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Last few “Tyler” Free Tour, Hot Seat, and Bootcamp events taught by me personally before my second son is born and I’m out of the loop…:

San Francisco: June 9 – 11
Seattle: June 20 – 22
Honolulu: July 21 – 23 (note I bumped this a week back so we can do Bootcamp at that big party)

(Click over to www.rsdfreetour.com / www.rsdhotseat.com / www.rsdbootcamp.com)

Note that these Hot Seat events are my last. I’ve recorded reality shattering new infield footage which I’ll be showing at these events, however future Hot Seat events will no longer be taught by me personally after these final three.

(I’m hoping I can start doing them again in 2012 as I love teaching them, but also realize that other projects may be on the go by then. If you want to take this jaw dropping program of the highest quality with me personally, this is absolutely the time to do it.)

The World Summit is also coming up July 29 to August 6.  This is a one week event in Las Vegas which features every instructor in Real Social Dynamics. I look forward to this all year so if you’re interested in hanging with me for the week in Vegas check this out…:


Last but definitely not least, Jeffy and I have been talking about creating a new “Jeffy Free Tour” for the months I’m out of the loop.

The last time Jeff did a “Free Tour” was 2007 which was about 50 cities—very hardcore! The event became notorious in the pickup community for the fact that it was absolutely insane, both in terms of its absurd comedic value as well as the sheer force of the knowledge that Jeff would reveal.

I attended Jeff’s Free Tour in Hawaii and I can honestly say it was 2 of the coolest hours of my entire life. I not only learned a ton about how to pickup women, but I was more entertained than the best movie I’ve ever seen. He’s really a guy you want to meet in real life.

If you’re interested in a possible Jeffy Free Tour, or even a Jeffy Hot Seat, these are projects which we’re currently talking about and you can email stuart@realsocialdynamics.com to express interest and be kept in the loop. We’re thinking of doing potentially the four cities with the biggest interest in the US, four biggest in Europe, and three biggest in Canada and Australia.


What’s up!!

Just took two days off, Sunday and Monday. What a strange feeling – I’d been hustling from the minute I woke up to the minute I went to sleep for the past six weeks.

I’d had two or three days off six weeks ago and then another six weeks or so before that I’d also been putting in the full days. This seems to be the fate of many young people of ambition these days, and I’m going to talk about WHY I’ve done this and HOW I’ve balanced this with pickup after today’s video.

(By the way when I say a full workday, I’m still going to the gym, reading, doing meditation, going out to pickup girls and record it, etc. So it’s usually around a 12 or 13 hour workday, however every non work task is also related to RSD. That being the case I haven’t really had time to do something “just for fun” – there’s never been a time when I’m not doing something to move forward.)

Speaking of today’s video, I actually think it’s the shittiest video Free Tour I’ve put out. :)

But yeah I also think it offers some good value, and I like to release footage from every speaking event I do in order to track my progress. The video talks about some very important concepts related to getting massive success with girls.

Why do guys become players? How does getting laid constantly affect your psychology? What can you do to wrestle with your mind and FORCE yourself to get the sex life you want, all the time?

That’s what I talk about here, and although I’m half out of it after the week of sleep depriving mayhem I spent in New York City the week before, this Washington D.C. Free Tour video has valuable content that will give you some “food for thought”.


Anyway as you probably noticed in the video, I’m completely fucked at this Free Tour. This was the first ever Free Tour that I actually experienced “micro sleep” and passed out for thirty second bursts as Jeffy and Brad would pipe in.

I do every Free Tour event “off the cuff” with nothing prepared, which usually makes them funny and spontaneous and energetic, although it also causes me to have more “umms” and “likes” in my speaking since I’m just making it up on the fly.

At this Free Tour I was really regretting it as my brain just wasn’t working.  Fortunately even at my most fucked up I’ve done this event so many times I can go through it, and everyone I spoke to said they learned a lot.  Many people also signed up for Hot Seat and the bootcamp demos I recorded that night were some of the sickest I've recorded so far.

Nonetheless I thought this would make a cool topic today that many people would be interested in, which is how do you stay good with girls despite a heavy workload that causes your brain to become “logical”.

This has been a topic that a lot of people have really enjoyed learning about from me because not everyone gets to pickup and have sex with women all day like the typical RSD instructor, and so it’s often harder to get really good with girls.

I’ve actually got a lot going on so I’m going to limit myself to about an hour of writing, and I’m planning to release this pretty rough as I’ve been doing with my articles of late, but if you liked the articles I’ve been putting out then I think you’ll take some good value from it. :)

(Just try to excuse any ill formed thoughts and whatnot…)

Anyway here are my thoughts and a few experiences related to this topic, which I hope you’ll enjoy.


So back from 2005 to 2008 when I grew RSD from a 1 million dollars a year to 3 million a year company within about three years (that’s revenues, not profit folks – I live pretty modestly), I holed myself up in an ocean front apartment in Honolulu and pretty much worked non-stop.

This was a very difficult time in my life because I became very fat, got sick around 8 times a year with one sickness overlapping another, and got stuck in my head in a logical mode. Most of my friends started to find me to be a weird person and I pretty much viewed myself as a robot whose only purpose in life was to produce results.

I would teach two bootcamps a month during this time, but I’d cap the programs at only one student so that I could give my full attention on coaching since my demonstrations were no longer as good. The programs got great reviews because they were so personalized and my ability to make improvements in the students was still strong, but I’d lost the ability to do the jaw dropping pickup demonstrations on the fly like I do now.

As time went on I sort of viewed myself as the guy who “figured out” the game and taught it to the different instructors in RSD, but no longer the guy who had the strongest skills in the field.

It was crazy because instructors I’d taught were just blowing me away and I was happy about it because I loved the value they were offering to students. At the same time it also kind of bothered me that I wasn’t capable of blowing people away in the field anymore with my skills.

Then in 2008 I got to a point where I realized that I’d lost sight of what I got into RSD for. I graduated from the equivalent of an “Ivy League” school in Canada and I could easily be working a good corporate job, but my goal in creating Real Social Dynamics was to be out in the field doing what I love.

Teaching bootcamps was always my biggest hobby and that was why I built a company around it. The only reasons I hired instructors was because I thought it would cool to keep the “3 on 1” student to instructor ratio in local cities so students wouldn’t have to travel as far, and because every so often I’d meet someone who I thought was super awesome and would offer a lot of value to students.

(I still view my biggest accomplishment in RSD that you can take a kick ass program with an elite level teacher with a low student to instructor ratio, for very cheap.)

Anyway over time I realized that the source of my personal power was the game. The game essentially gave me everything I have, it’s my roots and my greatest passion in life aside from raising my sons.

Without the game I would be entirely lost. I love every aspect about it. It’s the time when I’m most present, most happy, most “myself”.

I love teaching this to other people, and revealing to them what’s possible. I love sending home students with their brains melted, unable to sleep or process reality. I love how it increases a man’s sense of entitlement and makes him realize that anything in life is possible. I succeed in this in spades at times, and other times I do only a decent job. But I always give everything I have and I’m always learning and continuing to improve.

(If you dig the videos and articles you’ve seen over the years, these are like the doorway into another planet when compared to the precision surgery performed IN THE ACTUAL FIELD.)

So in 2008 I got back into teaching bootcamps full time, about 50 a year, and made it my goal to get my game back to a level I was happy with. I don’t want to get this article into the typical “PUA pissing contests” about who the best pickup up artist is (obviously I think I’m the best JUST LIKE HOW EVERY GOOD PICKUP ARTIST DELUSIONALLY THINKS HE’S THE BEST BECAUSE WE’VE GOTTA BE AMPED TO APPROACH GORGEOUS GIRLS) but rather just the point that I went from a level I wasn’t happy about to a level I think is awesome.

The next few years I worked on my game constantly, to the point of full on obsession. I thought about the game constantly and made it as important as the work I was doing with RSD.

To do this I had to come up with a “system” that would allow me to be in an extremely “logical headspace” in the day, and yet become charismatic and sociable during the night. This is ultimately the biggest challenge that I think hardworking professionals deal with, and it’s a huge problem for so many people.

Regardless I thought I’d talk here about the system I came up with, but before getting into that, I also thought I’d talk about WHY I decided to take on a higher level of professional responsibility (as opposed to just running an easy company with just me and Papa teaching, and making my life easy on myself).

So here it is… :)


Like I said, the accomplishment I’m most proud about in RSD is that students can take bootcamps that are close to them locally, with a top notch instructor for a very cheap price. Well you probably don’t think it’s cheap but if you understood the systems that Nick and I have had to innovate over the years to keep the ratios good and the prices fair, you’d probably think it’s pretty interesting how we did it. :)

This has meant a lot to me because I had so much pain surrounding the issue of being lame with girls in the first two decades of my life that it’s what allows me to feel like the work I’m doing is very important and worthwhile. When I guest appear on another instructor’s bootcamp and see what a high value program they’re performing it makes me feel proud of what we’ve accomplished, basically systematizing the types of crazy bootcamps that I’m able to do but make them available to you no matter where you live, and with a good ratio.

It's like every day I wake up and there's emails like this in my inbox.  This is typical I literally just grabbed it today (I'll keep it anonymous unless dood who sent it to me wants to pipe in!)...

"I don't tell many people about this, but the following facts about me were true until my boot-camp with Alex:
1) I was a virgin at age 30.
2) I kissed a girl on the lips for the first time a few months earlier right before I turned 30.
3) I held a lot of religious views and conflicting value systems that kept me from pursuing women like I should have been able to for MANY years.

After 3 months post-bootcamp the following facts about me are true:
1) I have had sex with 3 girls; 2 of them I had SNLs with. Each girl I laid were hotter or cuter than the one before.
2) All 3 have become regulars/sex friends who continue to see me for sex but I have no committment to be exclusive and have not had to lie at all!
3) I love sex with all three of them and the chemistry is great.
4) My confidence has skyrocketed and I am well on my way to hooking up with many more hot girls!

I never could've imagined life would be like this; already all of my expectations of where I would be in this amount of time have been greatly exceeded but I have only just begun! It's really exciting.  My boot-camp with Alex was so special; words can't describe what it did for me and I am so grateful to Alex and your company, RSD, for what you've given me. Thank you so much.

Yeah so you can imagine how it's "easy" for me to rationalize that the work I'm putting in is worthwhile.  If it was just ME doing the programs then I'd never have a chance to make it to Tokyo where he took the program, whereas by creating this system I'm able to scale the work I'm doing and make accessible to people who live far away.

At the same time, over the years I’ve found a sort of “selfish motivation” in running the larger organization as opposed to a more manageable one as well.  The main value I’ve personally gained out of it is learning to be a competent professional, an executer, a hard worker, and someone who has the ability to juggle many balls in the air.

I wanted to learn these skills in my twenties and early thirties because I have dreams of doing so much more as I get older, there’s so much that I want to contribute.

This will sound strange, but I believe that “the game” has taught me things about confidence, communication, and emotional intelligence that will eventually give me the ability to do many cool things for society as a whole. I think it’s going to be funny when people look back at my life, and realize this guy who pushed himself to the limit essentially gained the confidence from picking up girls.

And you know in saying this, I realize that I’m risking a lot of embarrassment. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll burn out with this and realize that I just want to chill and be happy, and that the world is fine the way it is and there’s not much impact that I can really have to do anything about it. But honestly I’ve never failed to reach a goal in my life up to this point, even if it took me a few extra attempts and failures to do so. I was in a pretty messed up car accident a few years ago and it made me realize I could die at any moment, but I believe that if I continue to live that I can contribute a lot of cool things.

People talk about hard work as being more important than luck with people who are successful, but in my case I think it’s both. I feel that I’ve been given a lot of setbacks and challenges that most people would never have to deal with, which most people would think of as bad luck, but in reality these have fundamentally been gifts that were given to me because I asked for them.

Since I was young I wanted to do something of value with my life, but I didn’t realize that to gain the abilities and skills it takes to do so you aren’t going to have an easy ride. Essentially you are going to have to “step up” which will result in all sorts of headaches, challenges, heart ache, and a lot of embarrassment, and then learn all the lessons it takes to cope with it psychologically, as well as from a success standpoint just finding the solutions to all the problems.

I think that fundamentally there are two types of people when it comes to success, the first being the type who when they get fucked with will eventually give up, and the other being the type that it only fuels them to step up harder and become more focused. I always made it my goal to be the second type and just keep bouncing back from challenge after challenge. That’s what’s been cool about the setbacks I’ve encountered, is that they’ve only helped me to focus and dig deeper, I really feel like they’re such a gift. I’m LUCKY to have had all the weird challenges that I’ve had.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m just rationalizing the pain I’ve encountered in my life as being “leading me somewhere” when in fact sometimes bullshit just happens to people and it’s completely random. But then I realize that even if that’s true it’s irrelevant, and that my definition of a fulfilling life is to become what I’m capable of becoming, and offer the value that I’m capable of bringing forward. It doesn’t matter if this was all God’s plan or just some random bullshit of the universe, the point is to be an adult and recognize the opportunities that are in front of you and play the hand you’ve been dealt.


So yeah my main interest in running a more complex organization while still keeping it as “social entrepreneurship” that offers a product that makes a difference has been like I said: to gain the skills I’ll need to contribute more as I move into my thirties, forties, fifties and beyond.

I think many people in my position become overly narcissistic about it, mostly because they realize that “Everyone is cut from the same cloth…” and therefore they realize that they COULD contribute a shitload if they really wanted to, they just can’t be bothered.

In my own case I’ve been willing to do a lot of hard work, even menial stuff, because I wanted to learn about hard work and creating systems within organizations and how to be an executer.

A big part of this has been psychologically adapting to work that’s repetitious like teaching the Hot Seat and making it a lot of fun. My goal at the Hot Seats I did for the past year was not only to shock the shit out of students and blow away their reality, but to have more fun than anyone in the room. The same went for my Free Tours and Bootcamp events as well.

This probably sounds funny to you, that people who are using their time and money to experience a life changing wouldn’t be having as much fun as the guy teaching it, and yet I attribute this to the discipline I’ve had in learning to have fun. I believe that emotions are essentially muscles and that you can learn to have fun no matter what you’re doing, and that basically I want my emotional “fun muscles” to be ridiculously strong.

Most people rely on “external stimulus” to have fun, but my goal has been to condition myself to “draw state from within”. The fun for me is in the OUTFLOW of value, as opposed to the inflow of stimulation.

This is obviously a cross-discipline that I’ve learned from picking up girls. To be the ultimate pimp you can’t be like most people in modern society where you look to the outside world to make you feel good (ie: get validation from the girl) you need to have this infinite well of awesome emotions that comes from being present to the moment, and then expressing joy by allowing it to flow out.

At the Free Tour everyone is laughing and having a good time, but whose having the most fun? I am. Likewise with the Hot Seat where I have to show the same exact videos every week (except recently as I’ve updated all the videos—which has been sooooo sick). I come into the Hot Seat events on Saturday morning with the mindset that I’m going to crack new jokes and just make it the most fun 10 hours of my life. I want the audience to be shocked at how much fun I’m having, and hold their attention on what I’m teaching them the entire day.

My teaching and pimp skills have cross-over in this weird way, but it also has a spiritual element to me. I’m a huge believer in what Eastern philosophy teaches us about not seeing events in life as “good or bad”. Most people misunderstand this and think you need to be “enlightened” to have this perspective, but what it really means is that by being present to the moment and finding joy in the outflow of value, it’s not nearly as important to be in circumstances that are stimulating or fun.

Think of this like being on that nitrous oxide laughing gas at the dentist. The dentist is about to drill your teeth with some scary metal instrument but because you’re buzzed you think to yourself “Haha this would really suck if I wasn’t on this laughing gas, but I don’t give a fuuuuuuck…….”

Being present to the moment and finding joy in the outflow of value is sort of the same. You’re relying fundamentally on yourself for the good feelings, so it doesn’t matter if you’re presenting the same videos that you’ve showed the past twenty weekends in a row. The parts where you give seminar you just make it funny and awesome, and the parts where you have to watch the same videos you just make yourself present to the moment and you feel content regardless.

My goal in this has been to increase my mental stamina, and ability to produce huge amounts of value. To get as far as I have with RSD I’ve had to dig deeper, find ways to work harder and become more focused, and this was one of the ways that I did it.

Every day I want to be a more effective and more focused worker than I was the day before. I sometimes accomplish this and other times I fall off, sometimes because I push it too far like I did with the D.C. Free Tour video I just posted. But this only teaches me about where the limit is and forces me to find better ways of getting things done.


I think beyond all this, the focus on a greater goal has been what’s allowed me to find happiness.

Being pissed off is ultimately a luxury of people who don’t have enough to get done. All my friends and colleagues who I see getting pissed off, I think to myself, “Haha there’s no way I’d have time to experience emotions like this! This actually looks FUN!” It’s like all the crazy drama is like a funny soap opera that people make when they have nothing better to do.

I guess is also comes from a lack of feeling of control. The way I’ve dealt with these emotions when I’ve encountered them is to realize they’re essentially healthy, because they’re trying to signal my focus onto something that needs to get dealt with.

One of the coolest tricks I’ve ever learned, which I’ve utilized like crazy the past few years, is to resist the temptation to blame bad emotions externally. I’ve gotten really good at looking in the mirror and seeing where my role in my own problems has been.

This is a lot more challenging than it sounds like, because the default human tendency is to preserve your ego and blame your problems on other people. It’s crazy to me how I see most people constantly blaming others for their bullshit lives instead of looking in the mirror, and yet I feel like your brain has this MAGNET that makes you look everywhere for except the one person who is responsible: yourself.

When I feel those bad emotions I’ve literally gone as far as to walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror, point at myself and say “YOU DID THIS OWEN. THIS IS ON YOU. ADMIT IT AND FIND OUT HOW, IT DOESN’T SEEM LIKE IT’S YOU BUT IT IS…” Then I trace back my steps to a year ago, a month ago, a week ago, and the same day, and think of how my actions have resulted in my current circumstances.

I really love this because it’s alleviated my frustrations to an amazing degree. I think that bad emotions are essentially healthy and designed to burn the lessons of bad situations into your brain by making them emotionally relevant. So it’s up to you WHAT you want getting burned into your brain.

Do you want the lesson burned into your brain “This person fucked me over blah blah bullshit bullshit…” or do you want the lesson to be something that you fucked up and can improve? Yet many of the smartest people I know perpetually screw this up, their egos simply don’t allow the beneficial process to run its course.

The cool thing about dedicating your life to a larger purpose is that it focuses you, forces you to see reality for what it is and adapt. It makes you happier because you don’t have a choice but to be happy if you want to get done what you want to get done.

You get outside of your own petty concerns and focus more on the value that you want your life to represent. You become more expansive and translucent, less contracted and dense.

I don’t think I could take care of myself the way I do if it wasn’t for taking on more responsibility. I wouldn’t have the motivation to eat healthy or exercise or go to the gym. I wouldn’t have the reason to stop reading and watching bullshit and focus on “high vibration frequency” ideas (as they say) or stay disciplined with meditation. I wouldn’t have the necessity to make “external experience” my primary mode of orientation, and not get stuck up in silly values and principles about “how the world should work” up in my head.

Honestly I still feel like a friggin’ clown compared to the way I see myself in an ideal vision of what’s possible, but whatever progress I’ve made is for something that I think is more important than my own lifestyle or petty experience of life.


So you probably get the idea that my work life is very fulfilling and important to me, so where has that left me with game??

Well like I said, the game is ultimately my great joy in all this, my greatest love and passion. It’s when I feel that higher level state of mind operating at the highest level, and I feel myself becoming re-centered in the state of mind that I’m most fulfilled.

Getting back into the game after taking away from focusing on it was initially difficult. Very difficult. I felt like I was getting my swimming legs back again.

The biggest challenge with working long hours and then going out is that you feel logical and like everything you do has to have a purpose, instead of the non-outcome oriented expression of joy that women find so magnetic and attractive.

You go out and a girl acts bratty towards you, and you’re in disbelief because it’s unprofessional. You joke around with people but it feels forced, like you’re saying some bullshit you’re supposed to say but don’t really want to say. There’s nothing getting accomplished from being out so it feels pointless, yet you know you want to “improve your game” so you go through the motions mechanically and without soul.

Many people talk about the focus and dedication it takes to get good at the game, and yet this focus should only be in soldiering through when you’re getting frustrated that you’re stuck on a plateau. Ultimately though the biggest dedication in the game is a dedication to joy, a dedication to sexuality, and dedication to drawing joy from within yourself and expressing it outwardly.

Of course women reward you for this with…..............sex. You get laid a lot when you have the ability to approach random girls and come across like this.

The hardest part for a hard worker to understand about the game is that although all the work you’re doing might eventually gain you higher status, all that the women perceives is how you’re coming across RIGHT NOW. If you’re so logical and focused on producing linear outcomes that you can’t chill out and enjoy your own sexuality with her, then you must be in some pretty severe scarcity.

Because a man who has an abundance of whatever he needs is happy and chill, not focused on “getting to the future” and “accomplishing the next thing”.


In my own case the most practical idea I came across to get back hardcore in the game was to realize that it simply takes time to wind down from an 80 hour workweek into interacting with girls.

The smartest thing I did was giving myself a lot of “self compassion” and realizing that I was going to take a lot of blowouts before my brain shifted into charming sexual mode. I’d allow myself even three hours to get warmed up, as weird as that sounds, but it worked.

Of course it never (or at least extremely rarely) took three hours to get “warmed up” but I still told everyone it takes me three hours to get warmed up, which gave me the permission to suck with girls and just keep opening and chatting with women. Cool things always happened by the end of the night so it didn’t really matter, as long as I got there eventually.

The most important understanding I gained is that “self confidence is not the same as social momentum”. With all the work I was paradoxically the most confident I’d ever been, and yet the least social. So I allowed myself time to build up momentum and was very disciplined about it.

Here’s what I think is very cool though…

I realized that in life you need to play to your strengths, and find solutions to the limitations of your situation. In my own case I realized that although my situation was limited by the hardcore hours I was putting in with work, that I was also very disciplined in my actions as an individual.

That being the case, I resolved to be the most disciplined “executer” in getting social momentum (ie: “warming up”) as humanly possible. Basically I resolved that any time I got out to the club I’d start clapping and laughing and talking to literally every single girl I’d see, until I eventually the charming and sexually engaging and charismatic part of my brain became active.

Doing this my results improved and improved. Every month I got better and better, with the confidence that no matter how hardcore I burned the candle on both ends during the week that I’d get “into state” when the weekend hit and I was out at the club.

The key here was using the same discipline to take “right action” that I’d cultivated in my professional life, but bringing it into the building of social momentum. When your goal is to become the most effective worker you can be the downside is that you become extremely logical and outcome oriented, but the unique advantage is that you can use this discipline that most people lack to get warmed up faster and lethally effectively.

Now when I go out I know that I’ll reliably get into state, reliably be “that guy” who women find charismatic and charming, and reliably make amazing things happen. Usually it’s within the first twenty minutes or half an hour, but if it takes a few hours that’s okay as well.

What’s also been cool about this is that my bootcamp students have really taken a lot out of it. I focus on getting them watching me warm up and comparing how I am at the start of the night versus the end of the night. They see the massive difference and this gives them internal permission to screw up as well, as long as they get warmed up.

The results of this?? Students getting success like crazy both during and after the program. The challenges I’ve had from having a more professional life have made the program more realistic to the lifestyle of the average person who doesn’t just get to pimp girls all week.

Anyway yeah it’s been cool, really digging it. And over the past two years I’ve gotten my results with women to the highest level they’ve ever been, no joke.

I plan to keep building on it and improving. The game is so much fun, and it’s become such an outlet for the tension I build up over the week. Teaching bootcamp and demonstrating this has become my biggest passion and I love what it’s doing both for myself and the people who learn from me, and feel like the “work hard, play hard…” mindset has really taken hold.

My life is reached a point where I’m both content as well as having a lot of fun. It’s taken me a lot of years of trial and error to reach this point, and I’m sure I’ll mess it up in the future as I did with this video (and you see me with my first cold in a few years in the videos I’m putting out next week), but I’ll just keep improving and refining it over time.


So I hope you took some interesting value from this article. It reveals a lot of personal aspects about my life, and given me a chance to “express myself” so to speak, but it’s written primarily to help you connect it to YOUR OWN life.

If you’re not pushing yourself and what I’ve talked about sounds appealing to you, maybe push yourself a little more and build on it. (I certainly didn’t get to this point overnight, it’s been a good decade in the making.)

And if you’re a professional whose pushing the envelope with work and you’re making excuses about why you’re not going out, I know that if you take to heart what I’ve talked about in the practical steps for getting girls you’re going to get amazing results.

Give this stuff a whirl and let me know what you think!! I always want to know where you’re at and appreciate you letting me know!! :)

I’m going to shoot off to bed now and post this tomorrow morning, and thanks for checking it out!


Oh and yeah a PS:

For inspiration on hard work, check out the new BBC documentary “Human Planet”. It’s the same high definition footage as “Planet Earth” and “Life” but it shows the intense things that humans are capable of.

It’s crazy but I really love the whole 1080p resolution that’s come out over the past few years, and it’s actually part of what inspired me to record Hot Seat in 1080 resolution (with cameras that are big and often get me in trouble!).

But yeah the documentaries Planet Earth and now Human Planet are VERY cool to watch on Blu Ray or in high definition. If you want to be awe inspired I’d recommend you check these out.


I would LOVE to see you at these events, whichever you think are most suited to you. Each has it’s own page and right now would be the best time to check it out…:

San Francisco: June 9 – 11
Seattle: June 20 – 22
Honolulu: July 21 – 23

(Click over to www.rsdfreetour.com / www.rsdhotseat.com / www.rsdbootcamp.com)


And remember that JEFFY is looking at a possible JEFFY FREE TOUR. If this is happening you’ll hear about it next week.

I’m honestly not sure where we stand with it, but if you dig what Jeffy puts out like I do then cross your fingers for it.  Jeff doing a Free Tour would be a really unique opportunity, and the absolute bomb! 
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The Story of the One

The Story of the One

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I bow to the Divinity in you Mr. Cook
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HEAT et Veritas

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Hey Owen,

Great article. I wonder the same thing too. What I am trying to figure out is if too much discipline and strive for perfection is...being too hard on yourself. The ability to switch gears from busting your ass...to not giving a fuck is a tough transition to make sometimes. You seem to be really good at it.-HeAt
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Wow, definitely would not want to be born into that village...

Great article.  Good refresher on these concepts.  Keeps me motivated and energized when I go out and sometimes lose sight of these beliefs.
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Sweet article, as they all are, I am going to the free tour in San Fran on the 9th, see you there!
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my name is Robert Paulson

my name is Robe...

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respect Owen.
really nice 
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The Struggler

The Struggler

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I have to say that was totally awesome -- especially the focus on the wider stuff, on how these 'traits' we've developed through game, have affected our lives in general.

The concepts of states of 'unaffectedness', 'freedom from outcome' and 'self amusement' have all been massive, in how they've help us develop in our social interactions (in general, not just as it relates to women).

I'm looking forward to this next step in life/evolution and the stuff you're going to come up with, in term of this topic of wider self improvement and unlocking the potential that's inside of all of us.

Thanks for sharing this with us.
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 Tyler you're amazing. Straight up. Your ability to share you wisdom, journey and life experience in a way that resonates with so many blows my mind. I'll be able to read this article years from now and pull pieces from it. Thats true wisdom and truth right there. 

But enough with the mental fellation - I'll be seeing you at the Seattle free tour! AWWW YEAHHH!

Will Good
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In my opinion this is one of the best videos, you look smooth, not trying, no Tyyyleeeerr from reeal social die-namics but just Owen here sharing some value .
Thanks dude
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LOVE the first video. Agree that we are not fully evolved humans but we are capable of so much more within ourselves. Just take action and negate thought, failure is feedback - ALWAYS. 

Nice shout out to the BBC, that series is AWESOME.
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Wow man thanks a lot owen really apreciate it.

Yea one thing i forgot:
always find the good things in bad sitatuions, the lesson. And never blame others, it is what it is.
And I think even if the other person "fucked up", there probably have been ways to deal with this on your
side and in the end you "fucked up" too lol. Like even if it seems other people were morons, you could
have done better still and dealt with it.

also the thing about failures making you want to do better. Yea i gotta get this drive again. Again abundance VS scarcity. Either you think that was it, you failed and it sucks. or you think, fuck, i fucked up, but i learned sth.
im gonna keep going and do better next time.

I think sometimes its also hard to admit, that you should keep going and take the lesson. sometimes it seems, like its just fucked up and it sucks, but then you should remind yourself that thats not the end.

weel cheers


edit: oh and always seing the funny side in failures. I think its hard sometimes because you thing another person was the solution. but then fuck it, think abundance and that you can get everything for yourself. then you can laugh about it
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 Thanks Dude 
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Human Planet is awesome!


watching this i´m feel like a biiig
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yes! thats one thing i learned from you, is that a man should be responsible for his own emotions.  not blame external events. 

also on getting into the social mode.  i think thats something i struggle with, because I don't allow myself to fail while warming up.  I get so upset about being nervous and non social.   When all it takes is allowing yourself to be this way for a good few hours or something until your social part of the brain activates.

is there any material i can read or videos that can get this into my head that i'm no different than other people and that it just takes momentum to become social?
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Bombastic 2.0

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Great stuff, Owen. For a long time I thought you were just the guy teaching us how to pick up chicks but in recent times I`ve started realizing just how fucking hard you work. 

I hear a lot of guys saying stuff like "How can Tyler be this involved in the game when he`s got a long term girlfriend and kids? How can do this stuff and not be out fucking girls?" I think this article is our answer. Pickup teaches us so much about being men, more than almost anything else. I know I would never be doing my current business if I had never gotten into pickup. I`d be working some cozy job that is stable but limits my potential. Pickup taught me how to deal with fucking failure and keep going - all the time.

lol, the guy whose email you quoted is a friend of mine. RSD indeed changed his life in big ways. Mine too, but more subtly over time, culminating with a bootcamp that rounded me off and gave me the final ingredients. But this dude just blew up in an instant.
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Thanks tyler

in fact, in the jeffy show 2 he says that there are three criteria for success:

1 aproach
2 be a masculine man
3 express yourself instead of trying to impress
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 Excellent article tyler. 
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Thanks for the value, much appreciated.
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The weirdest shit I have ever seen. Good job.
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Tyler, you inspire me.

It might sound strange but I've been listening to your videos and reading your articles since I was like 16-17. I'm turning 21 soon. Thats close to 5 years of learning about life from you. Reading the books you've recommended like Eckhart Tolle..etc so the strange part of it is that the stuff you've put out has been a part of my 'raising' from being a teen to a young adult. 

I saw you in miami during the free tour this year n asked you a question before I left. It was weird to 'meet' you cuz I'd felt like I already knew you for so long, yet you don't know me.

Anyways, this article is extremely valuable because its like getting inside the mind of a true champion of life. Its like, you figure out what needs to be improved and you do it.

Thanks for putting this out there. Once I've acheived the entreprenural goals I've set for myself I'll be able to afford a bootcamp and have the freedom to practice consistently without worrying being awake to work some 9-5 job.  
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Amazing article Owen, just what I needed to hear as well,

especially with the 'most confident I've ever been, but not at all social.'

Having gone through 10 hour days for the last 2 months to finish off my degree, I feel more confident than ever, but finding out that my social skills have gone way down!
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i don't understand the reference to charlie sheen?
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7 gram rocks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QS0q3mGPGg
spirit8ball wrote:
i don't understand the reference to charlie sheen?
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I have a question,
I have found that one thing holding me back is my fear of success, meaning,,
at the moment I have taken care of my approach anxeity, the thing is especially in daytime situations I find that although I can start a convo with a women, I find myself constantly wanting to eject coz I think that what if 'if she give me her phone number, of agree to go for a coffee??" now what I am going to do , what I am going to say to her???
So because of that I see myself ejecting from perfectly good situations.
please note that I've never been in dates before, and dating thing is a new thing to me, plus conversation is not a strong point of mine....

So , can someone tell me what should I do to get rid of this kind of situation??
thanks for the help/
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DJMarco, you prob know the reason you want to eject could be to leave on a high, I believe this is quite common. Your worry seems to be what to do next, in particular what to say. I find you can talk for talkings sake, but this will bore you then her. For example, where she is from doesn't really interest me to be honest. I know a list of things that excite me to talk about; music, snowboarding and some travel, cats (ha, honestly)...things that I just enjoy talking about. So talk about topics you like and there will be many threads off that you can discuss. Come from an intrigue point of view, almost qualifying..just finding out who she is, what you two can do together, come up with nicknames and role plays.
If you have your things to say and you guys aren't on the same page, you should have higher expectations and know to walk away after the first 'date',
I dunno about you but after a few ejections that I am causing myself I realise it can only be me who learns to sit it out. You'll just have to sit it out mate, take her somewhere and do it. Must be annoying for her when she realises your cool and then you walk off each time, so do her a favour
Maybe that can help
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The Duck ✘

The Duck ✘

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Highly underrated video!

Awesome insights
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Send Jeffy, Jeffy Hot seat, and free tour to Norway! Would be rad! 

What you do is just lovely, life changing and hardcore!

All the articles on RSDN makes it easy to not give up, it's very inspirational :)
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Great article and straight from the heart!

The whole 'tribal courtship' in that video was fascinating. Basic truism here ... The Woman Chooses The Man! LOL 'Game' is about getting *her* to the stage to start gaming *you*!

For another look at culture-specific courting take a look at this: www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1348402/My-Big-Fat-Gypsy-Wedding-The-grisly-secrets-courtship-revealed.html - sounds like an RSD bootcamp LOL!

Also the whole work vs play thing very meaninful to me. My best gaming times was during a lull in my work - a very poor time for me professionally where I lost focus - but my game rocketed as I focussed on going out and gaming, instead. Last couple, perhaps 3 years I've been *focussed* on my work and lost interest in gaming and have fallen back into the 'routine'/logical vibe. So this article really resonated from that standpoint. Also that being confident professionally and carrying that into social life is not enough. You need to be emotional and fun too.

Finally also agree that the only answer is *downtime* - accepting that you need downtime to chill out and ease back into emotional fun mode. There is no other real solution to it - you just have to take that time out and balance work and play, set some boundaries

Thought provoking stuff - thanks!
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Cool article, I have always suspected that balancing a tedious 'logical' job with hardcore gaming is intense. I have the good fortune of having a less than logical job, so there REALLY no excuses :).
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I thought summit was July 31 to August 6th, does it start the 29th?
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Great article. Your last ones have been stellar.

One thing I remarked on in some of your videos - you really frame control your audience pretty hard. I often hear remarks or questions that you spin into jokes. This probably comes from being in the field a lot, but I think in a seminar situation, at least for some people, it would be more constructive if you gave them some space to express themselves, paused, asked them to clarify, and then answered there questions straight up.

Just an observation - I might not be reading people's responses properly (can only see the back of their heads in the video) but my gut tells me this may be happening. In the same way that you have made it a habit to go in unprepared and make your talks up on the spot (awesome approach btw), it might be worth taking it to the next level and loosening your control of the audience - making the seminars more interactive and allowing a two-way expression of ideas.

Other than that, awesome content, awesome articles, loving the insight of someone who manages to combine the triangle of hard work, hard play, hard spiritual practice. Such an inspiration.
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I love the depth at which the topics are being discussed.
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Owen these articles are seriously hitting a new level, keep it up!. Really insperational.

ps. I think the last 3 articles you have written have been the best in my opinion.
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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We want Jeffy in Sydney!
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Tyler, Thanks for sharing your experience.  Just Yesterday i went out and felt that i cant swich from work-logical mode to game mode. This article  helps very much )
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