July 6th, 2015

Old spice guy seduction style revival (verbal game)

BY Matrim July 6th, 2015

" Haha I love this! ..."

2015 autumn and winter wedding dresses trends of fashion personality feathers

BY eydress July 6th, 2015

" Each quarter has its own clothing popular elements, Wedding dresses are no exception...."

Getting back into it

BY Brandon_theSun2765 July 6th, 2015

" Brandon. 20. North Carolina. Recent College Undergrad.The summer of 2013 I found RSD. Fo..."

Backless Lace Wedding Dresses for Summer Wedding

BY eydress July 6th, 2015

" here’s nothing that will make a statement on your big day quite like backless lace we..."

Banged a new chick from SF

BY ~DiamondCreator~ July 6th, 2015

" Quick update,I went to SF, had a bit of a shit night. Didnt get anything after going to ..."

FR 7/5/2015

BY RSDHouse July 6th, 2015

" Headed to the lake right after work today.Once I get there, I do an indirect open on two..."
James Kidd

Avoid Mind Altering Substances: Cultivate Your Personality Sober

BY James Kidd July 5th, 2015

" Avoid Mind Altering Substances: Cultivate Your Personality SoberLesson:The forbidden dri..."
James Kidd

Shave Your Balls Once And Never Do It Again: The Ultimate Masculine Epiphany

BY James Kidd July 5th, 2015

" Shave Your Balls Once And Never Do It Again: The Ultimate Masculine Epiphany Judgement:..."

Action! - Not Self-Image

BY CrazyKorean July 5th, 2015

" This week I have really internalised the importance of focusing on ACTION.When you procr..."


BY veganhuman July 5th, 2015

" Corazon in da house. One piece episode 700FWAThe revolution will be televisedI hope my c..."

FR 7/4/2015

BY RSDHouse July 5th, 2015

" Interesting night downtown. Prior to leaving, I had pretty much spent the entire day cou..."

What's The Point?

BY RSDAristotle July 5th, 2015

" Think Big. Worry about your mom. Be in a higher vibration. Stop trying to rush and pro..."

Day 13 - 7/3/2015

BY seandt2967 July 5th, 2015

" Went out tonight in Los Gatos which is an awesome area in the bay area for picking up gi..."

​FR: The Meaning Of Commitment

BY RSDAristotle July 4th, 2015

" It's 3:02AM and I just got back from Whiskey Saigon. It was very slow tonight.I went wit..."


BY CuriousMatt July 4th, 2015

" Your value is your inner game and Curiousity tricks are outer game.Beliefs control your ..."

feel like shit

BY veganhuman July 4th, 2015

" i need to work when i feel like shitotherwise i rot and i have nothing to say when i soc..."

FR 7/3/2015

BY RSDHouse July 4th, 2015

" Downtown. Streetgame. Solo. Lets get it.Best set:I spot a girl in a blue dress across th..."

Day 12 - 7/2/2015

BY seandt2967 July 4th, 2015

" Memorable Interactions:Met an Italian women on the street today who I had to run down on..."

What I Want Out Of Life ~ Immersion

BY RSDAristotle July 3rd, 2015

" What I Want: I want a really nice place for myself. Somewhere I can focus, and really m..."

Gambling On Life

BY Justin_Mack July 3rd, 2015

" "When you act out of fear your decisions are not logical, but emotional. And this will e..."

Unvailing of Ängel bluepring

BY Matrim July 3rd, 2015

" God this feels greate 30 C in the shadow. Heat stroke video dipping the feets in water I..."

Time for Africa - Waka waka

BY veganhuman July 3rd, 2015

" africa  ..."

Hanging Out With My Boy

BY RSDAristotle July 3rd, 2015

" I didn't even plan on going out tonight but I do anyways. I feel good and did for the mo..."

FR 7/2/2015

BY RSDHouse July 2nd, 2015

" Last night Chenchilla hit me up and we actually ended up doing a bit of gaming on campus..."

sorry for the wait

BY veganhuman July 2nd, 2015

" I am going to listen to sorry 4 the wait 2and organize the drawers of my deskand the dra..."