April 23rd, 2014

Day 81 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 April 23rd, 2014

" Sick again. Recovering. Peace.Total Approaches: 106 ..."

I am feeling good

BY Wildside11 April 23rd, 2014

" I feel fucking fantastic and trying to amp my state right now. Cause it makes me feel go..."

4 Field Ephiphanies from Lucien

BY Lucien April 22nd, 2014

" I want to discuss a few unrelated epiphanies I’ve had in the past week concerning game..."

Day 80 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 April 22nd, 2014

" I'm not sure I would want to be a beautiful woman, even though it seems like they have i..."

Tender aggressiveness

BY Matrim April 22nd, 2014

" So, this is something that I have known sort of for a long time, the only problem has be..."

jk lifting blog

BY Landshark-300 April 22nd, 2014

" destroyed the weight ..."


BY Get_Intuit April 21st, 2014

" Alright alright alright.... Masculine energy is a loose term that gets thrown around a l..."

I Didn't Know I Could Actually Feel Pain Like This

BY DeNiro April 21st, 2014

" I am one emotionally fucked individual, in some regards. Love and pain seem to be two th..."

Day 79 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 April 21st, 2014

" Whatever your goal is, keep going. Successful people are simply those have one per cent ..."

Seems like I have gone full circle

BY Matrim April 21st, 2014

" I am pushing hard right now on making my product. Focusing hard right now on understandi..."

[Videoblog] How Making Your Reality Super-Awesome Will Solve All Problems In Pickup

BY Ben88 April 20th, 2014

" Hey-ho,since everyone loved my first videoblog, I bought a new camera so that I can deli..."

How To Deal With "Business Approach Anxiety"

BY dvc3 April 20th, 2014

" Hey there, hope your weekend was awesome and you too some action on your goals.I wanna t..."

Day 78 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 April 20th, 2014

" Yesterday, I told a not-so-brief history of my journey with relationships with women and..."


BY Get_Intuit April 20th, 2014

" I had an awesome fucking night... and Im going to attempt to break down some very large ..."

FR 190414 - Street close + bar in-and-out

BY Sheng April 20th, 2014

" Woohoo! Did around 3 direct approaches today. I've realised I can dosome variation of th..."

SR 190414 - Bar social

BY Sheng April 20th, 2014

" So today was hilarious. Lol. Hilarious because I ended up doingsomething I originally di..."

Apr 20

BY soothfast April 20th, 2014

" I went to, tried to go to,The Blue Lounge in Santa Cruz.Once again, didn't talk to anyon..."

Day 77 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 April 19th, 2014

" Yesterday was a day of questioning everything, a day of regrets that I didn't handle thi..."

Big thanks to Julien and Tyler and also others

BY Nalisaren April 19th, 2014

" Im 24 years dude from Finland and totally newbie on this subject with "How to work with ..."


BY Get_Intuit April 19th, 2014

" Intresting night...I get to the club with a wing... on the walk up there I hear some gir..."

Cock blockers

BY Matrim April 18th, 2014

" So a video and a story to help you deal with cockblockers.Story of captain cockblockThis..."

Day 76 - 89 Day Challenge

BY lance135 April 18th, 2014

" Some girls are nice, some aren't. Some love you one minute, then can't stand your face t..."

How To Build A Business To Kick Start A Dream Lifestyle

BY dvc3 April 18th, 2014

" Guys here are 10 steps that are proven to work in almost any businessWho am I? Professio..."

FR 14-04-14

BY Sheng April 18th, 2014

" Out and about again today, but not much to report as I didn't actuallydo any proper appr..."


BY Get_Intuit April 18th, 2014

" Well fuck....I hit it up kinda hard tonight...I met up with 2 wingmen who are all decent..."