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This right here i posted on a mate's thread. It is a reminder not just to him but to myself as well.

"Hey bro! Man i love reading this thread you really are out there leading the good life. I truly enjoy the spiritual observations you make as well.
Reading your last few posts I noticed something is amiss. I don't have time to make it a lengthy post because i have to study for some exams.
The thing that is keeping you in this game, that's keeping you guessing and contemplating, and the question that truly needs to be answered for you to leave this game fulfilled and wiser is:
Your sexual identity. My friend, you have mastered the social verbal aspect of this game, now it's time to master the closing and the rewards that come with it.

Some guy in this thread said something like: "Sex is just a dick in a pussy." Wrong. Sex is life experience. And it is a part of yourself that you truly have to learn inside out in order to be complete. And i don't mean having a few lays here and there. No i'm talking about the profound reassurance, confidence and epiphanies that come when you go on three-to-four-different-girls-every-week-for-a-month-straight-rampages. Those are the kind of experiences that will change you on your deepest level, and will leave you a real man, confident in his sexual indentity. When you reach that level, then you get to say "Sex is just a dick in a pussy". From lines like "oh, so you're not coming to bed with me?", and other missed close oppurtunities I read about in your thread i can tell that you haven't found this part of yourself yet. A natural and beautiful part of this game is learning about your sexual self, your desires, your dominance, your insecuities, and how you act upon them. And you only learn this through going through the whole cycle of opening, attracting and closing time and time again. With each lay and each failed lay in which you REALLY put your balls on the line to close, you will discover more about your sexual identity. In your case, you, need to be more sexually agressive and sexually dominant.

Infield this translates to: Close. Again, and again, and again.
Do this, and you will see what I mean. Shit will really start to make sense."
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Today i went to some weird theatre award show and felt sorta out of place between all those hip and artsy folks. I thought about this for a moment and then realised, that not having confidence, and being insecure, is a choice i make myself, and upon this choice i act.

The same must be true as well then.
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This post right here im putting in in here cause its so true yet we forget it all the time teeth

That's a winner's attitude right there Phil. Everyone should think about the implications that stem from this mindset.

Girls want dick is the true essence of the old adagium: "It is always on". Why is it always on? Because no matter what the little girl in front of me is saying or how she is acting, she wants what I have in my pants. And i'm very much with ramin on this one as well.

She wants my dick in her mouth.
She wants my dick in her pussy.
She wants my dick stuffed in her ass.

Any interaction between me and a girly, this is the full truth. All she is doing when she is talking to me is testing wether i'm man enough to stuff my cock down her every hole and not judge her for it.
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Random thoughts on my last two weeks

Nice eh? It is, but I found out in the last couple of weeks that there's kissing, and then there' kissing,

1 : A make out is NOTHING. It means nothing in itself.  You can not make out with a girl and sit back and
chode out after the kiss. No, what works far better is bringing your Intent through your kiss; kiss her softly, then passionately, grope her, spin her around, kiss her nick whisper hot stuff in her ear.  Doing all this versus just a plain kiss, is like a fully ignited nimbersation versus interview-style-conversation. Kissing is not a goal, it is just another way of expressing myself and shaping our interaction to my liking.

2: My aim is to lay. Does kissing help? I have had like 10-15 kisscloses in my last ten sarges. I had 1 fclose. Soo...Should i hold back on kissing and just keep building tension by other means? I sure as fuck am beginning to think so.

3: Why do girls show so little initiative towards me when the ball is clearly in their court? Keep in mind these are all girls that I had attraction with and kclosed + got their numbers + send a text. I'm used to girls chasing me at this point, but for some reason, they arent. I do draw a lot of attention and attraction out of nowhere for the last couple of weeks, but since this started, a lot of girls that I kclose just show no more interest/initiative. And to be clear about this, I am not whining. I am just curious as to what is going on, and how girls perceive me at this point.

4: Important one!! What is my subcomm?

When I'm confident and I want her, the message I relay through my speech and bodylangauge would be: "Sex, fun, I want to kiss you, I want to fuck you, I am the Man".

When I'm with a girl that I'm nervous with its something like this: "Do you want me? I cant see it :( I gotta keep you reacting to me, gotta keep talking, damn im not seeing any reacions I better make some..."

Definetely a lack of confidence on my part here... :( My subcomm should always be "Sex, fun, I want to kiss you, I want to fuck you". Regardless of her perceived value. Because what I can offer a girl remains the same, wether she's a 6 or my blonde dreamgirl. And it is something only I can offer. My humour, my stories, my adventures, my sex, my soul, there is only one specific brand of that and thats me. All these awesome things I offer are for real, and dont diminish because I find her special or whatever. How can I tell wether i am doing one or the other? Simple, the second one feels like i'm trying to pull something out of her while simultaneously getting sucked into her(not in a good way). Feels icky. The first one is the real one. It feels as if I have a golden fiery glow inside myself, like I'm warming myself at a campfire but the campfire is in me.

5: Being incredibly honest is MONEY.

Situation: I'm walking home with my buddy and two hot girls. They are acting weird and skittish. At a certain point they tell us they never went home before with guys they only kiss in the club and thats it, so they are kinda worried. I then said: "Listen up, I can understand that you guys are worried if you never went home with two guys, so if you want to go back and call it a night I'm totally fine with that. I understand, its totally ok. And if you're worried about whats gonna happen if you decide to come back home with us, dont worry, we are nog going to jump your bones the second you enter our house. I mean, let me be honest, I think you(pointing to the prettiest) are fun and i think you're attractive and I would like to kiss you. But that doesnt mean I will or that anything else has to happen. So if you want to go, then go its cool, we can meet up another time. If you're coming along, awesome, but then I dont want anymore of this skittish weird behaviour and lets just have fun and be cool like we were in the bar, ok?"
After i had said this, the pretty one was just really taken with me i could tell. And so was I for clearing the tension by being honest and sincere.

That is all. Gonna put up an LR or FR soon.

Thnx for reading,

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So this is me, at 1:30 when I get approached by a girl.

Lately i've stated earlier lately i've been getting all these flashy IOI's and I really enjoy them but often times I just kinda freeze up and do'nt know what to do. Now I know what a girl feels like when she gets approached with flashgame.  For instance last evening a really pretty brunette just walked up to me, stroked my hair, blew bubblegum and looked at me expectantly. Immediately all these questions are going through my head like:
"Is she really interested?" "Is she taking a piss at me?" "If she's really interested then how do i not fuck this up?" . It's weird because i'm really not that insecure when I am the one approaching.
Anyway, when this happens again I'm going to go in hardcore breaking rapport mode and fire a bunch of statements at her. I'm not going to start groping her right off the bat, there's plenty of time for that later on.
The purpose is to hook her and get her qualifying herself. The aim is just to take our mutual attraction and mold it into something deeper and more solid. After that I reckon it's standard extraction game.

Sticky for this weekend: Break rapport mode, Statements, Questions made like statements. Let her work for it.
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This blog will cover a variety of topics in a variety of ways. Enjoy bros!

So lately i've been getting attraction and IOI's out of nowhere, this is kinda new for me i'm used to having to work for it.
Anyway, I act on a lot of them and the interactions go like

Tbird: Hi whats up
HB: Hi bla bla
*kclose* in under like 5 mins, but then I have no clue how to proceed. I feel Since i got attraction, intent and physicality established, i need to go into rapport or qualify. Or, alternatively, amp up attraction by getting even more physical. Either way at this point i'm clueless and interactions stale out fast after those fast closes. I'd appreciate some advice on this.

Funny thing though, i contribute a lot of these IOI's to my new haircut, Its really short kinda like that guy from prison break. Somehow it just suits me really wel.
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