September 2nd, 2015


BY veganhuman September 1st, 2015

" I have big white envelops.I have written the date of the month on each envelop. I have 9..."

Make your future safe with presenting best Admission Essays

BY christinalorence September 1st, 2015

" When a student gets in to higher classes some one feels really happy but others feels li..."

Drinking beer on Hells Angels Ink bash event

BY Matrim September 1st, 2015

" Well, the event was pretty awsome. I learned that I like the smell of ink and blood, how..."

FR 8/31/2015

BY RSDHouse September 1st, 2015

" I did four approaches tonight. As expected, there really isn't much going on on a Moday...."

Self-help overdose

BY jwetz September 1st, 2015

" Hola, Fuckin Sancho here!I wanted to cruise into a blog entry on a few ideas that having..."

FR 08/31/15

BY Squirtle September 1st, 2015

" FR 08/31/15:Today I was incredibly frustrated and I actually teared up a little while I ..."

FRs 08/29/15 08/30/15

BY Squirtle September 1st, 2015

" FR 08/29/15:Daily Challenge:I failed my daily challenge. I may have been too ambitious i..."

Public Personal Shit

BY Tpbm August 31st, 2015

" My personal diary and thoughts about the progress between being low level gamer and hope..."

Screening is not a Tactic: Selectivity and Taste in Game

BY RSDXtro August 31st, 2015

" A few weeks ago, I met a new wing. A friend of a friend. We talked a little bit about wh..."
Dr. Destruction

Next Dr Destruction Project Coming Soon

BY Dr. Destruction August 31st, 2015

" Both man and God and the universe produces fruit; at the proper seasons each produces it..."

relax don't do it

BY veganhuman August 31st, 2015

" ..."

(Infield) How Being Willing To Walk Away Is Necessary With Every Girl

BY Justin_Mack August 31st, 2015

" I got an Infield breakdown. How to be willing to walk away and the effect it has on girl..."

FR 8/30/2015

BY RSDHouse August 31st, 2015

" Checked out the gay 90s tonight with a new wing. It wasn't nearly as packed as I would h..."

29/08/15 - Night Out

BY Cristiano August 30th, 2015

" Went out in my hometown last night with a couple of friends.Started off pre drinking at ..."

orange moon

BY veganhuman August 30th, 2015

" yesterday i was crazy and all my sets boombed, it was a bad nighttoday i took the boatI ..."

Coping With Anger: My #1 (improving) Chode Trait

BY RSDXtro August 30th, 2015

" The number one chode trait that I need to change is anger. When some guy in a group gets..."

FR 8/29/2015

BY RSDHouse August 30th, 2015

" Went I got to downtown tonight, I felt bullet-proof. I meditated on the train on the way..."

Tinder Lay / Close Field Report - August 29 2015 - Chocolate Women Love Me ;)

BY EJRXXX August 30th, 2015

" Another Tinder lay report for you man-ho's out there ;) 12 days later from my last lay ..."

Strong Eye Contact

BY Bass44 August 30th, 2015

" This night I focused on having laser eye contact with the girl since this is one of my s..."

Finally made my first approach!

BY Alou August 30th, 2015

" After 3 weeks of going out and having not approached, I made my first approach! It didnt..."
Dr. Destruction

The Revenant by Michael Punke II

BY Dr. Destruction August 30th, 2015

" The Company's captain dispatches two of his men to stay behind and tend to Glass before ..."

Brad Branson's Lifestyle Academy Helped Me Pull an Instagram Model

BY ImtheMan August 29th, 2015

" So a few days ago I decided to shoot this gorgeous girl on my Instagram feed a message b..."

FR 08/28/15

BY Squirtle August 29th, 2015

" FR 08/28/15: Daily Challenge:The challenge was again approach 3 no-Asian girls. I appro..."

time to come back to the group

BY lindsayss August 29th, 2015

" holly shit, it's been a long time, got a indian girl lay within japan, damn her ass was ..."

Seaport With Stifled Friend

BY RSDAristotle August 29th, 2015

" I meet up with a buddy of mine and we try to hit up Envoy. Awesome rooftop, but here's ..."