First I Dream, Then Comes Life

These are my old notes. I basically just copied and pasted it.


Side notes from Tyler:

The key to succeed with girls is authenticity

When a girl is doing a congruence test, she wants to do two things:

1. Feeling the strength of your reality

2. She wants to see if you are capable to assertive yourself as a man


-Brought you to justify yourself
-Saying stupid things to make you jealous or insecure (like saying she has a boyfriend)
-Calling you out in the worst features to see if you are insecure about them
-Trying to get you to qualify yourself so she can have the selector role
-Accusing you of things (being a jerk, you need her approval, not living to her standards)
-Wants you to mirror her body language
-She tries to break the rhythm of the conversation

Stay positive, stay upbeat, and act through your own intentions (tap into something inside yourself for your mood)

Man = Action
Girl = Reaction

Act through your own intentions is not:

-Act through social programming
-Act through RSD programming
-Being needy or in a situation of lack

Girl's polarity:

-Be totally fulfill and enrapture by the energy of the environment
-Dressing to pull the attention
-Enjoying what she is doing without scanning the room
-Letting the energy of the venue walk through her, dancing in the same spot for hours and hours and playing mock bisexual with her own female friends
-Rarely being the one to call, ask out, or reinitiate the conversation
-Losing interest in sex if she comes up in a happy emotional state (in reality this is just an unconscious way to see if she can force you to try to keep her in a happy state, even though she still wants to have sex with you)
-Only being move by the energy that is better than what she is experiencing (this is also why men's looks for girls are irrelevant, girls will go after social energy more than anything)
-Rewarding good behavior with a little taste of physical attention

Hot girl's reality:

-I'm a hot girl
-You are the next guy that puts me on a pedestal
-You need my validation, sex and approval
-I'm too hard to get
-Feel free to entertain me if you like

Men's polarity (keeping the rhythm):

-Flipping the script (old pimp term, it is not recommended because it can come up as needy or gay)
-Being at home in the environment and everybody is my friend (my house, lording)
-Caring yourself with total confidence and even a playful confidence (like having the swagger without exaggerating it to cartoonish levels)
-Being the source of grounding energy and assertive that what you have to say is funny, interesting, and worth being heard (self amusing talking)
-Leading the conversation in a fun or whatever direction you want it to go (not to confuse with changing conversation when you already like it)
-No taking orders (like finding you responding to nonsense)
-Positioning yourself as you are already chosen by every girl in the environment and you are the one choosing the girl you like (pulling in a girl with the frame "now is your chance")*
*seeing what you want and taking it
*it is not needy when you are not giving your power away
*it is so effective that you can develop an ego around it and it will stop working

Girl's reaction to men's polarity:

-She knows that you can easily walk away because you are doing what you want
-She feels protected and having fun

Difference between men and girls:

-Girls want to feel a full range of emotions
-Men have a limited sweet spot

-Girls draw state from the environment
-Men draw state from within themselves
*it's simply a decision you make
*it's where you allow your awareness to shift
*breathing nice and slowly
*feeling good
*being calm, relaxed and upbeat at the same time
*being present
*being conscious, but not self-conscious
*not caring about your status in relation to your environment
*feeling like the source of good emotions

The two biggest newbies' techniques that can work in the field, but will rarely translate into the close are:

1. Entertain the girl (making her listen to what she wants to hear)
2. Not giving her validation (button pushing)

The 30 seconds make out: Going in, straight to the girl with a strong eye contact and a really upbeat frame, then pushing her away with a playful and loud frame (verbally or physically using a breaking rapport tonality to disturb her hot girl's reality), then pulling her close to you to reward her for taking your rejection ("come here, come here"), BOOM! Make out

The reason why these techniques very rarely translate into the close is because they are reactive instead of proactive.

-Trying to fit into a social environment is reactive and creates performing anxiety
-Not changing yourself to fit into a social environment is acting through your intentions, you are being authentic, proactive, and is addictive to audiences to watch [95% of people will appreciate this, and 5% of people (Nathan's Breaks in the Clouds) will hate you for it]

When you act through your intentions:

-You don't need to impress by choosing what to say next
-You approach without thinking what to say while you approach
-You have a low standard of what to say in order for it to be interesting
-Whatever you say has value because it comes from you
-What you are saying is interesting, not because of the content, but because she is interested in what you find interesting
-You don't run out of things to say because you don't need anything from the girl (like speaking to a 9 years old girl)

When you don't need validation from the girl (100% natural frame), the maximum that you are thinking when you approach her is the following:

-Let's see if she is cool
-Let's expand the party
-Let's ask this question

When you are not thinking a step ahead you are staying with the tension (non resistance), creates an attractive youthful masculinity, a playful cocky social pressure, and a flirtatious chemistry between you and her

Girls cannot get mad with a guy that has the "I see I take" type of attitude (like a baby going for a cookie); it automatically eliminates the needy frame

Just by having presence:

-You don't think what she is going to respond
-You focus entirely on her, you challenge her
-You have fun with her; you let her play at discovering what holds your attention and what your boundaries are (flirtation 101)

[Secret Society - Insane Inferno of Chemistry] When you listen to a girl, to the words that she say:

-Don't judge them
-Don't interpret them
-Don't compare them
-Don't label them

-You hear the sounds of her voice
-You hear her tonality frame
-You recognize her female polarity
-You don't feel the need to fill in the silence
-You don't feel the need to establish commonalities
-You don't resist the tension
-You build sexual anticipation with sexual tension
-You don't shelter yourself from experiencing reality
-You enjoy the "it is what it is" circumstance

Trusting you, being in the moment, being the man:

-You are responsible for yourself
-You hold your awareness where it counts
-You don't escape mentally from your accountability with useless mental movies
-You don't get in your own way with childish thinking

Internal Calibration:

-You feel confident in your natural faculties to succeed, you don't feel a lack
-You understand that the right things to say will be there, so you don't plan

Walk through the world with ease means not going against the current. Problems, conflicts, difficulties, obstacles, challenges and issues will arise, but they will not affect who you are because you take things as they come

Most people don't care about objectivity as long as it is not affecting their short term survival. That's why we had evolved with senses that have minimum perception of the objective world; they only perceive enough for a short term survival. That's also why it's also hard to break through from the success barriers found in the areas of health, sex, money, etc.

Your brain will trick you, it will make you fear that people will not accept you for the new you, so to solve the problem you must decide, based in what you know, that you are going to take action, make the best out of it, and trust yourself to rectify it in case it goes wrong

We all learn from our mistakes, and that's why we should not fear making them

Putting your brain into a new reality will make it tell you for example that its tired, and it wants a nap, or it will tell you that it cannot sleep well; either way, the use of mental energy will make your brain in order to conserve energy to prevent you to succeed if you don't decide to take action regardless of what it's telling you

Anticipated Responses (Assumptions):

Everyone has a certain reality of how they expect to be treated

Your assumptions or anticipated responses are your map of how you expect the world to respond to you, which includes:

1. Whether a person of your status can expect to be treaded badly or well

2. Whether people are generally trustworthy or manipulative, friendly or mean

3. Whether there is an abundance or scarcity of people in the world that can like you

The golden principle of game is to assume she will like you just for who you are, NOT for what you can provide to her (money, looks, friends, etc.)

Other Owen's comments:

-Insecure people tend to verbalize that they know what's going on, they do it to qualify themselves
-The best guys in pickup don't read indicators of interest because they don't need them; they already assume that things will turn positive no matter what
-An easy way to lose a gir is by not satisfying her sexual needs (boundage, masoquism, etc.)
-Hot girls are easier to pickup than ugly girls because ugly girls anticipate that you just want to tool them, so they put up a shield cutting them out from the opportunity to hook up with you, they enjoy reinforcing their reality that no guy likes them, so it becomes true for them

Moses Parts the Red Seas (done with mixed groups): Walking in, straight to the girl you like, without pinging, and absolutely nothing in your mind but a clear purpose (her), putting everyone else in the group in an expectator mode, making them give you the right of way (Chode Vaporization)

Self Fulfilling Prophecies (also learned by reference experiences):

If you walk through the day assuming that everyone likes you, and that they all are your friends, your reality will always be reinforced if you keep assuming it no matter what happens; the belief will be internalized, and more often you will see that reality becoming true to yourself and to your experiences

If you are in a relationship where you assume the best out of her, it will eventually become true. For example when she have acted bitchy to you, then you, instead of insulting her, complement her in the values she haven't cultivated yet, like saying "I really like those moments where you are really friendly and really loving and I really like that about you", and you expect her to be that way, she'll end up living up to those standards

If a girl hits you with an on point congruence shit test and you don't have a great comeback, even if your comeback sucks, but you assume it's great, it will work as a great comeback because you assumed it was great

Anticipated responses or self fulfilling prophecies don't work when you flinch or you go into your head, when you are not present in your actions

You must trust in a foreign set of bearings. For example, you must trust she wants to have sex with you as much as you want to have sex with her, and there is not judgment about it. Once this is internalized, it stops being a foreign bearing and becomes part of your reality

Internalization is the process of try and error that you go through, to create an assumption that you never have to think about ever again

Some examples are: It's ok to talk to strangers, you can interrupt people that you don't know yet by taking their time and space (ask questions, ask out, etc.), you can ask a girl to come home with you the same day/night you meet her, you can have sex with a new girl the first night/day you hang out with her, etc.

To make the internalization process work:

1. You have to "assume" it works
2. You are "indifferent" if it doesn't work

Newbie's Paradox: When a newbie first tries to approach a hot girl, because he is a newbie, he will very likely get blown out, so most likely, he will also stop trying, and it will become very hard and difficult for him to internalize the new behavior or assumption that approaching is a natural thing to do. His brain will put him in a stifle mode every time he goes after the unknown or to an uncertain environment

The discovery that is possible to become great at pickup is just like the discovery that you can build muscles by lifting weights. It is exactly the same thing


Vibing is simply being able to communicate with another person naturally without feeling the need to prove yourself to this person. Usually it's all you really need to build sexual energy with a girl

Besides assuming that a girl can like you just for who you are, the second golden principle in pickup artistry is to have the knowledge and total internalization that sex between a man and a girl is a natural consequence of chemistry, an inevitability, a blow of self esteem, an expression of yourself, and it's not a big deal

Let's be honest here. Do you really like yourself? Can you picture you walking down the street with a Victoria's Secret super top model? Would you assume it is natural or would it mess with your reality? We are not talking about society's standards; we are talking about your own standards. It all comes down to how much you like yourself.


TD's pickup method:

Giving value, instead of taking value

Taking value: trying to impress, seeking reinforcement of our reality by trying to make other people react

Giving value: self amusement, offering you sociability as a gift to other people's survival

It's so easy is not even funny


Side notes from Tim:

General rules:

I don't give a fuck about what anyone in the world thinks of me

I'm the coolest motherfucker on this planet, my game is a 10, I am a 10

The Golden Rule: She just wants to be bent over (anticipated response, assumption, self fulfilling prophecy, reinforcement of your reality)

Allowing yourself being lead by your core purpose (giving yourself permission to act and to be who you want to be, stepping the fuck up for the things you want, going first with the expected emotions, being a player not an expectator, speaking and acting from your core without filters, being easily excitable)

Breakthrough details:

How many girls have you in their mind for any reason? When a girl is thinking bad or good at about you, she is thinking about you, so she is reacting to you, and attraction is a natural consequence. Do not be afraid of chaos, what she thinks is none of your business, mind your own business

Girls will only respect your cock when they feel you are a tread or a danger to her sexual being

Female Psychology: Girls' most common sexual fantasy is to be raped

Not Harry the Hamster, you put up only with what your core dictates to put up with

Internal Volume Nod: You talk through the girl, not to the girl, you are use to have people reacting to you, no pinging

Your mind as a radio tuner: Getting into the social momentum to tune away from the Yack! state

Net Theory: What you allow to enter in your mind and what you don't allow to enter in it. It has to be fun, and it has to be positive

The Pinball of Positivity: Whatever reality she tries to impose on you bounces back on her with your own vision of reality (fun and positive)

The Rosetta Stone:

(1) Breaking Rapport Tonality: Cutting edge playful voice projection with positive dominance. When your voice tone curves down, she also curves down (bends over deluxe)

(2) The Pounding of Passion: Escalation leaded by the rhythm of her heartbeat (verbal escalation, random questions of glory)

(3) Bubble of love: Setting a role, there is not need to be a random stranger

Laser eyes: She just wants to be bent over

Inner smile: She just wants to be bent over

Physical escalation, touching with purpose right from the start

Beware of the claw, the claw is here, the claw always win, the claw only grows stronger

Cherish Box of Doom: Girls make cherish guys wait for sex because girls don't want to ruin the cherish box

Key questions:

1) How can I make this fun? (for myself so she can join the party, mental woo!)

2) Always: What do I want? (mental lovestriking, intent)

3) Never: What should I do? (neediness, reactivity, disaster)


Poofing for no reason (lack of intent)
Running out of things to say (lack of role)
Chode hope (lack of accountability)
Escalation trouble (purposeless hand of doom)
Dealing with other obstacles (assume everyone is your cheerleader)

Rhythm: Pickup is a dance, what time is it? Open time, talk time, pull time, fuck time, door time, etc.

50/50 split: A balance between fun and lovestriking

Harmony Win/Win: Persistence, she wants you to win so she can win (building a house)



Personal epiphanies from RSD Superconference:

-Presence can also be achieved through action and pursuing your goals

-Logic (aka common sense) is not a bad thing as long as you are emotional indifferent to your environment and you don't use it to analyze her thinking

-Thinking is not a bad thing as long as you are using it to find ways to self amuse, make things interesting for you, or have a blast in the venue

-Emotions are hardcore drugs that generate illusive day dreaming

-By controlling your desire (what your mind categorize as pain and what you mind categorize as pleasure) you can automatically control your thoughts, and have them being useful in uncertain situations

-Setting clear goals allows you to generate clear thoughts, clear thoughts allow you to generate anticipated responses, clear assumptions allow you to take on clear actions, and clear actions allow you to have clear results

-In order for you to allow your own self to take action your focus needs to be intent oriented instead of outcome oriented, the outcome is just assumed

-Girls will unconsciously let themselves being lead by men. A girl will unconsciously assume that if something is a foreign bearing for the man, it's also a foreign bearing for her; in the other hand, if something is not a big deal for a man, it is not a big deal for her, and consequently it is safe to proceed with it

-The abundance mentality mindset is not hard to internalize unless you make it hard

-Whether you want your reality to be positive or negative, it's only a decision you make, nothing else


Personal epiphanies from the field after RSD Superconference:

-Polarity is a natural mechanism of attraction

-The more you feel attracted to a girl the bigger the chance she is attracted to you, so don't be afraid to display your own polarity to turn on that attraction

-Attraction truly happens at a second to second basis, one minute she loves you, the other minute she doesn't. Her reality shifts to whatever place she feels social energy coming from. This can mess with you very rapidly, and it's the same reason why it's very important for you to remain grounded in yourself as the source for your mood

-You may get away with neediness if you can convey that you have already been preselected by other girls (cool cloth, good grooming, good shape, cool friends...), but it will not translate into the close until you drop it

-You establish dominance and leading just by the simple act of taking action

-Going out alone is king for logistics 101

-Girls reality is very strong when you try for their rapport, when you are sucked in a pole other than yours

-Girls reality is very weak when you assume high value, when you are indifferent to the outcome of the interaction

-Trying to build a deep emotional connection right off the bat can easily kill the vibe because the interaction may become accountable for the girl

-The same way that trying to fit in a social environment creates performing anxiety, trying to fit in a girl's reality also creates performing anxiety

-Assuming you are preselected by all girls in the venue is gold and highly addictive

-Girls don't mind giving you what you want as long as it is for your own self amusement, they truly enjoy playing that game

-Girls need you to be persistent in order for them to be able to trust that your intent and your assumption of high value is genuine and not conditioned

-When you assume you are high value, girls unconsciously assume you have high social value. You can be broke as fuck, fat as fuck, and still hook up with the hottest girl in the venue regardless of the competition

-Being in the zone is more often experienced through calmness and relaxation than through drunk craziness

-Girls are 100% emotional when it comes to social energy; they only use logic to justify their emotions


Favorite Jeffy's quotes:

Cut the shit
Time to fuck
Respect the cock
Your Mom
Bitches do what they can, players do what they want

Jlaix recommends not to fuck:

-Family members
-Bartenders (drinks need to be safe)


Ozzy's close mentality:

Game starts from the close
Always be closing
Run the train


ReallityFactory's Rosetta Stone:

1. Seriously, there is nothing you need to learn, you are born with this shit, the vision is within you

2. Watch out for your paradigms, they are the ones that determine what you feel you can do and what you feel can't. By changing your paradigm you change your world

3. Win/Win, love is a verb not a noun, understand to be understood, a different set of rules apply to you when you become your own grounded energy, what you are capable to give to the world is unlimited
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This is something that I'm sure is already been hit on this forum many times before. Even Tyler gave an entire section about it in The Blueprint De-Coded. This is so important that I think it can be considered the foundation of what RSD is all about.

It's simple: "You can be anything you want to be."

Jewish people have the imprint that they have to be good at business, so they are good at business.

Japanese people have the imprint to that they have to be the best at technology, so they are the best at technology.

Fashion industry has the imprint that the best models are from Brazil, so they always hire Brazilian models, and so Brazilian models tend to have the belief that they are the best. So as a result, you end up seeing the list of the world's top models all coming from Brazil: Alessandra Ambrosio, Raquel Zimmerman, Caroline Trentini, Isabeli Fontana, Izabel Goulart, Michelle Alves, Marcelle Bittar, Letícia Birkheuer, Juliana Martins, Yasmin Brunet, Jeisa Chiminazzo, Fernanda Motta, Fernanda Tavares, Daniella Sarahyba, Ana Beatriz Barros, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, etc. [yes, they are gorgeous, in fact 5 foot 10 Brazilian girls are my new standard].

It gets so crazy that even the political and economic system of a country adapts to the belief of their own society, like United States, Iraq, Holland, Cuba, Switzerland, etc.

The good thing is that this identity created is purely arbitrary, and for the same reason you can have any identify you want from any imprint you see out there in the world.

You can be a Hollywood Star, a Rock Star, a Pop Star, a Millionaire, a Billionaire; you can be anything you choose to be in life.

That's why RSD instructors used to be really bad at game during week days, but really good during bootcamps. Why? Because by playing the role of an instructor during bootcamps, they gained access to that awesome pickup artist identity the students wanted to see and were expecting from them [by the way I think Jeffy wrote about this before, look it up].

So as you can see, your mindset will determine the difference between what you can do and what you can't do, between being Tyler Fucking Durden or be that other guy at "Fight Club".

There is no method behind it. Choose what you want and take it for granted. You take right action on your decision because you know you can.

Example 1: You want to watch TV right now. You get up and do it because you know you can.

Example 2: You want to go out tonight and bring a girl back home. You go out and do it because you know you can.

If you don't do it, is because two things: 1) You don't want to, or 2) "you think" you can't, and 2) is bushit.

The decision is only yours to be made. Make it now. Be whatever you want to be. The world is under your feet. Is your decision to walk it or not.
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I been having massive success lately. So take anything I said as field tested. This shit works. I really feel that I'm accountable to give you some value here, just like I received value before. I have to say that I didn't came up with this stuff, this stuff comes from hitting the field. Tim and Tyler said these things all the time, I didn't believe it myself, but is fucking true, so if you have Flawless or Blueprint, believe that stuff is true.

Remember that looks and money are only self perception, and self perception is not applied here. I'm still insecure plenty times, social condition is hardcore, but this only happens when I'm inside the house in front of the computer; if I'm outside the house, these thoughts disappear.

So here it is:

First you must go out. If you are not going out nothing is gonna happen.

You have to learn that is ok to introduce yourself to strangers and start a conversation. You can just go, say hi my name is, shake hands, and it's on, the set is now owned; then you can just start talking or they would talk. Expect nothing but what is happening.

You have to learn that people around you are as intimidated and insecure as you are, sometimes you may think they are bitchy or aggressive, but it is far better to just recognize that "they may just be nervous, that if I quit the conversation now, is gonna be a lose situation for both, that I need to stick here to help them overcome their fears". Usually girls will be a thousand times faster to open than guys, but you have to open everyone, they will know you have a social vibe.

If you are in a club, party or a bar, NEVER stop interacting with people, as soon as you get there talk with the coolest or the chodest guy/group. It doesn't matter who is it, you need to keep the interaction going all the time. What I mean about interaction is not only conversation, you can also play games or stuff like that, sometimes they have darts, dancefloors and pool tables, where you can have fun WITH other people you met there.

Assume everyone is your friend and they all like you. I'm sure you have a group of friends where you can just chill and nothing holds you back from be yourself, so apply the same approach to the pub. You don't need to impress anybody with anything you say or do, you don't need to make any sentence longer, you are there to be out of the house and interact with people as any other socially healthy human being.

It is important that you get use to go out alone in order to get these mindsets. If you start going out a lot with wings and friends, all this stuff is gonna take longer to develop, once you are comfortable going out alone you can bring friends and stuff. I personally feel better to go by myself because it works so much better for logistics. Remember that even though you are going out alone you are never alone, because everyone around you is also your friend.

You should ALWAYS KNOW what you want. NEVER think about what you don't want to happen. ONLY think about what you want, and take right action on it. If you want to talk to that girl, talk to her, if you want to hug her, go hug her, if you want to call somebody on something they are saying, do it, if you only want to engage one girl, only engage that girl, if you want to change the conversation, change the conversation, if you want to be alone with her, take her with you, if you want to reward a girl for something she said, do it, if you want to punish her for something she said, do it.

Everything you do wether is calling someone on something, clawing, smiling, looking in the eyes, spining, it all should be done for your own fun, you are bringing this fun to the group, not the group bringing this fun to you. Your fun should not depend on what the others are doing or saying, it depends on you, this is frame controlling. All these stuff is straight forward guys, there are not metaphors or parables here, it is just as it sounds.

Whatever you are doing at the moment is the coolest thing going on, if you are talking to her, that's the coolest thing going on, if you are getting a blowjob in the restroom, that's the coolest thing going on. Don't think in terms of past and future. The coolest thing going on is right now, in front of your eyes, nowhere else, is only happening to YOU.

KEY is that good feeling you have inside your body, like Tim said, that feeling will dictate everything that is happening around you (to your own perspective which is the one that matters). You should feel like you are a Rockstar, that is on in all matters, that it doesn't matter what is going on, girls are only thinking: "I hope this guy close the deal, I hope he moves things forward" 'cause in reality that is what is happening.

KEY do not compare, do not judge, do not interpret, do not label anything she wears, do or say. You are not focused on her mind, she is not her mind, so there is absolutely no reason to focus on her mind. Focus on her heart, her heart and soul is where is at, literally.

Now that been said, there a few other things that I think are important, most of the time they will come naturally, but if they don't, there is nothing wrong with knowing about them:

Build the habit of using neutral rapport tonality. The only time I may use trying for rapport tonality is to spice up a character in a story I'm sharing. Breaking rapport you can use it when calling somebody on something, or when you are just being playful with her and enjoying the moment, it should always come from that having fun/giving value frame.

Speak loud, laugh loud, a good voice volume will give you instant value, don't be afraid of calling people's attention. People's attention is natural to you, you are a Rockstar, you don't check around to see who is looking at you, you are use to have people looking at you all the time, and you're careless about it, you focus on what you want.

Laser eyes: look into her eyes, you are the shit, she knows it, she is afraid of her feelings betraying her own self control, she is afraid that you can own her emotions.

Inner smile: you have not concerns, you know that not matter what happens, you always win, you don't need to try to win, you are already a winner, you know you are the shit, she knows that you know that you are the shit.

Intimacy: She knows what is going on, you know what is going on, it is assumed. She is willing to give up herself to you, is a win/win situation. A simple attraction becomes a strong upbeat connection, you are not two, you are one, you accept it as it is and you don't add future expectations.

Claw: Beware of the claw, the claw always win, the claw only grows stronger.

Remember that kino and escalation comes from this one question: What do I want right now? It does NOT come from this question: What should I do right now? (that what should do question should NEVER come in your thoughts).

Now, you can basically use all the classic stuff they taught us in early game and make it work. The main ones I use are:

Roleplaying - Plotlines - Bubble Of Love (give her a role, she doesn't have to be a random stranger, she can be anything you want her to be)

Storytelling (you have a life to express, you play Castlevania, you watch Anime, you read Homer, you are a fan of The Matrix Trilogy, you watch YouTube, it doesn't matter what is your life, is all cool because you are cool)

Missinterpretations (Take anything she said as she is hitting on you, remember is always on, do this with the I'm fun frame, not with the I'm a jerk frame)

Hot reading (I said "hot" because I think is way much more effective when you do it hot, meaning when you already know a few things about her and you are using those things to do the reading, btw, this goes very well before changing venues)

They never taught us when to know when a tool is working and when is not, so how do you know when a tool is working? When her head is spinning (this is why the actual action of spinning her is so popular, and this is why girls are afraid of us doing this to them).

How to escalate? Making her head spin with a wide range of emotions. These emotions will autogenerate with your fun frame. Make her heartbeat go all over the place.

Have you done a threesome?
Do you like doggy style?
Are you loud in bed?
Does your boyfriend likes to watch?
Have you kissed a girl?


How to piss her off? When you are making her head spin and you are not escalating. Always be pushing forward, one step back, two forward.

KEY NEVER look for indicators of interst (IOIs) from her, NEVER wait for IOIs from her. Sometimes she is not secure enough to make one. YOU KNOW is always on, so there is absolutely no reason to wait for her IOIs to do what you want.

The important points:

1. You should feel you are your own party. Really, feel good about yourself when you are out, feel like you are the coolest.

2. You always assume attraction, it doesn't matter what she is doing or saying.

3. You feel comfortable with any situation because you are having fun.

4. You make her head spin, you do not let logic ever enter in the interaction, you avoid routines, routines are not fun, you make everything fun for yourself.

5. You make the conversation sexual, you are not apologetic about what is it that you want to do or say.

6. You close the deal. I'm not saying tell her let's fuck right away (one thing at the time). If you want to take her home, take her home, "let's go, we are leaving".

7. You are the man, You take accountability for everything that happens. You never put any responsibility on her. It's all on you. You make the decisions, you don't wait for her to make a decision, she expects you to make the decisions for her.

"Cut the shit. Time to fuck" ~Jeffy
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If you already watched any RSD program you understand game 100% enough to get laid anytime you want. You know the frame, the mindset, the moves, what to do, what not to do, what to think, what not to think, how to act, how not to act, what to say, what not to say, what to feel, what not to feel, how to do it, how not to do it. You know that is so easy that the only challenge is that is all about allow yourself to be yourself.

You know that aside the fact that is all inside of you and there is really nothing to learn but to let your own self shine, you also have probably better textbook alike calibration than 90% of the population and yet, you still don't game. It doesn't matter how clear is in your mind that it works, and that it is the right way, you just don't believe it.

You know that deeply inside you don't believe it, so you read more, listen more, watch more, over and over again hoping that you eventually will believe it, but the true is that you are only resisting your own success.

It is like learning to ride a bike. You have the ability, but you just don't believe you can do it. You can watch other kids riding a bike a million times, but is not until you ride it yourself that you can truly believe it.

The times you fall are only a transition from not believing to believing. Once you believe you can ride the bike; you can do it anytime, anywhere and without thinking.

That's why bootcamps are so effective, they shake your reality and prove to you that is true, that it works, that you and others can do it, and that is not a big deal.

In reality the I haven't done a bootcamp yet is not even a valid excuse. Making the decision of taking right action is all that it takes, and making it right now.

If you don't take right action, this will never be handled for you. You must go out, you must open, you must escalate, you must close, you must fail, you must succeed, you must believe.
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