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February 1st, 2015



Join Date: 01/27/2010 | Posts: 32

About Me: 
I used to be a fucking train wreck with chicks. Luckily I'm horny enough and smart enough that I figured it out. My dick does most of the talking now and I trust him.
Girls. Learning. Adventure
Travel. Sports. Gaming. Lots of gaming.
Favorite Music: 
Everything but fucking country and that stupid jazz that sounds like a retarded infant trying to keep a beat
Favorite TV Shows: 
South park. Adventure time. Dragon ball
Favorite Movies: 
V for Vendetta, the Matrix. Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy. Fight Club.
Favorite Books: 
Butterflies are free to fly. The way of the peaceful worrior. The life of Socrates. The republic (hardest book I've ever read)

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