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Todd here, and I’m super excited to be bringing you my first front page article EVER. Fittingly enough I suppose, I’m writing it in bed while a beautiful girl attempts to sleep next to me. I think my typing is probably keeping her awake, but she’s being quite sweet.

For those of you who might not remember, I was the original instructor from “The Game” living in the tent at project Hollywood and still managing to pull girls… I’ve been an instructor for nearly a decade.

This is actually rather appropriate for today’s video and article about relationship maintenance. I can’t believe I put some of this out on video. I’ve edited my Multiple Long Term Relationships speech out of previous videos because I thought it was TOO EXTREME, but I finally caved, so here it is!

Before I get into that though, I want to take a quick opportunity to let you know that RSD Inner circle is coming soon. Get ready because this is going to be the most incredible product ever seen in the pickup world for developing the lifestyle and habits possessed by the superstars of game!

Papa and I have been working on Inner Circle and beta testing it around the world for over a year now, and the results we’ve seen in some of the test chapters have been INCREDIBLE! We’ve since taken the model of those chapters, enhanced it, and are releasing it worldwide.

Keep an eye out for information on Inner Circle on the forums over the coming weeks as we’ll be looking for a final round of feedback before the official launch. For more information on RSD Inner Circle, check out the video I created all about it and get on our VIP Interest List by visiting:

The video goes into much more depth on the components and benefits of Inner Circle, but I’ve also listed them below for mobile browsers:

1. Mission Impossibles: Specific exclusive lessons and in field assignments from RSD instructors, to be performed with your local wingmen. Post mission feedback from RSD Instructors and staff will also be provided.

2. Regional Conferences: Day long seminar events featuring RSD Instructors speaking live in a city near you. Attendance is free worldwide with Inner Circle Membership.

3. Papa’s Bachelor Bash: A special seminar featuring Todd, Papa, Tyler and RSD instructors plus an invitation to Papa’s bachelor party at the playboy mansion. Seminar will be available on DVD for those who cannot attend.

4. Video Conferences: Regular video presentations from RSD instructors along with the opportunity to ask real time questions.

5. Bar Crawls and Local Wingmen: Meet up with local wingmen in your area at structured RSD events in your city. The best way to meet up with your peers… IN FIELD!

6. Executive Retreats: Go ON VACATION with RSD coaches at some to the most exotic and exciting world events. Possible events to include Olympics, Oktoberfest in Germany and similar types of events.

7. Rewards Points: Receive points for attending meetings, bringing friends, completing missions which are redeemable for RSD products and are even redeemable for your Inner Circle membership the following year!

Okay, so on to today’s article and a bit about myself:

Since it is my first article I thought I’d take a few sentences to introduce myself:

I’ve been an RSD instructor since the days of Project Hollywood nearly a decade ago, but I’ve always gone out of my way to keep my face off the internet until NOW. From 2007-2011 I was coaching part-time and working on other businesses, but when Papa mentioned inner circle to me, I had to commit full time. The program was just too good and I wanted on-board.

I’m currently coaching in cities around the world, and you’ll be seeing more video and articles from me in the future, but my main role is as Chief of RSD Inner Circle; setting up chapters around the world and making sure that you receive the absolute best pick-up material on a weekly basis.

For whatever reason, I’ve always been extremely good at maintaining multiple relationships while being honest and open with the girls. In fact one of the things I’m known for is maintaining rotations of nine to even thirteen girls at one time and having them okay with the fact that I’m seeing other people.

In today’s video I explain, in part, how I was able to achieve this. Partly it comes down to frame control, but partly, I think, it comes down to the vibe I have with the girls who I date and with the fact that I am actively making them invest in me and in the relationship.

In this video I talk a bit about ways in which I get girls to invest in me and develop compliance. I think these are techniques that are highly overlooked in today’s natural style game, and are ideas that have never been fully understood in any case.

My game is very verbal in nature, so I tend to use language to my advantage in many ways, both in the words and concept that I use, but also in the way I structure interactions. For example when it makes sense to ask questions vs. telling stories for the tempo of the interaction.

We talk often about self-amusing in game and I think this is a truly valuable concept. Key word VALUABLE… as in establishing value. Self-amusement taken to its logical extreme actually excludes the girl, and therefore makes it difficult to connect. Self amusing too much can also lead to situations where you end up talking AT the girl but never getting any feedback or commitment from her.

The other concept I’d really emphasize as you watch this video is the concept of LEVERAGE. I discuss leverage in a variety of ways, but the main idea is to realize that you have more power than you think with girls just by the fact that they like you enough to still be talking to you, never mind if they are more invested because you have a history together.

The most extreme use of leverage is my MLTR speech, which I have used in one form or another dozens of times with great success. It is a great example of many of the concepts of game: Frame setting, leading, non-reactivity… In many ways it is my masterpiece. And I’ll probably get in a TON of trouble for putting it out on the internet, but oh well… such is the job. ENJOY!

Did you hear that? It was the sound of all my girlfriends getting heartbroken at the same time. I literally cannot believe I finally put that out into the world. I hope you found it massively educational.

The other thing that is unbelievable is that the Inner Circle launch is almost here. I’m sure as you find out more about the program you’ll be as excited as I am. I’ll be back with a new video each week until the launch bringing you more insider secrets for pickup and introducing you to the newest program from RSD. Until then, keep building your game and your life.

Hope you found the video informative, and I want you to feel free to make lots of comments and ask tons of questions both about the video and about Inner Circle, so that I know what you care about most for future articles.

Until next time!


P.S. Remember to get on the RSD Inner Circle VIP Interest List by visiting:

P.P.S. I’ll be bringing you more information about Inner Circle every week from now until the official launch. To receive the latest updates go to:
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