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Got a bit pissed of with some messages a friend was sending me today (j). He was being very negative and pulling me down to his level.

Got me thinking that it is important that this year i simplify my life and dont let myself get distracted by negative influences. What im trying to do here will take unusual commitment. Elite levels of sww and business ownership will take a sickening level of commitment and i cant afford to be pulled away by negative and mediocre thinking.

1. My outlets next year will be the gym and sww. all other time is to be focussed on business action.
2. I need to know how to say no and manage my friendships and relationships so they dont take up time i need to spend on business.
3. I need to be hard on myself to spend my time on taking action not on rationalising that i can read- be compulsed to take strong action
4. i will go out regularly and make it count when i do. I will go to the gym and enjoy executing professionally when i do.
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