Hey. I’ve been concentrating on exams for the past couple of months so I haven’t been going out. :'(

However, my exams will be finished on Monday and I’ll be on my holidays. First off, I’m going FULL BEASTMODE!!! I’ll be hitting up the club 4 times a week and be day gaming the remaining days.

But that’s not it! I’m not only taking massive action on my sex life, but also on my academics, business, and fitness (Primal Blueprint) amongst many other little things such as music, meditation, and being organized. My aim is full self-actualization. My aim is to reach my full potential and live the life I’ve imagined (in the words of H D Thoreau).

I call this ultimate way of life: GODMODE (Yes, all capitals. Yes, every time.)

Anyway, I’ll be chronicling my Beastmode adventures of course but I’ll also stick in a few things about my progress in the rest of GODMODE if it's interesting or relevent.

I’ve got a FR from a couple of months ago that I still haven’t written up yet but I can remember the night pretty well so I’ll upload that soon – maybe tonight.

I think I’ll also post something on the mindsets I plan to cultivate in GODMODE and also something on the values I plan to uphold (Brad’s latest blog post inspired me to finally write down a list).

Have a good day and happy beasting,
Trent :D
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