March 27th, 2015
Dr. Destruction

Jeffy San Francisco Bootcamp Preview: End This Chapter

BY Dr. Destruction March 27th, 2015

" A preview of my upcoming bootcamp in San Francisco come April 10th. Just uploaded a mast..."

Your Balls Are Bigger Than A Gorillas...

BY Justin_Mack March 27th, 2015

" Women have a short term mating desire just as much as you. That is why our balls are big..."

Reminiscence of the work behind zen game manifesto

BY Matrim March 27th, 2015

" So I basiclly did what I set out to do, with all the seeds planted for the future an idĂ..."
Mason Brown

Got a girlfriend, Now what?

BY Mason Brown March 27th, 2015

" Just started dating this pretty girl I met from a cold aproach. on dates we are both ne..."
Dr. Destruction

Looking Back On This 2015 Run

BY Dr. Destruction March 26th, 2015

" Closing thoughts and other reflections on the Dr Destruction YouTube channel, travels, t..."

Saturday with russians

BY affie March 26th, 2015

" Saturday 22 april. I didn't 'feel' like going out. The six nations was on, and I was fee..."

Sweden an awsome country (remember), I will seek socialeconomical help

BY Matrim March 26th, 2015

" So today I am doing some economical projections on how things can go for me, I will most..."

Saturday March 21

BY Wildside11 March 26th, 2015

" Good night vs friday night. Got a day two wth my wing. In set I was nervous, but I could..."
Dr. Destruction

The Gift of Traveling

BY Dr. Destruction March 25th, 2015

" If you can break down traveling into a singular construct, the abstract idea of explorin..."

Perks of having a good wingman

BY L0ngSh0t March 24th, 2015

" When I look back at the times I have got laid the most it has always been when I had a g..."

TJOP Russia Provocs sweden with 2 migs and 2 bombers but I did a kick ass work at the intervju today.

BY Matrim March 24th, 2015

" So the manifest helps you express yourself i guess in a good way. So they will call me f..."

The Nazi's and right extremist are doing moves in sweden

BY Matrim March 24th, 2015

" So this is an worring escalation, the nazi's are spreading propaganda and training marti..."

Whatever You Resist, Persists

BY sdfghplaya March 24th, 2015

" Lately I had hell with midterms and lots of assignments from school as well as lots of e..."

Reasons and Excuses

BY neXxt March 23rd, 2015

" I came across this quote by "Jordan Belfort" and it seemed pretty interesting. Than I st..."

3/21/15 Night Game

BY GCEnglish March 22nd, 2015

" Whats up guys here is the night game field reportI had a horrible night. It was blow out..."

22.03 weekly report

BY antek0 March 22nd, 2015

" Good evening gentlemen!I'd like to share some stories& thoughts from this week.1. Doing ..."

Field Report 21/03/2015

BY Zeds March 22nd, 2015

" Yesterday I met up with some buddies for a night out. Beforehand I downed half a glass o..."

​Spiritual manifesto part VIII: Space (mind) the final frontier

BY Matrim March 22nd, 2015

" we have encountered an symbiotic..."

Todd's Manifesto Written Down!

BY GCEnglish March 21st, 2015

" Credits go to: Alexanderje~~So I basically fully wrote down Todd’s Manifesto video. Bi..."

Field Report 3/21/15 Day Game

BY GCEnglish March 21st, 2015

" Sup dudes well I did about an hour of practice today and here is what happenedMy first s..."

Shitty Friday night, but gonna be better tonite

BY Wildside11 March 21st, 2015

" Went out yesterday and felt really shitty after trying to look for a parking spot for ha..."

New to RSD

BY bellofigo March 21st, 2015

" What's up! This is my first post.Had a great instant date with this college hottie yeste..."

Kingsman a zen game manifesto tribute?

BY Matrim March 20th, 2015

" So just finnished watching Kingsman in the end there seems to be a tribute to zen game m..."

persistance, potential and being a newb on St patricks

BY affie March 20th, 2015

" Haven't gone out in a while. Haven't been beasting as a wanna be pimp should have. As a ..."


BY anwarchoukaire March 19th, 2015

" What up everybody it's Anwar, and it is my first day on RSD! I watch the free videos and..."
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