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Hey there here's the first pic I've thrown up of my second son, Dylan.

I thought it would be cool to take it beside the plants again to make it look like I'm in the jungle.  The combined elements of the hardcore beard and the newborn baby and the jungle make it look like I'm kind of peacocking for da ladies -- showing them I am a true champion with the testosterone fuelled beard, the fertility of pumping out babies, and then the wildness of being in the bush to top it off.

Now I know what you're probably thinking here.  You wish you had a beard like me.  You wish you could have all these kids and be a stud.  You wish that you had your home filled with palm trees and dracenas so you could have your own personal jungle.  But the truth is this:  IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU.

Anything other than fully believing you CAN be this manly is a limiting belief.  Does this make sense?? ;)

Anyway in case you didn't know........I'M DOING A FINAL TOUR!!!  The very epic "Free Tour 3".

We're about to get into 2 new videos as well as an article, but first I want you to check out the dates on this and get registered immediately if you're lucky to having it roll through your town.


United States (taught by me, I'll be doing Hot Seat 2 and Bootcamps in these cities as well...)
December 15, 2012: San Diego
January 5, 2012: San Francisco
January 19, 2012: Los Angeles
February 2, 2012: Chicago
February 9, 2012: New York
February 23, 2012: Miami
March 29, 2012: Phoenix
April 12, 2012: Las Vegas
April 26, 2012: Washington DC
May 3, 2012: Boston
May 17, 2012: Austin Texas
May 31, 2012: Atlanta
June 14, 2012: Seattle
June 28, 2012: Philadelphia
July 12, 2012: Denver
August 2, 2012: Honolulu

Europe (will be taught by a variety of instuctors including Brad, Alex, Ozzie, and Papa...)
January 5, 2012: Stockholm, Sweden
January 12, 2012: Helsinki, Finland
January 19, 2012: Budapest, Hungary
January 26, 2012: Berlin, Germany
February 2, 2012: Zurich, Switzerland
February 9, 2012: Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 15, 2012: Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 22, 2012: Munich, Germany
April 19, 2012: London, United Kingdom
April 26, 2012: Copenhagen, Denmark
July 27, 2012: Athens, Greece
August 26, 2012: Madrid, Spain
August 28, 2012: Valencia, Spain
August 31, 2012: Barcelona, Spain

Australia (taught by Alex and Papa)
May 24, 2012: Sydney, Australia
June 7, 2012: Melbourne, Australia

Canada (taught by Jeffy and Papa)
January 5, 2012: Vancouver
January 12, 2012: Calgary
January 19, 2012: Toronto
January 26, 2012: Montreal
...and a second set of dates (two different instructors I recommend attending both!)
July 5, 2012: Montreal, Canada
July 12, 2012: Toronto, Canada
July 19, 2012: Vancouver, Canada.

South America (taught by Brad)
February 23, 2012: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
March 1, 2012: Sao Paulo, Brazil
March 22, 2012: Buenos Aires, Argentina
...and a second set of dates (two different instructors I recommend attending both!)
June 21, 2012: Buenos, Aires, Argentina
June 25, 2012: Montevideo, Uruguay
June 26, 2012: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
June 28, 2012: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Asia (taught by Alexander)
March 15, 2012: Hong Kong
March 22, 2012: Singapore, Singapore
March 29, 2012: Tokyo, Japan

Take 5 seconds and hit up the following site to get "in the loop" on this, the free events are absolutely THE SHIT...




I've just shot together 2 videos from the Austin Free Tour.  I'll just throw them up here and then give you my thoughts on them below.

The first is something I put together just for the RSDN forums, so that in the future when people go down these extreme inner game and/or outer game paths that lack balance we can just post this as a response.

It's basically an outline of my views that are based on years in the self development industry, on guys who get stuck in the "inner game circle jerk" and take the GOOD IDEAS in inner game and use them to mentally masturbate and not take action.

Then I contrast this behaviour with guys who are too focused on outer game (I came up around a lot of guys like this -- back when "The Game" was written this was the major flaw in the pickup community) and how that results in "frame control addiction" and "diva behaviour" that also messes up your results with girls.

I think this video is gonna be good and is absolutely worth watching.  The points about frame control addiction are subtle and took me a long time to figure out.  Take 5 seconds and click this video to get in the loop right now.

Fun stuff huh?  Hopefully this gets the point across and maybe we'll see less circle jerking in the forum.

Then again....the circle jerk DIES HARD.  It is perhaps a force too powerful to stop with a simple Free Tour video.

But if I can make even one guy stop circle jerking and take action......it's worth it. ;)

Next up is a video from the same event that's a little less coherent than the one above.

Basically at this tour I'd just gotten back from a lil adventure that kept me awake the entire night and was in a mental fog -- I was failing to filter myself properly and it was like the crazyman who goes out and pimps girls at nighttime was still in effect (with all of the obnoxious views and beliefs that ARE effective to get girls in the moment, but maybe a lil over the top).

As a result I wound up GOING OFF on brutal experiences and insights that many people wouldn't want to look at.  I'm SEMI kidding throughout the entire talk -- at the same time the old maxim of "there's truth said in jest...." is in effect here and you're going to learn a lot.

Click this video now to see one of the weirder talks I've done.  It'll reveal hardcore truths of the game I would usually wouldn't have the balls (or lack of class) to get into...

I'd be very curious to know your honest thoughts about this one...

Did you like it?  What elements did you like and dislike?  I "get it" that anyone watching this shit loves RSD and learn a lot from our shit, so feel free to let me know.

My editor and I cut it together a few months after recording it -- I'm still behind on my Free Tour clips and plan on catching them up to being current by slamming them out over the next few weeks.

We were laughing our asses off at how obnoxious it is.  Also like I said at the end -- I often like to push the audience's comfort zone because I feel that being sensitive is a relic of GROUP THINK.

At the same time there's also girls I've dated who watch these videos, and women who take my self help programs who will probably see this and be turned off.  Like there's a way you can talk about having a rockstar sex life without having to be a dick about it.

Nonetheless, what can I say?  I like the element that I'm so fucked up that I just say what I think.  It's based on my honest experience of doing this for over a decade. I'm SEEN a lot of shit and DONE a lot of shit.  Although maybe on the flipside it's too rambly and unfocused -- like even more than usual.

Well.....whatever. :)

I actually decide to say "fuck it..." and post it because of marketing guru Seth Godin.

(He's a very cool dood -- check him out at www.sethgodin.com)

Seth is really big on just shooting a bunch of stuff out and seeing what stick versus what people don't like, so you can get continual feedback and improve what you're doing.  I'm generally pretty confident in my path in all this and I view success as inevitable given my work ethic.  I have video content that's more serious like the Cisco talk that provide balance, so I figured the odd off the wall video is fine.

I like to keep "switching it up" to make it hard to predict what you'll see next.  This upcoming Free Tour set I may even keep the beard for a little while, especially because I've been getting footage of me pulling very hot women with this thing on my face and it's pretty amazing to see.

My buddy was joking with me and Nick the other day that I should shoot a video where I'm sleeping in a cardboard box.  I've got drool coming down the side of my face and I wake up.  Then I check my tin can to see if anyone has left me with any change.  I take the change and use it to pay cover, go into a club and pull the hottest girl.

LOL.  I think I may well do this -- could be pretty epic.

(A homeless guy jumped into a video blog the other day and with the beard we kind of looked the same -- then I pulled a real cute girl and we recorded it for Hot Seat.  So this would be an extension of that just taking it to the next level.)

This shit is such a hobby for me and I love playing around with different stuff because I want it all to come together in my fourties and fifties to do some MAJOR big things.  We'll see what happens.  I'm just enjoying the journey. :)


btw one last thing about some of the comments in that last video...

As I mentioned in the textbox on Youtube -- the bits about every woman cheating if you're not an "alpha male" are more for comedy and it isn't totally true. Likewise the bit about Brad saying that you can be a one dimensional loser and still get girls was more to be funny as well -- NOT TOTALLY TRUE.

Yet they're worth considering. Like these are thoughts that at some point are valuable to have run through your head.

Because the truth is that you WILL wind up seeing a lot of shit if you walk this path. You'll see girls do some of the most insane shit you've ever seen and it'll rock your concept of how the world works.

Likewise with the Brad drunken confession jokes, it's nonetheless pretty accurate that learning to hit up many girls and relate to them as a "man to a woman" and attract them is generally your highest "leverage point" for getting laid. As an entrepreneur I know hundreds of guys who are in good shape and make a lot of money yet don't get laid very much. Conversely I know many douchebags who have no money and are fat yet get laid by different hot girls every week.

Again I mentioned that these were somewhat jokes in the Youtube text box, and they're meant as "thought experiments" to have run through your brain as opposed to being dogma.

Use your common sense, use your brain. ;)


Anyway I've been back at it this week, after a month off from game due to my voice being absolutely THRASHED from teaching two months straight and going out.

It was a total bummer because I love going out so much and was making crazy improvements in my game -- but nonetheless necessary in order to preserve my voice and not develop vocal nodes and lose the ability to do public speaking over the long term.

So my quest to go out every single day until I'm 35 was put on pause, despite that I went out every night for several months previously.

Well I got back on it Wednesday. And uhhhhhh, YEAH HOLY SHIT. Every single night it was BOOM BOOM BOOM. To the point where it seems "expected" that it's gonna happen, and it would be weird if it didn't.

The only downside was I got a little insecure gamewise and wanted to show off some really crazy shit for the students on BC so wound up doing a 5 minute bathroom close as one of my first demos, and then he totally freaked out that he wouldn't be able to do the same thing.

He wound up pulling a girl at the next club but got frustrated that he didn't close within 5 minutes because he thought that that was "normal". When obviously it's something that makes a cool story but isn't something you can rely on or even want to base your entire game upon -- nor is it really all that erotic to do it in a bathroom with people banging on the door and the fear of getting in trouble with the club.

Really it's more of an amusement to brag to your buddies about, or to brag on the frontpage of RSDN. :)

Here's what's weird though. My game was actually sloppier and less solid than it was in the past. I got blown out more and wasn't really that confident. Nonetheless the fact I seemed a little less polished put some of the girls "at ease" and made me seem more "attainable" which worked in my favour to have al that crazy shit happen every single night.

Now I'm back at home in workmode, writing out this article and preparing the Hot Seat 2 launch for next week. It's not really as fun as being out and in full glory, but I'm still shooting out 20 minutes a night to hot clubs and just shooting out a few opens and getting a lil molested by girls who like me as a quick amusement for the end of the day -- then going back home and continuing on the work.


Alright so I'm out of here.

I spent like 100 hours cutting together the upcoming videos over the past 2 weeks, so there's a TON of sick shit coming out.  I think the next video from Atlanta is sort of interesting and worth watching, but after that it's going to get into the stuff I shot during the USA tour I did with Jeff which is by far the best I've ever put out.

You'll see the next level and hopefully it'll provide insight on how by doing something repeatedly, you continue to improve.

The Hot Seat 2 launch will probably be next week if I can get it all ready on time, so I recommend you keep your eyes open for that.  And get signed up for Free Tour 3 if you haven't yet -- VERY KEY!!


Let me know your thoughts on the topics from the videos -- the inner game circle jerk VS frame control addiction (have you walked down either of these paths or had friends who did?) and the harsher aspects of the game (how did they make you feel, have you had experiences of realizing these things, etc?).

I'll check back shortly and I want to know!!  Thanks for reading and have fun!!


PS:  If you look at the box below you'll see my upcoming program list.  San Diego and San Francisco are coming up FAST!  Definitely get on AT LEAST the Free Tour because they're off the hook in terms of great content (stuff I don't put out in these vids btw) and a sick networking opportunity.
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my name is Robert Paulson

my name is Robe...

Junior Member

Join Date: 07/13/2009 | Posts: 23

hahaha, props.

cool video Tyler, bravo. And yes, shit IS easy.
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Join Date: 10/18/2011 | Posts: 88

Tyler looks like a 1700s U.S. History textbook character in this pic.
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Respected Member

Join Date: 04/28/2009 | Posts: 963

2nd video is sick a lot of that needed to be said.....the girl with boyfriend that wanted your baby had me on the floor laughing my ass off. 
Video puts you into a good headspace

Go hard or go home.....actually go hard or just fucking kill yourself
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Respected Member

Join Date: 02/02/2009 | Posts: 423

 15:00 and onwards of first video is a keeper, That is extremely valuble information
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Respected Member

Join Date: 06/02/2010 | Posts: 556

I loved the last video most.
Your'e a pretty wierd dude, but at the same time not the type I couldn't hang out with lol.

I like when you "fuck with people", because it puts me on the spot, and makes me think; where am I at.???
I'm not worried though, but it's wierd how I'm sometimes in a "worry mindset", but I'm learning how I can change that ATM, did it today actually;) 

Have a good weekend and happy Xmas ! :D 
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Junior Member

Join Date: 08/16/2010 | Posts: 20

 Really liked the 2nd video, one of my favourites with u. Just made me MOTIVATED as fuck to step up. good stuff
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Junior Member

Join Date: 10/03/2010 | Posts: 14

 Dude your crazy. Seriously Mate, don't know how your brain doesn't explode from all that shit. Really enjoyed the second video, got me feeling motivated.

Gotta be fresh
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Senior Member

Join Date: 12/03/2011 | Posts: 117

Awesome vids. Especially the little fucking dwarf quote!
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Trusted Member

Join Date: 01/05/2011 | Posts: 1117

 The point I liked best was the whole, projecting the posative aspects of the girl simply because it comes form neediness and lack of abundance. I notice I do this a ton and it really clears up the whole, should I have feelings for this girl shouldnt I blah blah. Just go, take action and try and follow your valeus. If you dont just learn and re adjust. No harm no foul, and also I didnt find the second video obnoxious at all? but im pretty crazy when it comes to saying weird shit :P 

It does distract me though when your videos arnt linar in what your saying but I find this also creats like a void in my head where ill have an experiance later and then my mind will randomly connect to one of the things you where saying even though it doesnt remember everythign you said. anyways overall, good shit.  funny made me laugh even though im in a ton of pain right now :( 
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Join Date: 03/26/2011 | Posts: 92

 HOLY SHIT, TYLER. That story's fucked up haha. All of that video was awesome though.

Particularly the start and the end inspired me to man the fuck up. Personally I'd like more motivational stuff. I know enough (too much?) theory. It would just be nice to have somebody bitchslap me into stepping up every now and then.

I thought the video flowed really well. And you should definitely tell it like it is. It's refreshing. Great vid.

Also, I had the same problem with contacts. Couldn't do it for months. Painful.

And as per your picture and beard... are you becomming dos equis man?? 0_o
>1 minute into video: OH Shiiiii- Tyler's gonna turn the water into wine! O_O
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Senior Member

Join Date: 09/30/2007 | Posts: 145

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Junior Member

Join Date: 04/14/2007 | Posts: 20

Great videos, you raised the bar! Very interesting topics, specially in the second video!
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Junior Member

Join Date: 02/17/2009 | Posts: 25

Amazing freaking second video.
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John Kennedy

John Kennedy

Junior Member

Join Date: 11/08/2006 | Posts: 19

The second video is awesome. Probably the best public speaking I've seen from you so far.
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Respected Member

Join Date: 06/29/2009 | Posts: 734

it's funny/sad when i hear you  or other  talking & think expression not impression, everything works out.
but when i start analising how people behave i step into  a real nightmare and i get so tense.
Then i just want to disapear.
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Respected Member

Join Date: 09/01/2006 | Posts: 512


real talk dude,  holla at ya boy. Gonna keep this on point not like these huge feedback posts i caught scrolling down.

Long story short i think its crap.

 i think its just you being a clown.   all over the place jumpey jumpey up  ndown  nshit woo woo  high energy .
 to much clown entertainment to little presentation.

Your really letting go of some technical skill man.
I think your moving past a certain threshold  where your just downright trading in content, proper info and phrasing for entertainment.
 the diva part is funny and people laugh their ass off im sure but does it  hit home with the people really needing it? i doubt it dude.
i think its just not that educational. some guys seem to be really impressed with your headspace maybe they enjoy the sense of your just being in flow  i personally think it just  gets to clowny.
just because the soso guy has a little external validation thing going on doesnt mean hes a button pusher  and def doesnt mean hes getting any kind of solutions  i doubt hes the weird  indirect dude trying to escape his brainewash that makes weird over the top strong eye contact and has to frame controll and do compliance  and hoop theory(is tht what it was called)

CHRONIC FRAME CONTROLLING its about getting addicted to reactions because your looking for external validation.  
its about playing it safe and looking to the other person reaction before you dare to escalate or make a move because you know its safe / because it keeps you instate  VS  daring to just  go for it,  trust yourself and push it forward, drawing your sense of strenth from yourself

being a frame controll addict was about the belief system that you need to ''built value'' ie:creating an making the other person seeing you a certain way - the old catch phrase ''conveying value'' to the person. vs having value  realising you are value period and just assuming attraction - the subcommunication will take care of itself - n we get to the whole intent and beleif in a positive responce shit you rep these days.

this is a serious issue to this day (although its getting less and less (actually is it i just dont hang out in the community anymore havent for a long time)  this used to be big and little people address it properly.

i know this is infotainment i know your doing this from the dome  but never the less these distinctions arent new material dude its your bread n butter that got you making your own transition foundations days when i was still on the boards.
and maybe your going going a wee bit to much in your own agenda of wanting to be in flow state as long as you can. i think your being to clownish on the first vid to

as a sidenote: maybe i have a personal beef  i have a hated of overly clowny behaviour mainly because to this day im still gettinlil bits n peaces of it out of my system  thanks to the quality teaching tht was around when i was a young dude asf days.  It took me a long ass time to get rid of that bullshit and i had to invent the distinctions one by one theres wasnt a complete counter paradigm around like there is these days.

i feel its freeflowing but fuck it aint stand up yeah its funny but your still educating right.  a video about circle jerking n button pushing can be technicly alot better with little effort and still be full out cool with jokes and all good. 
this thing is becoming so much niche its jsut ridiculous no excuse for terrible framing the idea and im in the niche.
but you know maybe ihave a personal beef

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Senior Member

Join Date: 11/17/2011 | Posts: 143

my baseball teammates who pull night after night live and embody your second video. the guys on the team who got the most respect were the ones who pulled the most girls. and everyone knew it and talked about it. 

it's a numbers game, its a race, it's a competition. may the biggest badass win. go hard or go home. 

the past few months i've felt depressed, anxious, worried, and weak. i felt like a victim and blamed everything and everyone but myself. and guess what...I DIDNT TAKE ACTION!

looking back, i was just self rationalizing acting like a total bitch. you're either getting it in our you aren't. period. and if you aren't, figure it out. 

time to step up to the plate
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Junior Member

Join Date: 01/25/2011 | Posts: 19

Loved the 2nd video for the same reason that I love speeches by Gary Vaynerchuck, it's raw and authentic. The part where you talk about how you motivate yourself, I do the same thing. I've often felt that it was a bit extreme but i'm glad that I'm not the only one who hates bullshit excuses.
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Senior Member

Join Date: 09/20/2006 | Posts: 183

Your relaxed in the videos and it makes for good viewing though I have noticed since you’ve moved towards a more expressive personality you have a tendency to chase the audience’s reaction, whereas on your DVD’s I never really picked that up.

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Senior Member

Join Date: 03/31/2010 | Posts: 176

ExtraordinaryDump wrote:

Congratutations, you passed the test. You stood up to Tyler by speaking your own mind and going against conformity and group thinking. Tyler will now send you a pm and an email with airline tickets attached sending you to LA for 6 months of intense RSD instructor training.

Good luck
Yay! That's exactly what I was aiming for! Hopefully I get these tickets soon.........

Guess I failed at writing this. My entire goal was to actually leave good feedback and not make it about me. 
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Senior Member

Join Date: 03/30/2011 | Posts: 200

Ok I have been watching and reading RSD blog for 1 year approximately and I had never posted comments, but all these new videos and new materials that you guys are putting out IT IS JUST  AWESOME ! you are the shit !

I loved the 2 video ! It was like a deja-vu, it was like watching FIGHT CLUB 2 lol !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Owen aka Tyler
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Join Date: 01/27/2010 | Posts: 34

I agree with Fluid. Almost all of the videos where he is speaking in front of an audience are like that. In my view his best speaking was in Foundations.
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Senior Member

Join Date: 07/29/2009 | Posts: 146

Amazing content.

Nevertheless i think that the most profound topics are discussed in the second video.

When you see so much shit going on, you start to think that most things really don´t matter unless you want them to. it´s all in your head and you have to ground what you think it´s real to first hand experience. A nihilistic perspective but pretty accurate.

I think that the 2nd video it´s pretty coherent for a speach in full deluxe state. loved it
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Trusted Member

Join Date: 05/02/2008 | Posts: 1283

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Mr. Man

Mr. Man


Join Date: 08/27/2011 | Posts: 38

The second video made me realise I'm at a level that is too low, that I'm an ant right now, and it's a kind of nice realisation actually, it feels good, some weight lifted off my shoulder :) More of this, this shit is "real talk" man
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Junior Member

Join Date: 11/16/2010 | Posts: 2

 Hi Tyler!

I´m a big fan of RSD and I really like the things you guys are doing. A lot of the stuff you are talking about has been really valuable too me, not just in terms of pick up but in my lifestyle overall. I live in the beautiful country of Sweden which I think is a clear example of an extreme groupthink society. With that said I will  take the oppurtunity to give some constructive feedback about the videoblogs in the article.  

I really liked the last ten minutes of the second video. I think you present yourself as very authentic and it really touches me, much more than the first 16 minutes where I honestly think you are playing different roles to an extent where I cannot really relate to them ( Understand it´s hard to create examples appliable to all cultures) 

I also like when you talk about your ideas about groupthink and society in a very honest and determined  way, as you do in the  last part of the second video.  

Thanks Man
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Junior Member

Join Date: 06/10/2010 | Posts: 24

 just had to pause the second video to post this.

i literally said:
"fuck this dude is amazing"

i have created my life similar to yours, and i am getting the exact results you and all the RSD dudes are getting. and it is fucking AWESOME

i know i could never read or watch an inner game/pick up product again and get awesome results

but its just this shit that keeps me coming back,
just funny, awesome, amazingly insightful videos
fuck yeah dude
you are the fucking shit

peace x
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Respected Member

Join Date: 10/25/2008 | Posts: 402

Love the second vid. 

No bullshit.
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Join Date: 06/02/2011 | Posts: 93

the 2nd video is da fucking bomb bro,

it would be awesome if you don't filter yourself in ALL the freetours, chodes will catch up with reality more quicker.
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Respected Member

Join Date: 06/23/2008 | Posts: 575

in fact, academic stuff is not that appealing to me.

personally i'd like to see more hilarious videos with funny/creepy stories and adventures from pick up land like these mentioned in charisma/congruence and these videos. shit like that instantly gets me so excited to go out.
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Respected Member

Join Date: 12/08/2008 | Posts: 590

 Love the second vid too. A few months ago you put up a train of consciousness post about living your life to be as transparent as possible in everything you do. That was a similar unfiltered mental flow style of communication. For those of us out there who like to use RSD as fuel for getting into a certain headspace, these types of posts/vids are REALLY powerful because of "the law of state transference". Basically, we get into your headspace by reading/watching what you're putting up. Dissecting the content isn't necessary or even helpful. It's more like listneing to music vs. trying to analyse the cadence, meter, genre etc. of the music. Keep em coming.
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Respected Member

Join Date: 09/01/2011 | Posts: 321

I found both vids enlightening and although the second vid of you free styling is very entertaining I think the first vid is the best way to present the information. It's better where you have one concept and you hammer it home. The other vid is a great demo of what it's like if we're gonna spend an afternoon with you armed with a notepad.

The tone of the 2nd vid is great, but I'm an RSD fanboy. Not everyone will be enlightened to you're ideas when they first hit this site and it may be offputting. Some people need easing into this shit gradually.

It's kind of like the difference between freewriting and prose. Freewriting is the idea factory and then prose is the way you'd present those ideas.

In summary I'd say keep doing vids in the style of the first vid and maybe throw out one like the 2nd once in a while.
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Senior Member

Join Date: 02/02/2010 | Posts: 160

 Video 2 was the Real Talk.

I prefer the talks where you say it how it is and don't feel the need to be the entertainer. You are in a position where people will listen to you anyway so you don't need to try. Authentic communication will always be the most engaging to your audience. If it makes them uncomfortable, that can only be because they relate to it personally.

If that is so, like me, they need to hear it.

Love the videos, always glad when there's a new one up!

I want to do a Tyler workshop in 2012.

Don't know when but that's a goal for next year.


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Respected Member

Join Date: 05/19/2011 | Posts: 768

 Liked both videos. When I read the warning for the second one, I imagined it to be much more harsh. Keep giving us doses of reality. What are more examples of being a part of main stream society? Sometimes I feel that college is a system meant to put you into a system of followers. That thought made it tough to tough out college. I now think of it as more the bigger picture by understanding that college is where you get to improve and work on the skillset to learn fast and efficienty. 
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Join Date: 02/03/2010 | Posts: 33

Sweet article! by far one of the best ones this year imo

There's been so much good stuff lately on the frontpage, gotta be careful so I don't overdose my brain and become a circle jerk chode, kidding aside..

Can any of you guys recommend good literature on the whole "evolutionary group think" and how it fucks us up, in more deepth?

So far I got a awesome book called 'The mind of the market' by Michael Shermer, but it's from a classic liberalism point of view.
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Junior Member

Join Date: 04/24/2011 | Posts: 22

Thumbs up for second video. Shit has to be FIERCE. Ferociously dont allow any bullshit, no fucking resistance to the PAIN. If your weak thats not the real you, lie it die. Welcome death to find the IRON CORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Andréi Zimmerman

Andréi Zimmerman

Junior Member

Join Date: 09/10/2011 | Posts: 12

 Wow. The 2 vid is the BEST shit you put out amost ever IMO. 
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Thanks guys!

I took all the feedback on board.  Good variety of viewpoints that I think all have some great points.

I've already cut the videos for the next few months and I think they take it to a next level -- expanding on what people like while fixing a lot of the flaws in the content and delivery.

The feedback here reinforces that I'm going in a good direction, I think even the guys who saw problems will like what's coming out.  Atlanta next week is solid but from there IMO the material is on another level.

btw MY general view on the videos (if you're curious) is this....

The first one is generally solid, nothing super special but covers a pretty subtle point that took me a long time to figure out.  I'd like to expand on the point in the future because the idea of "frame control addiction" also explains a lot of flaws in people's game in general.

(Fixing this IMO is what allows you to go from "intermediate purgatory" to pulling really hot women...)

Then the second video is (to me...) nothing special CONTENT WISE because I've known all this shit for years, but I think maybe having my honestly LOW opinion of whiners and bitches who don't take action rubbed in their faces so blatantly is eye-opening to a lot of people.

I've been hustling since I'm 9 years old, cranking out a 400 house paper route where I had to spend half the week adding in these little advertising inserts before delivering them.  Then I was also a juvenille deliquent from being mentally fucked by an abusive dysfunctional upbringing, doing all sorts of "silly shit" nonstop to make money.  So when I see guys who are whining and bitching about not going out and getting the instant results they want, after working lke 12 hour days since I'm 9 years old, I'm literally SHOCKED by how pathetic it is.  I honestly look at these guys and think they should kill themselves out of shame for their lack of AT LEAST TRYING, but then I realize I'm LUCKY that I had a hard time growing up and got abused because it put the hustle in me to take control.

To me this is all "common sense" but I think a lot of people have been coddled and have no heart and no hustle, so they need to hear this shit.  On my tombstone I want it to read "OWEN COOK.... HARD FUCKING CORE... SUCK A FAT DICK."  Seriously, I'd love to write that on my tombstone.  I mean shit we used to hunt down wooley mammoths and now we're little bitches sitting on computers, gimme a break.  I want to go down like a fucken champ and for people say say "THAT MOTHERFUCKER WAS *CRAZY*".

As far as the delivery I was half out of it from being up all night with this lil airline stewardess, so I went in there just cracking silly jokes and making myself laugh.  That's often how I am after I meet a girl and take her for food after, cause I'm all relaxed and clowning around making her laugh for hours, then bring her back and do it over again.  It sort of came through in the video.

Nonetheless I thought it was scattered with too many "Uhhh....Riiiiight....Uhhh....Yeah...." type shit.  It's also all over the place and sort of disrespects the audience with a lack of focus -- which I didn't like.  I also agree I'm chasing laughs a bit too much, whereas in say the "Seattle Free Tour" video I was doing it more just for myself.  This was sort of back and forth, like I think some of the shit I'm saying in here is HILARIOUS -- like the shit about Rick Perry I'm watching it months later and laughing at it STILL.  But some if it was a lil clownish.

(I also thought it was kind of low class of me to be talking about finger blasting girls when I know girls I'm dating / baby momma / family and non PUA friends are gonna watch it and think I'm being an asshole.  It should be generally obvious to people what's going on without me needing to be that crass about it, but whatever I guess once in a while makes it less likely any girls will happen to stumble on it unless they watch every single one of my videos.)

Regardless I decided to put it out based on Seth Godin's idea of "JUST SHOOT IT OUT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS... WORST CASE SCENARIO JUST TAKE THE FEEDBACK..."

I was literally inches away from not putting it out, to the point that when I entered the description on Youtube and it didn't go through properly I had to re-type it in, I almost said "Fuck it..." and just put out the first clip not the second.  But then I thought "Well it's ADDED VALUE anyway, and I bet people will like it, so it's more my own ego that doesn't want to put it out as opposed to being honestly worried people won't get something out of it..."

Sure enough Seth Godin was right.  You've gotta just try throwing shit out and see what sticks.  It seems like some people are more focused on a natural delivery style, and didn't lke it, but the majority of people liked the rawness and insanity of the fucken thing.

In the future videos I already have editted I think I maintained all three important elements, 1) good content that's well explained, 2) raw insane jokes, 3) doing it for self amusement and unforced.  So I sort of fixed the problem before I got this feedback here, but it's good to see that I'm going in the right direction.  You guys are gonna trip when you see this stuff it's on another level.

I've got San Diego coming up this week, after a month off from speaking which is the longest break I've had in 2 years.  We'll see how it goes.  Ultimately this is a journey and not a destination, so I'm just enjoying slowly improving -- having some events that are not as good, and others where I improve.

Just slamming in my "10,000 hours to mastery" here like I did with PUA.  Recently my results in PUA hit a fucken sweet level (went 4 for 5 between Wednesday and Sunday after a month off...), so I'm trying to see a simliar situation with the speaking as well.  I'm a huge believer in long term slow, gradual progress -- fully down to be focused and patient and create something organically.

Anyway thanks again!

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Im really grateful you posted the 2 video! Thank you to Seth Godin and the marketing segment of cool fucking people on RSD:)

Although I liked the Cisco stuff, I am getting WAY more out of this, but probably it wouldn't have gone very well down with me 2 years ago, when I was a sick chode!
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I really really really loved the second video tyler. Thanks so much. The crassness helps lol.
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Fuck yeah Austin was the bomb!

So much value at that Free Tour, I was really impressed with the content that you covered. Hot Seat 2 was sick too.

Love the rawness of the second video, makes it one of the best you've done IMO. Just telling it how it is.

People need to hear it how it is, not sugar-coated, like if you really want this, step the fuck up and be a man. The stories were so good! Lol @ the fingerblasting.

Keep the good content/good times rolling!

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 "your the fucking thing that suppose to be weeded out..."

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Your videos get better and better. Part 2 might be one of the best you've ever done. It's the kind of stuff I think about a lot all the time, so it's good to hear someone else saying it out loud. Shows me I might not be so crazy after all :)
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I love that Spike Milligan's tombstone finally reads how he wanted:

'I told you I was ill'
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HeartRate wrote:
Owen, Brad and the crew,

I like when you guys talk about what you do (ie the fingering), but I get it it may be tough to broadcast it on the internet to anonymous crowds. And Brad's TOTALLY RIGHT about the not having a life thing. I've got a friend who is a firefighter. Down here their work is half firefighter, half paramedic, so he has taken people out of wrecked cars and literally SAVED THEIR LIFES. He has also had people die in his arms. And yet I get more laid than him. At a bar he'd even count as a chode.

Thanks for the vids,

Yeah ive seen really cool passionate guys not have the slightest clue about PU, but to them something like saving peoples lives is probably a greater feeling and more fulffiling than having sex with a random chick from a club.
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more videos like the second video i'm sick of the sugar coating bullshit and fucking lame fairies, tell it as it is.
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A few days down the road after the video,

I noticed the stuff from the second video STUCK.

Together with reading Eckhart Tolle's power of now, this caused me to go through a plateau.
I was so Free and so ON, everything just came out of my mouth, it didn't pass through filters etc. etc. This pissed some people off, SLIGHTLY. But it was so true to me, everything was so clear, it was like being in some deep meditation and obviously OUTSIDE my head. It was like taking people on a ride on a magic carpet covered in LSD. What I felt was felt by people around me, it became part of them for a while. I seriously was walking around, talking to people, I said stuff like "spoon", and laughed and people laughed at it like it's hilarious. Anyway, I can go on and on about this experience (it went on for 2 days or more...), but let me just give you NEW feedback on the video:

YES, please do more like video 2, you're projecting pickup and more just the way you are as seen in the video. Nothing more is really needed!!!!!!!!!!

Video 2 IS pickup and people who allow themselves to take this and act will become pickup to some extent. In fact, I believe a video like this can SNAP a CHODE in 2 and a fucking butterfly will fly out and girls will come and will want to be around it. How's that for visualisation!

now look how this reads like I went to a bootcamp, haha
that's why it's good!
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The Savior

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It's interesting, most people get pumped with their daily Youtube video comedy fix to get into a good mood but recently, I'll just open up the RSD website, watch the latest video and that'll get me super pumped (especially with the free tour coming). Why I get so pumped, mainly, is because more and more is revealed about myself when I see a new video. I go out regularly but some nights I'm just not on, it's interesting to see certain changes I can make to improve the nights. You bring up topics where I'm like "Oh yeah, maybe I'm doing that too much" whether it's overthinking or being too reactive. More often than not these days, your videos keep "Oh Yeah!" -ing me haha.
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