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Most people don’t get me. Normal average people just want to sit inside their comfort zone and be a part of the herd of sheep. I don’t want to be a sheep. Sometimes I’m the Sheppard, sometimes the wolf. This is symbolism for it is better to be the leader or better to walk alone and find your own path. Everyone who ever did anything important and revolutionary was looked down upon by their society, but their names will be remembered for thousands of years and their exploits used as models for the future.

One day I hope to have statues built in my image and the things I achieved written in history books. I either want to be remembered as a great musician, a philosopher, or a great general that conquered the earth and changed the world. I know it sounds insane, but that’s what I dream about and strive for daily. Most people would say that is insane, but most people are just running a rat race chasing after approval from their masters instead of taking the glory for themselves. Most people would rather see you fail. If you do succeed they will ridicule you and try to discredit your achievements. It makes them feel better about themselves, because they achieved nothing on life’s adventure. For all I know this world could be all there is. Maybe there is a life after, maybe not. Either way I plan on making this one count.

-Stay Metal
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