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December 21st, 2014



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About Me: 
I'm a simple guy who tries to do his best at life.
Self-Dicovery, (Especially in a lonley cold night) Medicine, Health, chemestry, kettlebells, exrcising.
Socializing, watch videos, martial arts ( and TKD), Eye contact, Pictures of the Sea, Studiing hard!!, meditating when I can.
Favorite Music: 
Anything with a great rythm
Favorite TV Shows: 
Dr. House, Mail call, MythBusters, Breaking, Love the action of burn notice
Favorite Movies: 
Anything funny wth Adam Sandler, Owen wilson, Ben Stiller and Rob shneider.
Favorite Books: 
Toxic People, Krav Maga instructions manual, the fountainhead, Mastery, The ultramind solution,

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