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Here is a list i made for the things that will stop me achieving what i want in my personal development (rational paranoia);

How im not going to fully master sww;
1. If I get a girl pregnant
2. If I rationalise not taking action and training when I should
3. If I don’t balance out periods of being single with periods of being in relationships
4. If I don’t reflect and become calibrated to my pick up intent gradually

How im not going to become a brilliant businessman
1. Allowing myself to get distracted by the rubbish other people my age do
2. Not making this my number 1 focus for a year or so so that I am on the mastery path properly
3. Not deciding that i will handle this area in spite of any set-backs as i did with sww and gym

How im going to lose my health;
1. Ignore pain and train through it- gym injuries to back/shoulders/legs
2. Be wreckless with my body and do things with risk of injury (especially when drunk)
3. Eating crap when I shouldn’t be
4. Allowing myself to become stiff with age and not stretching

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 julian rox
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good luck
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