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For some reason, ever since i was a kid, i have reflected on things a lot on christams eve, I like to get my thoughts written down.

Positives of 2012;
1. sww went to new levels and i had some great sex with girls from all over the world. I had true abundance with 7s and 7.5s this year and took hard action that i am still growing into.
2. i am now in the best physical shape i have been in and the gym has taken on a new enjoyment for me.
3. i Gained business experience this year and i know i can do well in this area
4. i became more mature and less confrontational- more emotional composure and less boy behaviour
5. i cut out several negative people from my life
6. i have streamlined and focussed my personal development- it is simple now
7. i travelled to 2 amazing places

Personal Development Lessons this year;
1. Have a zen like focus on what youre doing- 1 main focus at a time"chase 2 hares and you wont catch either one"
2. Create belief filters or schemas that help you- doesnt need to be reasonable
3. deep rest is essential- schedule this in!!
4. even at this age, most of my friends are slipping- dont let this happen to you- keep enthusiasm
5. 90% of people are shit scared of uncertainty
6. you develop in paradigms- all you can see is the next one in front of you!
7. working as an employee is bullshit- a prison!
8. Dont ever let anyone sell you on the dream of instant results
9. people my age waste so much time- i have to be tougher if i want to achieve what i want!!
10. Business owners are not particularly clever- just more ballsy
12. Live your own life and dont folow the crowd
13. Fame and celebrity are bullshit- it fucks with the human mind
14. seeing more than 3 girls at once is impossible- tiring and other areas fall off
15. it is better to learn a skillset slowly and properly without skipping steps- more engrained
16. cut negative people out of your life- no time for these people
17. you must see the future coming or it will fuck you up- rational paranoia
18. refelction in between hard axction is key
19. what you focus on gets improved
20. the mastery path is profound- learn about it on deeper and deeper levels and burn it into you psyche
21. There is no map! learn from others but plot your own course-- HUGE!!!
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