Texting Girls

When I first learning about what to text a girl I was truly clueless. I'd write out something  that i thought was cute or funny and have to wait anxiously for hours for her to reply. Well not any more. I gave up with all my shitty lucky and decided it was my turn to learn how the pros do what they do. A year and a half later I am a changed man and never run out of things to say haha.

Trying looking into "19 Rules of Proper Text Game". That was the starting point for me. I never understood how cookie cutter my personality was until I had learned about what a nice guy really was. I was absolutely soul shaken. My view of the world had changed and I turned to all the best pick up artists you can find. RSD feels best for me since they go for a more natural approach and I would always mess up because what I'd try and do was an act. SO what does that this have to do with what to text a girl? well once you now how to stop being a nice guy you will have plenty to say :P.

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