December 21st, 2014

30 Day Challenge #7

BY BaldoMontesdeOca December 21st, 2014

" Hey, Julien. Day 7! I was extremely busy due to work but I went to a friends graduation ..."

100% For Sure Lay Plan-field tested

BY MasterPimpX December 20th, 2014

"                                             ..."

Night out

BY blue18 December 20th, 2014

" Just posted a field report. I would appreciate you guys taking a look and giving me some..."

30 Day Challenge Day #6

BY BaldoMontesdeOca December 20th, 2014

" Day #6!  I was extremely busy today but I managed to stop at a local supermarket and do..."

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

BY Matrim December 20th, 2014

" So I have an intence desire to publish this here, they are The Seven Spiritual Laws of ..."

How To Not Give A Fuck Once And For All

BY RSDHouse December 20th, 2014

" Ive been noticing some changes in myself lately. Ive been feeling much happier. I think ..."

30 Day Challenge Day #5

BY BaldoMontesdeOca December 19th, 2014

" Day 5! Exactly one week after bootcamp and I can say that alot has changed. I went to a ..."

IOIs at work and My New Year Plan

BY Redox December 19th, 2014

" test ..."

READ READ READ ME!!!Getting In State At Small Parties/Get Togethers

BY TheWanderingNomad92 December 19th, 2014

" Sup guys..In the past 2 weeks ive made some killer break throughs in the club with gaini..."

30 Day Challenge Day #4

BY BaldoMontesdeOca December 18th, 2014

" Hey, Julien! Day 4 of my 30 day challenge. I though that yesterday I was being apologeti..."

Blow Job, The Start Of Your Rotation

BY Justin_Mack December 17th, 2014

"       I had this great idea a few days ago on what i need to do to start building my..."
Dr. Destruction

What Does The Future Hold For 2015?

BY Dr. Destruction December 17th, 2014

" This is a funny ass video from my adventures in Philadelphia, when I was exploring aband..."

30 Day Challenge

BY BaldoMontesdeOca December 17th, 2014

" Hey, Julien!! Day 3 it is! Since today is Tuesday I decided to do some day game at a loc..."

Character a computer game metaphor a Joe Regan experince

BY Matrim December 16th, 2014

" “Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret to life is to "die befor..."
Dr. Destruction

American Sniper By Navy Seal Chris Kyle Review II

BY Dr. Destruction December 16th, 2014

" Finally finished the book yesterday, as the film adaptation starring Bradley Cooper is s..."

Your Game Is Just An Indicator On How You Are Keeping Up In Life

BY MakeItHappen December 15th, 2014

" The Desert in which you will die if you piss away your dreamsWhen I overview the last ye..."

Escaping the election process

BY Matrim December 15th, 2014

" So finally the ego went away after the return of the ego from the election process. Poli..."
Dr. Destruction

American Sniper By Navy Seal Chris Kyle Review I

BY Dr. Destruction December 15th, 2014

" Last month I said I'll be reviewing the book, so it's time. The movie comes out in a cou..."

K_O_H's month of shenanigans!

BY K_O_H December 15th, 2014

" Overall Epic month with lots of learning points. Many great experiences and many bad one..."


BY Daddylove December 14th, 2014

" Hey guys, thought I would share this thought with you, I think it´s a good one.So, I w..."

field report christmas party

BY jwetz December 14th, 2014

" Tonight I went to a little christmas party that was quite intimate.Before I went in to t..."

Prison of the mind

BY Matrim December 14th, 2014

" Haha finally I got it in understandable text format!!So I have found the doorway out fro..."

Field Report 12/12/2014 An unexpected experience

BY Zeds December 14th, 2014

" Yesterday (Friday) was the final night of the semester and after having an insanely busy..."
Dr. Destruction

No More Mr Nice Guy by Robert Glover Review

BY Dr. Destruction December 13th, 2014

" I'm not sure I should be reading a book called "No More Mr. Nice Guy", but it's a fun li..."

Hugh ego return after my little brother's band went on TV

BY Matrim December 13th, 2014

" Gee fuck, seriuslly how hard can it be to stay in the bottom of a vally? Well I am back ..."
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