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#DaygameIsComing #Soon #Finally!!!

I'm so excited... for myself and my crew who will finally be able to put this out and start having a life again, but mainly for you.  Over the next couple of weeks you are in for a real treat. 

I have two more webinars coming which will be totally epic.  On the next one I'm taking extensive questions, and I'll be doing interactve exercises like the ones I'd do at a live program like a bootcamp or hotseat.  AND IT'S TOTALLY FREE!  Sign up HERE

Also, if you haven't checked out the first two epic trainings, have a look HERE

The trainings build upon each other, so be sure to check out the first two ASAP


Okay, on to today's Vblog, which gives you a little taste of what you can expect in the next webinar:

This distinction between having high value behaviors and getting a reaction, and what it implies, was one of the biggest revalations in my own personal game, that has helped me to have successful interactions with the hottest girls with insane consistency.

Here's what else is in store for you...

Collaborative videos with Julien, Max and yes... you guessed it... Owen.  They are all amazing, but the Owen one will likely be one of the most epic videos you've ever seen.  So stay tuned.  I'll also have some SHOCKINGLY high-quality stuff for you in a week or so.

So, like I said.  Get excited.  I am!

Remember to sign up for the LATEST webinar
Remember to catch up on webinars 1 and 2

Remember #DaygameIsComing

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Hey, I'm back, and I'm bringing more value to RSDNation than I ever have before.

This week I did a special training with uncut infield footage and full breakdown of three interactions.  The topic of the training was how to get a solid phone number from daygame... you can view it HERE

The training was amazing... here's what some people who saw it said about it:
"I really didn't expect this to be so good and in depth, considering this is totally free!"

"TODD breakdown the interaction, is a God gift to guide the humanity to get laid!"

"After applying the parts about qualification that you hammered on I just had a day where out of 8 numbers 7 replied, of whom 5 started talking specifically about the plans I made with them."

So to say that people enjoyed it and learned a TON would be an understatement.

Check it out for yourself by clicking the link below:

Getting solid numbers is clearly one of the most valuable things you can do to get a result, but I also touched on another topic this week that is crazy important for getting the girls you really want and for making the game both easy and fun.

That topic is the idea of "blueprint" which I address here:

This is such a critical topic that I'm doing another special training on it in the next few days.  I'll be presenting and breaking down more infield as well as giving you the opportunity to ASK ME QUESTIONS LIVE, in real time.

I don't do this often, but this is such an amazing topic and so valuable, I just want to get it out there.


#DayGameIsComing #Soon

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I have a very special announcement. 

In anticipation of my upcoming Daygame product launch I'm doing a special series of in-depth training sessions for the RSD community.  These are by invite only, so register now.  The first is an in depth and analytical (as only I know how) tutorial on the ins and outs of exactly how to get solid phone numbers.

The first training session is available at:

and here's a quick sample of what you can expect:

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  You'll see MUCH more at the training coming in a couple days.

Seriously, you MUST be there.  When I travel from city to city and talk to guys I'm just going to ask "Did you go to the daygame trainings?" and if you say no, I'll laugh at you and know you're a poser ;)

Seriously though.  Go.

Again, the link is:

#DaygameIsComing #Soon

One quick and unrelated P.S.  I haven't really been looking for coaches lately as I've been well staffed, but there are a few new postions opening up, so see below.

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People keep asking me about "Daygame", which is good because it's finally ALMOST here.  In fact, this is the last Vblog you'll see from me for a while that DOESN'T have a lot of daygame content... including infield.

Perhaps more exciting though, is I'll be doing a series of much longer special trainings over the course of the next month where I'll be going really IN-DEPTH on some of the key daygame topics that have helped me to have massive success.

Do you want more infield?  It's coming.

How about step by step, easy to follow advice?   It's coming.

How about the nuance that helps you get the 9s and 10s?  It's coming.

How about how to get the girlfriend you really want?  It's coming.

And so much more...

So stay tuned over the next month for all of these special events.  If you're not already following me on facebook, go over to and like my page.  I'll be sharing exclusive content there.

Also, if you haven't gone over to yet.  Join the VIP list and I'll be sending you some special free content.


Okay, on to today's video which holds MASSIVE value.  Social circle game from a guy who has literally devoted his life to it.  I mean all this guy talks about is what girls he's meeting up with and what parties he's going to etc.  I'm half-joking here, but the point is, all the access to hot women you desire, he has it, and he knows how you can too.  So listen up.

The content in this video was massive for me and it can be incredible for you too.  Remember there's a reason civilization was built on farming rather than hunting.

... and as long as we're on the topic of daygame, here's a classic must-see video in that arena:

Enjoy... and talk soon.  Remember to like me on facebook and subscribe at daygamebytodd so you don't miss any of the exciting new content coming this month.
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Hey.  It's Todd from Los Angeles, where we'll be starting the FIRST EVER "Non Vegas" Immersion program.  We'll be bringing these programs to various cities around the world soon but the next one will be New York City in September.

If you're interested in being considered for the program, shoot me an email at and let me know.  The LA program sold out in less than 2 weeks from the first day we allowed sign ups, and we'll take the NYC program live within a couple weeks from today.

OK.  On to today's video:  The theme is easy and something that should be self-evident...  Have fun.  Game is a transferrence of energy.  But it goes much much deeper than that.  Have a look:

I also want to make one other huge announcement... Daygame is coming.  SOON.  Like the end of next month soon.  So get ready!  This will be the most complete and mind-blowing pickup program ever created.

And as long as we're on the theme of your attitude in game, let's have a look at a classic video as well.

'Till next time... Have fun!

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Just a quick article today as I need to get up early and go shoot some #DAYGAME footage with Owen in the morning.

That said, I think the concept in this video is one of the most important ideas in all of game.  Sometimes just "being yourself" is terrible advice and sometimes you MUST get worse in order to get better.

This is one of my most technical videos... so if you like it that's a sign of high intelligence, and if you dislike it, you probably just weren't smart enough to understand it ;).

As always many more of my videos are online at

I've also started posting some videos exclusively on my facebook page, so if you want access to those, go over and like my page at:

More exclusive content, including periodic field reports, will be there soon.

I also want to say a very big thank you to those who have signed up for Immersion Los Angeles.  We are currently 100% booked... However, there is a wait list in case we get any cancellations, and also to get a priority spot for the next time we come to Los Angeles for Immersion.  Given how quickly we booked this time, it's a good idea to get on the list far in advance. 

Preference for future programs will be given in the following order:  1.  People on the waitlist, 2.  People who attend this program and sign up for the next one DURING THE program.  3.  Immersion and Bootcamp Alumni  4.  Everyone else.

For a little bit of extra information about Immersion in general, both LA and Vegas, check out the video below:


And finally, in case you've somehow missed it before, check out the most complete video I've ever released:

Until next time...
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I'm about to go shoot an interview which will be a SICK future video, then I'm off to bootcamp, so I'm going to keep this article brief.

Firstly.  Here is the video on how to not be annoying.  I mean the video on the wrong kind of entitlement.  Same thing.

And for anyone who missed the final cut, here is the FINAL version of the how to pull the hottest girl in the bar video.  I changed the infield format and reposted it at the end, so check it out if you saw the other version before:

Other quick news... LA Immersion has ONE SPOT LEFT.  So if you want to get on it, do it now.  If you try to sign up and can't because the program is full, please let me know and we'll give you priority waitlist spot for next time we come to town.

Also, if LA is booked by the time you want to sign up, there's always VEGAS

Ok.  I'm off to go live my life and get some work done... but remember... #DaygameIsComing
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Hey, just got back from a barbecue with the Immersion guys and rushing to get this out before the end of the day.

But this video is one you HAVE TO SEE!  How to pull the hottest girl in the bar, complete with a field report and infield clips.

This girl was the absolute queen of the "hot girl blase"... she gave me NOTHING for nearly two hours!  The nicest thing she said to me was "Fuck you."  She thought she meant it metaphorically ;)

Like I said, it's a must watch because this happens... All. The. Time.... and you need to know how to deal with it.

The next big project I've been working on has been moving Immersion to different cities.  We're starting with Los Angeles.  Check it out.

I can't wait!  It's coming up at the end of this month. 

Finally, remember... #DaygameIsComing.  I've been filming more and more infield and here's the funny part.  I thought it would be hard to get daygame pulls.  But I have too many pulls and too few phone numbers so far, because when the sets are on, I'm just pulling them.  High quality problems, I know, but I'm trying to make a well-rounded product, so I have to take some phone numbers ;).

Lastly, here is a cool video I did recently about me facing my fears a bit... enjoy!

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Hey, Todd here... about to go shoot some #DayGame, but before I head out, I thought I'd share some tips with you.


Most people think of game as a set of techniques, the same way they think of science as a set of facts.  But in reality, both are processes.  Science is the natural outgrowth of the scientific method, and you could say good game is the outgrowth of a proper method and set of mindsets as well.  In this video I explain those mindsets.

Always try to keep in mind that it doesn't matter so much HOW GOOD YOU ARE as it does WHAT IS YOUR PROCESS?  If the process is good, the results will come... and they'll actually come a lot faster than you might think.

Here is another classic video (my personal favorite actually) that is also about process... but in this case process for LIFE.

and here is another great, short video about mindsets:

I'm not doing much traveling over the coming months, but I will be in Chicago next week, so look for me there.

Also, remember, it's Summer in Vegas so it's the best possible time to come to Immersion.  AND we're almost SOLD OUT for the next couple months, so the time is NOW!!

P.S.  Most of my assistant spots are filled, but there is always turnover... so if you think you're an amazing candidate, shoot me an email or private message and let me know why.

'till next time.

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In today's article, you'll learn why funny guys don't get laid.  You'll also see how pickup can help you in life even beyond having sex with the hottest girls...

And trust me, sex with the hottest girls is a good thing.  I can say this with confidence given the adventures I've had and the adventures I've shared with my girl these past few weeks.  It's been pretty epic.

The other epic thing I've been doing these past few weeks is getting in shape.  To follow my journey, go HERE:

Ok... on to today's video:

Why Being Funny Will NOT Get You Laid... this one is a bit controversial ;).

The short answer is that humor is inherently try hard and button pushing... but the story goes far beyond that, to the concepts of "leveling behavior" and "honest signals"... which are two of the concepts I think are MOST important when it comes to getting the absolute elite women.

Did that surprise you?  Do you disagree with me?  Feel free to comment...

Today's other video is the final video from my "black and white interview series" which gives people a closer look at Todd as a person.  I'm sometimes so technical that I don't let my personality or inner frailties and struggles out as much as some of the other instructors do.  Here's a quick look at some elements of my personal journey:

I hope you enjoyed all that.  The other thing you should definitely be keeping an eye on from me is IMMERSION.  This has been my huge project lately, and summer is a GREAT time to checkout Vegas.  The program is almost at capacity, so get in soon... before it's too late!

And for those of you who are in Los Angeles... we're bringing Immersion TO YOUR CITY for a limited one time engagement at the end of July.  Space will be limited so watch for information starting within the next week!

That's it for now... but remember

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