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Whats up party people.

Just got back from an epic journey through the wilderness to find...a burrito. Thats right. Trying to pack on pounds. Still have about 1400 calories to go today, but I need to stick with this diet/ exercise thing.

Today my fitness, tomorrow the world!

Which brings me to the topic of this post: focus. Focus is vital in establishing any kind of new habit. For example, I normally drink a coke everday at around 3:00. However, since I quit drinking them I have to CONSCIOUSLY tell myself "no I'm not going to drink that".

It's like I have to beat myself up to stay on track. For...oh my power just went out...BAM. Anyway, it's hardcore raining here in the 303 state. Kinda nice, it's been hella hot forever. So back to my point--staying on track, not getting trapped in negative thought patterns. For instance, I've been really depressed/anxious lately I think as a byproduct of my SHIT diet, lack of exercise, and general chodely behaviours. All the shit I read on RSD points to taking SMALL steps towards achieving your goals. 

So, I am gonna work all week on getting my diet straight, than next week exercise, than girls, than getting good at music, than who knows? THE WORLD

See, I notice alot of times I let my negative state PREVENT me from TAKING ACTION. For example, I'll beat myself up about still living at home and tell myself "a girl will never wan't you you live with your dad" or "a girl will never wan't you you don't have enouph money" ect.. ect.. ect...

When really, ANY step towards your goal should build your state.

So anyway, I think the best way to get out of a negative spiral (like the one I'm in) is to take SMALL steps towards your goal. For example, today I applied for a job. That's a step, that should build my state, ect..

Action is ALWAYS the answer.


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