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So Jeff is finally hitting the United States with the Jeffy Free Tour and Jeffy Hot Seat hitting up San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

And guess what??  I've got a big announcement to make. :)

Not only will I be teaching the Bootcamps with Jeff in these cities, but I will be giving a FREE FULL DAY SEMINAR ON SUNDAY for anyone who attends the Jeffy Hot Seat.  So if you live in the USA (or anywhere in the world for that matter) and want to get a full two days of seminar for the price of one, hit up the events.

September 29 - October 2, 2011: San Francisco
October 6 - 9, 2011: Los Angeles
October 13 - 16, 2011: Chicago
October 20 - 23, 2011: New York

www.jeffyfreetour.com / www.jeffyhotseat.com

This is the first time I've done a full day of seminar since recording Blueprint Decoded in 2007.  It's going to be a "redo" of Foundations but updated to the most current and cutting edge concepts -- so if you want to learn to get good at pickup FAST this is the absolute most efficient weekend to do it.

(It's also the best deal we've ever done on Hot Seat -- in the sense it's a two day event for $300 -- instead of a one day event like normal -- and the best we ever WILL do in the future.  This is a one time thing that will never be repeated as it's very unusual for me to randomly offer an extra one day seminar.)

Likewise I really recommend hitting up the "Jeffy/Tyler" Bootcamp as we've had a history of running absolutely top notch programs together and these will take it to the next level.  I'm in a zone with running Bootcamps right now where I can honestly say they have consistently been BEYOND EPIC every weekend -- and with Jeff and I teaming up to run them it will be an experience that you would carry with you for the rest of your life.


Again I've been teaching nearly every weekend for the past several years and my infield coaching is my highest talent -- better than my writing, better than my videos, better than anything else I know how to do.  I'd strongly recommend reading up on the reviews to get a better idea if this is something you want to do.


So the tour of the South was a BLAST.  Austin and Atlanta back to back.  So fun.

Austin is just a fucken wild place to go out -- 6TH Street is a fantastic place.  And then Atlanta is also a blast with Opera and all the clubs in the surrounding area.

Best of all?

Gentlemen who have groomed themselves to compete in Los Angeles / NY / Miami / etc mow through these friendly cities like Godzilla storming through Tokyo.  Girls and guys alike sit there in shock at how what's happening can even be possible -- yet there's tons of hot girls just like in the bigger cities, it's just that the guys are so much more timid.

(Another great city for this:  ORLANDO!  Hot women and dorky guys.  Feel bad for the girls over there.)

Loving life right now.  Killing it on every level.

Got two new sons so feeling like a champion.  Vincent is the smartest, most charismatic, good looking kid you would ever see -- imagine if I cloned myself but with lightly tanned skin and high cheek bones and huge eyes.  Then you've got the new kid Dylan who is HUGE for his age.  I think Vincent will be the good looking charmer and Dylan will be the THUG.  The kid's not even a month old and he screams like he's a year old, can push you around and the whole deal.

God damn it feels good.  It's crazy to think about my life right now at 31 and about to turn 32.......and realize that this may be as good as it gets.

They say the pursuit of success is better than the success itself.  I've hustled for a fucken decade for this.  Taken risks, thought outside the box, ground myself into the ground.  Many people didn't want to see it -- but I never focused on that, I just focused on what was in front of me and got it done.

I've seen companies fuck themselves by focusing on what OTHER people are doing, what other people think about them blah blah.  You wanna know something?  That's just a way of simplifying the fact that to build something successful takes WORK.  You've gotta wake up EVERY SINGLE DAY and grind it out -- inch by inch, step by step, get it done with no excuses.

Like imagine if I blamed looking like a tool in "The Game" as holding me back.  That would have been a lot easier than, say, consistently working at it inch by inch over a decade -- so easier for the mind to focus on.  But at the end of the day I'd die another dumb fucker who never cultivated his talents -- with a million excuses about who held me back.

You wanna know something?  Love Neil like a brother.  He gave me the promotion to focus on product quality and not have to worry about advertising.  A lot of people compliment RSD on our product quality and you know who you're really complimenting?  Neil -- by a way of looking at it.  Because IT IS NOT EASY TO WRITE A BEST SELLER and if he didn't write the book "The Game" I would have had to focus at least half IF NOT MOST of my time on marketing instead of ALL of it on product quality.

And when I grow the next business (the self development business) into something that changes the face of the game, there's going to be a lot weirder publicity than that.  You do shit ahead of your time and you get messed with hard in the media and whatever petty 2 cents of attention I got in the "PUA community" will have at least offered me a small amount of preparation for that.

Anyway yeah, just been having so much fun, loving life it's been too good.  Got good friends, good kids, doing amazing with girls, RSD is doing big things, travelling and doing what I love.  Presenting the new Hot Seat footage was amazing, just showing that to the world.  Bootcamps have been fucken INSANE.  I want to go further.  Travelling has been THE BEST.

This is the calm before the storm.  Things are going to get "bad" for me when I'm older.  Like not "bad" internally -- I think there will be amazing growth -- but maybe as far as "external circumstances" go, it may not be so much glory like it is as I sit here today.  There's a price that will have to be paid to live out the ultimate vision -- to offer up what I feel slowly coming together inside my weird brain.  In some ways I wish I'd back down but I'm honestly willing to die for this shit.  Whatever it takes.

I've been given too many blessings for one guy and if I died right now I'd easily trade the past few years for the extra decades that most people enjoy.  I thought I died once two years ago -- a pickup truck slammed into me and I was left bleeding and covered in glass unable to breathe.  Thought that was it and the last thing I thought about was how I wish I could have done more for the people I cared about, offered more value, just stand for something that was real.

Like how do you complain about ANYTHING??  For real, ANYTHING AT ALL.  How do you complain man?  You're alive. You're here.  Do you SEE what's in front of you homie??  OPEN YOUR FUCKEN EYES.  I'm here with you, too.  Let's crack some jokes, fuck around, have some fun.  The ride will be over soon don't worry -- but we're here: NOW.

Killing it in the game too, of course.  Like just KILLING it.  Crazy.  I don't know who the best in the world is, honestly don't care.  I'm just trying to be the best at it that I can personally possibly be.  Want to kill this shit while I still can.  Been so amazing.

Here's a video that I shot in Austin Texas a week ago.  You'll notice my eyes are squinty and face is puffy -- been up all night and decided to shoot it off anyway.  FUCK IT.  I'll also explain why below.

The topic?  A super important distinction between WHY you go out -- to "practice" or "get laid"?  This one distinction was brought up by Tim a while back and lead me to a huge surge of results in my game -- CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.

How crazy is it slamming out a video like that on days of shit sleep?  Just put together an idea in my head, crack it out first try and BAM back to sleep.  I thank God for making this so easy, so amusing to do. ;)

The hotel conceirge was an RSD fan and even let me have a 4PM late checkout.  SWEET!

I'm hoping the main thing you'll gain out of it is that SHIFT in your eyes -- like you can feel your eyes LOCK ON when you get into this mode.  So fun, so nuts.  DO IT.


(Listening to this as I type btw.....)

So I'm back on the "30 Day Challenge".

Except I've modified it.  I've decided that I'm likely going to go out every single night until I'm 35.

(Yes you read this correctly, intense no?  However I'll have to play this by ear and see how it plays out.  GF is one hundred percent on board with it and doesn't care -- god bless her for letting me be who I am.  Choose your GF wisely -- jealousy is LAME!)

The reason for all this is simple.  I can't be pulling this shit by the time my kids are 5 years old.  And yet I've worked over a decade to reach mastery with this shit.  I love it.  I love the game as much as life itself.  It's everything to me.

The game could bring tears to my eye.  No joke it sounds like I'm joking, and it's kinda lame I know -- my TRUE LOVE I can't express in words what it means to me.  The game is one of the few things that is not something I "need to get done" -- it's enjoyable on every level, from the shitty nights where I'm "off" to the average "blah whatever" to the nights of glory.

All experiences are just transitory.  I love all of it -- the good and the bad, this is a moment of life.  It's ALL good.

Recording Hot Seat 2 was what got me back into the full swing of things.  Just becoming obsessed with taking the new program to the highest level possible.  I wanted to show things that seemed impossible, that showed what years of consistency in this could produce.  I did that and yet I know that I could go so much further.

There's a great book called "Tribal Leadership" that talks about how DECENT genius in a company happens when everyone is on the same team and works to be the best in the industry, but the TRUE genius happens when you're focused instead on WHAT IS POSSIBLE.

You're not competing against anyone else, just competing against what's possible.  I want to do what's possible with this shit and create something that just blows people away.  It's not even commercially necessary since people already melt down at Hot Seat and love it to death.  I want to go further, to take it to THAT LEVEL where it's giving the most of myself that I have to give.

I love the Hot Seat for the REALNESS of it.  We show the good shit but also the mediocre and the bad.  Examples of everything -- like the realest perspective of the game that can be shown.  Fair and honest.  People love it for that -- they  make such great progress.  (And yeah I'm talking about a product I run, I think you should attend it.  But this is also my life and my passion -- what I think about 24/7).

I've been blessed with amazing mentors and peers in all this, and a natural talent for the game in the sense that it came hard to me so I'm naturally inclined to be super excited by it, so I want to take advantage and create something that's really the bomb.  The Hot Seat 2 is already done but this is about preparing the "game" I'll want to show for Hot Seat 3.

The joy of doing it is JUST TO DO IT.  There's no need.  No more commercial appeal to take it beyond the level I've taken it.  I just want to do it for the joy of it, the fun, the awesomeness, the motherfucken sickness of doing something that demands you marshall all your resources to get it done.

Hot Seat has become like my new Blueprint.  There was no further to take the seminar format, so instead of sitting inside working on the seminar I've been out there recording this and getting it done.  So awesome.  Since had new ideas for one last pickup seminar once this is finished -- will be SUPER INTENSE.  Love that I have a job that has aspects so fucken fun (a lot of bullshit too, like anything, but the creative parts are really the bomb).


So yeah it's back on the GO OUT EVERY DAY mode.

Too good.  Amazing.  Why don't more people do this?  No excuses, it's worth it.  Whatever it takes, seriously.

You go out and instead of needing to warm up you just HIT IT.  The shit you couldn't do is now possible.  The girls you couldn't bang you now bang.  The emotional control you could not master you now enjoy with ease.

This is an aggressive path and funny enough I stopped recommending it for a number of years.  Then it occured to me that there's just so many guys stuck in a sort of "intermediate purgatory" that it should be put on the list.

For years I've recommended going out every day to guys who are really into this shit but just get stuck at a certain level.  But yet I stopped doing it myself, instead opting for the more moderate 3-4 nights a week given that I have so much to get done.  Then I realized that to break my own "advanced level" plateaus I would simply have to bite the bullet and do this.

The results have been beyond insane, of course.  I mean anything you could think of (use your imagination here...) it's been happening.  WHOA.

There were areas that I rationalized for years not having mastered in this, and I guess I just got sick of rationalizing.  Comparing myself to other people was always the easy way out, and to take it to this level I had to start looking at "what's possible..." as a reference point instead.

What's crazy is for me this isn't about the results.  AT ALL.  My results are better than I need them to be, that's not the issue in my life.

Rather it's about that "flow state" you gain from doing something you're really experienced at.  There's a euphoric area of the brain that lights up in people who have "mastery" at something, which other people don't experience.  This is why I can't stop public speaking when I'm up there and why I love been out playing the game.  Why I love to write long articles, why I love to be out hiking (another hobby I do a lot) to be talking nerd scientific shit and having sex.  (The things I've spent my adult life getting good at...).

I want that feeling of being in control, yet NOT being in control.  It's like something else is operating through you.  A total outflow of value, no neediness, no need for any result.  It's on the level of blowing a load but it lasts for HOURS.  Too good.

This isn't the solution for most guys' needs reading this.  99% of guys reading this need to learn the fundamentals -- that's actually why I'm creating a free newbie website, because it's just LAME how guys can't appreciate the cooler, deeper, more advanced and enjoyable aspects of the game since they're caught in bullshit like "approach anxiety" or "how to hold a conversation" or "how to pull a girl home".

(Crazy....like if you can't do this..........CRAZY.)

But I try not to let the fact that many people reading this may get "confused" hold me back from sharing the love I have for this with people who are taking it to a similar level.  We're freaks.  This isn't "normal" at all.  But it's FUN AS HELL and dammit we enjoy life. :)


(Now listening to this...............................)

So yeah like I was saying, I only have a few more years and I want to make them count.

These are the "glory days" -- RIGHT NOW.  This is "living the dream" -- RIGHT NOW.  There's no better future.  I'm living the future I spent my life working to create.

Getting out every day takes discipline.  If I get off an airplane from Texas at 1AM I still run out to the club.  If I am too busy to go out due to work I still run out for 15 minutes and hit up a few simple opens.  This is what it takes.

The advantage is your brain never gets to "let up" on the reality of cold approach.  You don't have to go out on Thursday and get re-adjusted, then have a good night Friday, and an awesome one Saturday.  EVERY NIGHT IS THE SHIT.

Every night..................Saturday.

Of course there's still those weird nights when it just isn't "clicking".  There's something "off" about you for whatever reason.

You're forcing the shit, going against your neurology and physiology.  Sometimes you're just not supposed to be out meeting girls -- it's weird.

Yet by not letting off the gas you are forced to adapt.  It isn't initially healthy but it BECOMES so.  The human mind and body is able to adapt.  YOU can adapt.  It's possible -- whatever you want.


The other side of the non stop going out is meditating every day.  The meditation gets better.  And yes, when you pull you still do meditation when you go home.

(Note I also bring girls to the gym with me and make them watch me workout if I've missed a workout that day.  They meditate with me or else sit there and watch me meditate if they're sticking around.)

Meditation is the shit that makes all this work.  Without it, I think going out is not optimal at all.  But obviously at the same time I'd take MASSIVE ACTION over meditation any day.  Simple solution:  DO BOTH.

This is what grounds the experience, so it's not just an egomaniacal rampage.  It makes it so that every day you become more and more present, and in your game you become absolutely lethal.

It's really insane how when you've been doing it, you just sliiiiiiiiiiide "into state" so easily. Like you just slip in, like putting your dick into a girl RAW. You can't help it. ;) Meanwhile when you don't do it, you'll tend to oscillate between good and shitty nights. Yeah sure you'll have good nights, but it's just not consistent. DO THIS HABIT.

How do I do meditation? It ain't rocket science.

Meditation is NOT trying to reincarnate yourself. It's not trying to act like a bhuddhist monk from Tibet. It's actually unfortunate that such an important habit has been associated with that.

Rather it's simply "eliciting a relaxation response" (as the Harvard MD Herbert Benson who wrote the book on it explained). Most of us walk around with a low level refrigerator hum of our "fight or flight response" going, due to the perpetual bullshit we deal with in modern society. We weren't designed to operate like this and it jacks up our cortisol, which ironically communicates "beta male" qualities to the girl (beta males are high cortisol -- ie: have approach anxiety, etc).

To meditate you simply sit in a quit place upright and focus your awareness on the breath for 20 minutes. Set an alarm for 20 minutes and stay present to the moment. The key is to "not think" except obviously if you TRY to "not think" you'll think "Ohhhh am I THINKING? Am I thinking NOOOOW?" So instead simply SHIFT YOUR AWARENESS to the feelings in your body and your breathe.

The first minute you'll watch to scratch itches and re-position yourself. Allow yourself a minute or so to do this, but at a certain point simply STOP and don't resist it. In fact don't resist ANY thought, simply allow it to float by.  Keep bringing your awareness back to the present moment, as you perpetually get brought back into your head.

Your first week will be boring and torturous, but it will soon become literally the most important part of your day. The reason is simply because it attunes you to what your autopilot thinking is doing, makes you realize that most of your mental noise is absolute bullshit, and centers you. Over time it becomes engrained -- like even if you do it before bed like I do, the effects carry over to the next day.


Anywaaaaaaaays I'm not sure if maintaining this is realistic or not.  We'll see.  If not, it's been a lot of fun.


It's just something I'm personally up to.  If you want to do it, that's cool.  But I don't think you likely should.

Going out every day is more for people who are stuck at a certain point and want to blast through it.  Basically it's a temporary thing you can do to reach a "next level" -- ie: sacrificing other areas of your life to focus on this, and then re-balance it later.

In my case I get a lot of joy out of it because I know that it's helping MANY other people.  So I have my own reasons.  But if you have your own, and you want to try it out temporarily, HIT IT UP!


Let me know your thoughts and I'll talk to you soon.  Have YOU ever gone out every night in a row?  Have you THOUGHT about giving it a shot?  What types of bullshit held you back??  Or do you feel this is a fun hobby but you'd rather take your time with it, which makes sense, and I'd be curious why.

Have fun!!



Jeff is finally hitting the United States with the Jeffy Free Tour and Jeffy Hot Seat hitting up San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

Not only will I be teaching the Bootcamps with Jeff in these cities, but I will be giving a FREE FULL DAY SEMINAR ON SUNDAY for anyone who attends the Jeffy Hot Seat. So if you live in the USA (or anywhere in the world for that matter) and want to get a full two days of seminar for the price of one, hit up the events.

September 29 - October 2, 2011: San Francisco
October 6 - 9, 2011: Los Angeles
October 13 - 16, 2011: Chicago
October 20 - 23, 2011: New York

www.jeffyfreetour.com / www.jeffyhotseat.com

This is the first time I've done a full day of seminar since recording Blueprint Decoded in 2007. It's going to be a "redo" of Foundations but updated to the most current and cutting edge concepts -- so if you want to learn to get good at pickup FAST this is the absolute most efficient weekend to do it.


I wrote a "bonus article" inside the forum on "Natural Buzzes For Pimp Game Extreme".  I actually copy and pasted the meditation section of THIS article from that one, check it out inside if you want to see it.



Brad Branson is still posting up money articles on his new kickass blog, check out his latest at...


My homie Julien has been posting fascinating new articles on his blog too.  He just texted me about how the girl he took home from our lil romp tonight was bad in bed -- mentioned I saw it coming as she was super cute but had the sexuality of Reese Witherspoon.  Way to go Julien! :)

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