Year of Clunge

I now know what my biggest problem is.
I'm not congruent with my life. I am trying to be different people in different areas of my life. I am looking for a girlfriend but also want to sleep around. I want to be super fit but also enjoy being lazy. I want to do so much but waste time on the internet and so on. I am not congruent with myself and not aligned to my real wants and desires. I am being a person that  I think others want me to be.

I don't really know what I want or need.
I chase girls at the wrong kind of venues for the type of girl I want
I sleep with any girl that I work on instead of being picky
I have a scarcity mentality instead of the abundance belief

Now I know what I need to work on the problem is just doing it!
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I am going to intiate something I learnt on another forum.

I am going to have No Contact with any of my ex's for thirty days.

This means no texting, emailing, facebook messages, myspace emails, bebo links or anything else of that nature. I rarely speak to them but its more me checking their page and making contact that seems to fuck me up so its more of a personal challenge.

One fuck buddy may be added to this but I'm not sure as technically she is sort of like a gf but we never fully went out and we had a bit of a bust up recently. We are going to meet up and I will see how I feel about the whole thing.

Is this worth it>?
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I have been reading up on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and decided to give it a try.
Has anyone else used this? What do you think of it?

A link I was given to help the immediate feelings I have about my ex was:

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Today's not been great.
Approached and tried to chat up a girl on fri night and it went ok but no action. Just nice to have a laugh and play the game again. Yet, I still feel disappointed. Again she didn't beat my ex in terms of looks, personality etc.
I have been having a bad couple of hours trying to keep busy and forget about her. I just really miss the closeness we had and how good I felt being with her and knowing it was the same for her. I still want her back and its  annoying.
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I just love this scene. I love the way he stays alpha and doesn't react like a Chode. I'd love to be able to be this smooth:

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Over analysing is a major problem that I have.
What do you think of this video:

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Just been reading and learning a lot.
I  have been creating a incorrect personna when out and then slipped down into a dull depressed state the next day and then changed again later on.
This has confused girls and helped to chase them away.
I need to work on having the correct personna and state 24/7
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A true Alpha Male ~

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Morning guys,

Just up, got the fire on and Quantum of Solace is about to start.
Another example of a good  alpha male coming on - time to take some notes!
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