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Have you ever seen some weird looking fat guy with a stunning hot chick?

Or maybe you were walking down the street on your lunch break and see the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen before…But you don’t think you have what it takes to attract a girl of this caliber.

Dont be these guys
(Dont be these guys)

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could attract this type of girl?

Well guess what…YOU CAN.

For most guys this is a fantasy and think it takes a certain “skill” or “technique” to get these types of girls.

“How to become attractive” to the opposite sex is probably one of the BIGGEST questions asked by men AND women. Since guys usually think with their cocks, this question plagues more guys than women. In “modern” society the women are the choosers, and this puts unneccessary stress on most guys to attract and bed beautiful quality women.

Well this is complete BULLSHIT.

There isn’t a book or guide that you can read that will tell you the EXACT one way to become more attractive to women. Sure, there are books and websites that claim to have the “magic” pill to becoming more attractive.

But the truth is there are only QUALITIES and BEHAVIORS that are known to be the most attractive to women and that naturals (guys who are naturally good with women and get laid) have that gets them laid.

Will adopting these behaviors guarantee you will bang every girl you make eye contact with? NO.

All you can do is optimize yourself to be able to make the most of each situation with a girl you approach either through cold approach or through a social circle.

So today I will be discussing the top qualities and behaviors MYSELF and other naturals (Tyler, Julien, Eg.) have adopted and developed into our core personality.

NOTE: Before you read this article and get to technical or in your head..I advise you check out this video by Julien on attraction:

Top Qualities and Behaviors of Attractive Naturals – Becoming the guy EVERYONE wants to meet

1. Unshakable Confidence / Solid Beliefs


Confidence is probably the number one attractive quality that will roll of ANY girls tongue if you ask her what attracts her. When someone says confidence you may think this is being a arrogant asshole who only cares about himself.

No, being more confident with women means:

1) having the balls to approach her and know it really isn’t a big deal.
2) Literally not giving a shit about the interaction you are having with the girl.
3) Not being afraid to lose her.
4) Believe in yourself.
5) You don’t need permission to do something you want. Dont be a permission boy.
6) You go after what you want in life.

2. Being Fun / Funny

Nothing opens a women’s heart better than a making her laugh or giggle. One of my best approaches to being funny is: “Cocky Comedy”.

Check out this video for some examples:

Cocky comedy is the type of humor that makes a girl go ‘I can’t believe you just said that!” and taps you playfully on the shoulder. If you are a fan of a show called californication, you’ll notice Hank Moody is the king of Cocky comedy.

When I first started using cocky comedy I would take it too far sometimes. So learn to balance it by not taking it to far. You want to say things that are humorous while pushing the boundaries of being offensive but not TOO offensive or over the line.

Ultimately you wont to be the center of the fun. Be the party. Learn to let go. Dance, dont give a shit, and have a blast,  give positive emotions instead of taking them. People(women) will love you for it.

3. Be a Teaser

Teasing doesn’t mean poking fun of some one’s body fat or being slightly obese. What I mean is teasing in an emotionally and physical way that builds positive responses.

Teasing a women in a “Cocky comedy” way can start some great vibing. For example, everytime a girl tells me she likes something I am doing…ill STOP. This builds a playful vibe of her chasing me to give her more of those positive emotions and me teasing her.

Get it? This could be related to “Push pull” depending on how you use it. It can be very powerful though.

Be careful, their is a such thing as over doing it. Don't tease to much. You can get a feel for when it is a good time to tease and when its a good time not to.

4. Be Authentic, Real, Honest, And CLEAR IN YOUR INTENTIONS

This is a BIG one. Women can smell a fake from a mile away. They are THE BEST bullshit detectors. Trust me on this.

Women love a guy who is clear in what he wants and is authentic.

For example, you are on a date with a girl and you want to kiss her. Most average guys will just “try to play it cool” in fear that they will lose the girl. Instead of being clear in their intentions, letting the girl know he wants her and making out with her.

Be authentic. If a girl asks you if she you like her shoes and deep down you really think they are ugly…Be authentic. Don’t be an asshole. But let her know they are okay but you don’t care for them to much. This is what I mean by be authentic…Women hate a guy who tries to kiss ass to win her over. Trust me, it doesn’t work. It will land you in the friend zone and alone at home jizzing on your keyboard.

Most guys act in a way that show they are ASHAMED of their desires. Don’t be this guy, EMBRACE your DESIRES. Don’t try to hide them in fear it will cause you humiliation or losing the girl...

Trust me, you will gain more respect and women by being CONGRUENT and EXPRESIVE IN YOUR DESIRES.

Here is a good video where tyler talks about being congruent and authentic:

And Another

5. Set Bounderies / Dont Take Shit


In other words…Don’t take shit from a girl. Or don’t put up with a girls bull shit in general.

Set boundaries for yourself. For example, if a girl is trying to make you chase her beyond what you are willing to. Let her know, you are not a chaser and you are not going to chase her all night. Then roll out if she doesnt comply.

Dont be a ass kisser. This will get you no where...With women or in life.

In other words respect yourself, and don’t accept behaviors or people who are below your standards.

6. Engage a womens Emotions and Body…NOT HER MIND.


In reality women don’t know what they want and what really gets their panties soaking wet. All they know is when they meet a guy that makes it happen…It HAPPENS.

In a women’s logical mind, if someone asked her would she sleep with a guy only knowing him for a few hours…she would more than likely say no.

If this same girls meet a guy with all the qualities above, and he embraces her body, her emotions, escalates, touches her, and they are vibing…she is likely to go home with this guy. Regardless of what her logical mind says.

When dealing with women NEVER embrace their logical or mind.

If you ask women, they will tell you this will work, but trust me. It WILL NOT GET YOU LAID.

Don’t be afraid to touch a women, kiss her when you feel its time and her body is telling you, escalate, look her in the eyes, and ultimately pull her. DONT BE AFRAID TO ESCALATE.

Be Alpha.

Like I said, there are many ways of becoming more attractive to women.
But these are the main qualities of mine and elite players in the game.
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