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Wow, this night i have so much to speak about. In terms of taking action this was the best night i have ever done although i failed to yield any numbers or whatever. Before going on, i will point out that what i did was the opposite that i usually do; what i normally do is lay back and dont give IOIs and this produces no results most of the time.

First approach occurred at a barbeque party. I went there with my housemates and just relaxed with them for a bit. Then i acted when i saw an opportunity and as it was a party i knew the energy levels had to be lower; i basically approached this nice looking girl and asked how she knew the host. I proceeded talking about random stuff. I then spoke to her friend who i knew already. It was a good experience and it gave me more confidence as i could continue to talk to the opposite sex for a reasonable period of time.

Moving onto the night of awesomeness! This was a really bizarre night and contrary to what i have ever experienced before. I again, like Wednesday night, went to my local union club with my mates. I had already drunk a bit but not too much so i could control myself and remember the night. I think the first set i approached was on the dancefloor. I think i said that she was cute or whatever and i proceeded to twirl her. I think she went away, i do not know. There was another set like this and some guy turned up and proceeded to be irritating and said "i was barking up the wrong tree". I did not really know how to deal with it but i got a few twirls out of it anyway. Another one i approached a girl near the dance floor (she was not dancing at this time) and i just said hello, etc. Her friends (male and female) came in and were blocking me out. I was not sure how to deal with this. I was trying to talk to the guy but he was not being receptive at all.

I did a few sets at the bar but they got disinterested and i couldnt hook properly. There were another two sets i did after a few minutes both ran away. One thought i was making her out to be a prostitute, that was very strange. With these i just opened with saying "hello, i had to come and meet you guys". Then i spoke about random stuff according to the situation or whatever. I am not hundred percent sure why i failed here, it might be because i was too forward and my energy was just too high. One of my friends said i was pecking too much and that i did not believe in myself 100% enough. Another said i needed to concentrate on woo first then use intent.

On a brighter note, there were another two sets that went better than the rest. One of them i knew the girl already although i did not when i approached them. I was really high energy at this time and bear in mind that it was in the corridor between the two clubs, maybe i should not have been so crazy. Anyway, it went ok and the other girl seemed to be into me she was laughing and smiling. Unforunately for them, they all had boyfriends ;) Another set i opened was this lone wolf that i spotted in the corridor. I opened with saying hello and stuff. I managed to get her onto the dance floor but she had to go and see her friends. Maybe i should have gotten her number. 

So to conclude, i think i should be more relaxed, add more woo and awesomeness to the interacations if i can, lead at all times, make more statements and observations about the girl and the environment, create the bubble of love, try and deal with male obstacles. It was a crazy night but i learned so much. My state does not drop, i can open without hesitation, i can hook some but not others, guys are easy to talk to (some are anyway), i am learning to have fun with women, i can lead better, i can dance better and love to twirl girls. Bring on next week!
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Doesn't seem like you use any hook material, at least you didn't mention it in the post. I didn't read anything about any kino either. Ever considered learning palmistry or hand massage? Give it a shot.
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