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Hey there, it's Todd.

In this article you will learn what value really is and how this one secret can revolutionize your entire game.

Before I get into the theory on value, I'd like to start by letting you know that Alex is in the United States for hotseat. This is a rare occurrence and definitely worth coming out for. Alex has some of the best and most effective game of anyone I've ever seen. For more info, check out the video below.

And as long as we're talking about programs, please have a look at my upcoming programs below.

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Please pay particular attention to the Europe dates from April 25th through May 23rd. I don’t come to Europe that often, so be sure to look me up when I am there!

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One other administrative note, to clear up any confusion:

YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN INNER CIRCLE DINNER EVENTS AND MEET WINGMEN IN YOUR AREA -- FOR FREE. There has been some confusion on this matter so I want to clarify. The videos and instructor education through Inner Circle is a paid product, but the groups themselves are 100% free to anyone who wants to come. So take advantage of this amazing resource!

More information about inner circle is available at

The second video is more about philosophy... in particular, what is value and how is it achieved. This one paradigm changed my whole perception of game and communication. It should be particularly good for the logical types. It would take longer for me to try to describe the content, then to just watch the brief video, so I'll let this one speak for itself.

Please post your comments and feedback. I’d like to find out what is most important to you, so I can adjust accordingly.

Before I sign off, I want to mention that if you want more unique thoughts and information I put out ideas and lines on both facebook and twitter daily:

Thanks again, and until next time,

p.s. Check out for more info on the program and how to get ongoing lessons and support from RSD Instructors like myself.

p.p.s. To find FREE Inner Circle meetup groups in your city check out:
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 You fuckin nailed it brother. I was wondering what happened last night at the club and why some dyke threw her lit cig at my face when I did not understand what she even asked me. I'm just gunna say that I did not offer hardly any value at all. I hope I do not make that mistake much more because DAMN, that shit hurt like a mother and my mother is REALLY somethin else. Thanks Todd for this amazingly new insight. I know many others will get something out of this one. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Who the Fuck is Patrick?!?
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 yea top 3!

so what is value? im really glad your explaining seince this is one of the biggest parts of game. 
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This really makes sense out of my experiences. Everytime I've expressed my values with someone through my perspective, my emotions are aligned and unwavering. Even if they were to disagree. I'd feel pretty fucking solid about it. I sense no emotional shift when this happens. Ironically, it's not like I'm thinking "I shouldn't be outcome dependent when talking about my values". When I express myself through my values, being free from the outcome is simply a byproduct of expressing or sharing my values. Fuck, what an ephiphany LOL

Todd, is there a way you can give people a structure/guide of some sort to figure out what they value (like your values for example)?
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Are you sure about this? I cannot help talking about my values in many of my conversations, it's very unintentional, and often when I notice it I have already been talking and talking and talking, and I completely lost focus on the present moment and whatever is going on around for a while, like being demonically posessed by a teacher for a period of time
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Anthony John

Anthony John

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 I'm sure it was by coincidence, but way to go on wearing green in honor of Saint Patrick's Day aka the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.  Give value and be free of outcome.  The most correct person on the entire planet lol! 
I deserve a 10. You deserve a 10. We all deserve a 10.
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Love it.
I think of value as made up of a couple of other things too. So:

1) Sharing your own unique life experience and value system, talking about what you want to talk about, doing what you want to do
2) Being NORMAL and CENTRED around very hot girls (not being reactive, enduring shit tests etc.)
3) Giving the girl a range of strong emotions

Would love to know what you think.
Thanks a lot
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Yeah the Duve - That souns right.

TOdd - Love this  refrshing short take on the definition of Value.

YOu hear a lot - offer value , just be high value... but defining value is always a bit ambiguious.

There should be more videos that define core RSD concepts .
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 you can ask inteview questions and let her experience you at the same time; screening and genuinely conversating instead of TRYING to build rapport and suck for validation.
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 Todd is great at reframing. This is more of a personal reframe. Girlfriend video also hit on reframe. 

Enjoying the content man! 
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 Todd, best post I've seen on Value. Its a concept that is easy to grasp at the surface but harder when you think about it. Offering value without supplicating and bringing the girl into your reality. Nice!
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