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 Ok, just got done with an AWESOME weekend.

I've been being a CHODE for the last couple weeks so finally decided to hit the club/bars this week and pimp it.

Saturday, wen't to this bar pretty close to my house (usually I go for the city clubs, not so many cougars, but it's nice not to commute 40 minutes on a bus/driving). I wen't with my sister and her friends (some of them my friends) which ended up being a disaster. Maybe it's the way natural game works, maybe it's the way I work, maybe it's somewhere inbetween but gamin with your sister and/or uptight friends can be asking for trouble.

Let's face it kiddies, gaming with family and close/uptight friends is like fighting a war in a jungle with a 30 foot lead weight around your leg. It adds a whole nother dimension of difficulty. Let's list some examples. A couple weeks ago I was at a bar with my sisters fiance and decided to cold approach the group next to me. Typical, alpha male starts giving me shit but than my sisters fiance takes it personal, tries to fight, we get thrown out :(.
Your family/friends tell you what to do and think they are experts which puts me out of state. They start giving you tons of advice that is both vague and unhelpful like "just be yourself" ect... What they are REALLY doing is establishing there higher status over you by being the counselor role. The assumption is your the poor loser who sucks with chicks and they are the generous player/social savvy person trying to help you, but of course there advice is really just to make them feel better about how they can't bear to break up with there abusive relationship.

Second, they get mad at you when you do what works for YOU and you end up EVEN MORE out of state.This weekend, I was doing some self amusement buildin long straws and my sister starts screaming at me :(. Over emotional sisters are NOT good to game with because they start reacting to you hardcore. Which brings me to the main question of this post: what do you do when pumping your state starts to aggravate the people around you? 

It seems like alot of RSD techniques are very effective, but also very detrimental to any kind of family/friends who are not used to someone breaking out of social conditioning so much and percieve your behavior as embarrasing, rude, ect... 

Suffice it to say, not a very productive night although I did get opened by a hottie because I had a fake mustache on. Almost got a kiss but turns out her bf was right behind her or something. Haha.

Sunday was interesting, I do an improv show and afterwards we (my fellow performers, some others) went out to a bar. There were two girls that another performer brang. They seemed kind of unreceptive, so I didn't really talk to them all night just talked to the tech girl who is not very hot but whatever. Anyway, towards the end of the night I say bye and hug the hot girl who was unreceptive and suddenly she turns on like a light. She says something like "you made everyone laugh..." ect.. ect... hardcore IOI's so hardcore I was taken aback. I probably could have gone for a makeout right there and gotten it.

Conclusion? Status based approaches (the DJ, performer, ect...) SKIP the initial "warm up" phase of cold approach. They even skip the initial "warm up" phase of warm approach (even if you know the girl, you still have to attract her which takes some time). It seems to me that since you already have value in the way of status, you have both comfort (she knows you) and attraction (status based value) so all thats left is...seduction. 

Rockstars/artists/DJ's just need to go for it to make it with a girl since they already have value.

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 I've dealt with a few problems in the past with self-amusement and a friend of mine that's starting to get into thi now is dealing with the same kind of stuff. 
When I really started empowering my self-amusement I started wierding people out and even pissing them off. Now I still wierd people out but I rarely piss them off and I think it's all about your frame. I see my friend going through the same thing, he is interpreting self-amusement as a reason to disregard others, which is not entirely true.
When you do something for your own self-amusement, try not to come from a "I'm doing this cause I want to and I don't give a fuck about what anyone else has to say about it" headspace but from, like I think Julien said on a post "celebrate me, with me" frame. 
My point is, you should be sharing your self-amusement and bringing people into your vibe. That way, your state won't drop but get empowered. If someone gets annoyed or angry at what you're doing, try to make it into a little game where you have to get that person to get into your self-amusement headspace by changing what your doing or by helping the person reframe what you're already doing. It's fun and it shows really high status.
Hope that helps!
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