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Think i always get in a bit of a seasonal funk in the winter. When i am running businesess, it will definitely be an objective to get away for periods in the winter.

Anyway, i have had a few weeks of introspection on where i am and where im going. Logically, i know i am going well. I have just had a brilliant year of action on sww and can see real benefits that will continue as i grow into my new level. I am feeling that i need to step away from focussing on game now. I will have a period of action early this year then step away from it and just densify my personality into the new level over the following year or so while focussing on other things. I am definitely still recovering from the adrenal fatigue of all the nights i have been working at sww as well as having a full time job.

I feel like i am close to reaching what i would consider an advanced intermediate level with this and i know i can get more calibrated and densified into this level in time. This is definitely the best thing for me. Knowing when to step away from something is very important if its for the right reasons.

I also feel like i want to all pick up notes i have after this period. I want this to all become about densifying my personality at an unconscious level- i have internalised all the outer game stuff now and the notes are not relevant now. I will do this after my next block.

Another reason it is important i focus less on this area, is because i feel that improving my finances will help/allow me to reach an advanced level as well as lower a lot of the stress i have att the moment. its right that i focus on my finances now. This is not the end of the journey of sww but it will be on hold for a bit while i handle my finances. I have plenty of time and the level i am on is very enjoyable as it is.

I am seeing more and more how important it is to learn a skill-set at a gradual rate. dont rush. If you learn slowly, you engrain each level you hit deeply and it is a permanent change that cant be taken from you. I am happy to take a year or so to engrain this new level.

My personal development journey has been incredible so far. just 4 years but i made a list of whats happened in that time and my progress has been amazing. Im just at a point where its a must for me to handle my finances. I want to do this at an age when i have no responsibilities and can still get to high levels of sww with the added resources.

Its funny, my friends are in awe of what im doing with women at the moment. I get the sense they dont even believe its possible to do what i tell them ive done. I know now that this wont complete me. You need to master all the important areas of your life and now is time for me to handle my finances. ive done the research so now its time for the trial and error work (as i did with sww).

2013 could be a really positive year for me!
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