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Hey just got back from Honolulu a few hours ago, and it's time to crack into today's post!

The Hawaii trip was a great experience for me - I was watching Julien's game like a hawk and internalizing a lot of amazing things he's been doing, to some FANTASTIC results.

I managed to record a few new vids there as well, which will come out in a few months since I've been busting my ass to get ahead on vids this year (I'm like 20 vids ahead!).

Today I'll be cracking into the last of the New York videos I shot, this time in Central Park on the topic of "Peak Experiences"!  You're going to love it.

I'm also getting ready for WORLD FUCKING SUMMIT this coming week.

It's the full week "event of the year" in Las Vegas you've heard many rumors about -- where every RSD instructor and our best buddies meet up for an EPIC event.

We do it every year and we've recently added a "lifetime pass" feature where if you sign up to come to the World Summit once, you are opted in every year for the rest of your life.

I'd URGE you to consider coming to Las Vegas and checking this thing out, you can learn more by clicking right now to...


It will be one of the best (and most MEMORABLE) decisions of your life to attend.

I've also got a stack of crazy Free Tour, Hot Seat, and Bootcamp events coming up.

I'm psyched to be hitting up some of my fav cities, and if you're in the area I'd love for you to come hit me up!

August 22, 2013: Seattle (with Julien)
September 5, 2013: Atlanta
September 19, 2013: Austin
October 3, 2013: Philadelphia (with Julien)
October 17, 2013: San Diego
October 31, 2013: Phoenix
December 12, 2013: Los Angeles
December 19, 2013: New York
January 2, 2014: Chicago
January 16, 2014: Salt Lake City
January 30, 2014: San Francisco

www.rsdfreetour.com / www.rsdhotseat.com / www.rsdbootcamp.com

I have a 3 person team that handles ALL of your questions about RSD events -- Stuart, Huey, and David -- all guys in their 20's who are highly active in the game and pimp it with instructors personally, call them any time to talk game or ask any questions you want!

NORTH AMERICA (Toll Free): +1 (888) 546 7286
EUROPE: +44 (0) 2079 934 034
AUSTRALIA: +61 280 155 522
ASIA: +81345789305



So with World Summit coming up this week, I had to release a video on the topic of exactly what the Summit is...


The World Summit is just the craziest event RSD can possibly put on.

A FULL WEEK in Las Vegas with the entire RSD crew, it's a week of your life you will NEVER forget.

(You'll learn a ton of hyper valuable life lessons to take home with yourself too...)

Again, to really emphasize, definitely consider coming to Summit -- it's the best deal I've ever been able to offer on this with the new lifetime global pass...


(I wanted to really hammer on this cause you may forget to sign up and miss out, since it's less than a week away...)

But ya that being the case, today's video is on peak experiences -- how to get them, how to THINK about them, how to APPRECIATE them,,,

And how to get into the mental paradigm where achieving them is realistic and possible for you.

I want to really emphasize -- my life has had about as many peak experiences in it as anyone you'd ever meet.

Sexually I've done it all.  Fucked the hottest girls in the hottest situations -- it hasn't come easy for me, but I've done what I've needed to do to have those experiences.

Likewise the people I've met and hung out with (and count as friends) as well as the places I've travelled to, food I've eaten, books I've read, and most of all MENTAL / EMOTIONAL STATES I've experiences...

They've been NUTS.

Yet to achieve all this, I've had to GO HARD to get it.

All my friends in RSD who you see experiencing the same thing -- they helped me to get to where I'm at, and I've put them in the POSITION to go out and achieve their own peak experiences as well.

Franklly I've just put a lot of people in a "position" to experience the peaks of life.  And I'm really proud of that.

But again, it's not easy, and it's NOT peak after peak.

Rather it's a lot of "beer" for the little bit of "froth" that you get to experience.

I'll explain within this vid.


Glad you checked it out!

And I hope it leads to some peak experiences! :)



I had to re-up this amazing video I shot a few years ago, which I know you'll love.

It's on the topic of "peak experiences" and why I have so much love for the game.

Soooo, a whole DAY on the topic of peak experiences lol.

Good stuff!



This was posted in the forums and I thought it made sense...

A young bodybuilder dude just uploaded this new video on the topic of how guys get paranoid their "aesthetics" (looks) are needed to get a girl.

I thought it was a well balanced, fair summary that's in line with my thoughts as well.

Something to keep in mind, and if you enjoyed the vid, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to dude's Youtube channel.



I thought I'd just throw up one of MY OWN forum articles this week, on the topic of how to befriend celebs.

it's from this thread...


This is a topic that most people have little interest in, but I thought it was interesting because it resembles so closely to how to befriend, date, and sleep with hot women.

So examining how to befriend celebrities is a way to get "outside the box" and develop better social calibration on how to get hot girls.

This is my assessment and my rules, that worked for me. Other people may have their own ideas on this, and any celeb may agree or disagree.

Most people assume you have to be a celeb yourself to make friends with celebs, this simply isn't true.

Rather. celebs have a shortage of cool people to be friends with, and an over abundance of people who want things from them and can't be cool.

This over abundance of people who can't be cool is EMOTIONALLY DRAINING and EXHAUSTING.

People watch them for a long time, and when they finally work up the nerve to talk to them, if the celeb doesn't act EXACTLY how they want, they feel offended because the way they imagined it playing out in their heads didn't match up in real life.

The ultimate irony of the people who can't be cool is the celeb realizes they're more or less a regular person, and that people placing all this value on them is bizarre. They don't WANT to have this effect on people.

Human tendency = everyone in life just wants what they want. Everyone's favorite topic is themselves, and analyzes everything through a lens of "how does this affect or relate to me?"

If you are talking to a celeb, you have to BEAT this human tendency in yourself, and consider how THEY are experiencing you. It's not all ME ME ME, and MY experience, but rather how to relate to ANOTHER PERSON.

Rule #1: Be cool about who they are and what they do.
Most people are either gushing fans, or try to insult it and pretend to be above it as a cheap / transparent gimmick to appear "not like those other fans".

"I know it's just a regular person, I'm not intimidated, blah blah blah". Sure it's TRUE, but 99% of the people who take the time to SAY this don't actually believe it themselves, and are trying too hard to appear cool. Simply say "Oh ya you do cool shit..." and move on from it, same as telling a hot girl "You're a cutie" and but at the same time not making a big deal out of it, instead of saying "I'm not intimidated that you're hot, you know..."

(After all, if you don't like it, why did you walk up and start talking to them? It's best to just mention you like their stuff, and then move off of it.)

I personally LIKE being fans of people, and if I saw them I'd tell them how awesome they are and take a picture. I've taken Eckhart Tolle's and Anthony Robbin's programs, and am a major fanboy of these guys.

At the same time, I understand the division of roles. I don't personally want to become friends with those guys because I want them to stay in my life as teachers.

A friend is a special type of chemistry where you just like cracking jokes to eachother and make eachother have a good time, shared experiences, etc, it's not a chance to leach off of someone for value. There's no "hybrid friendship" with someone you idolize where you hang out, but then also bug them for help.

So for example, because I actually WANT to leach off of Tony Robbins for tips, I'd rather simply pay him his fair price to take a program or do an internship with him than try to be his friend, where I can't keep bugging him for tips any more.

Simply realize that there is a division.

Again with the Tony example, that dude may want as much feedback as possible on his material, but if you're going to be his FRIEND you now play a different role in his life, where he's opening himself up to you as someone to make him feel good.

There's a "time and place" for feedback, and to do his best when he's teaching he also needs that time away from all the criticism and feedback where he can replenish and recharge, so if you're interjecting that into the friendship it's a violation of that space, and you're slotted back in as a fan.

Rule #2: Be pure positive and emotionally self sufficient.
It it not you being "authentic" to emotionally dump on someone you've just met. People go out and meet new people to be emotionally uplifted, they already have enough "reality" in their own lives.

While it may be authentic to be negative if you feel negative, more important is to manage your life effectively enough that you ACTUALLY ARE able to enjoy a night out or meeting new people without being depressed.

Realize that the "default" that most people get is others being negative and dumping on them, since most people in general are negative. Learn to control this in yourself before you try to befriend other people, especially busy celebs who are overwhelmed with people trying to be their friends.

Rule #3: Be financially self sufficient and eliminate all envy.
If you hang out with successful people, still offer up to cover your portion of the bill. Never ask for anything.

At the same time if they want to pay, don't be obnoxious about it to the point it comes across paranoid. Say THANKS if they do, by looking them in the eye and saying you liked it.

Never feel envious of their situation, fully own and be happy with your own. If they offer to go somewhere you can't afford simply decline, don't spew negativity about how that place sucks anyway, etc, as you are simply in a different financial space and may arrive there someday yourself.

Rule #4: Have your own life that's cool and that you like.
People who have cool lives want to be around other people who have cool lives. This is what makes you an interesting person.

Be grounded in your own movie. Your RAS is focused on your own reality and experience of life, not trying to live through someone else's reality and experience of life.

Other people are welcome into your reality, but they are still GUESTS of your reality.

Rule #5: Be non-needy.
Be the type of person who is open to meeting other cool people, but ultimately doesn't care whether you're friends with any ONE particular person or not. You don't "target" celebrities to meet them, rather you're just open to it if you have fun hanging out.

You don't care at all whether or not you hear from them, because your own life is filled up with so much good stuff you don't notice.

You should be the type of person where if there's a big dinner, you don't proactively try to sit beside the cool people or where the energy is. Rather, be the type of person where even if you're all surrounded by introverts, the "cool end" of the table is looking over at you to see why all the fun is at your table.

If you're at a celebrity gathering, just start having so much fun wherever you are that they start glancing over, and want to be a part of your group.

Rule #6: Treat the person as a person, not an object
Don't go around bragging to people you're friends with the person. Don't bring other people out to meet the person, to show off to them.

Don't ask for pictures, don't ask for them to say something about you on their social media, etc.

(Make a choice, if you want the pic that's fine, but you are now officially a fan. You don't get the pic to brag to your friends AND to be their real friend. It's one or the other.)

Rule #7: Learn Stephen Covey's emotional bank account principle.
A person's willingness to absorb negative energy, be compliant to your requests, and invest into you, is based on how much good emotions have been put into the bank account.

You can withdraw from the bank account only if you have a lot of positive emotions built up.

Hit people up with funny texts, facebook messages, emails, and phone calls just to shoot the shit.

Put in a lot of positive emotions before asking for anything or venting any negative emotions, because they are sensitive about people wanting things from them.

Rule #8: Accept the person for their pros and cons, don't expect them to be "on"
Everyone has good and bad qualities. Celebs can FEEL the judgement seething off of most peple who approach them.

The persona that a celeb brings to the public is their "best self" and requires REST to maintain. Nobody can be that charismatic or positive ALL THE TIME.

Most people DEMAND that the celeb is that persona they've seen in order to feel happy with the experience, and will shit talk them if they don't get what they want.

"I met that guy and he wasn't all that..."

Okay cool, so you just proved you're one of those guys who was pretending to be cool, but secretly needed the person to be ON ON ON around you at all times. AKA you were a value leach the entire time.

High profile people have had too many of these experiences and find it to be a waste of time, so if you come across in this way it's no buenos. Simply be non judgemental and accept the person for their pros and cons, like any other human being.

Rule #9: Understand the overwhelmingly busy nature of the person's life
People who live super busy lives will maintain friendships on a more proacted timeline than a typical person.

When busy people hang out, they do it a few times a year. It's not abnormal to catch up as if nothing at all has changed.

Rule #10: Be carefree, bring them into your world, and provide a sanctuary from their concerns of life.
Everyone is tired and scared, it doesn't matter how successful or famous.

Be someone who doesn't judge them at all, has their own life under control, and makes them feel safe and fun when you're around.

Make them feel that the world is a light, easy place for you, even if you've been through many challenges.

Provide an ESCAPE from all the bullshit and idiots they deal with on an ongoing basis, by providing authentic human interaciton.


Notice how all this relates to picking up hot girls.

Hot women have that same "high value" effect and similar problems. They are like miniature versions of celebs.

Ultimately the lesson is to handle your own shit, realize where people are coming from, and provide a fun exchange.



So incidentally I'm now off to the gym and then off to bed.

Hope you enjoyed the article this week!  And I'll be back next week with some amazing new content as well!


Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you soon!

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Dr Destruction

Dr Destruction

Respected Member

Join Date: 07/12/2013 | Posts: 629

And Jesus has spoken again...

I've read somewhere that it'll be You + Julien + Jeffy here in Seattle bootcamp with each having three students...Mind is fucking blown, it's going to be a meltdown.


Love it when you talk about your struggles and humiliations as a little ram from the past, you should incorporate alot of that more in the future. #hustle #grind
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Join Date: 03/15/2012 | Posts: 394

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Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Senior Member

Join Date: 03/18/2012 | Posts: 108

 What an amazing video man, I could REALLY relate to it, especially when you speak about that low level buzz you get after the actual peak experience. The key line in the video is when you say: "the person who you become ON ROUTE to that peak experience" Exactly, that is definately true. Many things about my uber rich friends make sense right now. This is a really important concept because people think they're putting a lot of hard work in ONLY to get that experience, lol if they knew....I've definately become sort of "impervious" to those temporary emotions. It's like I don't trust them when I look at the bigger picture and see the things that I'm doing right now...Anyways great vid. Were'd you get that sick necklace btw?
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Senior Member

Join Date: 03/27/2010 | Posts: 292

Damn I can relate. Good to be back on the "deep topic track". Love it. 
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Respected Member

Join Date: 04/15/2011 | Posts: 362

Very relatable!! In soccer (or sports in general), you train season after season for experiencing the flow-state, which only happens a few times (i.e. a few minutes) per season.

Also, I love my “soccer persona”. That constant buzz you’re talking about. When I’m on the pitch I just feel great.

Nice video Tyler!
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Join Date: 05/17/2012 | Posts: 90

Getting peak experiences is easy. Easy because you don't have a choice. What's the alternative? Being in a state where you feel half dead...
I realised a few days ago that the fear of "not living to the fullest" is stronger than any other fear I got.

I wonder actually how most people are content with little. When in my view, it's a must to figure&do the best this "reality plane" has to offer, this is the very reason I live. I think the universe wants to be experienced. And since I am a guy from the western world, there is really no excuse.
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Junior Member

Join Date: 01/13/2013 | Posts: 27

 Amazing vid Tyler, exactly what I needed right now! :)
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Respected Member

Join Date: 08/27/2012 | Posts: 501

 cool vid, seems like new content as i've not heard this before.

I really like the talk about low level buzz from liking who you are as you're putting
in the hard effort towards something.

good shit, thx.
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Respected Member

Join Date: 11/08/2011 | Posts: 485

Tyler is ON FUCKING FIRE in these months of the year. I don't know if it's the sun or what
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Senior Member

Join Date: 07/31/2008 | Posts: 136

So many guys thank you for the content you offer to the world. But really you have a moral obligation to put these things out. It would be harm to the world if you keep this shit for you alone. :D
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Join Date: 05/26/2013 | Posts: 71

nice article bro!!!
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Trusted Member

Join Date: 10/28/2009 | Posts: 4974

Tyler mate, I enjoyed the videos.

Curious, how did the attention change from going from over weight to in much better, healthier, and fitter shape?

Black genetics right here. I notice in black culture, its typically great or unaesthetic fat as fuck genetics,

Diet is key. You always push this. You also suggest reading. You used many theories.

Classic video posted on the forums from sometime ago.

Perfect analogy for life, for bodybuilding, business, education, pulling stunners, and SMOKESHOWs.

Nature shows us the way which a lot of times is struggling, and we are forced, dragged even at times kicking and screaming.

There is a point to suffering but, in order to reach that "peak." you sometimes have to have that fall back.
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Sebbe Tjus

Junior Member

Join Date: 11/02/2011 | Posts: 4

I have had peak-experience for over a month when i didn't do anything. I was in a period of a lot of meditation and writing and I remember I read a passage in war of art about personalised gods that the greeks believed in, and i thought to myself "but it's not personalised, the devine is everywhere", and I just slipped into this state of amazing bliss and stayed there for a month. Probably the best time of my life.

I understand that Tyler is very much into achievements and that's fine. That's what self-help is about and it's fun. But just as you said once that eat fat or sweet food is a lower conciousness thing, i believe that having to achieve things to get the peak experience is actually a lower form of conciousness than what is posible when you gain true freedom. Freedom from outside stimulance.

I know that Tyler is well read and this position can not completely have escaped him ... Ullyssess is punished by Dante because he is not able to stay and support his family at his home-island, but keeps seeking adventure, which is a form of hybris. Don Quijote understands in the end that wisdom begins where knight-errantry ends. Budda was a prince in a castle with sexaul and other abbundance and left all that to get enlightmentment which is to be found in the internal world only.

Offcource one never understands this if one is allways engaged in achieving things. Excessive sex and excessive work is not much better then syntetic drugs..

Still always interesting and inspiring:)
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Join Date: 02/14/2012 | Posts: 778

 Was anyone else turned on by the giggle of the girl holding the camera after Tyler was interrupted by the old lady?
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Junior Member

Join Date: 04/23/2013 | Posts: 14

Excellent video Tyler! Reminded me in your video on viewing experiences as scarce rather than abundant. We need to take an opportunity if it arises, but the 'peak opportunities' need to be worked for in order to gain that 'peak experience'. This is what gives us the most pleasure/satisfaction when we have achieved them - with women, work, sport, exercise, etc...

It instantly made me think of a tennis analogy with Andy Murray. He worked his ass of the past 2 years, developed parts of his game that could be improved (like his fitness, serving, footwork), gained experiences and success along the way and has now got the peak experience of winning Wimbledon. Of course this concept can apply equally as well to most us learning and developing our pickup skills too!
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Respected Member

Join Date: 02/20/2011 | Posts: 728

Good vid...I find it interesting though how usually after a peak experience, we reflect on it but yet we somehow wish it were better or tbhink of what we could have done differently to make it even more pleasing. I guess thats just the male brain and the never ending need for improvement and desired results
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Senior Member

Join Date: 03/04/2013 | Posts: 101

The top 10 foods that lower Cholesterol... OwnIt
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Respected Member

Join Date: 04/15/2012 | Posts: 322

Perfect video for me, because this is a battle that's been going through my head forever and probably one of the biggest reasons I sometimes drop out of gaming for a while. I always felt like 'why is this worth it?' with all the negative experiences, social awkwardness, embarrassment, and frustration we have to experience to even get one girl LoL But the way you explain it is great. The funny thing is the more you get laid the more motivation you have to go out and deal with the bullshit to keep accumulating peak experiences, and the higher tolerance you build to the point where bullshit doesn't really effect you too much anymore.
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Instructor | Trusted Member

Join Date: 08/20/2006 | Posts: 8860

Thanks dudes, so much appreciated!!!

Next week's vid......

"Where is the focus of your awareness?"

Watch me go all crazy.

Coming soon :)

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Senior Member

Join Date: 03/31/2012 | Posts: 118

Nice content. Just one thing about the froth and the beer.. I think you mean tip of the iceberg or icing on the cake?  lol good stuff!
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Join Date: 06/24/2013 | Posts: 30

Hey, I'm one of those guys who can get a massive peak experience from tiny things. Sometimes it's even really intense, long-lasting euphoria just from listening 1 music track, alone.

The downside is that "high success", for me, is not emotionally rewarding. Let me give an analogy:

If water was so abundant but only 50% of people had it and made it so the other 50% had to fight each other just to have a fucking drink of water, I'd do the work because I had no choice, but I wouldn't enjoy the feeling of getting the water.

This is not a scarce resource like gold or diamonds, which is naturally scarce and the work pays off, and it's fun to pursue. This is a fucking abundant resource that is being forcefully held away from me so I have to act like a mindless drone and fucking compete for it. There's no choice but to do that, and when I do it, (which will be relatively easy but just feel bad because it's harmful to the species to be narcissistic) then I won't be able to appreciate the prize.

This has already played out with my first kiss and first makeout, I don't think my first lay will be much different. It will just be like fucking Gladiator, saying "Are you not entertained?"
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Join Date: 02/01/2012 | Posts: 35

Make a list of peak experiences you want to have. The work that has to be done to get to the peak experiences won't seem like work if you learn to enjoy the process, enjoy the work.
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Trusted Member

Join Date: 10/28/2009 | Posts: 4974

Tyler wrote:
Thanks dudes, so much appreciated!!!

Next week's vid......

"Where is the focus of your awareness?"

Watch me go all crazy.

Coming soon :)

Looking forward. Curious if you will tie it in with the law of attraction among the other laws of the universe?
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Join Date: 07/26/2013 | Posts: 49

 Zen is right where you are, if you dont object to it _ Alan Watts
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Respected Member

Join Date: 02/06/2012 | Posts: 492

mendedsoul760 wrote:
 Zen is right where you are, if you dont object to it _ Alan Watts
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Dr Feelgood

Dr Feelgood

Trusted Member

Join Date: 04/06/2011 | Posts: 1518

Great to hear your thoughts on this!


Form follows content.
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Trusted Member

Join Date: 05/14/2012 | Posts: 3708

 Perfect timing for this right before summit! Nice, really interesting. I liked the beer analogy, but a frothy kombucha on tap would have been better but less relatable. Lol j/j, but seriously. 
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English Ben

English Ben

Senior Member

Join Date: 02/18/2009 | Posts: 129


Your 'Catching a cold' and 'Breakup' videos were amazing for getting my 'ecosystem of positive emotions' back after a breakup recently

Been going out loads and feeling back in the zone and taking things to the next peak

Love having your articles as a resource

Thanks :)
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Junior Member

Join Date: 07/17/2013 | Posts: 23

 That's the next level thinking. I'm new to the RSD community and look forward to gain and share (...gain, because I'm a hard case) knowledge with yall. 

Amazing post there Owen
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Junior Member

Join Date: 08/05/2013 | Posts: 12

Great shit man...
That video resonated with me very good!
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Trusted Member

Join Date: 02/18/2013 | Posts: 1450

Good video!

Our genetics and our environment make our brains different, so we enjoy different things in life. And one's interests will change over the years. Things that used to give me peak experiences when I was younger don't have the same impact today, and I finally realized that I had to start enjoing the small things in life in order to be happier. The best thing is that enjoying the small things does not exclude the peaks. This way you can enjoy the "boring" periods in life too. :)
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Respected Member

Join Date: 09/12/2012 | Posts: 355


Hah! Just saw a few secs of this, did you model your angry voice after this dude Tyler? haha
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