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June 29th, 2016


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I'm Owen Cook (aka RSD Tyler) the co-founder / executive producer of Real Social Dynamics, and the author of "The Blueprint Decoded" -- I was born in Ottawa Canada (1979) and majored in philosophy at Queens University. Now live and work in Los Angeles California -- My life consists of managing Real Social Dynamics, running Bootcamp and Hot Seat, going to the gym, reading everything under the sun, and a twice a week surfing habit.

Travel, politics, being outside, hiking, surfing, reading, listening to music, running bootcamps, public speaking, comedy, and working out.
Same as above, but we needed this column to import from RSDN 1.0. Woot!
Favorite Music: 
All hip hop, electronic music, and a lot of rock 'n roll, classical, and pretty much anything cool.
Favorite TV Shows: 
Entourage, Californication, Nip/Tuck, Lost, and uhhhh, that's about it.
Favorite Movies: 
I like the political stuff like Syriana and Constant Gardner, Oscar type films like A Beautiful Mind, and overblown action movies like Armagedon and Heat.
Favorite Books: 
Power Of Now & A New Earth, Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, and about a hundred others.

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Hi, I'm sticking at really getting girls to realise I'm attracted to them.

As I'm a girl they tend to just think I'm being friendly.

Apart from coming on to strong any suggestion ?
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I've never wrote on your wall. I just hope you read this, you don't have to respond obviously.

I love you man, you've changed my life in a very profound way. The way I look at women, the way I look at life, everything. Thank you so much!
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I appreciate all your hard work and know you already give way more than anyone could expect.
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I was having a lot of trouble recently with women, I was trying so hard to even get a # and go on a date for 3 weeks straight just hammering it out getting rejected. After this i did not go out for 2 weeks due to exams but what I did was watch RSD videos in particular the hot seat where you were breaking down your pick ups and teaching students basically to be more socially aware and adept to the situation. The one thing I remembered in particular was to back off when it's necessary. So to make a long story short, I went out after 2 weeks not giving a fuck just going to have fun with these little things I learned from your videos engrained into my mind, without thinking about it. This girl ended up bringing me to the condo she was staying at in Toronto and I ended up fucking her with all of her friends there. She was from the states and they were renting the place, it was their final night. I'm 22 and I never thought I was capable of getting a 1 night stand from pulling a girl in the same night from a club even though I always had the tools all along. Thank you for being so extremely nice as to put this information all online for free. When I graduate I will do everything I can to attend one of your rsd seminars, you deserve every good thing that comes your way because I'm sure that you've helped many good men and women (indirectly from teaching men how to behave socially).This was a very big step for me not for my game but for my reality, you're the best man good luck to you and RSD as well as everyone who works for you or takes your classes! 
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Dude, thank you so much. You`ve been helping a lot of people in best fashion possible. Thank you very much for making so many people`s life better. I really hope you will get what you truly deserve. Would be real honor for me to meet you and shake your hand!
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Owen I know you're all about clean focus and I've learned a ton from you. My life has changed completely. I've been following RSD for many years, I've seen all the vids (almost) they are like a drug. I can relate to your philosophies and Rsd is awesome dude.

I know you talk about having like 3D mental views of the shit youd like to articulate and being right brain dominant. I've notice the 3D layers in your videos, how at the begining on the video you make a point thats connected to another point in the middle of the video which is connected to a sick point towards the end. I also know you think weed is bad for you. This is just an idea because I know youre not a lazy or dumb person, and I've listened to you say that marijuana is a form of lower consciousness and a form of external stimulus. It is far beyond that. I'm an avid read also (inspired by you and reading Covey and Tolle) and just wanted to let you know that marijuana if used for a purpose may enable you to more easily lay out the concepts you have in your mind. From my experience, THC has opened up my imagination and it has emabled me to understand some of the complex ideas and Ive come up with some of my own. Not saying smoking weed is good in excess, nothing is, but I think you're at a different level and it'll be beneficial not detrimental to lay out even sicker content.

Just a thought. Great content dude! Thanks for putting it put there!
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Hey Owen,

I would like to join your business from Holland ( Utrecht ). Can you contact me privatly for my quick introduction

Regards & respect,


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Dan Delta

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Hi, Tyler,
I am from India, I have been following you on youtube and learned a lot.
In one of your youtube video, you said you would offer everyone in free tour the opportunity to work with you, and confidently challenged that no one would come.

I want to be direct, I want to come and work for you for the next few years in your team..

I have been working as freelancer in website development and video development, I would specifially work with video development, however, I want to be with a complete new circle.

My intension to work with you is not about to be master in game, but master in self-amusing and taking actions bypassing my fears, and I think your circle would help me a lot.

So what do you think?

Dan Delta (Mukund)
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Svaka cast Bosko, samo napred ...
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Words cannot convey my gratitude. I will meet you one day and shake your hand.
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Join Date: 12/31/2013 | Posts: 94

I loved the freetour you did in LA last summer
It was about 'staying a kid' 'growing a beard' 'taking things as a joke'
basically not growing up like 99% of adults now as sad, stressed, apathetic
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Hey Tyler, thanks for all your hard work and the contributions you have made in this field of study. Bravo to you Bro!!

Im new to the forum but am old and wise in the ways of pickup...

I've been trying to get a name change. E-mailed and posted on some threads. Can you help me? Tanner4796<---------------->Ph4s3sh1ft 

Thanks a mill.
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Join Date: 12/20/2015 | Posts: 15

Hi tyler (owen),

I wanted to tell you this:

I made an account just to tell you this.
I truly respect and love  you as a human beeing of this planet! I can not express my apprication in words, but | You are a real pioneer on this plant, and truly change lifes, unlike people like steve jobs.

I never had a dad or example, But I now know it does not matter at all, your value is * worth more than an average dad, haha.. sounds gay but you get the point.

in one of your videos you spoke about takers and givers, I KNOW you give allot more than you take in this life!

I will do something back for you one day, and you will know :), its all i can say :)..

Best regards,

Appriciative human
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Join Date: 08/08/2014 | Posts: 62

Dude, been resonating with you a shit ton of time. You keep improving even more, more and more, how the fuck!?. My brain is confused how such a man can exsist. I've been putting you up on a pedistal a long time, but now I'm starting to realise I CAN, too, be on that level. You sir, are in my head, helping me, live like a real man. Thank you!
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Bernardo Carleial

Bernardo Carleial

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Tyler !
I would like to say thank you for all the transformation that you did in my life.
Before met the RSD I used to be shy, living in reaction, having negative thoughts about society, but after watched the Blueprint Decoded and practiced for a while, I realized that most of the problems was on me, you can find so many good people out there, it's just be willing to recept it,

And my life changed even more after watch your two videos about low and high vibration, because some I felt good or bad depending on my behavior but I didn't know that before seen your video

Thank you for all that you been doing for us

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