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 This is something just for me as a part of my self-actualisation.

Realising the importance of cultivating a range emotions. I've made a commitment to gradually incorporate these emotions in my daily life. Eventually as i slowly build up myself, i want to experience these on a daily basis.

I've sat down at midnight writing a list of positive emotions.
Late at night i find that i become more expressive..

7 Positive Emotions to Cultivate daily.

What makes me feel curious?
- Wondering what will happen next..

What makes me feel appreciative and gratitude?
- The gifts of life around me
- Knowing i have awesome friends that truly care about me
- The opportunity of always challenging myself everyday
- Having resources like books to learn more about the world
- I'm able to experience a wide range of emotions, be it good or bad
- I live with a family that cares about me
- I discovered the PUA community
- I'm ALIVE, breathing, walking and having the ability to have new experiences daily
- My life situation isn't as bad. Worse things could happen..

What makes me feel excitement and passion?
- Working towards my goals
- Learning something new and applicable
- Taking action!
- Conquering fear
- Seeing unexpected outcomes
- Competition
- Trying something new
- Challenging other people's ideas
- Uncertainty
- Chance, Playing with ODDS AGAINST YOU

What makes me feel cheerful and lighthearted?
- Being present to the moment
- Focusing on the positive things
- Knowing that the world is a safe place
- Extreme self love
- Faith
- Seeing the good in everything
- Knowing i'm free to do anything i want at any time
- Abundance mentality (win/win)
- What makes me feel like a contributor?
- Expressing myself genuinely
- Providing people with amazing experiences and the opportunity to get to know me
- Empathetic communication

What makes me feel determined?
- Know, not fear, that some day i'm going to die.
- Opportunities are scarce (Another perspective on abundance).Take advantage of it. THERE IS NO NEXT TIME
- There are only so many hours in a day to do things. 24 hours is too little.. and i spend 8 hours of it sleeping..
- My 20's are going to fly by real fast. Whilst i'm young with lots of energy to burn.. Make the most of it!
- Input=Output There is a pay-off for everything i do. You get out as much as you put in. There is no such thing - as something for nothing.

What makes me feel confident?
- Knowing exactly what i want out of life
- Knowing who i am, how my emotions work etc.
- Full faith and belief in myself
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