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Hey there! I've got my first Free Tour video to come out in a while for you today... Things have been incredibly busy here.  

It's tough, I really haven't had time to return the phone calls or friends or do very much that isn't related to work. I'm starting the new businesses and the time demands are pretty insane. Julien and I are out recording infield footage most nights, pulling pulling pulling for the cam. Then we're shooting down to San Diego tomorrow for Free Tour, Hot Seat, and Bootcamp.  

It'll be the first Hot Seat with the upgraded footage. We're calling it "Hot Seat 2.5" because while it's new footage, we have the goal of continuing to record until we have something OTHER WORLDLY and BEYOND THE IMAGINATION. The updated Hot Seat is probably about 5X as good as Hot Seat 2, as we've both stepped up our game so much in the past few years since recording the previous version. But at the same time, we envision something in the range of 100X as good.  

This obviously sounds a little over the top, but it's no different than how much the video blogs or Free Tour vids have improved over the past 2 years. We continue to "push the goal post further" and hold as our standards WHAT IS POSSIBLE above all else. We don't care what other people are doing or beating the "industry standard" LOL.  

We think in terms of WHAT'S POSSIBLE and want to maximize that creative vision to the fullest. So if you want to attend the new Hot Seat I'd highly recommend it -- it's the most value per dollar program I've personally seen and impact your enjoyment of life IMMEDIATELY so if you value your time don't wait. But we're going to continue to be out there every night and accumulating more and more footage ot amaze you and shatter your reality of what's possible. What we have now is more than enough to launch a new Hot Seat with, but we want to KEEP GOING.

In the meantime, today's video is going to discuss the topic of "long game motivation" and where a lot of this motivation over the past decade has come from in the first place.  It's an introduction to a topic I'm going to be covering deeply, but I wanted to get this out to you NOW to get the seeds planted in your mind. I'll also have more Free Tour vids coming out over the next few months as I'd previously been in Miami for 5 weeks and only done 1 Free Tour, and then been doing only Bootcamps since that time (aside from Vegas, where today's Free Tour video is from...)

In the coming 6 weeks I'm doing Free Tour events in San Diego, LA, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, which is a really crammed schedule, so you should see a lot of Free Tour vids on the frontpage. (And vBlogs as well of course...) To be honest I'm often SICKENED at how horriblly beneath my potential the material I've been releasing has been.  

I believe we have by far the best infield footage of anyone on the planet, and for me my videos are the highest quality of anything I see online (just to my own tastes, obviously, since I create the content I'd personally want to watch...). Yet 'm capable of SO MUCH MORE 

THAN THIS and I live with my soul rotting out every day that I"m not bringing that vision to a reality. What you're seeing is 5% of what I can do.  

Maybe 1%.  

And I have to live with this every day as I struggle to find the time to create what i want to create. Part of my artform is the art of time management and making MORE TIME to get things done.  

It's not just about having the potential.  FUCK POTENTIAL. Nearly every dumb motherfucker has potential and goes to their grave without accomplishing their dreams.  

For some reason this is considered normal cause "everyone else is doing it" but to me THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Guess what?  

EVERYONE "could" do this and that and the other thing, if they just got it done. You think you're "special" cause you think you have the potential to some cool thing or other -- LOL *everyone* has the potential to do something bad ass, the only reason they don't do it is cause LIKE YOU they fail to make the sacrifices involved to get it done.

What I could've done if "XYZ" is the consolation prize of those who fail to execute.  What matters is what you ACTUALLY DO.

The time management, self management, and execution is JUST AS MUCH PART OF THE ARTFORM AS THE CREATVIITY ITSELF. The art of managing your shit is equally valuable to the creation of the art itself.  

No managing your shit, no art.  

It's the platform upon which it's all built. Sure if every hot girl I pulled over the past 2 years was perfectly recorded, my Hot Seat would induce vomiting and shock in the damned audience it would be so amazing.  

Half the shit that's happened I couldn't even talk about because without video it sounds too over the top. But what I do I have?  

Some amazing shit, for sure, but not the representation of what I can ACTUALLY DO. So take this as further motivation on my part to create the masterpeice.  

It CAN be done, but I'll have to struggle.  

All creativity is struggle, sacrifice, and the pain of giving birth to something new. You can avoid this, and watch your soul rot out from the inside as you know you've let yourself down.... Or you can embrace it, make the sacrifice, improve at disciplining yourself, EXECUTE, and go to your death with the satisfaction that you that you had what it took to run the damned marathon and WIN. Is it worth it to you?  

It's worth it to me.

Anyway hope you enjoyed those thoughts, and here's a list of my upcoming programs.

April 25, 2013: San Diego (Just added -- see you tomorrow!)
May 9, 2013: Los Angeles
May 16, 2013: Chicago
May 23, 2013: New York City
June 6, 2013: San Francisco
June 27, 2013: Boston
July 4, 2013: Washington DC
July 25, 2013: Honolulu
www.rsdfreetour.com / www.rsdhotseat.com / www.rsdbootcamp.com

I have a 3 person team that handles ALL of your questions about RSD events -- Stuart, Huey, and David -- all guys in their 20's who are highly active in the game and pimp it with instructors personally, call them any time to talk game or ask any questions you want!

NORTH AMERICA (Toll Free): +1 (888) 546 7286
EUROPE: +44 (0) 2079 934 034
AUSTRALIA: +61 280 155 522
ASIA: +81345789305

We also have the RSD World Summit coming up in August! Imagine a week in Vegas with the whole RSD crew, seminar in Venetian Hotel all day, going out all night!  It's pure fucking insanity, people die to get to this all year! If you want an event that will MAKE YOUR YEAR consider coming to hang out with us in Vegas for the week.  

There's plenty of ways to do it within budget, and the program is super reasonably priced. www.rsdworldsummit.com Life is short.  

When an adventure like Summit is available, do it. <>=================================================<>


So we talked about motivation alot above, and that was the precursor to today's video. This video is an INTRODUCTION to "Long Game Motivation". it's a bad introduction, like just me mumbling some thoughts about it while in an overworked and underslept bad mood LOL.

 People seem to enjoy when I go on insane rants like this, so you will probably enjoy! Make no mistake though, this is just scratching the surface of a very deep topic. So watch it now and get aquainted with the idea, and in future vids we'll go into how to build a life of your dreams over the long term course of your life. Not just winning the race, but winning the war... If you've ever wondered how I've had the most longevity of a teacher in the PUA industry, stayed passionate, and continued to improve at game year after year, here's the gist of the mentalities that I have in my head...


Anyway what you've seen here is how I trick my brain into staying engaged. Yes, my brain is only a human brain, and it wants to DISENGAGE now that I have everything I could want out of life. So I trick it and trick it and trick it to stay passionate about life. People will ask "Aren't you just NATURALLY passionate?"  

LOL let's see YOU stay passionate when you've already got everything and need nothing -- unless you've experienced this, you can't imagine what it's like. But if you become a master of self motivating, you can eventually learn both day to day level motivation, as well as LONG GAME motivation to accomplish something amazing over the course of your entire life. Cause let's be real -- the true accomplishments, they take decades.  

And if you wanna make an impact, you've gotta be in this shit for the long haul. <>===================================<>


So what other video could we have another look at today than "The Truth About Success 2". This is a video I'm approached about on the street every day.  I was nervous to put it out at the time cause I thought people wouldn't be interested, but the response on this has been insane. If you've seen this before, I suggest you put aside the time to watch it again. And if you've never seen it, you NEED to see this as it's one of the best vids I've done.

Anyway if you've made it through all this, congrats! Cause you've now re-centered your brain in what it takes to succeed.  

Have fun!


KICK ASS FORUM POST Gravity:  Make Her Chase You

This is an outstanding article on how to get girls chasing you via having fun in the club, and putting less emphasis on just hitting up every girl and going more direct. I'd urge everyone to read this, as I'll be building in more ideas like this into the newbie site... http://www.rsdnation.com/node/407585/forum


This is a very powerful video that brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw it because it so accurate represented what I've gone through to get to where I'm at. It shocks me how powerful this is. The idea of this video is that the guy wakes up on a mattress with NOTHING, and has to sacrifice his own labor, his own BLOOD even, and take many risks that may not pay off, just to get the small amount of leverage to get the training to EVEN TRY to accomplish his goals. There were many times I was so overworked, so overwhelmed, I thought there would never be a light at the end of the tunnel.  

It felt like everything was collapsing in on me.  

No solutions, no way out. But I was willing to do ANYTHING, literally ANYTHING to get to where I wanted to go.  

And chip away at it every day. This video represents my struggle over the years -- from leaving home at 15 to being out in 2 succint minutes, and blew me away.

Will Smith also gives some thoughts on this topic... VERY KEY. Even if you've seen this, again I URGE you to re-watch this as it will remind you of so many important things.

"I'm gonna lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid.  

You do that every single day, and soon you have a wall..." "I'm willing to DIE on a treadmill..." Very key.


THANKS! So I'm off to the gym and then prepping for SAN DIEGO tomorrow with Julien, then back into the field to keep recording tonight.


?I'll see you back next week with some very cool surprises, wait til you see these! Tyler www.rsdunderground.com
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