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Hey there!

So  Miami has been a blast.

Julien and I are smack dab in the middle of a 5 week stretch of non stop (NIGHTLY!) Bootcamps -- we have Jeffy, Alex, Brad, and many of our close friends visiting and teaching with us as well.

It's pretty hardcore but obviously I've learned a lot.  I love being young and still able to do something extreme like this.  My game and teaching is just getting better and better and it's amazing to watch.

The progress you make from going out non stop in an environment like this is something you really need to experience.  It makes me sad that most people never will -- but then again, if something is that high of a priority to you, you'd make it happen.

I've got a new 1 hour video today on the topics of relationships and monogamy.  I think it's pretty balanced and covers some really good ground so I hope you'll enjoy it.



If you came to last week's Free Tour or Hot
 Seat, come out to this one as well, it will be on a whole other level!


My upcoming schedule is also listed right here...

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I've also got that 5th week opening for Miami's Model Season Bootcamp.


Hit up stuart@realsocialdynamics.com if you may want to attend. The first 4 weeks overfilled almost instantly and I've now decided to stay a 5th week for Ultra / WMC.


Alright so today we're going to get into a video on the topic of monogamy and relationships.

People have asked me questions about this for years, and it's been difficult to answer because fans will oftentimes inadvertently upset and offend the girls I date by asking them INVASIVE PERSONAL QUESTIONS (or quoting me on things I said) when they bump into them in real life.

But I figured there were some general ideas I could throw out there, which will probably blow you away, and yet are like 1% of the tip of the iceberg on my knowledge of relationships that I've never shared.

Anyway we'll see how you enjoy this, and maybe I'll figure out more ways to reveal more in the future.


Fun stuff huh?

Hope you enjoyed it!

And hope that this clarified many of your thoughts on relationships -- being self aware, and figuring out what you want!


I also wanted to throw in an video from LAST YEAR'S Miami Free Tour video, which was the most popular I put out of the year...

Check it out!

Hope you enjoyed the progression!


Okay so I'm out!

Let me know your thoughts on relationships, and what you learned from this vid!  Do you know what you want yet?  Where do you think you're at?

I'll be shooting some video blogs and you'll see me back next week!

Thanks for reading!  I appreciate it!  I'll talk to you soon!

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Most guys enjoy the calm, peaceful, uneventful, known. we can see then why marriage is appealing.

fuck that, life is going by too quickly for that, learn to live the stimulus and day to day rollercoaster.
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Manogamy. Simple. 
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Join Date: 02/17/2012 | Posts: 61

Excellent! Love the relationships videos, everything is so fresh.

I understand that you can not reveal all your 'tactics', but could you give your view on showing emotions? (to cry or not to cry)
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jlaix wrote:
Marriage is a mutual cop out. Sack up and die alone. 
That is usually how it goes unfortunately, most pay to get out, and even then, the madness continues.
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outstanding materials dude. not looking for relationship right now just practicing my skills, but would need these stuff one day.
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Tyler i just wanna say THANK YOU !!!

I would find it REALLY awesome if you put out more video's on the topic of relationships (self-developement side)
Currently i'm in one and i'm really curious how to keep being that cool guy and not some passive chode provider etc.. I've been not on the forums much lately cuz all you put out is the same material on how to pickup girls and i think you and your crew covered that topic from top to bottom already pretty much.

I'm just grateful for this video and hope you make way more of them cuz i'll be coming back to watch and learn from them all !
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Kool Kane

Kool Kane

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and not to mention what happens after a divorce when kids got involved^^
they got a point...
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The Dave


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I'm not getting married now.
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The Dave


Join Date: 02/12/2013 | Posts: 59

I'm not getting married now.
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I loved your video man! :D

And pleas do more videos/articles about your opinions on relationships! 
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Tyler, I just finished your video on monogamy, and I was highly impressed as usual. Your fluency, body language, command of the audience, intellectual honesty... all worthy of the highest praise. When I listen to you get philosophical like this, I can actually feel the gears of my life's train shifting ever so slightly, turning me in a slightly better and nobler direction. It's the same feeling I get when I think of the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, SEAL Team Six, Nietzsche, or Nikola Tesla.

On a rhetorical level, however, one thing I would love to see more of in your arguments would be stronger counterpoint. Instead of being satisfied with attacking the straw man of "social narrative/groupthink", I would like to hear the opposing view fleshed out even more. Marriage is one thing, but what about monogamous commitment alone? Surely it isn't so easily dismissed if so many tens of billions have chosen it, including some of the most brilliant and heroic players in world history. This is an issue I'm confronting right now in my personal relationships -- most girls are not cool with openness and 'sharing', perhaps due to insecurity and jealousy, so is it worth disqualifying most women just to maintain sexual independence? What if the few girls who ARE cool with openness are not the same ones you can develop emotionally rewarding relationships with?

One good point raised by Tokeyyy3 is the many benefits attendant to marriage, which I think hold true for any long-term committed relationship. You get out what you put in, so the choice between monogamy and polygamy often isn't a matter of how superhuman I can be, but of the limits imposed by spacetime on how much a man can invest in his relationships. The best solution for me personally would be to have 1 - 3 committed relationships with room for temporary stimulating fun, but how many people can juggle all that? How many women are actually mature enough, secure enough in their identity? And what if modern life is so pressurized and demanding that it's too much to expect I can teach even one person to satisfy all my needs? Better one less-than-perfect relationship than several unsatisfying fuckbuddies.

On that note: most women often conflate the two, but polyamory is not co-extensive with polygamy; a manwhore is different from a man with more than one best friend. So what if the best strategy for the men of RSD is not to disqualify traditional-minded women, but to commit to educating them? This might involve the risky tactic of beginning relationships with women who expect monogamy before attempting to open things up, but the tactic could pay off in the societal long run.

Anyway, just a few thoughts. Thanks again for the thought-provoking seminar! I will need to do some more thinking on this.

Polygamy is not a high-yield, low-risk solution for your sex/stimulus drive because it involves sacrificing monogamy's potentially higher return-on-investment.
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These topics are fkn HUGE man because they reframe traps that could potentially screw any man for 20 or more years of his life. 

Your 2 reframes on marriage - 1) the business proposition with unlimited upside or the leave and get 50%; and 2) you can't get married until you survive 10 days in the white room with the 'I'm out' button - are fucking GOLDEN. 

I'm 25 now and am seeing all these guys around me marry their girlfriends simply because their GFs have been nagging them to and the feel like 'it's the right thing to do'. Man groupthink is totally hilarious and fucked up at the same time. 

Not sure if you've heard of Dan Kennedy (the godfather of info marketing) - I bet you have – but when someone asked him what he'd do if he could start again yet keep his brain, he said, "I woulda got a pre-nup". 

Anyway, after experiencing a lot of growth from RSD (getting a sweet rotation and also having less time because of bus growth etc), I've cut down on watching much RSD videos. BUT I still come back every now and then for your talks that go above and beyond pickup.  

And that's why I'm writing this response. Because I'd love to hear what YOU think are the top X mistakes not to make in your 20s. If you think it's worth it, would you make a video on it?

I think it'd be a good reflection exercise for you personally but also add massive value to RSD fans. 

And just so you know, this guy Tim did a similar talk on the same topic. A friend showed it to me a while back and it's pure gold. 

That said, whilst I think this guy has a valuable perspective, I value yours more because of your unique exposure to monogamy and polygamy during your rise with RSD. 

Anyway, you're busy as !@# so put it on the backburner if you CBF. But I think it's be really sweet.

Thanks for the talks
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