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About Me: 
My name is Paul Pan and I live in Toronto where I love my life.

I graduated from the University of Toronto majoring in politics, sold real estate for 3 years, then took some part-time work for 3 years taking different courses and exploring what I really want to do with my life.

I go to the sickest parties in TO.

I started learning pick-up when the book the Game came out. Full Mystery Method addict lol. Got a girlfriend and surprise, surprise, my life started to suck. After we broke up I got into pick up again and had incredible peak life experiences. Then, another girlfriend! A really good one and life sucked less. But still, STAGNATION.

It's the pick up life for me from now on.
Kung Fu
Pick Up
Getting laid.
Figuring out how to juggle multiple relationships.
Favorite Music: 
Pretty Lights
Favorite TV Shows: 
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. SNL. Key and Peele.
Favorite Movies: 
Limitless Catch Me If You Can
Favorite Books: 
Character Strengths and Virtues (It's an American Psychological Association text in the emerging field of Positive Psychology. It dissects virtues such as humour, open-mindedness, love-of-learning, etc.) It's my all-time favourite book.You have to order if special and it costs $100 but it's worth every penny. For example, it eluciates that a key element of Fun is Vitality, as well as humour. It also discusses the different types of humour and where they come from. It's the best. Will Power by Baumeister The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin

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