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More upcomming during the time! just a couple of introduction photo's.

If you haven't read my first blog here it is:

So this is going to be my first blog on the RSDnation forum!
First a little introduction for who I am.

My name is Timothy Brandenburg aka Tadez (19 years old) and born and raised in Amsterdam!
I'm doing pickup for about 2 years now and I came in touch with RSD a year ago.
Alot of my friends and people that I've meet in the pickup community say I'm a natural... Well, so be it.

My goal what I want to get out of pickup is to get to the max level of it, teach people about it and travel around the world havin lots of fun living my life! So I thought because I'm not that good at writing blogs, lets start praticing that and get in touch with the RSDforum aswell. I will tell you guys my journey from now on how I will progress making my dream come true.

I hope in a couple months of now I have amazing story's, information, experiences, vlogs to share with you guys and get better in pickup myself and teach you guys later on about it, just for fun!

I hope you guys like it, cause I do!
This is Timothy the new upcomming PUA, till next time!

- Tadez
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