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October 21st, 2018


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About Me: 
I'm updating this after 1.5 years of game. Very curious about everything since childhood. Resourceful, creative, my imagination runs faster than the speed of light and I have to tame it constantly.
Traveling the world, fucking the hottest women, making billions of dollars (or just millions, I'll see when I'm a millionaire, but according to my curiosity, probably billions), physics, engineering, math, computer science, economics, public speaking, painting, hanging out with amazing people, having great health and strong and fit body, inspiring the world, leaving a legacy behind.
Pimpin', working out, reading, eating healthy food, meditation, sex, riding my bike, movies, music, RSD videos, researching, smoking weed, spending time with my brothers from another mother and my brother from the same mother.
Favorite Music: 
Rap, pop, house, rock while pumpin' iron in the gym
Favorite TV Shows: 
Game Of Thrones, Blue Mountain State, Californication, Daredevil
Favorite Movies: 
Iron Man, Avengers, Fight Club, Borat, Matrix
Favorite Books: 
Steve Jobs, Albert Einsten, The Innovators (all by Walter Isaacson), Elon Musk by Ashley Vance, Power of now, Sapiens, A short history of nearly everything, Chemistry for dummies

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