex location at the hostel is the toilet. The only place to pick up a ..."

FR 2/3/2016

BY TGMShawn February 4th, 2016

" Went out to Blarney's with wings today. Been going out for the last three days but didn'..."

1 Night/Two Girls: First Time

BY RSDXtro February 4th, 2016

" I fucked two girls in one night for the first time. Basically I had a day 2 scheduled wi..."

2016 - Reframe & Momentum

BY CrazyKorean February 4th, 2016

" Social Conditioning is brainwashing, Parents are brainwashing, RSD is brainwashing!Every..."


BY kenspo1 February 4th, 2016

" Hello ..."

70 дней личной системы показателей. День 3 ("Самосаботаж и маленькие победы")

BY DrewYak7 February 3rd, 2016

" Самосаботаж и маленькие победыСегодня я весь де..."

Russia practised a nukeler strike on Sweden 2013, I am steping up my game

BY Matrim February 3rd, 2016

" OMFG! I am a bit chocked. Okay, I am going to get laid tonight. Girls are going to get r..."

Day 22 - Daygame and an important lesson.

BY Steve711 February 3rd, 2016

" Headed out to put in my 30 minutes of daygame today.  When I headed out I was feeling u..."

70 дней личной системы показателей. День 2 ("Самосаботаж из-за высокой планки")

BY DrewYak7 February 3rd, 2016

" Самосаботаж из-за "высокой планки"Сегодня я всю ..."