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This post right here im putting in in here cause its so true yet we forget it all the time teeth

That's a winner's attitude right there Phil. Everyone should think about the implications that stem from this mindset.

Girls want dick is the true essence of the old adagium: "It is always on". Why is it always on? Because no matter what the little girl in front of me is saying or how she is acting, she wants what I have in my pants. And i'm very much with ramin on this one as well.

She wants my dick in her mouth.
She wants my dick in her pussy.
She wants my dick stuffed in her ass.

Any interaction between me and a girly, this is the full truth. All she is doing when she is talking to me is testing wether i'm man enough to stuff my cock down her every hole and not judge her for it.
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hahaha nice!!!!
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